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Kill Bill-a Contagious Virus on Humanity!

Queen Elizabeth IIProclaiming himself “humbled and delighted,” Microsoft founder Bill Gates received an honorary knighthood Wednesday from Queen Elizabeth II — an accolade that allows the recipient to use “KBE” after his name, but not to put “Sir” in front of it.Mar 2, 2005Bill Gates receives honorary knighthood – NBC News Comment: He and the Queen have a Malthusian Depopulation Agenda. […]

Carla Bruni: Cancel Culture is “Seeking to Invade Humanity”

Chet Hanks’ ‘White Boy Summer’ meme, which is essentially just a silly marketing ploy, is causing concern amongst leftists, many of whom are now claiming that the entire thing is a racist dog whistle that will embolden white supremacists. The meme was launched last month by Chet Hanks, son of the Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, […]

UFO Sightings increasing at an all time high, Humanity being prepared for the “Great Deception”?

A new report has revealed that UFO sightings have increased worldwide and the US Government is no longer hiding them. In fact, The Pentagon is set to release a major report on June 1st. According to Sarah Scoles, who is a science journalist and author of the book “They Are Already Here on UFO culture”, […]

Humanity’s First Ancestor is 2 Million Years Old, Skull Fragment Reveals

The story of human evolution is a contested one. A basic narrative with certain elements of truth exists in the popular realm which is that the earliest human beings evolved from apes. That stage of evolution was not an overnight process, and took millions of years to reach its conclusion, including several evolutionary and biological […]

The Alien Plan to Control Humanity w Dr. David Jacobs (Best of Jan 2016) The Alien Plan to Control Humanity w Dr. David Jacobs (Best of Jan 2016) Join Johnny Baptist while he discusses the empirical events across the world leading up to World War III, the trickery and deceit of the New World Order, and the bizarre weirdness of the fallen angelic UFO phenomenon as we plunge […]

The Mainstream Radio Personalities are Committing Crimes Against Humanity! Dr. John Reizer I don’t know about you, but I have reached my emotional melting point concerning the amount of propaganda still being disseminated by the mainstream media corporations. It’s almost gotten to the point where you cannot even listen to a radio station in your vehicle that only plays music. Even those platforms […]

Natural NEWS Talks About CABAL’s War on Humanity (CABAL is Satanic ZIONISM/Pervert Pedophiles Controlling Our Corrupted Gov’t, Media and Hollywood)

Comment: British Monarchy, CIA, FBI, NSA, NIH, DARPA, military-Industrial Complex-ALL CABAL. “Gangster” CDC will release bioweapons in Texas, Floridato punish states that oppose vaccine passportsSituation Update, April 7th: The CDC will release biowarfare PATHOGENS in Texas and Florida | MP3Situation Update, April 6th: The vaccinated will DIE; the unvaccinated will be HUNTED | MP3Situation Update, April 5th: Nazi-style covid […]

The Great Power Democracy Con: Promising the Moon to Destroy Humanity

The United Kingdom is rightly proud of its National Health Service. When London hosted the Olympics in 2012, the opening ceremony included a little tableaux about the NHS, which was presented as one of the finest achievements of the host nation. However for over 40 years, whenever some public figure says “NHS” the next word […]

Norwegian media says some people “have to die” from coronavirus vaccines as a sacrifice to humanity

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Global Covid Vaccine Psyop Designed To Deceive Humanity Into Transhumanism And Worse

Are the various Covid vaccines a genocidal bioweapon, a covert tool of transhumanism, debilitating gene-altering drug, or all 3? No one has ever seen before the blatant medical gaslighting of the whole human race.  The unparalleled superlatives not only never cease where it concerns the CORONAhoax, they get even more extreme by the week. Let’s be […]

Cain Celebrated By Environmentalists For Reducing Humanity’s Carbon Footprint By 25%

Cain Celebrated By Environmentalists For Reducing Humanity’s Carbon Footprint By 25% U.S.—For millennia, most people looked at Cain as a villain for killing his brother Abel. However, some historians and environmental experts are now suggesting Cain has been unfairly treated by the history books. “When you think about it from an environmental standpoint,” said scientist Juni Pedersen, “Cain […]

Humanity’s 5D Ascension: Punching Holes in the Globalist’s Control Drama

March 11th, 2021 By Open Contributing Writer for Wake Up World I’ve just completed my third tour of Great Britain in lockdown. Britain feels like it’s a key bell-weather in the worldwide plandemonium, and a central tenet of the shadowstate agenda, with a raft of draconian control measures instigated. Of course it’s all an excuse to shut […]


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🚨The greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway

NONE WORLD ORDER Journalist Files Charges in 2009 against the WHO and the UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder An Austrian journalist already warned in 2009 (!) about the conspiracy that is going on at the highest levels: Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass […]

Dr. Eric Karstrom (Awesome Whistleblower) on the ZIONIST Threat to Humanity Rooted in US Gov’t & Alphabet Agencies

In today’s show originally broadcast on February 19 2021, Andy is joined by Dr. Eric Karlstrom, for a show entitled, “Putting The Pieces Together…” We discussed: why now is the time to put on the armor of God and resist the implementation of total technological tyranny; the 80-year plan to turn us into cybernetic (man-machine […]

