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May 16 – Israelis Realize They Fell Into a Trap

(Retired IDF General Itzak Brick)  Please send links and comments to [email protected]) Mahmod Od–IDF General: “WE’RE LOSING TO HAMAS AND THE WORST IS YET TO COME” For a year Itzak Brick has been making a realistic appraisal of what has happened. Israelis have been duped into a disastrous war. IDF soldiers are refusing to […]

You do realize Don’t You, If Humanity Hangs The Globalist War Criminal B@stards, They Will Stop Holocausting Humans

At The Nuremberg trials there were four main War Criminal parties involved. The three worst war criminals, USSR, UK & US were persecuting the war criminals who had done much less war crimes than the ones running the Prosecution. But be it as it may, one of the excuses the three huge war criminals used […]

Most people DO NOT REALIZE that Google is a corporation that’s controlling, censoring and warping vital information

(NaturalNews) Most people think Google is some kind of public library of information available at one’s fingertips, providing straight facts about anything under… Source

Nanotechnology to be used to realize 13 out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030: the Science was Presented in 2007!

From OUTRAGED HUMAN @ Substack, posted by Dr Ana Mihalcea MD PhD“This is one of the most important whistleblowing research articles I have read to date. I have downloaded every link provided, and so should you. Outraged human has given us a systematic reveal of how nanotechnology is part of the 2030 Agenda – one […]

People must realize that MIND CONTROL IS REAL and that the perpetrators are unbelieveably Malevolent

The Making of a Mind Controlled Assassin Comment:  2 of the Perverts Involved in Randy’s MKULTRA torture session are pictured:  Herbert the Pervert Bush aka Poppy Bush, Sr. & Jimmy Carter.  Both have been PRESIDENTS. BY ADMIN · PUBLISHED JANUARY 30, 2020 · UPDATED JANUARY 30, 2020 MKUltra Programming Via Extreme Torture & Sexual Stimulation Done By Bush, Sr., Carter […]

Ex-editor of The Atlantic says Twitter Files are “a much bigger deal than many realize”

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) In a series of tweets, Benjamin Carlson, former editor of The Atlantic, outlined seven key takeaways from the Twitter Files revelations that show just how important they are to our understanding of the world in 2023.For one, the Twitter Files have changed history. What many thought were established facts about covid, for […]

You Do Realize Thanksgiving Is A “Witch” Burning, Little Southern Children Gang Raping To Death yankee Celebration?

The Cromwell’s “puritans” chopped a kings head off, made Cromwell king by another name, “Lord Protector”, started numerous wars, holocausted lots of innocent people, tried to wipe the Irish from the face of the earth and force everyone to worship their demonic “god”, as the “puritans” ordered them to, or the “puritans”would kill their asses!~ […]

Joe Biden Admits He Did Not Realize Seriousness of Infant Formula Shortage Soon Enough

Joe Biden spoke to a group of baby formula producers during a live video event on his imitation White House set across the street in an attempt to demonstrate his commitment to solving the problem.

Embarrassing: British Realize They’ve Been Using The Wrong Words For Hundreds Of Things

Embarrassing: British Realize They’ve Been Using The Wrong Words For Hundreds Of Things LONDON—The United Kingdom is a quaint little island country in Europe that speaks English as its primary language—much like the U.S. And while they’ve always thought a lot of themselves—even having a Queen, like something out of a fairy tale—the people there […]

Doctor Who Spent Decades In School Still Too Dumb To Realize That He Doesn’t Know Everything

Doctor Who Spent Decades In School Still Too Dumb To Realize That He Doesn’t Know Everything CLEVELAND, OH—After spending years in school and hundreds of thousands of dollars on a world-class degree in medicine, local doctor James Grawdock is still too dumb to realize how very little he actually knows, sources say.  “I have studied […]

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio: ‘Human Reality’ Is Workers Will Get Vaccinated When They Realize They’re Not Getting Paid

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) on Thursday said he is “not having second thoughts” about mandating vaccines for first responders and other city workers ahead of Friday’s 5 p.m. deadline. He predicted many will get vaccinated anyway “once they really realize that they’re not going to get paid.” When asked about the likelihood […]

Sad: Biden Supporter Doesn’t Realize Nation Already Back To Normal Outside Window

Sad: Biden Supporter Doesn’t Realize Nation Already Back To Normal Outside Window ANN ARBOR, MI—Janice Donaldson, thirty-year-old schoolteacher and Don Lemon superfan, forlornly looked out her bedroom window, wondering if the day would ever come when she could safely leave the confines of her well-Cloroxed home. “Can you imagine how it will feel one day […]

Doctor on COVID Vax: “We Screwed-Up. We didn’t realize the Spike Protein is a TOXIN” Does this mean everyone vaccinated is manufacturing their own Spike Protein Toxins in their own bodies?

NATIONNEWSDESK 31 MAY 2021 Audio from a radio show has emerged wherein Dr. Byram Bridle reveals the scientists behind the COVID-19 “Vaccine” made a terrible mistake. According to the Doctor, who cites a brand new, peer-reviewed research study out of Japan “They made a mistake – they thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, only […]

At What Point Do We Realize Bill Gates Is Dangerously Insane?

