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Mike Tyson Admits Jamie Foxx Had a Massive Stroke Following Vaccination

Anti-vaxxers have been left vindicated after boxing legend Mike Tyson revealed the real reason Jamie Foxx has been hospitalized since April. In an interview with Value Entertainment founder Patrick Bet-David, Tyson admitted that Foxx suffered a massive stroke following his COVID vaccination. He is currently at a rehab facility in Chicago that specializes in stroke […]

Indigenous TV Host Quits Following Backlash To King Charles’ Coronation Comments

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Prominent Australian Indigenous journalist Stan Grant quit television hosting duties on Monday in response to online racist abuse over his comments during King Charles III’s coronation about historic Aboriginal dispossession. Grant, a member of the Wiradjuri tribe of Indigenous Australians and former international correspondent for U.S.-based CNN, said at the end […]

Regarding the distribution of political power in Nigeria following the presidential elections in March 2023

According to the Independent National Electoral Commission, during the March 2023 general elections, the candidate of the ruling party of Nigeria Bola Tinubu’s All Progressives Congress (APC) won a landslide victory with 37% of the vote. Meanwhile, opposition leaders called the voting results falsified and called for a new vote.   Bola Tinubu received support […]

Walmart cuts another 2,000 warehouse jobs following retail store closure announcement

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Five of Walmart’s e-commerce warehouses are slated to lose another 2,000 jobs, the company announced this week.More than 1,000 people will be let go from a warehouse in Fort Worth, Tex., as will 600 people at a Pennsylvania fulfillment center; 40 people at a Florida warehouse; and 200 people in New Jersey, […]

WHO Bombshell: 1 in 6 Americans Are Now Infertile Following Jab Rollout

1 in 6 Americans of childbearing age are completely infertile since the jab rollout, according to a disturbing World Health Organization report. The report also confirms that most of the Western World struggles with plummeting […] The post WHO Bombshell: 1 in 6 Americans Are Now Infertile Following Jab Rollout appeared first on News Punch. […]

Stanford Law Dean Issues Statement Supporting Free Speech Following Disruption

Stanford Law School Dean Jenny Martinez issued a new statement addressing the disruption of Fifth Circuit Court Judge Kyle Duncan’s speech, and the next steps that the law school will take. Source

Following summits at Aqaba and Sharm el-Sheikh, Palestinians are fighting on two fronts

Recent U.S.-led summits in Jordan and Egypt have formalized the campaign to quash Palestinian resistance. Now, in addition to Israel’s ongoing offensive, Palestinians must also face the PA, as it hunts the resistance from within.  Source

Japanese Officials Urge Govt To Tell The Truth About Excess Deaths Following Covid Vaccines

Home » Asia, Health, Survival » Japanese Officials Urge Govt To Tell The Truth About Excess Deaths Following Covid Vaccines     Thousands of Japanese citizens died shortly after taking a covid jab, but even though pathologists have determined a causal link between the death sand the vaccine, Japan’s Ministry of Health continues to conduct […]

Following recent Scott Adams controversy – Elon Musk jumps in and claims media is racist against Asians and Whites

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) As Cassandra Fairbanks posted earlier – USA Today and its affiliates will no longer run the Dilbert comic strip over online commentary about race relations by its creator, Scott Adams.(Article by Jim Hoft republished from announced last week that he was giving up on race relations.Adams … [Read More…] Source

Nablus mourns following Israeli invasion that tore city and lives apart

Nablus is mourning the loss of loved ones following an Israeli army invasion that killed 11 people. “Loss is difficult as it is,” says newly widowed Umm Muhammad. “Loss because of the bullets of this ugly regime is indescribable.”  Source

Khazarian-Contrived World War III Following WW1 Blueprint

LARRY ROMANOFFThe Unz Review This essay is an exercise in connecting dots, of bringing together apparently disparate events that are actually connected in some meaningful way, done in an attempt to give readers an opportunity to place world events in context and have an entire coherent picture emerge from those apparently separate elements. The contents […]

Ben-Gvir calls for ‘Operation Defensive Shield 2’ following Jerusalem operation

After a car-ramming operation in Jerusalem, Itamar Ben-Gvir is calling for the re-invasion of the West Bank, while Israel’s usual policy of collective punishment and retribution continues. Source

Even more curious developments on those ‘dangerous’ eggs as WEF promises to ban them following scientific discovery that eating them cures covid naturally

Hammering the eggs again. I heard the other day also that tying your shoelaces can have a detrimental effect on your heart. Seriously. It was in mainstream news. Here is one article, if you search for yourself plenty more can be found. I’m wondering why they didn’t warn us of this long ago? Mysterious isn’t […]

Turkey is reportedly blocking access to Twitter following devastating earthquakes

Almost 12,000 people have died in Turkey and Syria since the earthquake struck on Monday. Twitter CEO Elon Musk in a tweet said Twitter has been informed by Turkey’s government that access will be re-enabled shortly to the social media platform. Twitter has been restricted in Turkey, the Netblocks internet observatory earlier said, just two […]

Palestinian refugees among the dead in Syria, Turkey following massive earthquake

