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Submitted by The Armchair Prophet SOTN Exclusive Let’s get right on it. Jesus the Christ, himself, never founded a religion called Christianity. Jesus the Christ never said that he was the ONLY Son of God.  In fact, he said that we are all sons and daughters of the same Almighty God.  That we are all […]

Covert PA force aimed to leverage Israeli air cover to control Gaza: Report

APR 4, 2024 The covert PA intelligence force tried to enter Gaza less than a week ago and was thwarted by authorities in the strip (Photo credit: Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90) News Desk A security official in the Gaza Strip’s Ministry of Interior revealed details on 4 March regarding a recent Palestinian Authority-led (PA) incursion into the enclave.  […]

WEF Launching AI-Powered Control Grid To Kill Independent Media

WEF-controlled institutions are working together to round up political dissidents and punish them for the “crime” of opposing their dystopian agenda, using an AI-driven surveillance and control grid. Independent journalist Leo Hohmann warns that WEF-infiltrated banks are colluding with WEF-controlled Big Tech companies to not only censor but silence dissidents by blocking offending customers from […]

Globalists unleashing AI-powered control grid to END independent journalism and eradicate online free speech

Globalists unleashing AI-powered control grid to END independent journalism and eradicate online free speech The speed with which the American police state is now able to round up political dissidents and punish them for alleged “crimes” against the state is a testament to the power of the artificial intelligence (AI)-driven surveillance and control grid. Independent […]

How Jews OWN Russia And Control Putin

Watch This And Learn…An Insider Jew Explains How Jews OWN Russia And Control Putin – Rense Video 6Mins : Click Link Below: ttps:// Source

Getting back control

We start with my old friend the heavily loss making Bank of England. They have lurched from creating inflation by printing too much money and keeping rates too low, to causing a shallow recession by destroying too much money and by driving bond interest rates too high. They have lost us £50 bn since 2022, […]

Cereal For The Peasants? How The Elites Use “Skimpflation” To Control Our Eating Habits

People who have been reading my analysis for a long time are well aware of my expectations on the eventual outcome of the US economic debacle: A stagflationary crisis followed by a massive crash similar to the Great Depression (or worse). I based this prediction on a number of circumstances, but primarily I went back […]

China planning to ANNEX SPACE, control the moon

(NaturalNews) The race is on to construct the first-ever moon base, and communist China, with the help of Russia, is planning to win.If successful, China’s… Source

Gangsters Take Full Control of Haiti, UN Sends Kenyan Troops to Help Restore Order

    Haiti’s problems just went from bad to worse, as the UN and embattled Haitian government of Ariel Henry (who is currently abroad as armed rebels seek his ouster) prepare a Kenyan peacekeeping force to intervene amid constant armed gang warfare which have taken over the streets of Port-au-Prince. Despite for months not having […]

Why Do the Goyim Allow Jews to Control Everything?

America Is a Gentile Nation So why do we allow a fifth-column faction of elite Jews to control us? The author doesn’t mention we gave our national credit cards to people  who want to destroy us. These devils sign our pay checks. We are their bitches. As the plandemic showed, people will do anything for […]

Iris Figueroa: “”I Gathered All Vaccine Ingredients Into a List and Contacted POISON CONTROL.”

   “I gathered all vaccine ingredients into a list and contacted Poison Control. After intros and such, and asking to speak with someone tenured and knowledgeable, this is the gist of that conversation………. Click Link Below: Source

Ominous New Decree 95 Confirms Vietnam’s Intent to Control Religion  

Reconstructed One Pillar Pagoda, historic Buddhist temple, in Hanoi, Vietnam. (Bgabel, Creative Commons) (Morning Star News) – Two millennia ago, Jesus of Nazareth said, “Yes, what sorrow awaits you experts in religious law! For you crush people with unbearable religious demands, and you never lift a finger to ease their burden.” (Luke 11:46,… Source

Levers of Control: Accept or Flee?

The extreme levels of control that were in evidence across the world during the ‘pandemic’ did not usher in anything new, in principle, but merely its exacerbation. To be sure, there were all kinds of justifications for such an intensification of control, all in the name of what Giorgio Agamben, in Where Are We Now? […]

First Human With Neuralink Brain Chip Can Now Control Computers With His Mind

The first human to be implanted with a Neuralink brain chip can now control computers with his mind, according to Elon Musk. Musk disclosed at an X Spaces event that the first human patient to […] The post First Human With Neuralink Brain Chip Can Now Control Computers With His Mind appeared first on The […]

Russia Says NATO Troops, Disguised As Mercenaries, Control Air Defenses In Ukraine

The Russian military has made the accusation that NATO troops are actually manning and directly overseeing Ukraine’s advanced anti-air defense systems which were provided by the West. The charge comes after weeks of the Kremlin saying that French mercenaries have been positioned in the city of Kharkiv, which sits across from Belgorod – a Russian […]

Think tipping is out of control? Watch this.

