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German government behaving like Nazis in banning free speech that they claim mirrors Nazi language about German nationalism

(NaturalNews) A right-wing German lawmaker has been convicted of using an “illegal†slogan that Sturmabteilung stormtroopers used in the Nazi era.The… Source

The Illusion Of The Altruistic US Government Has Been Dismantled By The Ongoing Israeli Genocide

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/21/24). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

OUT WITH THE FROGS WORLDWIDE!!! French government declared a state of emergency in its South Pacific island of New Caledonia


MediSecure data breach – Another cover-up and ‘failure of government’?

See front page of MediSecure’s website: The above screen capture reads the following: MediSecure Cyber security incident/data breach MediSecure has identified a cyber security incident impacting the personal and health information of individuals. We have taken immediate steps to mitigate any potential impact on our systems. While we continue to gather more information, early indicators […]

Big Government censorship collusion with Big Tech RESUMES efforts to block all “misinformation” before Election Day

(NaturalNews) Just in time for the 2024 election, the federal deep state is working overtime to silence online free speech so the selected candidate… Source

UK Government Used Army “PsyOps” Division To Monitor Citizens And Then Lied About It

Gen. Nick Carter, former Chief of Defense Staff (2018-2021) (left); Boris Johnson, former Prime Minister; Ben Wallace, former Minister of Defense (right) (Getty Images) In January 2021, the UK government said that members of its infamous “77th Brigade do not, and have never, conducted any kind of action against British citizens.” But it did. And thus it […]

Virtual Home Invasions: We’re Not Safe from Government Peeping Toms

The spirit of the Constitution, drafted by men who chafed against the heavy-handed tyranny of an imperial ruler, would suggest that one’s home is a fortress, safe from almost every kind of intrusion. Unfortunately, a collective assault by the government’s cabal of legislators, litigators, judges and militarized police has all but succeeded in reducing that […]

CENSORSHIP: Israeli government orders SHUTDOWN of Al Jazeera news and broadcast offices

(NaturalNews) Israel’s Ministry of Communications recently banned the Al Jazeera Media Network’s news channel from airing in the country and raided its… Source

Government Weaponization: My Testimony to the House

[Wednesday, May 1, 2024; 10:00 AM; Rayburn House Office Building Room 2141] Chairman Jordan, Ranking Member Plaskett, and Members of the Committee: I am Todd Zywicki and I appreciate the opportunity to appear to you today to testify on the topic of “Weaponization of the Federal Government.” I am George Mason University Foundation Professor of Law […]

The US Is The Only G-7 Nation To See Trust In Government Plummet

The US Is The Only G-7 Nation To See Trust In Government Plummet How much do you trust the government, and its various institutions? It’s likely that your level of confidence probably depends on a wide range of factors, such as perceived competency, historical context, economic performance, accountability, social cohesion, and transparency. And for these […]

BOMBSHELL: CIA, government insiders illegally kept intelligence information from President Trump

(NaturalNews) During his tenure in the White House, President Donald Trump was purposely kept in the dark about important matters that the intelligence community… Source

See How Israel’s Genocidal Government Leadership Is Now Laboring Under God’s Judgment

Excerpt form recent Ben Fulford post via Stillness in the Storm In other proof, Israeli Minister of National Security, Ben Gvir was involved in a horrific traffic accident while leaving Ramala. VIEW HERE: Next Israeli Minister Haim Biton’s father was seriously injured in a Jerusalem car crash. VIEW HERE: Now the International Criminal […]

The Zionist Death Grip On The United States Government

Beginning in 1962 they were known as the American Zionist Council, and President John F. Kennedy was ordering them to register as a foreign agent. Along with members of the US government, the Zionists fought against this. In October of 1963, forms were prepared for them to register. But the next month, JFK was assassinated. […]

Divide and Conquer: The Government’s Propaganda of Fear and Fake News

“Nothing is real,” observed John Lennon, and that’s especially true of politics. Much like the fabricated universe in Peter Weir’s 1998 film The Truman Show, in which a man’s life is the basis for an elaborately staged television show aimed at selling products and procuring ratings, the political scene in the United States has devolved over […]

More TROUBLE For Prince Harry & Meghan as US Government Censorship Agenda UNRAVELS!

The Royal Grift covering: • Royals Daily Life • Royal Politics • Celebrity Royalty • Pop culture • Entertainment News Please be respectful to one another. Everything I state or create is in good faith, and good will. There is no intention to deceive or mislead anyone under any false pretenses. Any material used from […]

Now We Are Supposed to Cheer Government Surveillance?

