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Republican Senators Demand a Vote to End the Military Vaccine Mandate Before Moving to Defense Bill

A diverse group of Republican senators is making a strong push to end the Biden administration’s military vaccine mandate and to reinstate discharged service members with back pay. Source

Fired Referees Sue NBA Over Vaccine Mandate, as Djokovic Cleared to Play in Australian Open

Fired Referees Sue NBA Over Vaccine Mandate, as Djokovic Cleared to Play in Australian Open Three former National Basketball Association referees this week sued the league alleging they were fired for refusing to receive COVID-19 vaccines on religious grounds. Meanwhile, Australian officials will allow Novak Djokovic, previously barred from the country for refusing the COVID-19 […]

Anti-Vax Mandate Geoff Diehl/Leah Allen for Massachusetts Governor/Lt. Governor Versus Pro-Mandate Healy in Showdown

Above Image: Leah Allen, candidate for Massachusetts lt. governor, Geoff Diehl, candidate for governor When Maura Healy was asked by MassLive if she would pledge “not require COVID-19 vaccine mandates for Massachusetts children,” she declined to answer. We’ll take that as a “no.” Via MassLive: “Diehl challenges Healey to anti-vaccine mandate pledge for Mass. kids” Geoff Diehl […]

Republican Governors Vow Not To Mandate Covid Vaccines For Children

Several Republican governors have responded to the CDC’s latest attempt to force the covid vaccines on children by vowing not to institute mandates in their states. On Thursday, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted 15-0 to approve adding Pfizer and Moderna covid jabs to the list of recommended childhood vaccines for children […]

GOP Governors Promise Not To Mandate Covid-19 Vaccine For Children

Update: As expected, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted 15-0 on Thursday to add Covid-19 shots to the children’s recommended vaccine schedule. As the Post Millennial notes, Speaking earlier in the morning, Dr. Patricia Wodi said that the Covid-19 vaccine has been placed as a recommendation from 6 months of age and older. During a question period, one […]

NY Supreme Court justice rules that COVID vaccine mandate for NYC cops is INVALID

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A magistrate of the New York State Supreme Court ruled that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine mandate for police officers in New York City (NYC) was invalid.In a Sept. 23 decision, New York State Supreme Court Justice Lyle Frank sided with the Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York (PBA). […]

Big Win for Kids: Louisiana Repeals COVID Vaccine Mandate for Schools

Big Win for Kids: Louisiana Repeals COVID Vaccine Mandate for Schools The Louisiana Department of Health on Tuesday rescinded its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for the state’s schoolchildren, prompting Attorney General Jeff Landry to file a motion to dismiss his lawsuit against Gov. John Bel Edwards. By   Robert W. Malone M.D., M.S.   (L-R) Dr. Robert […]

SAD: 850 More NYC Teachers And Aides Fired For Not Complying With COVID Vax Mandate

SAD: 850 More NYC Teachers And Aides Fired For Not Complying With COVID Vax MandateDate: September 18, 2022Author: Nwo Report    Posted BY: ProTrumpNews Staff 850 more unvaccinated teachers and aides were fired for failing to comply with New York City’s COVID vaccine mandate for schools.This brings the number of NYC Department of Education staffers […]

Australia Drops Mask Mandate for International and Domestic Flights

People travelling to Australia will no longer be required to wear masks, one week after the government dropped the mask mandate for domestic flights. The move, which takes effect on Sept. 9,  comes as COVID-19 restrictions continue to be axed across the nation. Federal Health Minister Mark Butler said the mask mandate was removed on […]

Western University to Delay COVID Booster Mandate to Early 2023

Western University said on Sept. 6 it will delay imposing a COVID-19 booster requirement due to Health Canada approving a new bivalent vaccine. The university in London, Ontario, announced in late August it would impose the booster on staff, faculty, students, and some visitors. It said the measures were “aimed at preserving the in-person learning […]

Legal Challenges To Pentagon’s Vaccine Mandate Just Getting Started, Military Insiders Say

The vaccination order has given rise to a spate of lawsuits and is likely to spur more challenges as more people come to see that officials who grant exemptions on other grounds are unwilling to accommodate those who file religious accommodation requests (RARs), service members and military experts have told The Epoch Times. “I have […]


New York City has famously handled COVID as poorly as any city on earth. Source

Turkey extends mandate of troops deployed in Libya

The Turkish parliament yesterday approved a presidential request to extend for another 18 months a mandate that allows the deployment of Turkish troops to Libya. The new mandate starts from 2 July. Both President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's ruling party and its nationalist allies, which hold a majority in parliament, and the opposition party voted in […]

Xi Jinping Greatly Expands Chinese Military’s Mandate Beyond Defense, Tells World Not to Worry

A Chinese Communist Party regulation signed by dictator Xi Jinping, whose many titles include chairmanship of the Central Military Commission (CMC), greatly expands the mandate of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to conduct “non-war military activities” – a benign-sounding term that happens to be very similar to the language Russian dictator Vladimir Putin employs to […]

California’s Alameda County Reverts to Mask Mandate: ‘Here We Go Again’

Alameda County in California’s Bay Area reimplemented a mask mandate for its 1.6 million residents, which went into effect Friday.

