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NRO “Ground Moving Target Indicator” Satellites to Track People and Vehicles

#longrangekillchains Source

As Ramadan approaches, Rafah braces for an Israeli ground invasion

In a tent opposite the bathrooms of the UNRWA school in Rafah, Nahed al-Za’im, a mother of five, sits with her sons, daughters, and grandchildren. Her husband, the sole breadwinner for the family, worked as a seller of cleaning supplies, but he lost his source of livelihood due to the Israeli aggression on the Gaza […]

Pro-Ukraine war hawk Victoria Nuland QUITS as Russia gains ground and NATO’s military efforts falter

(NaturalNews) Another Washington, D.C., deep stater is leaving her post as the war in Ukraine teeters further in the direction of a Russian victory.U.S. Deputy… Source

Gaza Becomes Israel’s Testing Ground for Military Robots

One of the most horrifying facts about this dystopia we live in is that large-scale military operations are routinely used as testing grounds for new war machinery, using human bodies as guinea pigs for experimentation in what amount to giant blood-soaked field laboratories — all to benefit the strategic objectives of empire managers and the […]

As Israel mulls full-fledged ground invasion of Rafah, spotlight is on Egypt

Sunday, 18 February 2024 9:43 AM  [ Last Update: Sunday, 18 February 2024 9:43 AM ] By Iqbal Jassat  As the world increasingly reacts with alarm at Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s declared goal of leveling the southern Gaza city of Rafah to the ground, the spotlight has fallen on Egypt. Will the North African heavyweight stand idly by, allowing […]

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 126: U.S. claims it won’t support ‘unplanned’ ground operation in Rafah, Israel escalates attacks anyway

Even Joe Biden admits that Israel’s conduct in Gaza is “over the top,” while the Israeli army has continued to intensify its attacks following Netanyahu’s rejection of Hamas’s most recent ceasefire proposal. Source

GPS is a ground positioning system not satellites.

GPS is a ground positioning system not satellites. They are a myth of the space age. Triangulation by phone towers. It is why tall buildings in the city make it hard to connect to all towers for a lock.

US troops in Iraq ‘on standby’ to support ground involvement in Israel’s Gaza war: US media

US forces in Syria’s northeastern Hasakah province near the border with Turkey Press TV – Jan 31, 2024 US military personnel have been put on standby in Iraq to support a possible ground involvement in the Israeli war on the besieged Gaza Strip, The Intercept found. According to a January US Air Force personnel memo obtained […]

If Zelensky is to be believed, it looks like NATO just merges their ground forces with the Ukrainian Army!

The Ukrainian president has said that his army now numbers nearly 900,000 soldiers READ HERE: Zelensky claims huge increase in size of Kiev’s forces   Source

Israeli Military Says Gaza Ground Offensive Has Expanded Into Urban Refugee Camps

The opening of a potential new battle zone threatens to bring a new wave of destruction and displacement. Source

Brilliant analysis of earth’s current climate and ground state

Nothing to do with CO2.  It’s about pressure as we burn fuels.  The pressures expand and change temperatures in the mesosphere, the ionosphere and above.  We are expanding our envelope which is absorbing more energy from outside.  The ionosphere is 1500 degrees centigrade and getting hotter.  We are being blown up like a  big balloon. […]

Israel Received Full US Support for Ground Operation in Gaza Says Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that the country received full US support for a ground operation in the Gaza Strip and that US support remains firm against Hamas. He said he has complete US support for Israel’s ongoing ground offensive in Gaza against Hamas, and at the same time, the two countries […]

Israel Wanted Ground Offensive Before Hostage Deal: Sources

US President Joe Biden (L) listens to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he joins a meeting of the Israeli war cabinet in Tel Aviv on October 18, 2023, amid the ongoing battles between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas.  (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images) Israeli officials are considering a Qatari-brokered deal to […]

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 31: Israel continues ground advance into Gaza as civilians face starvation

Israel ignores calls for a ceasefire as the civilian death toll rises in Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon, where an Israeli airstrike killed three children. Former child prisoner Ahed Tamimi was among 70 Palestinians arrested in the West Bank. Source

Gateway Project Rail Tunnel Between NY And NJ Breaks Ground After Decades Of Red Tape

