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OSHA Tells Employers They May Be Liable For ‘Any Adverse Reactions’ If They Mandate Covid Shots

By Chris Menahan The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is informing employers that it’s possible they could be held liable for “any adverse reactions” if they mandate employees take COVID-19 vaccines “as a condition of their employment.” From LifeSite, “Employers may be liable for ‘any adverse reaction’ from mandated coronavirus shots: OSHA”: OSHA released its […]

OSHA Rules Employers Who Mandate COVID Vaccines Are Legally Responsible If They Kill Or Injure Workers

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has put employers on notice that should they attempt to require employees to receive injections of experimental COVID-19 gene-therapy vaccines any resulting adverse reaction will be considered “work-related” for which the employer may be held financially liable: OSHA released its new guidance on April 20 under a […]

Last-minute maneuvers as Netanyahu’s mandate to form government set to expire

With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s mandate to form a government set to expire at midnight Tuesday, both he and his rivals were making last-minute attempts to secure an elusive majority, largely centered on Yamina leader Naftali Bennett and the support of the Islamist Ra’am party. Though Yamina won just seven seats in the March election, […]

Parents Take Over School Board, Elect New Members, Immediately Vote to End Mask Mandate

By Matt Agorist On Tuesday, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey enacted a new executive order that lifted the state’s mandate which required school children to wear masks. In Vail, Arizona, the Vail School District scheduled a meeting on how to move forward. A massive crowd of parents — tired of their children being forced to wear masks — […]

Lifting of Outdoor Mask Mandate is ‘Liberating,’ Israelis Say

(The Media Line) With the majority of Israel’s population now vaccinated against COVID-19, its citizens are no longer required to wear masks outdoors. Under the new health regulations that went into effect on Sunday, Israelis still need to wear face masks in indoor public spaces but are no longer required to be masked when they […]

Colleges Nationwide Mandate COVID Vaccine for Returning Students

By Ben Zeisloft Universities are announcing that they will require the COVID-19 vaccine for returning students. “More than 90 million U.S. residents have safely received one or more doses of a currently approved COVID-19 vaccine,” explained Cornell University President Martha Pollack in a statement, “and recent data indicate that these vaccines not only protect those […]

Israel lifts outdoor mask mandate, fully reopens schools

With most of its population vaccinated against COVID-19, Israel on Sunday dropped the requirement to wear masks outdoors and fully reopened schools for the first time in over a year. Although the nationwide mandate on mask-wearing outdoors was officially lifted, masks must still be worn in public places indoors and the Health Ministry recommends they […]

RFK, Jr. to Rutgers President: COVID Vaccine Mandate Violates Federal Law

RFK, Jr. to Rutgers President: COVID Vaccine Mandate Violates Federal Law Children’s Health Defense » Feed / Aerowenn Hunter Rutgers University last week announced it will require all students enrolled for the 2021 fall semester to be vaccinated for COVID-19. The announcement prompted Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to remind university […]

Virginia Restaurateur Who Ignored Mask Mandate Beats Government in Court, Will Keep Doors OPEN

A Fredericksburg, Virginia restaurant owner who scrapped a state mask mandate has defeated the Northam Administration in court, successfully defending both his business and the freedom of choice after refusing to back down amidst health department efforts to shutter his business. Judge Ricardo Rigual denied the state’s request to force the immediate and permanent closure […]

Israel Passes Law To Mandate ‘Freedom’ Tracking Bracelets

The free speech alternative to Twitter, Gab has been hacked, with those behind the action promising to release a treasure trove of information including passwords, private posts, and messages. NEW: Far-Right Platform Gab Has Been Hacked—Including Private Data The transparency group #DDoSecrets will make the 70GB of passwords, private posts, and more available to […]

John Kerry Caught Flouting Biden’s Mask Mandate

Climate czar John Kerry is under fire after he was spotted without a mask on board a flight, prompting American Airlines to investigate the matter. Critics have blasted Kerry for hypocrisy after he was photographed without a mask by a fellow passenger while on a flight from Boston to DC on Wednesday. You can unsubscribe […]

Wyoming Becomes Latest State To Ease Covid Restrictions, End Mask Mandate

Wyoming has become became the latest state to ease its Covid restrictions rules in defiance of the Biden administration’s guidelines. Governor Mark Gordon announced that he is ending restrictions on businesses and ending the face mask mandate. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use. RT reports: Effective on […]

Texas governor lifts state’s mask mandate, business restrictions

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued the most sweeping rollback of coronavirus restrictions of any US state on Tuesday, lifting a mask mandate and saying most businesses may open at full capacity next week. Abbott’s executive order comes as many US states and major cities seeing a sharp decline in coronavirus infections and hospitalizations begin to […]

Texas Gov Lifts Mask Mandate & Business Restrictions Says ‘Its Time To Open Texas 100%’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced on Tuesday that he is lifting Covid-19 restrictions in his state. “COVID-19 has not disappeared”, Abbot said, “but it’s clear that state mandates are no longer needed”. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use. “it is now time to open Texas 100%” he […]

Biden Scraps Trump Mandate For Universities To Report Chinese Dealings

Joe Biden has scrapped a policy instituted by President Trump that mandated US colleges and universities to report all connections with the Chinese government to encourage transparency in the face of evidence that CCP propaganda is infiltrating the education system. Axios reports that Trump enacted a policy demanding that education institutions disclose all dealings with the […]

