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A HEADLINE TODAY”The only hope for the republic is to downgrade the place of Washington in our public life.”

HEADER OF THE PIECE. “The business of Washington is to make government bigger – forever. That is not what the people want..Abandon The Swamp.” Years back my older brother and I admitted to each other, and we had never discussed this with anyone else, in our youth when we tried to explain something to folks […]

Public transport to strike across Greece on Monday, Labour Day

A 24-hour strike in public transport for Monday, May 1, Labour Day will bring Greece to a standstill. The Athens metro (lines 1, 2 and 3) and tram trains will be on a 24-hr strike, as announced on Friday by workers’ unions, but buses and trolleys will operate from 09:00 until 21:00. The National Railway… […]

Experts Urge Brits To Wear Masks On Public Transport Amid Fears Of New Covid Wave

‘Experts’ are urging Brits to start wearing face masks on public transport again because they fear that a super-infectious Covid variant could be about to sweep the country.  The latest varient Arcturus is, apparently, responsible […] The post Experts Urge Brits To Wear Masks On Public Transport Amid Fears Of New Covid Wave appeared first […]

Poll: Marine Le Pen Set To Win by LANDSLIDE As Public Reject ‘New World Order’

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is set to win the next election by a massive landslide as millions of citizens in France rise up and reject Emmanuel Macron’s globalist agenda. A year after Macron […] The post Poll: Marine Le Pen Set To Win by LANDSLIDE As Public Reject ‘New World Order’ appeared first […]

Concerned about fake news and hate speech, Sweden’s public radio closes Twitter accounts

Sveriges Radio has been scaling back its Twitter presence over several years, citing a drop in engagement and conversation around its Tweets. Source

Maine Public Hearing on Vaccine Legislation: Committee On Education + Cultural Affairs

APR 3, 2023 “It’s important that you become aware that the plans are already in place for the next pandemic and for the biomedical agenda…We need the freedom to say NO.” Dr. Meryl Nass sends strong warning to Maine legislators to STOP mandates for rushed, experimental vaccines–cultural-affairs/ _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over […]

GOP VA Senate Candidate Claims Public Schools ‘Poisoned the Mind’ of His Nonbinary Child

Philip Andrew Hamilton, a Republican candidate for a seat in the Virginia Senate, appeared on “In The Trenches With Teddy Daniels” last week, where he accused the public education system of indoctrinating his own child into believing that they are nonbinary. Hamilton, who has received the endorsement of radical Virginia legislator Amanda Chase in his […]

UK public health authorities incite fresh fears about tick-borne brain disease virus

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Brits might want to avoid ticks, says the government, because of a new tick-borne virus that supposedly eats away at the human brain.The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) issued a warning after the disease was allegedly identified in four separate areas of the United Kingdom. The agency says the risk of infection […]

Kentucky Governor Signs Bill Banning ESG Investment In Public Pensions

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear, a Democrat, has signed into law a measure that requires the state’s public pension funds to make investment decisions on financial risks and returns, rather than environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. Source

Report Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Children Made Public After CDC, HHS Tried to Block It

Report Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Children Made Public After CDC, HHS Tried to Block It The National Toxicology Program on Wednesday released a draft report linking prenatal and childhood fluoride exposure to reduced IQ in children, after public health officials tried for almost a year to block its publication. By   Brenda Baletti, Ph.D. […]

How Pfizer & The Department Of Defense Defrauded The Public

Mar 5, 2023 In this interview, we are joined by former pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) executive, Sasha Latypova, who explains how the mRNA injections, products which are shown to be unsafe, continue to be on the market. Sasha has more than 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She has previously worked as an […]

Public Urged To Stay Away From Electric Bikes As They Keep Exploding

The public have been urged to stay away from all electric bikes and scooters due to the fact that they keep exploding and in some cases killing people in the process. Over the last few […] The post Public Urged To Stay Away From Electric Bikes As They Keep Exploding appeared first on News Punch. […]

World Health Organization: A public-health technocracy

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) In the name of preventing and fighting pandemics, the Biden Administration and international entities are negotiating an agreement that would establish a public-health technocracy. The proposed treaty, known as the “WHO Convention, Agreement or Other International Instrument on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response†… [Read More…] Source

Cross-Partisan Calls Mount for Public Inquiry Into Chinese Election Interference

Cross-partisan calls are growing for the Liberal government to call a public inquiry to investigate allegations of election interference in Canada’s 2019 and 2021 federal elections by the Chinese government, despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau having already ruled it out. “Some form of non-partisan deep look has to happen here,” said Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s former principal secretary and […]

First Public Display of 16-meter-long Papyrus Found in Saqqara Casket

The exciting discovery of a 16-meter-long (52.5 ft) ancient papyrus found in a sarcophagus in Egypt’s Saqqara region has now been unveiled. A papyrus of this size and quality had not been discovered in over a century.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Writings News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

#FluorideLawsuit: Censored Review on Fluoride’s Toxicity Will Soon Be Made Public

Attorneys with the Fluoride Action Network and the U.S. government have agreed to the release of a censored report on the toxicity of fluoride, the latest development in the ongoing Fluoride lawsuit. After numerous delays, and intervention by Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine, the U.S. National Toxicology Program’s review of Fluoride’s toxicity will soon be […]

Is the right wing ‘whitewashing’ the history curriculum taught in public schools?

