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Israel: government approves draft bill for execution of Palestinian prisoners

Israel's far-right occupation government approved on Sunday a draft bill which, if it becomes law, will authorise the execution of Palestinian prisoners, has reported. The bill was proposed by extreme far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir. "The court [will be able to] impose the death penalty on anyone who commits a murder on national […]

Wizards of the Coast Walks Back Leaked OGL 2.0 Draft

In a statement released earlier today, Wizards of the Coast announced that it would be further revising its updated licensing agreement for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, OGL 2.0. This announcement followed almost a week of public backlash in response to a leaked draft of OGL 2.0 and the announcement of the Open RPG Creative […]

Scientists challenge WHO draft guidelines for PFAS in drinking water

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A group of more than 100 scientists challenged the World Health Organization’s (WHO) draft guidelines on per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water.The coalition of 116 scientists, all experts on PFAS, accused the global health body of disregarding the dangers of forever chemicals to human health and … [Read More…] Source

Robots authorized to kill in San Francisco police draft policy

A policy proposal that is heading for Board of Supervisors approval next week would explicitly authorize San Francisco police to kill suspects using robots. Source

Russians search for red Russian Khazarian roots to flee army draft To Occupied Palestine

Well, Putin Qualifies! “Genealogists trace Jewish ancestry for Russians seeking move to Israel and private agencies pop up to facilitate emigration as tens of thousands run from Ukraine mobilization” Why don’t Putin draft the Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel red Russian Khazarians occupying Palestine? The Ole Dog! At a Red Cross center in Moscow, a […]

Classified Decree Exposed: Russia’s Military Draft is Not 300,000 But Actually 1 Million!

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing to call up one million Russian soldiers to fight in the war in Ukraine, a Russian newspaper has claimed. The report comes after military analysts identified a classified paragraph in Putin’s “partial-mobilisation” decree. In a televised address to the nation on Wednesday, the Russian President announced a […]

Man Who Prepped For Fantasy Draft For Past 6 Months Loses First Matchup 173-29

HEMET, CA — Local man Jimmy Blanco spent the past six months painstakingly going over player stats, injury reports, and strategy articles as he prepped for his fantasy draft that occurred the last week of August. He showed up to the draft primed and ready, with a bound folder of printouts detailing up-to-the-minute projections for […]

NPT conference’s final draft text leaves no chance for modification: Iran

TEHRAN- An Iranian Foreign Ministry official on Saturday voiced objection to the final draft text of the United Nations nuclear disarmament pact, stating that since it is dominated by Western nations, there is no chance for a change in the status quo. Asadollah Eshraq Jahromi, the director general for international peace and security at the […]

NPT conference’s final draft text leaves no chance for modification: Iran

TEHRAN- An Iranian Foreign Ministry official on Saturday voiced objection to the final draft text of the United Nations nuclear disarmament pact, stating that since it is dominated by Western nations, there is no chance for a change in the status quo. Asadollah Eshraq Jahromi, the director general for international peace and security at the […]

The Controversy Around Tunisian President’s Draft Constitution

On July 25, a national referendum will be held in Tunisia to vote on the draft of a new constitution being presented by President Kais Saied. The move has faced criticism from political players representing workers’ voices in Tunisia, with numerous parties calling for a boycott of the upcoming referendum. Why is the constitution facing […]

‘The fastest Constitution draft in the world’ restores presidential system to Tunisia

The Head of the Economic and Social Committee that oversaw the national dialogue, Ibrahim Bouderbala, revealed that the draft of the new Constitution has been completed, pointing out that it will be handed over on Monday to President Kais Saied. In a radio statement, Bouderbala said: "A return to the presidential system has been approved […]

Iran signs draft status for full SCO membership

Iran signs draft status for full SCO membership – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN — Following consultations between authorized representatives of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and Iran, a signing ceremony was arranged for Iran’s membership protocol in Tashkent on Friday. The document approved the draft memorandum of obligations of the Iranian side in […]

