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Japanese Government Official Arrested for Alleged Assault on Train

Tokyo police arrested a senior official of Japan’s Finance Ministry named Ono Heihachiro on Friday for allegedly “hitting and kicking” a fellow passenger while the two men were aboard a moving train, Japan’s Jiji Press reported.

‘Forever Emergency’: How the Government Seamlessly Transitions Between Terror Threats

Bill Gates has a brand-new supranational terror bureaucracy planned, the cutely-dubbed “GERM Team” – “Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization Team.”

Fmr. Obama Econ. Adviser Furman: ‘Government Policies’ ‘Create Monopolies’ on Formula

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight,” Jason Furman, who served as Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Barack Obama and on the Council of Economic Advisers and the National Economic Council under President Bill Clinton

Buttigieg on Nationwide Formula Shortage: ‘Government Does Not Make Baby Formula’

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the government does not make baby formula when asked to address the nationwide baby formula shortage.

‘I’m thrilled to work with Israeli government because they want to do the right thing,’ US ambassador says, ahead of settlement announcement

Days before Israel announced that it is going ahead with 4,000 new settlement units, U.S. ambassador Thomas Nides — who was reportedly briefed on the plans — says “I really respect this government… they really want to do the right thing,” and he is “thrilled to work with them.” And Joe Biden is a Zionist, […]

‘Ministry of Truth’ Trends on Twitter After Government Unveils New ‘Disinformation Governance Board’

On Wednesday news broke that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) — a department that didn’t exist 20 years ago but today spends $52 billion annually — had created a new “Disinformation Governance Board.” The news comes just days after Twitter accepted Tesla-founder Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter for $44 billion, a move that […]


British MI import John Hamblin, ABC Play School pedophile rapist who worked for MKULTRA. I have been alerted to an imminent threat to Australian victims of government-sponsored child trafficking. Government employed agents are inviting alternative advocacy groups, social media personalities, and victims themselves, to supply information that would enable the government to locate and seize […]

Australian Government & Amazon defrauding taxpayers millions!

Govt AWS contract balloons 10x to $390m in three years US tech giant AWS has had its whole-of-government sourcing deal extended and “enhanced”, after the value of its previous deal ballooned in value by more than 10 times to $390 million across its life. The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) announced on Thursday that it had […]

New UK government data shows the COVID vaccines kill more people than they save

Overview New UK government data allows us to analyze the data in a way we couldn’t before. This new analysis shows clearly that the COVID vaccines kill more people than they save for all age groups. In other words, they shouldn’t be used by anyone. The younger you are, the less sense it makes. Anyone […]

COVID-19: Government was advised in November 2021 there was no longer ‘any’ justification for MIQ

An internal memo from the Ministry of Health has revealed there was no longer “any” health justification for MIQ way back in November 2021.  It means stranded Kiwis could have come home for Christmas instead of applying for a spot in state-run managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ). 

“Pandemic Treaty” will hand WHO keys to global government

Suggested clauses would incentivize reporting “pandemics”, and see nations punished for “non-compliance”

The Ruse of Exemptions: When Government Calls The Shots

The Ruse of Exemptions: When Government Calls The Shotsby Rosanne Lindsay, Nature of HealingApril 10, 2022 Exemptions are privileges. What the government giveth, the government can taketh away.Rights are not gifts from government.– Nature of Healing The Ruse of Benefits & PrivilegesGovernment laws exist to grant “BENEFITS and PRIVILEGES” to citizens who agree to be governed. Benefits […]

About That Government Engineered Food Shortage…

US Government diagnosing chickens with bird flu using fraudulent PCR tests, then slaughtering them Posted on April 9, 2022 Dr Eddy BettermanThere is another engineered plandemic taking place, this time against U.S. poultry.According to the government, avian flu, or bird flu, is sweeping across chicken and turkey farms, which means officials must slaughter these birds in order to keep […]

Israel’s government crumbles over “Jewish identity”

Yesterday, Israeli premier Naftali Bennett’s razor-thin coalition majority crumbled as coalition whip Idit Silman, also from Bennett’s Yamina (“Rightwards”) party, defected, leaving the coalition at 60 members out of the 120-seat parliament. “I can no longer bear the damage to values ​​and causes that are essential and right”, Silman wrote in her resignation letter to […]

UK Government to Launch Digital ID Technology on April 22

UK Government to Launch Digital ID Technology on April 22Date: April 3, 2022Author: Nwo Report    Source: DailyExpose.ukThe UK government is pushing ahead with its nationwide digital ID plans, despite half of the responses to its public consultation on digital identity opposing the idea.On April 6, 2022, new digital identity document verification technology (IDVT) that […]

