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Doctors urge Biden to take MENTAL COMPETENCY test following increasing evidence of president’s cognitive decline

(NaturalNews) Doctors have stepped up calls for President Joe Biden to undergo a mental competency test following a report that revealed his cognitive… Source

Study Says Energy Drinks Cause Severe Mental Health Issues in Children

Energy drinks could pose a risk to young brains, according to new research. Those who consumed energy drinks — which are intended to boost energy through the use of caffeine or other stimulants — were shown to have a higher risk of mental health issues, including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. […]

Cruz, Graham defend Trump’s ‘mental stability’ as Haley, Pelosi attack it

Cruz, Graham defend Trump’s ‘mental stability’ as Haley, Pelosi attack it lead image Source

Census Bureau Wants to Question Citizens About Mental Health, Psychosocial Disabilities in Mandatory Survey


Hochul doubles down on mental health

With help from Shawn Ness What would you say is the “defining challenge of our time?” Climate change? A worsening housing shortage? The threat of another pandemic? Gov. Kathy Hochul’s answer: mental health. “Make no mistake, this is the defining challenge of our time,” she said while boasting her recent mental health proposals during Tuesday’s […]

Robert De Niro Left Reeling After Trump Calls Him a ‘Mental Midget’

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro was left reeling this week after Donald Trump took to social media to call the actor a “mental midget.” After unleashing a torrent of abuse towards the former President during […] The post Robert De Niro Left Reeling After Trump Calls Him a ‘Mental Midget’ appeared first on The People's […]

Blaming mass shootings on mental illness doesn’t address either issue

Since a gunman went on a rampage in Lewistown, Maine, killing 16 people, we’ve learned a few things about the shooter, Robert Card, who was found with a fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound after a two-day manhunt. A member of the Army Reserve, Card had recently been committed to a mental health facility after he reported hearing voices […]

How smartphone addiction affects brain function and mental health

Smartphone addiction has now become a global issue, thanks to the popularity of social media platforms and mobile games. While smartphones can make life easier in many ways, excessive use of smartphones and similar devices has been linked to many health issues. According to a recent study published in Computers in Human Behavior, problematic smartphone use can […]

Male raised as a female shares physical and mental health struggles – he was MUTILATED 2 days after birth and LIED TO for decades by his own parents and the medical system

(NaturalNews) Sophie Ottaway was born a male, but raised as a female. He recently shared his struggles after finding out the truth in an article he wrote for the… Source

Trudeau Announces Plans To Euthanize ‘Drug Addicts’ and ‘People With Mental Illnesses’

The Trudeau regime has announced plans to legalize euthanasia in Canada for people with a range of mental illness and people addicted to drugs in a move critics are comparing to “modern-day eugenics.” When Canada’s law […] The post Trudeau Announces Plans To Euthanize ‘Drug Addicts’ and ‘People With Mental Illnesses’ appeared first on The People's […]

California’s mental health courts can MANDATE psychiatric “treatment” against the “mentally ill” – will Trump supporters and “climate deniers” be targeted?

(NaturalNews) To help the mentally ill avoid jail time – or so they say – the state of California has established a mental health court system called the CARE… Source

WALES GOES MENTAL. 20mph nationwide. What’s this about?


Chris Christie: I’m ‘Really Concerned’ for Trump’s ‘Mental Health’

Former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), a candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, said Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Balance” that he was “really concerned” for former President Donald Trump’s “mental health.” Source

NHS clinic slammed for approving Testosterone and Mastectomy for female with 14 mental health disorders

A taxpayer-funded gender identity clinic in Britain has been heavily criticized for approving testosterone treatment and a double subcutaneous mastectomy on a female patient who had been diagnosed with 14 separate mental health disorders. The Gender Identity Development Service (Gids), based at London’s Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, is due to close down next […]

Voting is a Mental Illness AND Treason

Voting is a mental illness. Voting in America never makes things better. No mater who is “elected” (appointed) as head CEO of the USA/DC Corporation, the march of making Americans slaves to a communistic one world un-elected dictatorship run by child raping Usury Soul-less “bankers” continues on unabated. No matter who is appointed the sheep […]

Why did Mental Health Professionals Go Along with Lockdowns?