This article was produced by Our Schools. Sandra Jones served as an investigative reporter for nearly two decades. She has received numerous awards for her broadcast reporting. “People still want to hide the truth about Black history,” Dione Archer, a resident of Richmond, Virginia, said in an interview with Our Schools. Her response came after […]

‘Salacious’ Allegations Against Jeffrey Epstein Associates Due To Be Made Public

The last batch of court documents containing ‘salacious’ allegations related to 167 of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates, victims, and employees, is due to finally be made public. The move comes nearly four years after the convicted […] The post ‘Salacious’ Allegations Against Jeffrey Epstein Associates Due To Be Made Public appeared first on News Punch. Source

Biden Assures American Public Ukraine Has Never Been Stronger

WASHINGTON, DC — People across the nation breathed a sigh of relief as President Joe Biden used his State of the Union address to assure the American people that Ukraine is making tremendous progress and is stronger than it has ever been before. “These are uncertain times,” Biden said to the assembled members of Congress […]

Trudeau’s Canada Introduces Segregation for White People in Public Theaters 

Theaters in Canada have begun banning white people from attending performances as part of a new racist segregation policy. Critics have slammed the National Arts Center in Ottawa after it became the first theater to […] The post Trudeau’s Canada Introduces Segregation for White People in Public Theaters  appeared first on News Punch. Source

Public schools are collapsing fast as teacher says they are now indoctrination centers, not places of education

(Natural News) If you still have children in public school, it’s time to get them out and into a private education setting where they will no longer be subjected to left-wing countercultural indoctrination if you have the means to do so. And if you don’t, maybe the answer for you is to form a small education… […]

Aboriginal man tells street performer to pay him RENT despite being in a public space

An angry Indigenous man ordered a street performer to ‘pay the rent’ because he was performing card tricks ‘on my country’. Sydney man Brock was delivering prank tarot card readings for strangers on the public footpath of King Street when the Aboriginal man stormed up to him. ‘Hey bruz, you’re on my country here. You […]

360 Degree Surveillance: How Police Use Public-Private Partnerships to Spy on Americans

In this age of ubiquitous surveillance, there are no private lives: everything is public. Surveillance cameras mounted on utility poles, traffic lights, businesses, and homes. License plate readers. Ring doorbells. GPS devices. Dash cameras. Drones. Store security cameras. Geofencing and geotracking. FitBits. Alexa. Internet-connected devices.   Source

Public libraries continue to thrive despite defunding and privatization attacks

Efforts by governments and cities across the nation to defund the public library indicate a misunderstanding of the essential role that libraries play. Source

‘White Tide’ of 30,000 take to the streets again in Madrid in defense of Public Health

‘White Tide’ of 30,000 take to the streets again in Madrid in defense of Public Health from thefreeonline on 16th Jan 2923 by Some 30,000 people, according to data from the Government Delegation in Madrid, have attended the demonstration. Through chants and banners we have shown our anger over the health conflict that the Community […]

Skeleton of Irish Giant, Charles Byrne, to be Removed from Public Display

The skeleton of an Irish giant, which has been on display at the Hunterian Museum in London for more than two centuries, will be permanently removed from the museum’s collection, the Royal College of Surgeons has announced in a statement. Read more Section:  News General Read Later  Source

‘Public trust’—a key legal tool to preserve our natural resources

Law professor Mary Wood breaks down how people can protect their right to clean air, water, and land as well as fortify their climate change resiliency. Source

German public television station tells citizens to bathe only once a week to prevent energy collapse and blackouts this winter

(Natural News) To keep the lights and heat on for as long as possible this dark winter, WDR and ARD public broadcasting in Germany are urging citizens to bathe only once a week at most. Staying dirty and using minimal water will help to offset German politicians’ failed “green” initiatives, which resulted in a shutdown… […]

Fans Mourn Pelé At Public Viewing In Brazil Stadium

Mourners began paying their respects to Pelé in a solemn procession past his coffin at the Vila Belmiro Stadium in his hometown of Santos. Source

WEF Urges Public To Bathe ‘Once a Week or Less’ To Save the Planet

In a public service announcement to the German public, state broadcaster WDR informed viewers that washing once a week is necessary to meet the goals outlined by the globalist elites as part of their Great Reset agenda. Source

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