As the death toll from a devastating earthquake in Syria and Turkey continues to climb, dozens of the dead have been identified as Palestinian, and thousands of refugees have been newly displaced. Source

Thailand to BAN Pfizer After Thai Princess Falls Into a Coma Following Booster Jab

Just days after receiving her covid booster jab, the daughter of the king of Thailand collapsed and fell into a coma. Princess Bajrakitiyabha, who is the potential heir to the Thai throne, is in a grave condition weeks after she collapsed. Some reports suggest she had suffered a heart attack though her family were told […]

A day of protest and resistance across Palestine following ‘massacre’ in Jenin

On Thursday, Israeli forces invaded Jenin refugee camp and killed nine Palestinians in what residents of the camp called “a massacre.” On Friday, Palestinians responded with protest and resistance that culminated in armed resistance operations being carried out across the West Bank, including in the Israeli settlement of Neve Yaakov in occupied East Jerusalem, where […]

Urgent UNSC meeting today following Israel massacre in Jenin refugee camp

An urgent UN Security Council (UNSC) meeting has been scheduled for today to discuss the Israeli aggression on Jenin refugee camp in the northern Occupied West Bank. The Israeli Occupation Forces yesterday stormed the city of Jenin and its refugee camp in the Occupied West Bank, killing nine Palestinians and injuring many others. A 61-year-old […]

Death toll rises to 10 following Israeli army ‘massacre’ in Jenin

Israeli forces launched a brutal assault on Jenin refugee camp that killed 9 Palestinians and a tenth later in the day during clashes in al-Ram, making it the deadliest day of 2023, and one of the single deadliest raids in the West Bank in years. Source

Report: Abortions In Texas Drop 99% Following Roe Reversal

Texas has seen a drastic drop in abortions since the Supreme Court issued its Dobbs decision, which overruled Roe v. Wade. Source

Following Revelation of Interference by AHS Rachel Levine, Federal Judge Pushes Next Hearing in Fluoride Lawsuit to April

The fluoride lawsuit has been delayed again following the release of emails which show leadership within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services intervened in the release of a crucial study on fluoride’s toxicity. On Thursday January 10, Judge Richard Chen ruled against a six month delay, in favor of a 3 month delay, […]

Pfizer Launches Investigation Into Jab-Related Heart Attacks Following Public Backlash

Pfizer has launched an investigation into vaccine-related heart attacks following public backlash against the mRNA jabs. A Pfizer scientist has admitted to an undercover Project Veritas journalist that the company are well aware that their […] The post Pfizer Launches Investigation Into Jab-Related Heart Attacks Following Public Backlash appeared first on News Punch. Source

Report: Vasectomies in High Demand Following Roe v. Wade Reversal

Doctors say they are seeing a “drastic increase in vasectomies” following the Supreme Court’s decision to overrule Roe v. Wade. Source

Following release of Pfizer’s latest “booster” covid shots, excess deaths in Japan are up 400%

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Ever since covid “vaccines” were unleashed under Operation Warp Speed, excess deaths have soared across the developed world. Most notably in recent days, Japan, which fared relatively well throughout the scamdemic pre-jab, has seen soaring rates of excess death – especially after the latest covid “boosters” were released by … [Read More…] […]

Crackdowns continue on crypto companies following arrest of Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX disaster

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) What many see as a long-awaited crackdown on cryptocurrency companies and exchanges finally appears to be in full swing after the arrest of former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried and the mega-billion-dollar collapse of his company, allegedly thanks to massive fraud and theft of investor funds.On Thursday, New York Attorney … [Read More…] Source

KILLER JABBED 16-year-old flag football player dies “SUDDENLY” following game at Desert Oasis

A Desert Oasis High School student died after suffering a “medical emergency” during a game Thursday night, according to the school’s principal. “Staff immediately began providing medical aid and continued until paramedics arrived,” Principal Ian Salzman wrote in an email Friday to the school community. “It is with a heavy heart that I inform you […]

Japan… Following the actual science.

Japan… Following the actual science. Hiroshima University School of Medicine Prof. Masataka Nagao highlighted how the bodies of vaccinated persons he performed autopsies on were abnormally warm, with upwards of 100 degree F body temperatures. Must be that pesky “climate change” again. Source

Buffalo descends into chaos as looters invade businesses following historic blizzard

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) As a winter snow apocalypse descended upon Buffalo, N.Y., ahead of Christmas Day, city residents faced another disaster: A looting and crime wave.Multiple posts on social media show the chaos as police worked like mad to contain the wave of business thefts as shops and stores closed down due to the inclement […]

Report: Sam Brinton Fired Following Luggage Theft Accusations

The U.S. Department of Energy has reportedly fired “openly genderfluid” Sam Brinton following two accusations of luggage theft at separate airports. Source

Former Football Player 25 Yr Old Jake Hescock Dies Following Cardiac Arrest While Jogging

Tributes have been pouring in for former University of Central Florida (UCF) football player and Massachusetts native Jake Hescock who died following a cardiac arrest last week, according to his family. In a Facebook group dedicated to him, his cousin Lisa Walz Mlynarczyk said that 25 year old Hescock collapsed while jogging in Boston last […]

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