They are wearing us down with shocking headlines and opinions. They come daily these days, with increasingly implausible claims that leave your jaw on the floor. The rest of the text is perfunctory. The headline is the takeaway, and the part designed to demoralize, deconstruct, and disorient.  A few weeks ago, the New York Times […]

The BEST way to rebel against an oppressive government? China’s youth “Let it Rot” (Bai lan)

Mutiny In China – Youth is giving up on life “Let it Rot”, CCP worried Governments truly do not care about the general population/serfs, especially the ones that officially flourish on slave labour, dictatorships like China or Nth Korea as an example, where it is seen that life is cheap, quite literally. All governments are […]

Government using tax tyranny to steal every last penny from Americans

(NaturalNews) No amount of your stolen labor is ever enough for the corrupt United States government, which is committed to taking as much of your money as… Source

The Fourth Amendment is Not for Sale Act and the battle against government spying

The FANFSA, passed with a 219-199 vote, garnered support from both sides of the aisle, with 96 Democrats and 123 Republicans backing the bill. Source

Government slave-driving for the ‘economy’ – Melbourne city retailers encouraged to adopt Twilight Trade

City of Melbourne traders should respond to changing consumer behaviour by extending core trading hours, creating a link between the daytime and night-time economy a new report by leading peak body Australian Retailers Association (ARA) has found. Commissioned by the City of Melbourne and Victorian Government, the ARA report recommends widespread adoption of twilight trading […]

Government & Media Pretending Massive Health Crisis Not Going On – Ed Dowd

Greg Hunter goes one-on-one with money manager and investment expert Ed Dowd, author of the newly updated book, ‘Cause Unknown The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021, 2022 and 2023’. Source

Experts Warn U.S. Government Planning To Freeze ALL American Bank Withdrawals

Experts are warning that the U.S. government is secretly planning to freeze all American bank withdrawals in the coming months due to the imminent collapse of the U.S. dollar. The freezing of bank accounts already has a name:  “bail-ins”: BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to your inbox. You can […]

Government morphed into a Marxist cabal, willing and ready to impose tyranny: ‘All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely on force’

(NaturalNews) Who would or could have predicted that our own representatives in Congress would vote to allow the government to spy on American citizens without… Source

Government comes up with another new excuse for the genocide they’ve unleashed upon the planet: ‘accelerated aging’ among the young is causing all of these ‘turbo cancers’

(NaturalNews) The latest mind-boggling story over at the NY Post on Tuesday proving just how full of ‘s’ our ’globalist overlords’ and the mainstream media… Source

German Government Documents Obtained Under Court Order Reveal Covid Crisis Political Manipulation.

BY PATRICIA HARRITY ON APRIL 2, 2024 • ( 24 COMMENTS ) The release of heavily redacted German government documents obtained under court order by the German alternative media magazine “Multipolar” are shaking up German politics on the eve of the critical 2024 European Parliament election in Germany, scheduled to be held on 9 June 2024. The documents reveal COVID crisis policy […]

Tyranny by the Numbers: The Government Wants Your Money Any Way It Can Get It

The government wants your money. It will beg, steal or borrow if necessary, but it wants your money any way it can get it. Source

Government and the WHO Quietly Shake Hands

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL If you were expected to agree to an employment contract, would you not want to read it before signing? When you go to a restaurant, do you look at the menu before ordering your food or just eat whatever you happen to be given by the waiter? Or when buying […]

One World Government EXPOSED: What Now?

March 25 2024 New World Order veteran expert G. Edward Griffin joins Maria Zeee to discuss the history of the one-world government, how the financial/banking system is a lie and is about to collapse, and what people need to do now that “they” have been exposed. _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over If […]

No Oaths of Office in the Federal Government

by Greg Reese On January 10th of 1963, forty-five current communist goals were submitted to the Congressional record. Number thirteen was, “Do away with loyalty oaths.” Sixty years later on the very same day, Biden, Obrador, and Trudeau met in Mexico City for the Declaration of North America which states a plan to unify North […]

German Government Admits There Was No Pandemic

Attorney Reiner Fuellmich has been held as a political prisoner for six months, due to his work in contesting the COVID Scamdemic. A recent leak has revealed the Federal Republic of Germany’s plan to assassinate his character and to prevent him from ever holding political office. Now, a freedom of information request in Germany has […]

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