This isn’t an overreaction to Gates’ latest foray into the news cycle. It’s an observation based on a long pattern of statements and behavior by the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest men who has ever lived which, were any of us normal people guilty of them, would result in our being institutionalized. […]

Tyrant Technocrat, Bill Gates, Wants to Realize Global Vision in His Lifetime

“Bill Gates — What You Were Not Told,” a segment of the Plandemic documentary,1 reviews the personal and professional background of the Microsoft mogul, Bill Gates. Contrary to popular myth, many see Bill Gates as more of an opportunist than a genius inventor, and the video touches on several of the less honorable moments of […]

Q Anon People are Starting to Realize They Were Duped

“Us patriots got played”. Yeah, sadly it took so long to understand the obvious. While you were “trusting the plan”, the jewish agenda went on, to the point that it may be too late to fix the problems your Q messiah and its blind followers contributed to create. Now enjoy your Trump vax. Wtf! Q, […]

FNC’s Carlson: ‘Slow Learners Like Mitch McConnell’ Don’t Realize Future of Trump Voters ‘Redefined as Domestic Terrorists’ at Stake

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson reacted to the President Donald Trump’s impeachment articles issued by the House of Representatives earlier in the day. Carlson honed in on the reaction from some Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). CARLSON: So it looks like they are impeaching Donald Trump […]

Budget Analysis is Important, But We Must Also Realize Its Limitations

Budget analysis is an important and increasingly frequent part of economic analysis. In the days preceding and following the presentation of the union budget in particular the discourse on economic issues is often dominated by the tax announcements, allocations for various sectors or schemes, the deficit , subsidies and related fiscal matters. All this is […]

Iraqi PM’s visit opp to realize Tehran-Baghdad interests: Haider al-Abadi

MNA – Former Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi described Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s visit to Iran as a good opportunity to develop relations with Iran and to establish peace and security in the region. The Head of Iraq’s Al-Nasr Coalition Haider al-Abadi said that Iraq must balance its international relations and avoid any conflicts, because tensions […]

Former Facebook Executive: “You Don’t Realize It, But You Are Being Programmed”

Ex-Facebook exec hits out at social media, saying users are being ‘programmed’. There is no denying that the creation of social media has been one of the most revolutionary changes to our modern society. It has completely changed the way in which we communicate with each, other, the way we seek out information […]

Google employees finally wake up and realize they’re working for PURE EVIL… AI drone "terminator" project meets internal resistance

(Natural News) More than a dozen Google employees have quit working for the tech monolith in recent weeks as a response to the company’s forging ahead with a Terminator-esque artificial intelligence (AI) program that could end up weaponizing machine-learning technologies for use in military war games. Known as “Project Maven,” the Department […]


Source: Mustapha Itani via Several months ago, one of the early pioneers of Facebook and its first President Sean Parker, voiced his regret regarding helping create social media in the form we know it today, saying: “I don’t know if I really understood the consequences of what I was saying, […]

What Many Of Us Fail To Realize About The Gun Control Debate In America

By Richard Enos As I was reading a March 12th article in The New Yorker entitled “The Gun-Control Debate After Parkland,” a subscription pop-up appeared rather serendipitously, leading with the line “Fighting Fake News With Real Stories.” I had to pause to contain my amusement. The very reason I had searched for this article was to get a […]

Cops Realize Tiger Is Stuffed Animal After 45 Minute Standoff

Source Article from

5 Things You Realize When You Wake Up and Question Reality

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times “What is real? How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” ~Morpheus, The Matrix Ever get the feeling that reality isn’t really what we […]

More People Realize the "Enemy" is Within

Thus their interests and perversions will be paramount.  Socialists, Liberals & Neocons have been inducted into this cult.  But, as New Zealander Peter C demonstrates in a lucid article below, many people remain sane. More people see through the matrix.  (See also First Comment from M here for another example.) “The Islamic encroachment is a divide-and-conquer strategy. […]

When Will Trump Supporters in The Freedom Movement Realize They Were Duped?

By Derrick Broze What will it take for Trump supporters to admit they were duped like Obama supporters before them? One of the most surprising (and disappointing) effects of the Trump presidency has been the shift of certain “independent” and ” alternative” media outlets from truth seekers to establishment supporters. We have seen […]

As California legalizes pot, few smokers realize cannabis is often contaminated with pesticides, mold, heavy metals and chemical toxins

(Natural News) As of yesterday, it’s now legal for adults in California to purchase recreational marijuana. This is being hailed as a breakthrough against marijuana prohibition, but the masses of would-be pot smokers in California seem to carry a popular delusion that rests on the false idea that marijuana is safe to smoke in unlimited […]

Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming

Will you get lost in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Most people I asked don’t even know what that is, but it’s happening all around us right now. This system is about technological evolution… evolving us Source Article from

7 Signs You’re A Witch And Don’t Realize It

You’ve been called a witch and aren’t sure whether you should be offended or throw the biggest party you’ve ever had. To you, a witch is very clear cut: either you rock a sparkly dress and you’re a “good witch” or you’re lying dead under a house and you’re a “bad witch.” I refuse to […]

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