‘Terrorist Sympathisers’ Storm Capitol: Conservatives Want To Know How Many Will Be Handed 20 Year Prison Terms

Pro-Palestinian sympathisers stormed into the U.S. Capitol building complex Wednesday demanding a ceasefire between Hamas terrorists in Gaza and Israel, prompting conservatives to wonder how many of them will be handed 20 year prison sentences.

The angry mob donned black shirts that read ‘JEWS SAY CEASEFIRE NOW’ and ‘NOT IN OUR NAME’ and occupied the large rotunda in the Cannon House Building area of the complex, as hundreds more remained outside.

As the protesters continued screaming and refused to vacate, Capitol police began making arrests, with some 300 eventually being detained.

Some of the insurrectionists managed to disrupt a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing:

The development was not covered by any major news channels.

Conservatives want to know why this ‘insurrection’ appears to have been acceptable.


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    One Response to “‘Terrorist Sympathisers’ Storm Capitol: Conservatives Want To Know How Many Will Be Handed 20 Year Prison Terms”

    1. roupoufiasse yupinass says:

      Pro Palestinian supporters and MAGA supporters should ally to storm the White House, congress, hang the scumbags sold out to the zionist mass murderers and clean the swamp from bottom to top.

      Any so-called ‘conservative’ who support israel is in fact a white cuck working against his own kind and his country.

      Real patriots fight the influence of the zionist/jewish mafia in the USA.

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