Attenborough: Humanity Is A Plague Upon The Earth

A recurring but lesser revealed theme among Technocrats is that population reduction is required to save the earth. The radical reconstruction of the world’s economic system will supposedly put things back into balance. All of this is anti-human and anti-civilization. ⁃ TN Editor Our planet is wonderful, but it sure isn’t A Perfect Planet, as the […]

COVID-19 Vaccine = A Crime Against Humanity

Before it’s Freedom Fighter In politics, NOTHING happens by accident.If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. COVID-19 was planned and released to cause an economic shift that resulted in global and structural changes. Unfortunately, it does NOT look like the World Health Organization (WHO) or The Lancet COVID-19 Commission is going to […]

Why 2021 is humanity’s make-or-break moment on climate breakdown

Last year will be remembered for many things, and let’s be honest: most of them will be bad. But amidst the hardship and suffering, there is a positive story to be told. 2020 was perhaps the first time in living memory when governments around the world took radical action to put the interests of public […]

THE GREATER RESET: Inspiring Vision For Humanity

THE GREATER RESET: Inspiring Vision For Humanity Activist Post / Activist Post By Neenah Payne Klaus Schwab, a German engineer and economist, is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. He is the author of the 2020 book COVID-19: The Great Reset and the 2017 book The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The World […]

A Credible Extraterrestrial “Channeler” Delivers A Message For Humanity From Outer Space

The Facts: Dr. George King founded the Aetherius Society after, according to him, receiving telepathic messages from an extraterrestrial. The messages given through Dr. King from the 1950’s onward corroborate with UFO activity disclosed today, in 2021. Reflect On: UFOs are no longer taboo, their existence is confirmed within the mainstream and many people are […]

The real threat of COVID-19 to the religious community (and to our humanity)

It is the nature of media to focus on short term news cycles. And in recent cycles, Haredi non-compliance with — and sometimes violence resistance to — coronavirus restrictions have often been prime fare. While such has its place, it is arguably even more important to understand the deeper implications of the restrictions on the […]

‘Freedom for Humanity:’ A Cautionary Tale

January 24, 2021 by Ben Cohen – Read on for article What follows here is a story about a politician from the extreme left, a politician from the far-right and a painting replete with anti-Semitic tropes that has travelled around the Internet for around a decade, and still does. A view of the anti-Semitism […]

How to have a happy humanity

I was dreaming (or half awake) last night, and I started thinking about the purpose of life.  Is it to be happy, or is it something else?  So I Googled that question and found a variety of answers.   For instance: Everyone’s heard it from someone who’s transmitting the nuts and bolts of evolution and […]

The Mind War Against Humanity

October 5, 2018 Save Get the latest Waking Times articles delivered to your inbox. Sign up here. Peter A. Kirby, ContributorWaking Times Modern telecommunications usually involves devices that can both send and receive wireless signals. These devices are also almost invariably capable of producing and receiving signals that affect our moods, thoughts, and bodily […]

Pope Francis Says “Humanity Needs A Vaccine For The Heart”

Along with the coronavirus vaccination, humanity also needs a vaccine for the “heart” according to Pope Francis. The Pope said: “This year, while we hope for new beginnings and new cures, let us not neglect care. Together with a vaccine for our bodies, we need a vaccine for our hearts. That vaccine is care” Breitbart […]

Soleimani and Fakhrizadeh are martyrs for all Muslims and entire humanity: Turkish Vatan Party chief

TEHRAN – Dogu Perincek, Turkey’s Vatan Party chairman, believes that the martyrs in the fight against imperialism such as Major General Qassem Soleimani and nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh belong to “all Muslims and the entire humanity.” Soleimani, the head of the IRGC Quds Force, was martyred in an airstrike near Baghdad’s international airport on 3 […]

The Age of Treason: 60 Year Old Book Exposes Chemical Attack on Humanity

The Liberty Beacon January 1, 2021 The Age of Treason: 60 Year Old Book Exposes Chemical Attack on Humanity Roger Landry (TLB) As I have stated on several occasions, we at TLB find it eminently rewarding to comb through historical articles and periodicals for overlooked Gems of wisdom, and signs of the seeds of tyranny being sewn. We […]

Genocide is Globalist End Game | In 2020, the Zionists launched open warfare on all of humanity, open warfare they are no longer even trying to keep secret. They emphasized there can be NO RETURN TO NORMAL until they have completed their plan for the mass genocide of humanity.

Genocide is Globalist End Game Henry Makow In 2020, the Zionists launched open warfare on all of humanity, open warfare they are no longer even trying to keep secret. They emphasized there can be NO RETURN TO NORMAL until they have completed their plan for the mass genocide of humanity. Patrick O’Carroll graduated with an […]

One-Third of Humanity Does Not Have Access to the Gospel

Photo Credit: Missio Nexus/Facebook International (Mission Network News) — For Christians in developed nations, it’s hard to imagine life without Gospel access. Believers have Scripture literally at their fingertips thanks to smartphone apps and widespread WiFi access. There are more than 400 versions of the Bible available in English. At the same time, millions of […]

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