From tipping to living wage: The fight for economic justice in the service industry. Source

American society is spinning out of control: What you need to do now to prepare for massive civil unrest and violence

(NaturalNews) It doesn’t take any brilliant analytical mind to discern that American society is losing its rudder and that there are powerful forces seeking to… Source

Feb 18 – “Criminals, Murderers & Freaks” Control the West – Gerald Celente

Please send links and comments to [email protected] Market Distortions, Out-of-Control Debt and Geopolitical Chaos: Gerald Celente “Gerald Celente doesn’t have anything nice to say about the state of financial markets, government debt, or the geopolitical landscape but he does want to wake people up to the fact that sociopaths with a mean streak are in […]

Control freak “controligarchs,” many of them billionaires, are leading the world off a cliff

Control freak “controligarchs,” many of them billionaires, are leading the world off a cliff You have heard about oligarchs, but what about controligarchs? Seamus Bruner, author of the new book “Controligarchs: Exposing the Billionaire Class, their Secret Deals and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life,” says controligarchs are worse than oligarchs in that they […]

Hong Kong Set To Pass Article 23, Further Tightening Beijing’s Control

Hong Kong Set To Pass Article 23, Further Tightening Beijing’s Control Authored by Julia Ye and Angela Bright via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), The prospect of Basic Law Article 23, which rocked Hong Kong in 2003, is now becoming a reality under Beijing-controlled Hong Kong authorities. A riot police officer stands guard as Hong […]

They Inch Towards Total Technological Control

It would seem as if Martin Heidegger’s warning against the ‘essence of technology’ – Gestell, or Enframing – a way of thinking that frames everything we think of, do, and aspire to, in terms of parameters of optimal use or control, was no illusion, judging by evidence of such attempts today. Apparently engineering researchers at […]

China Poised To Take Further Control Of Iraq’s Key Southern Oil Assets

Authored by Simon Watkins via, China is over the halfway mark in completing its strategically vital oil project in the critical Iraqi energy hub of Nasiriyah. This facility will act as a storage hub and supply conduit for 3.0-3.5 million barrels of crude oil. Even before the huge strategic importance of the new Nasiriyah […]

 How Information Control Shapes Reality

Welcome to the not-so-secret garden of modern data feudalism, where your every swipe could be another petal in the bouquet of Big Tech’s grand scheme—and boy, do they have a green thumb. Chris Martenson Jan 31, 2024 So, what’s the big deal with data nowadays? Well, it’s like we’ve struck oil in our backyards, but […]

Dismantling the Illusion: How Information Control Shapes Reality


ELECTION LAWFARE! “Legal System Out Of Control” – Trump Rages At $83M Damages In (Second) Carroll Defamation Case

READ HERE:   Source

Americans Are Fighting For Control Of Federal Powers That Shouldn’t Exist

By Brian McGlinchey via Stark Realities It’s no secret that politics in the United States is growing increasingly acrimonious — to the point that a 2022 poll found 43% of Americans think a civil war is a least somewhat likely in the next decade.  But here’s what few people realize: The intensity of our division springs from […]

Texas takes control of park in Eagle Pass along the U.S.-Mexico border to halt endless flow of migrants

(NaturalNews) Texas has taken control of a public park in Eagle Pass due to its strategic location near the Rio Grande following a massive spike in illegal… Source

Congress Allows National Parks to Ban Cash, as Prep for CBDC China Social Control System, Vaccine Mandates

Above Image: WEF World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab holding copy of his 2017 book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” in which he writes: “Any package, pallet or container can now be equipped with a…radio frequency identification (RFID) tag…similar monitoring systems will also be applied to the movement and tracking of people.” What better place to […]


JANUARY 12TH, 2024 RAMZY BAROUD Thousands of miles separate Uganda and Congo from the Gaza Strip, but these places are connected to Palestine in ways that traditional geopolitical analyses would fail to explain. On January 3, it was revealed that the far-right Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu is actively discussing proposals to expel millions of Palestinians to […]

The U.S. Is Dealing With an Israeli Leader Who’s Losing Control. Benjamin Netanyahu is waging a war while struggling to avoid prison, salvage his legacy and keep his political partners happy


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