TSA To Slap Mask Mandate Violators With $1,500 Fines

By Tyler Durden Mask up on planes, or the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will slap travelers with hundreds of dollars in fines. Repeat offenders could see penalties north of $1,500, according to a TSA press release. “Based on substantial aggravating or mitigating factors, TSA may seek a sanction amount that falls outside these ranges. TSA […]

MI rep. wants to mandate Holocaust education, fight domestic terrorism

Rep. Elissa Slotkin, the Michigan Democrat who now chairs an influential anti-terrorism subcommittee, wants to mandate Holocaust education as a means of preventing domestic terrorism, citing the antisemitic symbols that appeared during the recent deadly Capitol raid. Slotkin, giving her first news conference on Thursday as the chairwoman of the intelligence and counterterrorism subcommittee of […]

Arkansas Lawmakers Consider Bill to Mandate Holocaust Education in Public Schools

The state capitol of Arkansas. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. – Lawmakers in Arkansas have introduced a bill that would mandate Holocaust education to be taught in all public schools starting with the 2021-22 school year. The move comes a few months after a report by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany found that […]

Biden Administration ‘Actively Looking’ at COVID-19 Test Mandate for Domestic Air Travel

CDC Dr. Marty Cetron confirmed the organization is “actively looking” at whether COVID-19 testing should be mandated for domestic U.S. flights on Wednesday. Reporters on a Wednesday conference call asked Dr. Marty Cetron, director for the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine at CDC, about the possibility of new domestic travel testing requirements. Cetron said […]

Joe Biden: Texas Congressman ‘Not Very American’ for Challenging Mask Mandate

President Joe Biden lectured a Texas Congressman Tuesday for telling the president “kiss my ass” in response to his call for all Americans to wear a mask during the coronavirus pandemic. At a speech at the White House, Biden recalled when Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) told him to “kiss my ass” when he announced his […]

Nolte: Biden’s Already Betrayed His Own Mask Mandate and the Troops

His Fraudulency Joe Biden has only been president a few days and already he’s betrayed our troops and proven he does not believe his own mask mandate is necessary. Apparently it happened like this… Just like His Fraudulency and His Fraudulency’s dim-witted Press Secretary, a member of the National Guard was not wearing a mask […]

Cabal Star Shows How You Can Comply With Cabal’s Mask Wearing Mandate

16,798 views•Dec 24, 2020 [embedded content] Creepy Poppy Mask Videos Culminate With Death Mask Which Rhymes With Breath and Creepy Out of Tune Piano Music [embedded content] [embedded content] Comment: She is actually featured with the devil here. The “Jewish” Synagogue of Satan Produces This “Entertainment.” It’s in your face. She is actually singing that […]

Korean Air: “Real Possibility” That Airlines Will Mandate Passengers be Vaccinated Before Travel

Mirroring rhetoric from others in the industry, a spokesperson for Korean Air has said there’s a “real possibility” airlines will mandate passengers take a COVID-19 vaccine before being allowed to travel. “South Korea’s largest airline has a similar message,” reports ABC News. “Jill Chung, a spokesperson for Korean Air, said Tuesday there’s a real possibility […]

Maryland Governor Imposes Insane Mask Mandate Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) says Americans have ‘no constitutional right’ to refuse wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic, likening it to refusing to wear a seat belt or follow the speed limit. “It’s sort of like saying I have a constitutional right to drive drunk, I have a constitutional right to not […]

Netanyahu said to oppose potential law to mandate virus vaccine

Sources close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have said the premier is currently not in favor of a law to make the coronavirus vaccine compulsory, the Kan public broadcaster reported Thursday. However, according to the report there were ongoing discussions over whether individuals holding public office could be compelled to receive the vaccine. The discussions […]

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu Imposes Statewide Mask Mandate

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) announced Thursday that he is imposing a statewide mask mandate, which will take effect Friday. Sununu said the order will apply to both indoor public spaces and outdoors when social distancing is impossible. THREAD: Effective tomorrow, the State will be issuing a statewide mask mandate. This is not a […]

Despite Demanding Mask Mandate, Feinstein spotted Without One At US Capitol

California Senator Dianne Feinstein has come under fire again after being caught on camera Tuesday not wearing a mask. She was seen standing close to others while talking and walking around the corridors of the US Capitol this week without bothering to wear a face mask, even thought everyone else was wearing one. Back in […]

Video: Feinstein, Who Demanded Mask Mandate, Doesn’t Bother Wearing Mask Inside Capitol

Senator Rand Paul has promised to do everything within his power to resist and prevent lockdowns under a Biden administration, warning that if he does secure the Presidency Joe Biden will be happy for Americans to where masks permanently. “I’m going to do everything I can to try to prevent Biden from locking us up […]

Update: Abby Martin’s Lawsuit Over Israel Loyalty Oath Mandate In US

Update: Abby Martin’s Lawsuit Over Israel Loyalty Oath Mandate In US [embedded content] New developments in Abby Martin’s major lawsuit challenging unconstitutional pro-Israel, anti-BDS law in the state of Georgia. Abby Martin: “In February of this year, I was supposed to give a keynote speech at Georgia Southern University. Before the event, I refused to […]

Mad Maxine Claims Biden Has ‘Mandate’ To Usher In ‘New Progressive America’

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) claimed at a hearing Thursday that the 2020 presidential election gave Joe Biden a “mandate,” to usher in “the dawn of a new progressive America.” While counting and recounting continues in various states, not to mention legal action in key battlegrounds, it is clear the Democratic Party lost big in the […]

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