Mental health took a hit during COVID. Research demonstrated the toll it was taking virtually from the start.  In a 2020 letter to the editor published in Psychiatry Research, a team from the University of Arizona College of Medicine reported on data collected from April to June demonstrating loneliness in US adults increased from April […]

Mental Health Round-Ups: The Next Phase of the Government’s War on Thought Crimes

Get ready for the next phase of the government’s war on thought crimes: mental health round-ups and involuntary detentions. Under the guise of public health and safety, the government could use mental health care as a pretext for targeting and locking up dissidents, activists and anyone unfortunate enough to be placed on a government watch […]

July 15 – News from a Mental Asylum

(left, bygone era?)  I was the Editor of my Highschool newspaper. Now it feels like I am producing a newsletter for a mental asylum.  Debt forgiveness for everyone but the US Treasury US Federal Debt Interest Payments About To Hit $1 Trillion  There was a shocking number in today’s latest monthly US Budget Deficit report. […]

Magnesium: An underappreciated nutrient for brain health and mental well-being

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Every known illness is associated with a deficiency of magnesium and it’s the missing cure for many diseases, says American neurosurgeon Dr. Clyde Norman Shealy, a pioneer in pain medicine, integrative health and holistic healing practitioner.Magnesium is essential for cellular health and is a critical component of over … [Read More…] Source

Mental illness plagues Japan’s nuclear disaster survivors

Mental illness plagues Japan’s nuclear disaster survivors Survey shows Fukushima victims also suffer financial stress due to isolation and the inability to move out of their homes The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan was hit by a massive tsunami and earthquake in 2011. (Photo: AFP) By UCA News reporter Published: April 04, 2023 11:13 AM GMT Some […]

Trump, Pence target mental health in dueling NRA speeches

Trump, Pence target mental health in dueling NRA speeches lead image Source

Finding Mental Health – #SolutionsWatch

What is mental health and how can we achieve it? Is it only to be found in a trip to the psychiatrist’s office and a prescription for a Big Pharma medication, or do alternative mental care structures exist for those who need it? And what does all of this have to do with Baruch Spinoza, […]

Woman With Severe Mental Disability Raped by Illegal Migrant at French Psychiatric Hospital

An illegal migrant staying at a psychiatric hospital was arrested for raping a patient with a ‘severe mental deficiency’ last week in France, according to reports. The disturbing incident unfolded on Friday at a facility in Évreux, a commune in the department of Eure. Authorities were called by staffers after they learned a 24-year-old woman […]

War in Ukraine having a devastating impact on people’s mental health

Just a few day’s short of the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, its estimated that one in every four Ukrainians may suffer from mental health issues because of the ongoing conflict. The World Health Organisation said this means that some 10 million people will likely experience depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress […]

Long-COVID Mental Health Issues: 2 Main Causes, Low-Cost Treatment, and Natural Ways to Heal

“If I could take one symptom away from all of [my long-COVID patients], I think that would be depression,” said critical care specialist Dr. Joseph Varon, chief of critical care and the COVID-19 department at the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas. Beyond the physical tribulations and social instability that this condition can bring, […]


January 26th, 2023. An illustration of how the chemical bombardment we currently face in our food has led to an increase in mental health issues, autism and depopulation. _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over A unified pushback against the globalist agenda It’s finally here, […]

Global mental health networks speak out in support of Dr. Lara Sheehi

The Palestine-Global Mental Health Network stands with our colleague Dr. Lara Sheehi who is facing false charges of antisemitism at George Washington University due to her political views on Zionism. Source

Harvard Poll: Six In Ten Have Doubts Over Biden’s Mental Fitness

A new Harvard/ Harris survey has revealed that six in ten Americans have reservations over Joe Biden’s mentally capacity to run again in 2024, with 65 percent agreeing that at 80-years-old, Biden is “too old” to continue as President. Over a third of that 65 percent are Democrats, with almost a quarter of Democrats also saying […]

Joy Behar: ‘All Gun Owners Have a Mental Illness’ and ‘Must Be Stopped Immediately’

The View co-host Joy Behar lashed out at law-abiding gun owners on Thursday, accusing those millions of Americans of having a “mental illness” and declaring they “must be stopped immediately.” “We need to grow up,” […] The post Joy Behar: ‘All Gun Owners Have a Mental Illness’ and ‘Must Be Stopped Immediately’ appeared first on […]

Radical Conspiracy Theorist Says Most Mental Health Problems Can Be Solved With Exercise, Fresh Air, Spending Time With Family

ATLANTA, GA — Radical conspiracy theorist Tom Donaldson is under fire once again for spreading the harmful idea that most mental health problems can be solved with exercise, fresh air, and spending time with family. Source

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