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Australia Bins 35% of Covid Vaccine Supply

As part of its pandemic response, the Australian government purchased 267.3 million doses of Covid vaccines, enough to vaccinate Australia’s population of approximately 26 million people ten times over.  But figures released to Dystopian Down Under by the Department of Health (DOH) this week confirm that, three years into the vaccine program, only 70 million doses, […]

“Stay away from Indian builders” Australia’s other hidden ‘Housing Crisis’

Most people should be aware of the ‘housing’ crisis, in the form of rentals and sales was a deliberate action caused by the federal government from ‘over’ importation of immigrants Australians truly do not need, as pointed out in government hansards. The government basically screwed over Aussies, sound familiar? The government created the problem, where […]

Uber admits breaking the law when it launched in Australia

Rideshare giant Uber has admitted illegally setting up operations in Australia, as it faces a multimillion-dollar lawsuit over claims it used secret spyware to lure drivers to try to “crush” its local rival. Australian taxi-booking app GoCatch sued the American tech giant over allegations it engaged in corporate espionage and used secret spyware to lure […]

Australia importing the world’s rubbish

BRIEFLY: The colony we know as Australia, is well known for its long history of importing ‘trash’ into its ecology, where it all started in 1788. Even the Imperial Government didn’t respect human life on Terra Australis, but rather saw it as a (colonial) wasteland full of resources such as cannon fodder, ripe for experimentation, […]


The boundaries of the prerogative and the limits on its application are notoriously difficult to determine. But there is an uncertainty surrounding the existence and scope of prerogative powers, their potentially coercive application and their partial abrogation or regulation by legislation. Prerogative powers find their basis in historical usage. One significant consequence is that they cannot […]

Australia to Face an Honest Inquiry

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL On 19 October, the Australian Senate agreed to hold an inquiry under the auspices of its Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee into proper terms of reference for a Covid Royal Commission to be established in 2024. An impressive alliance of groups sceptical of the Australian federal and state governments’ Covid […]

We Build Anew in Australia

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL In mid-November 2023, Australians for Science and Freedom held its inaugural conference under the banner ‘Progress through Science and Freedom’ on the campus of my employer, the University of New South Wales. ASF (not to be confused with the eponymously acronymed Academy for Science and Freedom at Hillsdale College) is […]

Mandates Ruled ‘Unlawful’ by Supreme Court, Australia

Covid vaccine mandates enforced on Queensland police and ambulance workers have been declared ‘unlawful’ in a landmark Supreme Court ruling. Justice Glenn Martin found the Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll’s direction for mandatory Covid vaccination, issued in December 2021, to be unlawful under the Human Rights Act. A similar Covid vaccination order issued by the Director-General […]

Australia Wants to Launch Digital ID This Year

    The Australian government is planning a nationwide digital ID launch, which is tentatively set for this year. While it could be delayed for logistical reasons, it’s clear that the government is fully intent on pushing a new digital ID agenda in the country. Having first entered Parliament last year, the Digital ID Bill […]

Australia says COVID-19 is back, Tells Citizens to Get more Vaccine Doses

Surely by now people can see that this is next-level gaslighting and have figured out what the real cause of is. The networks health guru Dr Norman Swan is also telling Australians to wear face masks, get boosted and eat outside this Christmas as the country enters its eighth wave. Swan, who refuses to admit […]

Australia is now Preparing for All-Out War with Russia

Australia has to seriously consider reintroducing conscription to increase its troop numbers in the face of a looming “all-out war” with Russia, according to defence analyst Dr Alexey Muraviev. His comments comes days after similar comments were made by European leaders, including former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In his Daily Mail column on Saturday […]

Australia Day 1788 Empires and Imperialism

‘The Founding of Australia 1788’, an oil painting by Algernon Talmage. Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales “England, in what is now Britain, wanted more land overseas where it could build new communities, known as colonies. These colonies would provide England with valuable materials, like metals, wool, sugar and tobacco, which they could […]

Teen Surfer Dies In South Australia State’s Third Fatal Shark Attack This Year

The tight-knit surfing community reacted with shock at the 15-year-old’s death and paid tribute to a “happy, kind and respectful kid, very much loved by his surfing peers.” Source

Digital ID will go mainstream across Australia in 2024. Here’s how it can work for everyone

n a world promising self-driving cars and artificial general intelligence, the prospect of a new form of digital identity verification can feel … less than exciting. And yet digital identity is about to be unleashed in Australia and around the world. In 2024, many years before most of us experience the joy of commuting in […]

