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Sayyed Nasrallah reveals Hezbollah’s project in Palestine

22 Jul 2022 Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English  Sayyed Nasrallah stresses that Hezbollah’s project in Palestine rests on the Palestinian people liberating their land by resisting the enemy. In the fifth and final episode of the “40 and Beyond” documentary series, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, revealed that the death of the great […]

Free Thought Project Podcast

Whitney joined Free Thought Project to discuss Ghislaine Maxwell’s 20 year prison sentence, why it’s so important to continue holding the establishments feet to the fire when it comes to accountability for the Epstein/Maxwell network, the redacting of Maxwell’s client list, how intelligence agencies were involved, Epstein’s ties to Israel, Mark Middleton’s connection to Epstein […]

Politicians and Israel orgs bash ‘Mapping Project’ to promote claim that anti-Zionism is deadly to Jews

Mainstream pro-Israel groups and politicians have made the Boston Mapping Project into a punching bag. Many are using the Mapping Project to bash the campaign targeting Israel with boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) and to affirm the center-right pro-Israel line that anti-Zionism is antisemitism. A group of Congress members even stated that the project was […]

UAE, Israel join hands in multimillion-dollar project in Ghana 

A new joint venture into Africa between the UAE and Israel has been agreed in a deal that will see Tel Aviv reap further rewards from the Arab country's normalisation with the apartheid state. In what appears to be an example of the use of soft-power, Etihad Credit Insurance (ECI), the UAE's federal export credit company, and […]

Zionism, Policing and Empire: A dispatch from the Mapping Project

The Mapping Project shows connections between oppressive institutions where we live – including NGOs, weapons companies, computer/logistics companies, universities, biomedical research institutions, and others. The intersections between agents of oppression offer possibilities for connecting our struggles. They study us and are networked; we need to study them and form our own networks of resistance.

‘Our struggles are truly connected’: an interview with the Mapping Project

An interview with the activists behind the Mapping Project, a project created to “investigate local links between entities responsible for the colonization of Palestine, for colonialism and dispossession here where we live, and for the economy of imperialism and war.”

Kasaragod’s civil society stands against the proposed K-rail project

The Kerala government’s proposed K-rail silver line project has created an uproar amongst the civil society of Kasaragod district, with it being the last junction as per the route map. Recently, in the last week of May, eminent citizens of Kerala’s Kasargod came together for a four-day walking protest alongside the proposed K-rail route in […]

Politics and policy driving the Ukraine project w/ Jacob Dreizin (Live) — The Duran

Politics and policy driving the Ukraine project w/ Jacob Dreizin (Live) #TheDuran #TheDuranLive Follow The Dreizin Report: Ukraine War & Aftermath A No Propaganda Zone… 67 more words Politics and policy driving the Ukraine project w/ Jacob Dreizin (Live) — The Duran

Why Not Shatter the CIA Who is Creating Mass Shooters? In Orion Project to Kill School Children!

Bill Cooper’s 1991 Book Predicts Shootings by Drugged Individuals in Order to ‘Disarm Public’

School Shooter Project Courtesy of the CIA

Comment: Since Bill Cooper exposed this and he worked in Navy Intelligence he was likely ordered murdered by the Cabal for Exposing their most Classified of Classified Criminal Projects. Bill Cooper tells about this as well as explaining how Secret Societies have Taken Control of America’s government. How William Cooper and his book ‘Behold a […]

CIA’s Project Orion To Create MASS Shooters: “Using Drugs and Hypnosis ….the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on Schoolyards….and thus Inflame the Antigun lobby…..”(Empire Wants a Disarmed Populace)

Buffalo Mass Shooter Cites “Great Replacement Theory” in Manifesto With Azov’s Black Sun on Cover  Buffalo Mass Shooter Cites “Great Replacement Theory” in Manifesto With Azov’s Black Sun on CoverPosted: 15 May 2022 07:58 AM PDTPayton S. Gendron, 18, was arraigned before Buffalo City Court Judge Craig Hannah on a first-degree murder charge on Saturday […]

Project Veritas Sting Catches Twitter Employee Mocking Elon Musk as ‘Special Needs,’ Admitting Wokeness Hurts Profitability

James O’Keefe’s investigative journalism group Project Veritas recently published undercover footage of a Twitter employee admitting that the platform’s woke “ideology” is why the company is not profitable. The employee also mocked Elon Musk as “special needs” for having Asperger’s syndrome.

Watch: Explosive Project Veritas Report Accuses Biden of Resettling ‘Terrorism Watch List’ Afghans in U.S.

An explosive report from James O’Keefe’s watchdog organization Project Veritas documents cases in which President Joe Biden’s administration resettled Afghans, listed on the federal government’s “Terrorism Watch List,” across American communities over the last eight months as part of its withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

DOJ secretly spied on Apple and Google accounts of Project Veritas and its security detail

Just a few weeks after Microsoft revealed that President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has been secretly spying on investigative reporting outlet Project Veritas, Apple and Google have revealed that they were also subject to secret surveillance orders that required them to hand over information from the professional and private accounts of Project Veritas […]

DOJ secretly spied on Project Veritas journalists

Project Veritas, whose declared goal is to expose media and Big Tech bias and other irregularities happening behind the scenes at these corporations, says that the FBI spied on the organization’s email communications for close to a year. Source

Project Veritas Documents Destroy Fauci: Ivermectin Works and Gov’t Hid Life-Saving Truth

