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Trudeau Regime Lays Groundwork To Imprison Citizens Who Have Not Committed a Crime

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is seeking the power to imprison Canadians who the government suspect “might” commit a “hate crime” in the future. The Daily Telegraph reports that the policy will form part of the Trudeau’s dystopian ‘Online Harms Bill,’ which cracks down on any opposition to the regime’s far-left authoritarian agenda. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up […]

Musk: “The Groundwork Is Being Laid for Something Far Worse Than 9/11”

From, Chinese Migrants Are Fastest Growing Group Crossing Into U.S. from Mexico, “We Can ‘Soft Control’ Users… To Drive Them Where We Want Them”: This is a military operation against the United States, no doubt about it. The part that will be difficult for most people to comprehend is that the the U.S. Government is facilitating […]

Obama laid the groundwork for U.S. media to become government-controlled propaganda tool

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media has lost all credibility in recent years, with its coverage of the pandemic and election leaving little doubt about who is… Source

Australia Lays Groundwork To Ban Cash and Mandate ‘Digital Passport’ For Internet Access

The WEF-infiltrated Australian government is laying the groundwork to ban cash from society and mandate social media passports to clamp down on online freedoms, according to a news report from Australia. “Essentially it will work the same as a passport,” said the Today Show reporter. “Australians will be forced to submit 100 points of identification […]

European Central Bank Laying Groundwork For Digital Euro

European Central Bank Laying Groundwork For Digital Euro Authored by Michael Maharrey via, The European Central Bank (ECB) is laying the groundwork to roll out its version of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). According to the ECB’s website, the “preparation phase” for the digital euro begins in November and “builds on the findings from […]

The US Military Is Laying the Groundwork to Reinstitute the Draft

The most recent edition of the US Army War College’s academic journal includes a highly disturbing essay on what lessons the US military should take away from the continuing war in Ukraine. By far the most concerning and most relevant section for the average American citizen is a subsection entitled “Casualties, Replacements, and Reconstitutions” which, […]

President Biden Laying the Groundwork To Pardon Hunter for Child Sex Crimes

The White House is laying the groundwork for President Joe Biden to issue a presidential pardon for his son Hunter Biden if he gets convicted of committing multiple child sex crimes. “That’s not a hypothetical I’m going to entertain,” White House communications director Kate Bedingfield said during the daily press briefing when asked about a […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Laying the Groundwork

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Trump Lays Groundwork to Appoint Sidney Powell Special Counsel to Investigate Election Fraud

President Trump is laying the groundwork to appoint Sidney Powell special counsel to investigate rampant voter fraud, according to a bombshell New York Times reports. Powell has been at the forefront of fighting voter and election fraud in America. Per the Times: Most of his advisers opposed the idea, two of the people briefed on […]

California Seeks Ban On Fossil Fuel Cars, Laying The Groundwork To Ban Human Driven Cars

September 30, 2017 By Aaron Kesel California known as the sunny state is eyeing a ban on sales of fossil-fuel cars in hopes of reducing carbon emissions as they seed the deeper agenda to eventually ban humans from driving as we switch to an autonomous lifestyle. California Gov. Jerry Brown has reportedly “expressed an […]

MSM Repeats Same WMD Lies As In Iraq To Lay Groundwork For Military Action In Syria

August 28, 2017 By Brandon Turbeville After six years of propaganda, false narratives, and hysteria by Western governments and their media mouthpieces regarding the push for direct war with Syria, it seems the Western narrative is now shifting to the tried-and-true method that proved itself during the second invasion of Iraq in […]

Washington y la crisis migratoria cubana

Desde hace más de un mes, miles de cubanos que desean viajar a Estados Unidos, cuya legislación favorece la emigración procedente de la isla, se encuentran varados en Costa Rica. Cerca de 6.000 cubanos, candidatos a la emigración hacia Estados Unidos, se encuentran varados en Costa Rica sin posibilidades de proseguir su viaje hacia el […]

Judges plan to outlaw climate change ‘denial’

As one of the two UN sponsors of its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, UNEP has been one of the main drivers of alarm over global warming for 40 years. The organiser and chairman of the conference was the Supreme Court judge Lord Carnwath, a fervent believer in man-made climate change, who has worked […]

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