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Zionist State Of Israel Amps Up Genocide By Moving Forward With Rafah Ground Offensive

READ HERE: Summary:  -Hamas claims to accept ceasefire, hostage deal while Israel says ‘This isn’t what we agreed to’ -Bombardment and air strikes on eastern Rafah -Over 50 targets hit as IDF prepares for ground operation -President Macron warns against ground op -Civilians warned to evacuate. Tens of thousands of flyers dropped -Biden phoned […]

News from Poland with Ania K – Exploitation/Abuse and Migration/Depopulation Agenda moving full steam ahead


NRO “Ground Moving Target Indicator” Satellites to Track People and Vehicles

#longrangekillchains Source

Russia Moving Nuclear Missiles Nationwide

READ HERE:   Source

Fast-Moving Clipper System To Blast Mid-Atlantic With Snow

A fast-moving clipper system will dump snow across the Upper Midwest, North Central Appalachia, Mid-Atlantic, and parts of the Northeast on Friday into Presidents’ Day weekend.  The National Weather Service issued winter weather alerts from Northwest Missouri to Baltimore, Maryland, Philadelphia, northeast New Jersey, and southeast New York. “Here comes the next storm. Snow is […]

Australia and Denmark moving to halt Immigration due to Housing Crisis

The leftist governments in Denmark and Australia are now adopting a more hardline stance on immigration, compared to so-called “conservative” governments in other countries. In the Land Down Under, the Labor Party – which Australian Prime Minister (PM) Anthony Albanese leads – has pledged to cut net immigration in half. The country, with a population […]

Russia Scared, Moving Nukes to EU border After NATO Announces military Schengen

    The Kremlin voiced concern over NATO’s plan for a ‘military Schengen’ zone allowing free troop movement in Europe. NATO’s initiative, seen as a counter to Russian threats, heightens tensions according to Moscow. Kremlin spokesman cites increased risks and promises counter-steps to protect Russia’s security. Russia is scared, it’s already moving its nuke to […]

Dem Sen. Merkley: We’re Moving Away from Saying Best Thing Is For Israel ‘To Always Know We Have Their Back’ 

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) stated that we’re in a transition away from our policy where “we basically said, the best way we can help Israel towards a future of peace is to Source

Israeli Ministry ‘Concept Paper’ Proposes Moving Gazans To Egypt’s Sinai

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office played down the report. Source

Ron DeSantis has a problem: Covid vaccine skepticism isn’t moving GOP voters

This is the third story of a five-part series diving into the rise of the anti-vaccine political movement. Ron DeSantis rose to national fame as the Covid-skeptical governor of Florida — giving voice to people frustrated by lockdowns, wary of facemasks and irate over vaccine mandates. Now, with cases on the rise, the embattled DeSantis […]

Understanding Oslo is crucial for moving forward

All these decades after Oslo, we should recognize that there is no solution without the full liberation of Palestine. Oslo has become the litmus test for how sincere one is about the liberation of Palestine. Source

We are moving toward a Global Empire and enslavement of humanity in a Digital Gulag

BY RHODA WILSON ON AUGUST 18, 2023 • ( 25 COMMENTS ) Using the fake covid pandemic narrative as cover, the privileged, power-mad parasites who pilfer the world’s wealth have sharply accelerated their longstanding plan to create a single global empire that is completely under their command.  This single global empire will ultimately employ the services of all the transnational institutions on […]

Things are moving fast – 3 important updates as the NZ Govt attempts (unsuccessfully) to censor Gab

Just overviewing latest updates from various sources this morning here are a few items of particular interest. The Gab issue was bound to eventually happen. With Jacinda, our once source of truth, currently lecturing in propaganda abroad in sunnier (?) climes this comes as no surprize. What other platforms will be next as they scramble […]

We are Moving Into the End Game, Can You See the Light at the End of the Tunnel Yet?

SonOfEnos – August 1st, 2023 There are very few moves left in this grand chess match for the world. The battle between good and evil has been raging for a very long time, but if you’re paying attention, you can discern how it’s all playing out. If you’re battle weary (as we all are), watch […]

The Monolith of Tlaloc: Did Moving This Massive Stone Statue Incite the Fury of the Aztec God?

