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The HIDDEN HISTORY of vaccines and the horrors of toxin accumulation        

(NaturalNews) After World War II, the Western Medical Industrial Complex began medically experimenting on disabled people and minorities, including children, who… Source

Doctor on COVID Vax: “We Screwed-Up. We didn’t realize the Spike Protein is a TOXIN” Does this mean everyone vaccinated is manufacturing their own Spike Protein Toxins in their own bodies?

NATIONNEWSDESK 31 MAY 2021 Audio from a radio show has emerged wherein Dr. Byram Bridle reveals the scientists behind the COVID-19 “Vaccine” made a terrible mistake. According to the Doctor, who cites a brand new, peer-reviewed research study out of Japan “They made a mistake – they thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, only […]

5 toxin-clearing plants you should have in your home

(Natural News) When it comes to decor, go-to choices often include tasteful art pieces or some lovely houseplants that can add life to any room in your house. However, aside from beautifying your home, studies have shown that certain houseplants can help clear toxins in the air. Polluted indoor air and pollutants Polluted […]

Glyphosate linked to autism; how to detox this “sleeper toxin” from your body

(Natural News) As many as one out of every two children is expected to be diagnosed with autism by the year 2025, and research scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., has concluded that one of the most prolific causes in the world today is the deadly crop chemical known as glyphosate. The primary […]

Toxin Cleanse: Which Toxins Are Disrupting Your Health?

February 18th, 2018 By Dr. Edward F. Group Guest writer for Wake Up World Currently, more than 80,000 chemicals are used to produce many of the common household products we use in the United States. With an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 new chemicals being introduced every year, it’s impossible to completely avoid exposure to these agents. It […]

Toxin overload: If you’re allergic to everything you may be labeled with the new catchall diagnosis, MCS

(Natural News) If inhaling everyday cleaning products or simply someone’s perfume makes your eyes water or your nose runny in an instant, or gives you a rush of nausea, you may be one of the people suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), according to a report by the Daily Mail. This illness, also known as […]

Ted Cruz: "I will endorse Donald Trump for President if he makes masturbation illegal"

     U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) sent shockwaves through the Republican Party today when he announced that he would endorse Donald Trump for President, but only if theGOP nominee would be willing to publicly support a ban on masturbation. The Senator called this ‘The single most important issue facing the country today’ and that without […]

Newest Medicare proposal promotes Big Pharma’s money-making scam by encouraging doctors to choose more costly brands over others

(NaturalNews) The Department of Health and Human Services is proposing to test new methods of reimbursing cancer doctors for chemotherapy and other drugs, but it is facing furious pushback from oncologists and others who are demanding that the Obama Administration drop the plan. As reported by The Associated Press, the outsized level of […]

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown declares state of emergency over massive methane leak … Worse than BP?

(NaturalNews) A gas leak coming from Southern California Gas Company’s Aliso Canyon storage field in Los Angeles County, has led to California. While a somewhat welcome announcement, many residents feel that such a decision is long overdue, considering that the problem began in October 2015, and has been leaking methane into the air […]

Toyota invests $1 billion in artificial intelligence in US

President Akio Toyoda delivers a speech during a press conference on artificial intelligence in Tokyo, Friday, Nov. 6, 2015. Toyota is investing $1 billion in a research company it’s setting up in Silicon Valley to develop artificial intelligence and robotics, underlining the Japanese automaker’s determination to lead in futuristic cars that drive themselves and apply […]

Elephants boost tree losses in South Africa’s largest savanna reserve

Credit: Greg Asner Protected areas, such as nature reserves and national parks, play a crucial role in sheltering wildlife, such as African elephants, from hunting and habitat destruction. But it’s important that conservation managers understand how the vegetation in these natural protected zones is affected by the population growth that is spurred by this animal […]


0 0 Studies are showing that Bt toxins found in Monsanto crops are harmful to mammalian blood by damaging red blood cells and more. RBC’s are responsible for delivering oxygen to the body tissues through blood flow. Bacillus thuringensis (Bt) is a bacterium commonly used as a biological pesticide. It is a microorganism that produces […]

Toxin healthcare issues are an irrevocable government obligation

by Ed Mattson   Should Agent Orange illnesses be considered a “veteran’s benefit” or an irrevocable government obligation for lifetime care? Where do you draw the line? There are more than 100 US military bases designated as hazardous waste sites. EPA has extensive records of chemicals found in soil and water. Much of the contamination […]

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