Toddler Mask Mandate Remains in New York City as School Year Wraps Up

New York City is still requiring toddlers to mask up despite the school year coming to an end, and Mayor Eric Adams is giving no timeline as to when he will lift the mandates for the young pupils. 

Germany’s top court approves vaccine mandate for health workers

Judges said the need to protect vulnerable people in hospitals and care homes outweighs any infringement of workers’ rights.

Over a Million Italians Fined For Breaking Vaccine Mandate Rules

1.2 million Italians are set to receive a fine as Italy continues its policy of mandating coronavirus vaccinations over the age of 50. 

Judge halts Biden admin mandate that would require Christian doctors to perform, refer ‘transition’ services

Photo Credit: BISMARCK, N.D. — A federal judge nominated to the bench by then-President Donald Trump has preliminarily enjoined the Biden administration from interpreting federal law in a manner that would require religious employers to provide insurance coverage for “gender transition services” and mandate doctors of faith to perform or refer…

Republicans Rip ‘Hypocritical’ Biden Travel Mask Mandate Extension: COVID ‘Over’ for Illegals at Border, Not Americans on Planes

Republicans blasted the Biden administration following reports that mask mandates for public transit will be extended another two weeks.

Biden Administration Extends Federal Transportation Mask Mandate Again

The Biden administration on Wednesday extended the federal transportation mask mandate for two weeks, the Associated Press reported. 

Biden Administration Seeking to Reinstate Federal Vaccine Mandate

The Biden administration on Monday asked an appeals court to reinstate the federal vaccine mandate following a critical legal victory last week, while the White House’s COVID-19 coordinator said they were willing to prolong the mask mandate based on a CDC decision. A divided U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit panel reversed a […]

As TSA EXTENDS Mask Mandate, Rand Paul Vows To Force Vote To Scrap It

A Virginia mother’s impassioned speech before her children’s school board has gone viral after she pointed out that their mask policy is pure political theater and has “turned kids’ lives upside down at school for what is essentially a non-risk.” Merianne Jenson tore apart officials on the Prince William County School Board, noting that other […]

The scale, diversity and structure of the anti-mandate/pro-freedom occupation at the NZ Parliament

Hornets❜ Nest Surrounded: Liberty Occupation, New Zealand Parliament Wellington Dispatch No. 002By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards The occupation of New Zealand’s Parliament Grounds in the capital city of Wellington and surrounding streets —which began at lunchtime on February 8th 2022 — appears to be growing into a bona-fide grass-roots peaceful uprising. By Thursday 17 February, it […]

NYC Schools Drop Outdoor Mask Mandate; Indoor Mandate Stays

Teachers line up their students before entering PS 179 elementary school in the Kensington neighborhood, in the Brooklyn borough of New York, on Sept. 29, 2020. (Mark Lennihan/AP Photo) NEW YORK—New York City public school students will be allowed to remove their masks outside starting next week but must keep them on indoors for now, […]

Report: Ottawa Police on Anti-Mandate Protest Duty Get Paid $4,000 per Day, Plus Expenses

Journalist Dan Dicks of Press for Truth reporting that police in Ottawa getting paid $4,000 a day, plus expenses such as hotel rooms and meals. [embedded content] Reported by Canadian Parliament MP Mark Strahl. Briane is a single mom from Chilliwack working a minimum wage job. She gave $50 to the convoy when it was […]

“Disgusting” Blackface Trudeau Keeps Up Unhinged Rant Against Anti-Mandate Convoy

Above image: Left, #Freedom2022; Right, Justin Trudeau in black face, one of of at least 3 separate instances. Defending his policies which force all Canadians, on pain of loss of livelihood, to submit to still experimental injections which pathologists are now reporting are directly responsible for high numbers of deaths and horrific injuries, Justin Trudeau has […]

Marvel Actress Evangeline Lilly ‘Cancelled’ by Woke Mob for Attending Anti-vax Mandate Protest

Leftists are now trying to cancel Marvel actress Evangeline Lilly after she revealed she attended an anti-vaccine mandate protest in Washington, D.C. “I was in DC this weekend to support bodily sovereignty while Canadian truckers were rallying for their cross-country, peaceful convoy in support of the same thing,” the Hollywood actress wrote on Instagram. BYPASS […]

Supreme Court Strikes Down OSHA Mandate, Says Vaccine Mandates for Healthcare Workers Can Proceed

Supreme Court Strikes Down OSHA Mandate, Says Vaccine Mandates for Healthcare Workers Can Proceed The U.S. Supreme Court today rejected the Biden administration’s COVID vaccine mandate for large businesses, but ruled separately that a mandate for healthcare workers can move forward.By   Megan Redshaw  Link copied Miss a day, miss a lot. Subscribe to The Defender’s […]

The Supreme Court backed down on Vaxx mandate

The Supreme Court backed down on Vaxx mandate Tap News / Tapestry NO DISASTER: THE SUPREME COURT BACKED DOWN ON THE VAX MANDATE. Nothing is going to happen now. Enjoy your over priced meats, because you can still get them. No company is subject to a mandate that can force you to vax now. I […]

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