July 15 – News from a Mental Asylum

(left, bygone era?) 

I was the Editor of my Highschool newspaper. Now it feels like I am producing a newsletter for a mental asylum. 

Debt forgiveness for everyone but the US Treasury

US Federal Debt Interest Payments About To Hit $1 Trillion 

There was a shocking number in today’s latest monthly US Budget Deficit report. No, it wasn’t that US government outlays unexpectedly soared 15% to $646 billion in June, up almost $100 billion from a year ago… … while tax receipts slumped 9.2% from $461 billion to $418 billion, resulting in a TTM government receipt drop of over 7.3%

The Demonrats are running the U$D into the ground. I would buy gold. 

RFK Jr: Covid May Be an “Ethnically Targeted” Bioweapon to Attack Caucasians and Blacks While Sparing Chinese and Ashkenazi Jews

Netanyahu hospitalized-Office says he was dehydrated


(He was the first Israeli to get jabbed.)

Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist: ‘Climate Crisis’ Narrative Is a Hoax

The data used for “warming” was cooked. No pun intended.  And there were 97 scientists that bought into the warming CO2 crap, not 30,000.

In fact there are over 30,000 scientists who say it is humbug.

There is no scientific consensus.  Climate always changes. It’s called the solar cycle.

“The Greatest History Never Told”  – The (((Rockefellers))) 

Jewish scumbag- Alejandro Mayorkas’ Corrupt Legacy

How he helped release a major cocaine trafficker from prison.

“As the number of migrants continues to surge across the border, there has been a continuing effort to impeach Mayorkas. The House Homeland Security Committee has begun hearings on Mayorkas that might lead to impeachment. At the first hearing, former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott said that Mayorkas’ agenda was to “find new ways to let more migrants into the U.S.,” and Former Acting Homeland Director Chad Wolf added that “it was by design.”

In reality, his career has long been marred by scandal and corruption. In 2015, the Homeland Security Inspector General found then Deputy Director Mayorkas had showed “favoritism and special access” involving visas and green cards when he was Director of Citizenship and Immigration from 2009 to 2013. Some of those receiving special treatment were then-Nevada Senator Harry Reid, then-Virginia Governor Terry McCauliffe and Hillary Clinton’s brother Tony Rodham.”

A new study from Danish researchers that was published in a peer-reviewed journal showed that 71% of reported adverse effects from the COVID ‘vaccine’ occurred in just 4.2% of the batches. The lead researcher said that the most serious vaccine adverse effects were recorded early on when the vaccines were first rolled out. The people who took the vaccines later had very few adverse effects

Steve Kirsch–Over 1M Americans are likely severely vaccine injured by the COVID vaccines

Imagine going from being perfectly healthy to suddenly having 30 or more chronic symptoms in common with the vaccine injured. We need to stop these shots ASAP.

The COVID vaccines appear to be the worst medical interventions of all time killing an estimated 13M people worldwide (see page 24 of Rancourt’s paper).

“It appears that the cure may have killed around twice as many people as the disease. I found the same thing when I commissioned an independent poll of Americans: twice as many people were killed by the vaccine as from COVID.

Hollywood moguls  intend to teach humility

“The endgame is to allow things to drag on until union members start losing their apartments and losing their houses,” a studio executive told the publication, with another source calling it a “cruel but necessary evil.”

Seattle Public Schools Offer Free Sex Change Services to Students Without Parental Consent

Russian Parliament Passes Digital Ruble Bill

Russia’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) project, the digital ruble, has taken a step closer to reality.

On July 11, the lower chamber of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the State Duma, passed the digital ruble bill in the third reading.


Kunstler: Joe Biden’s “Entire Act Is Unspooling

Somebody in the “Joe Biden” White House apparently thinks that the operations already underway are not enough to destroy our country fast enough, so a little extra push, such as nuclear annihilation, might get’er done.

By operations underway I mean things like mRNA vaccines stealthily deleting kin, friends, and public figures from the scene… decriminalizing crime… undermining the oil industry by a thousand cuts… liquidating small businesses… making little children insane over sex… flooding the land with illegal immigrants… devaluing the currency… queering elections — all of these things done on purpose, by the way. And if you complain about any of it, here comes the FBI or the IRS knocking on your door.

The goyem know! Shut it down!!

Black man places the blame on Jews.


No surprise, the film SOUND OF FREEDOM is a huge hit – setting Hollywood back on its heels with a message of courage and hope concerning the tragedy of child sex trafficking. Despite numerous reports of “sabotage” by theaters AND savage attacks against the film by lamestream media and critics – the Jim Caviezel film has become a summer blockbuster and cultural phenomenon!

This movie is a victory for those tirelessly working to expose the horrible trade in innocent flesh (now bigger than illegal arms dealing). But Dr. William Schnoebelen, N.D., points out some cautionary elements which MUST BE ADDRESSED in his new video, while also advising spiritual and practical suggestions about protecting our families and communities from trafficking monsters–MANY hiding within government agencies.


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