The Monolith of Tlaloc is a giant stone carving of the Aztec god of rain, water, lightning, and agriculture, Tlaloc. This monolith was once located near the town of Coatlinchan (which translates as ‘home of the snakes’). Today, however, the Monolith of Tlaloc is located at the entrance of the National Museum of Anthropology in […]

Interview 1812 – Moving Ukraine Closer to NATO – #NewWorldNextWeek

This week on the New World Next Week: NATO talks about a Ukraine-NATO council that will move Ukraine closer to NATO…but they’re totally not inviting them in, guys; the IMF is working on a CBDC platform (along with every other globalist bankster institution); and Obama calls for digital fingerprints to counteract disinformation. The post Interview […]

Moving Toward a Global Empire: Humanity Sentenced to a Unipolar Prison and a Digital Gulag

This single global empire will ultimately employ the services of all the transnational institutions on the planet in order to regulate and control every aspect of human life. It is a global empire run by an exclusive club, perhaps 8,000 to 10,000 strong, whose members do not pledge allegiance to any national flag, who snobbishly […]

SERIOUS! Seven Russian Tu-95 Strategic Bombers Airborne and Moving to Attack Vector

READ HERE:   Source

Konstantinos Argiros: His moving message on Mothers Day for women who want to become mothers

Konstantinos Argiros celebrated Mother’s Day with posts on social media, dedicated to his mother, who played a decisive role in Greece because she was the first woman to give birth to triplets through IVF. In the past, Argiros has spoken about the moment his mother entered the maternity ward to give birth to him and… […]

Gaza residents fear moving into residential towers due to threat of Israeli bombardment

With population density reaching an all-time high in Gaza, people are spending their life savings to secure homes for their families, only to have them wiped out by Israeli airstrikes. In Gaza, no place is safe. Source

Biden admin moving forward with light bulb bans in coming weeks

The Biden administration is preparing to implement a sweeping nationwide ban on commonly used light bulbs as part of its energy efficiency and climate agenda. Source

India, Sri Lanka moving toward using Indian rupee for international transactions (while ditching the dollar)

(Natural News) India and Sri Lanka are currently negotiating the possibility of using the Indian rupee, instead of the United States dollar, for international transactions as the two South Asian nations look to strengthen their economic ties through trade and investments. Three state-owned and public banks from India and Sri Lanka recently participated in a… […]

China Exodus—Multiple Apple Suppliers Moving Out of Country

Major Apple suppliers are shifting manufacturing capacity outside of China, with Vietnam and India being their top destinations, as firms struggle with supply disruptions and geopolitical tensions. China-based GoerTek, which makes Apple’s AirPods, is investing $280 million in a new manufacturing plant in Vietnam while also considering other destinations like India. Since January, the company […]

Palestinian prisoners call this bus a ‘moving grave’

Israel uses numerous tools to control and abuse Palestinian prisoners. One of the lesser-known instruments of repression is a seemingly innocuous means of transportation: a bus. Source

From Mink to Drink: The Danish farmers who are moving into brewing

Reinventing himself as a beer brewer was the last thing Danish mink farmer Poul Erik Vestergaard thought he’d do. Source

Russia claims U.S. moving bioweapons research facilities out of Ukraine

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) For Americans who are confused about why U.S. politicians and the West, in general, are so hell-bent on helping Ukraine beat back Russia’s invasion — and are convinced that it is something more than just to hide Biden family corruption in the country — Russian officials have just provided the explanation.It seems as […]

Peru President Proposes Moving Up Elections Amid Deadly Protests

Dina Boluarte said she will now suggest holding the next general elections in April 2024. Source

Peru’s new president suggests moving general election forward to April 2024

The new Peruvian President has given in to protester’s demands and is sending Congress a bill that will bring forward Peru’s general election to April 2024. The move is an attempt to calm recent protests sparked by the former President’s announcement to dissolve the government. Dina Boluarte has also declared a state of emergency. “I […]

‘Reckless’ coal companies moving forward with new mines and plants, report finds

The majority of the new mining projects being planned were in China, India, Australia, Russia and South Africa. Source

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