Gateway Project Rail Tunnel Between NY And NJ Breaks Ground After Decades Of Red Tape A $16.1 billion rail tunnel in between New York and New Jersey is finally set to break ground after more than 10 years of delays. And we’re sure we’ll be happy to report that its up and operating in probably […]

Israeli Airstrikes Level Apartments In Gaza Refugee Camp As Ground Troops Battle Hamas

The Israeli military said a large number of militants were killed, including the commander overseeing Hamas operations in northern Gaza. Source

Eyes on Resistance as ‘Israel’ Stages Ground Incursion into Gaza

October 30, 2023 Eyes are on the Palestinian resistance on Monday as the Israeli occupation is stepping up aggression on the besieged Gaza strip, with ground incursions taking place in several areas following sustained bombardment for long hours. The Israeli ground offensive has been shrouded in secrecy, with no official declaration of the operation. During […]

EI livestream: Stopping Israel’s Gaza ground war

Join us this afternoon for our first livestream since Israel announced its “expanded ground operation” in Gaza on Friday. Timezones: 6 pm Palestine time / 4 pm GMT / 4 pm UK / 5pm CET / 11 am CT / 12 pm ET / 9 am PT UK VIEWERS, PLEASE NOTE: Due to the clock […]

Israel Expands Ground Assault Into Gaza As Fears Rise Over Airstrikes Near Crowded Hospitals

All 10 hospitals operating in northern Gaza have received evacuation orders, the U.N.’s office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs said. Source

Israel Strikes Outskirts Of Gaza City During Second Ground Raid In As Many Days

Israeli forces backed by fighter jets and drones have carried out a second ground raid into Gaza in as many days. Source

Israel Pounds Gaza, Evacuates Town Ahead Of Expected Ground Offensive Against Hamas

Israel’s defense minister has ordered troops to prepare to see Gaza “from the inside,” hinting at a ground offensive. Source

WWIII: If Israel follows through with Gaza ground invasion, Iran promises “huge earthquake” attack by Hezbollah

(NaturalNews) If Israel follows through with its planned ground invasion of Gaza in the coming days, then Hezbollah will retaliate with a “huge earthquake” attack,… Source

Israeli military gets “green light” to enter Gaza and begin ground offensive

(NaturalNews) The Israeli government has just given the Israel Defense Forces the “green light” to begin its offensive ground operations in the Gaza Strip.In… Source

Gaza Awaits Aid From Egypt As Israel Readies Troops For Ground Assault

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told ground troops to “be ready” to invade — though he didn’t say when. Source

Israel Postpones Ground Invasion in Gaza after Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah Threatens with War

Hamas has released a hostage ‘proof of life’ video which is now being widely shared online and reported on, per Israeli media: The short video shows a young woman, 21-year-old Mia Schem, being treated after she was wounded in her arm, and later speaking to the camera. Schem was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on October […]

Iran Warns It Will Intervene If Israel Launches Ground Offensive in Gaza

Iran warned Israel through the United Nations that it will intervene if Israel’s operation in Gaza continues. Iran told the UN that it does not want to see Israel’s conflict with Hamas escalate into a wider regional war, according to diplomatic sources. From Axios: Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian met with UN envoy to the […]

Packed Gaza Hospitals Warn Thousands Could Die As Supplies Run Low And Ground Offensive Looms

Hospitals in Gaza are expected to run out of generator fuel within two days, endangering the lives of thousands of patients, according to the U.N. Source

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 8: As Israel prepares for ground assault, the full scale of the Israeli massacre is emerging

The death toll in Gaza is expected to rise drastically as Israel instructed over 1 million Palestinians to evacuate from the north of the Gaza Strip within 24 hours to “save themselves.” A Palestinian Red Crescent spokesperson said, “Forget about food, forget about electricity, forget about fuel. The only concern now is just if you’ll […]

Palestinians Flee Northern Gaza As Feared Israeli Ground Attack Looms

The U.N. warned that so many people fleeing en masse would be calamitous, while Hamas called on people to stay in their homes. Source

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 5: ‘Human catastrophe’ in Gaza as Israel prepares for ground invasion

As the Israeli army amasses 300,000 troops on Gaza’s border for a potential ground invasion, the scale of the human catastrophe in Gaza is unprecedented. But despite the carnage, people support the Palestinian resistance more than ever. Source

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