UK Government to Launch Digital ID Technology in April 22

The UK government is pushing ahead with its nationwide digital ID plans, despite half of the responses to its public consultation on digital identity opposing the idea. Source On April 6, 2022, new digital identity document verification technology (IDVT) that enables data sharing between public bodies and businesses for the purpose of identity verification will […]

Spam SMS a ‘failure of government’

Australians are getting hammered by SMSs sent out by scammers (or rather criminals) in order to defraud the recipient. Remembering that under ‘Commonwealth’ law, this is a criminal offence. Quite simply put, the federal government is letting criminal activity through. Living under the 5eyes (Tier 1) global surveillance regime is great. The government keeps ALL […]

Paul: Fauci, NIH Behavior More Like What You See from a ‘Mafia Don’ than a Government Bureaucrat or Scientist

A recent Vanity Fair magazine report described heavy-handed tactics and what was claimed to be “a siege mentality” at the National Institutes of Health when evolutionary biologist Jesse Bloom presented the draft of an unpublished scientific paper about the origins of the COVID-19 virus he had written to National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases […]

BlackRock CEO Demands Ukraine is Used to Accelerate Introduction of Government-Controlled Digital Currency

The CEO of BlackRock thinks the war in Ukraine and the events surrounding it could be used to accelerate the adoption of digital money controlled by central banks. Along with Vanguard and State Street, Blackrock is considered one of the “Big Three” index fund managers that dominate corporate America, and ultimately the world. Source By […]

Woke Tik Tok Stars Tapped to Disseminate Government Propaganda

We no longer live in a serious world. Spare yourself from Biden muddling through future Congressional addresses — the current State of the Union is: totally fucked beyond repair. Let use predicate the creation of a breakaway parallel society on this reality, and the desperate need to restore sanity. Source

Government Announces An End To All UK Covid Travel Restrictions

It has been announced that all remaining Covid travel measures in the UK will be scrapped this week. As it stands currently, everyone travelling to the UK must complete a passenger locator form before they […] The post Government Announces An End To All UK Covid Travel Restrictions appeared first on News Punch. Source

Digital Tyranny: Beware of the Government’s Push for a Digital Currency

The government’s schemes to swindle, cheat, scam, and generally defraud taxpayers of their hard-earned dollars have run the gamut from wasteful pork barrel legislation, cronyism and graft to asset forfeiture, costly stimulus packages, and a national security complex that continues to undermine our freedoms while failing to making us any safer. Source

Northern Ireland government formally apologises to victims of child abuse

The Northern Ireland government has issued a formal apology to victims of abuse in orphanages and children’s homes. Ministers from all five political parties in the Northern Ireland Assembly read out apologies to survivors gathered at the Stormont government buildings near Belfast. Representatives of six institutions where the abuse took place also publicly said sorry […]


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Is the NZ Government Confused or Deliberately Misleading Us? (Hatchard)

“There is a lot of confusion around these days, not the least of which is the hiding of key data by the government and the obfuscation by mainstream media of what little data is released. Aside from the very disturbing impact of pandemic regulations on child mental health, what I also found interesting was the […]

US Has “Contingency” For Ukraine Government-In-Exile & Covert Guerrilla Warfare

The reports reveal that “a flurry of planning” at the State Department has been happening since the Russian invasion kicked off a week-and-a-half ago. “We’re doing contingency planning now for every possibility,” a Biden admin official was quoted in Washington Post as saying, which also named Poland as the likely location for a Ukrainian government […]

Canadians Advised by Federal Government to Leave Russia While Means Available

Aeroflot’s passengers planes are parked at Sheremetyevo airport, outside Moscow, Russia, March 1, 2022. (The Canadian Press/AP-Pavel Golovkin) The Canadian government has updated its advice for anyone considering travelling to Russia. In a new post on the government’s website, it says all travel to Russia should be avoided, and any Canadians who are already there […]

The Focus On Russia Distracts From What The US Government Is Doing

By Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance. March 5, 2022 | Newsletter The current escalation of the conflict between the United States and Russia, two nations with the most nuclear weapons, places the world in great danger of a major war. It is the people of Ukraine who are bearing the brunt of this violence, which the […]

WHO is World Government. Power grab scheduled for May 1, 2022. With “relaxations” you are being framed

25 feb 2022, “The fact that they are suddenly distancing themselves from restrictions is just a game. The last week of January 2022 WHO held an emergency meeting and deliberations in Geneva on expanding its powers to take over all member states in the event of a pandemic and “any other form of threat or […]

The Government Just Admitted An Inconvenient Truth

Above Photo: Lynne Sladky / AP Photo. A GOP-led budget office details how corporate-run health care is crushing workers. And how Medicare for All would boost the economy. Every now and then, federal officials admit some truths that are inconvenient to the corporations that own the government — and this latest admission is pretty explicit: […]

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