Military Documents about Gain of Function contradict Fauci testimony under oath #ExposeFauci • Military documents state that EcoHealth Alliance approached DARPA in March 2018 seeking funding to conduct gain of function research of bat borne coronaviruses. The proposal, named Project Defuse, was rejected by DARPA over safety concerns and the notion that it violates the […]

Construction Project Digs Up 2,000-Year-Old Roman Cemetery in Gaza

A construction crew working at a residential building site in northern Gaza in Palestine unearthed a most unexpected and historically significant find. While digging deep into the bedrock, the construction workers uncovered the remains of a 2,000-year-old Roman cemetery , which had been used during the time when the lands of modern-day Israel and Palestine […]

Twitter BANS Project Veritas within Minutes of Exposing Fauci’s Crimes

Minutes after their bombshell exposé of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s crimes, Project Veritas was banned by Twitter in an effort to hide the incriminating evidence from the public. On Monday evening, minutes before the Twitter ban, Project Veritas released never before seen military documents detailing the origins of Covid-19, gain-of-function research, vaccines, potential treatments, and the […]

A New Record: Husband Completes Home Improvement Project In Only 83 Trips To Hardware Store

McCOOL JUNCTION, NE—The Guinness World Records confirmed on Monday that local man, Jeremy Humdrum, has set a new record for the least amount of trips by a husband to Home Depot for a single project. Sources say the project was to replace three outlets in a kitchen. Humdrum had compiled a list of materials he would need, […]

A Lot of People are Dead Because of Mk-Ultra and Project Monarch.

by Admin · Published January 7, 2022 · Updated January 7, 2022 The Central Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon, my family, the Mormon Church, the Military Industrial Complex, and the Elite all want me to be silent on this issue or dead. Comment: The Rockefellers funded these EVIL Mind Control Projects to create Mind Controlled Assassin/SLAVES […]

The happiness project: U.N. Power Broker Jeffrey Sachs Took Millions From the UAE to Research “Well-Being”

Starting in 2016, the men who run the United Arab Emirates went all-in on positivity. They installed a giant smiley face on the dome crowning a Dubai police station. They created a Ministry of Tolerance and a Ministry of Happiness, as if inspired by George Orwell. And they began funding research, bankrolling prominent global intellectuals to study […]


Jennifer Arcuri is ‘spouting conspiracy theories about Satanism and vaccines on Twitter and Telegram.’ Boris Johnson’s ‘Ex-Lover’ Has Gone Down a QAnon-Inspired Rabbit Hole ‘Sir Keir Starmer was also filmed having a drinks gathering in a confined space with others. At the end of April this year, he was spotted having beers and food at […]

Vandana Shiva: Great Reset Is ‘a Project of Extermination’

Vandana Shiva: Great Reset Is ‘a Project of Extermination’ LewRockwell / No Author Vandana Shiva and Russell Brand dissect the Great Reset and the motives and psychology of the ruling elite. On the latest episode of Russell Brand’s “Under the Skin” podcast, Indian scholar, environmental activist and food sovereignty advocate, Vandana Shiva, explained how the […]

Israel freezes settlement project that outraged US

The Israeli occupation Municipality of Jerusalem yesterday froze plans to build a large Jewish-only settlement on the land of an old Palestinian airport in occupied East Jerusalem, local media reported. According to the Times of Israel, the team at the Israeli Jerusalem District Planning Committee was convened in order to prepare the plan for the […]

Clean-up project to begin on English Graveyard in southwestern Iran

Clean-up project to begin on English Graveyard in southwestern Iran – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – A clean-up project is planned to be commenced on the English Graveyard in the southwestern Bushehr province, the deputy provincial tourism chief has announced.  Preservation of historical monuments is a priority, which is why the main tombstones of the cemetery have […]

American Principles Project Launches Texas Chapter, Attacks Gov. Abbott for ‘Weak’ Anti-Trans Legislation

The anti-LGBTQ American Principles Project has launched its first state chapter in the Lone Star State with the goal of mobilizing conservative Texas families in politics and fighting so-called “gender ideology” in schools. APP Texas’ first targets aren’t Democrats however; they’re Republicans. Gov. Greg Abbott and Republican legislators passed anti-trans legislation this fall that APP […]

What We Are Seeing in the COVID JABS-Eugenics project we know as MKULTRA.

by Admin · Published November 29, 2021 · Updated November 30, 2021 Hypnotism, mind control, disassociation, de-personalization (what are we seeing in some of these covid shots?), prions… Guess where that comes from? Biowarfare research under MKULTRA… Source

No one seems to like the Lincoln Project anymore

“It is incredibly important that we all head into the upcoming elections with a level of humility and fresh eyes about what the political landscape is going to look like,” Petkanas added. “It would be a mistake to know for certain who is easier to beat than somebody else. We’ve all seen this movie before […]

Istanbul Modern carries out joint project with UAE’s Sharjah Art Foundation

Istanbul Modern, Turkey’s first museum of modern and contemporary art, has signed a multi-year partnership with the Sharjah Art Foundation in the United Arab Emirates, Anadolu News Agency reports. The first part of this collaboration, “Her Journey,” designed by Istanbul Modern Cinema, will be screened at Sharjah Film Platform 4 from 19 to 27 November. […]

Republican Party Launches Investigation into ‘Deep State’ FBI Raid of Project Veritas

The Repubican Party has launched a full-blown investigation into the Deep State FBI raids of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe’s residence and those of his associates. Reps. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and James Comer, R-K.Y., joined Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., on Thursday in demanding answers from Biden’s corrupt DOJ regarding the illegal raids. Jordan, Comer and […]

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