Australia and Denmark moving to halt Immigration due to Housing Crisis

The leftist governments in Denmark and Australia are now adopting a more hardline stance on immigration, compared to so-called “conservative” governments in other countries. In the Land Down Under, the Labor Party – which Australian Prime Minister (PM) Anthony Albanese leads – has pledged to cut net immigration in half. The country, with a population […]

SCAM ALERT: Registry Australia (Pty Ltd) Domain Name Hijacking FRAUD

This ‘internet scam’ that is delivered via Australia Post, and it’s a scam, or a hijacking of your Domain Name Registration. This type of scam has been going on for over 20 years where the authorities have done nothing to shut this scam down. This scam is aimed at the larger corporations, whose accountants ‘just […]

Australia Officially BANS Cash and Mandates Bill Gates ‘Digital Passport’ To Participate In Society

The WEF-infiltrated government of Australia is moving to ban physical cash nationwide and will soon force all members of the public to carry a “digital passport” to participate in society. Make no mistake, Australia is laying the groundwork for the establishment of New World Order “cashless society” as part of a broader scheme to completely […]

Australia Lays Groundwork To Ban Cash and Mandate ‘Digital Passport’ For Internet Access

The WEF-infiltrated Australian government is laying the groundwork to ban cash from society and mandate social media passports to clamp down on online freedoms, according to a news report from Australia. “Essentially it will work the same as a passport,” said the Today Show reporter. “Australians will be forced to submit 100 points of identification […]

The Painless Extinction of Formerly Free Australia 

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL The Demise of Frogs If you place a frog in cool water and slowly raise the temperature, it’s said that you can boil it without it noticing and fighting to free itself. I never tested this, as I liked frogs too much. During my childhood in southeast Australia, I could […]

Australia wants to absorb entire country because of Global Warming

    The Australian government, in a landmark move, has extended an offer of asylum to the entire population of Tuvalu, a vulnerable Pacific nation threatened by the alleged rising sea levels. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced this significant initiative during the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ Meeting in the Cook Islands. Both nations signed a […]

Australia Introduces New Law That Will Kill Free Speech & Democracy

The Australian Government recently introduced a new law proposal to ban officially unapproved online content. If the Misinformation and Disinformation Bill is enacted, then the free expression of ideas will be basically outlawed. Digital companies […] The post Australia Introduces New Law That Will Kill Free Speech & Democracy appeared first on The People's Voice. […]


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American Dominance Over Australia’s Biggest Businesses

In Whose Interest Are Big Businesses Working? US Investors Hold Sway Over Australia’s Largest Corporations  Analysis of corporate ownership data reveals that US investors wield significant influence on Australian economy and politics through their ownership in Australia’s largest companies. Fifteen of Australia’s largest corporations are majority owned by US investors, including Commonwealth Bank, BHP (“the […]

The Nays Have It, and That’s Great for Australia

On Saturday 14 October, Australians voted in the 45th referendum to amend the constitution. Only eight of 44 previous attempts had succeeded. In this case Australians were asked to say Yes to a three-part question: did we approve of a specific recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the ‘First Peoples of Australia;’ to create a […]

Talmudic Tyranny in Australia: 3 Men Arrested for “Vile Act” of Performing “Nazi Salute”

The headline honestly tells you all that you need to know. Three men gave the old “sieg heil” Source

Hamas supporters TAKE OVER Sydney, Australia while government tells JEWS to stay home and not show their faces

(NaturalNews) Sydney, Australia was the epicenter of tyranny during the Covid plandemic, where citizens were abused by medical terrorism, denied medical freedom,… Source

AMPS Launches Inquiry into Australia’s Excess Mortality

The colony’s governments, both state and federal, have been lying to the people about the mortality rate, effectiveness and safety of the alleged ‘vaccine’. Australia’s hopelessly corrupt and inept government refuses to investigate so AMPS is investigating excess mortality related to the mRNA jabs. Let’s see if the people will finally be told the truth. […]

Australia is Run By Satanic Thugs & Pedophiles of Secret Societies

Australia AlessandroQ22 hours ago Deborah Robinson v The Crown Lismore District Court Trial case # 2017/335254 Court opens 9.30am. No video link to these court proceedings. The public welcome to come to the court in person. The phone number listed in a prior comment for the Lismore Court is a generic NSW courts number and […]

Teacher Exposes Elite Sexual Predators in Australia- This Whistleblower Threatened WithPRISON

The Preditor Class (formally known as ‘The Wealthy’, ‘The Elites’, ‘VIP’s’, ‘Political Class’, etc.) uses anything to SILENCE those protecting and advocating for our innocent and preyed upon. Our children are more vulnerable than ever to becoming victims of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), Masonic Ritual Abuse, Sex Trafficking and other forms of sexual torture and […]

List of Companies in Australia, Foreign owned promoting YES campaign

See details: Source

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