US, Japan Draft Plans To Set Up Attack Base In Event China Invades Taiwan

First reported in Japan’s Kyodo news agency on Thursday, unnamed Japanese officials detailed the plan was struck between the US and Japanese militaries, and arranges for a forward operating base to be establish on southwest islands, where the US Marine Corps would rapidly deploy troops. Kyodo details that “Japan’s Self-Defense Forces and the U.S. military […]

Congress Tosses Proposal to Require Women to Register for the Draft

Congress tossed out a proposal to require women to register for the military draft.  Legislation expanding the Selective Service System received bipartisan support in both chambers of Congress earlier this year, Just the News reports. However, the expansion was removed from the final version of the defense act so Republicans would accept military justice system reforms.  “If […]

EU draft pulled after Vatican complains Christmas ‘canceled’

The European Commission on Tuesday retracted internal communication guidelines that had proposed substituting the “Christmas period” with “holiday period” after an outcry by conservatives and the Vatican, which termed the document an attempt to “cancel” Europe’s Christian roots. The European Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, said the draft document had been intended to highlight European […]

Democrats May Force Women to Register for Draft

Women may be forced to register for the Selective Service draft if a Democrat-backed provision passes the U.S. Senate. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed its version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in September, which included a provision that would require women to sign up for the military draft. Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA), […]

Draft Agreement Of UN Climate Conference Expresses ‘Alarm And Concern’

GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) — Negotiators at the United Nations climate talks are considering a draft decision that highlights “alarm and concern” about global warming the planet already is experiencing and continues to call on the world to cut about half of its emissions of heat-trapping gases by 2030. The early version of the cover decision […]

Supporters Aim to Draft Anti-BLM Leader for Minnesota Governor’s Race

The Draft Kendall Qualls for Governor Committee has created a petition that seeks to encourage the leader of black conservative movement TakeCharge Minnesota to run for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. The committee states on its website: As the Republican party searches for its gubernatorial candidate, Kendall Qualls is exactly the type of candidate we need […]

Texas Republican blasts BOTH parties after amendment to DRAFT WOMEN is adopted

    While Democrats and some Republicans celebrated the “historic” inclusion of women in the US military draft, Congressman Chip Roy (R-Texas) went on a rant against both parties for this – and other policies over the years. The Selective Service system currently requires men aged 18-25 to register for the draft. An amendment that […]

The Draft Has Been Expanded To Women

Above Photo: Women seeking to join the Marine Corps train at Parris Island, S.C., in 2013. Scott Olson/Getty Images. House And Senate Armed Services Committees Voted On The 1st. Today the House Armed Services Committee joined the Senate Armed Services Committee in voting 35-24 to expand registration for a possible military draft to include young women as well as […]

Inside Al Sharpton’s wild campaign to draft Biden into Delaware’s most tortured court drama

“We’ve been fighting for years in the streets, in our communities, to put Black people on Delaware’s courts,” Sharpton says in the ad, as the faces of the all-white Delaware Court of Chancery appear on screen. “When I talked to President Biden, he told me he would put court diversity front and center on the […]

Fearing government whitewash, scientists leak draft IPCC report urging bold emission cuts

Concerned that aspects of its conclusions will be diluted by policymakers, a group of scientists has leaked a draft of a forthcoming IPCC report, which argues that to avert further climate chaos, global carbon emissions must peak by 2025 and all fossil fuel plants worldwide must be shuttered by the end of the decade. “There is no […]

Egypt approves draft bill enabling employers to sack Muslim Brotherhood affiliates

Egypt’s parliament has approved a draft bill which will enable employers to dismiss government employees who belong to a terror group, including members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The proposal was drafted and submitted by MP Ali Badr and applies to employees working in government ministries, local council units, public sector companies, public organisations, and other […]

U.S. Bishops Vote to Draft Document on Worthiness to Receive Communion

The U.S. bishops voted overwhelmingly Friday to approve drafting a document on the reception of Holy Communion, a topic with clear repercussions for President Joe Biden, a professed Catholic who supports the expansion of abortion rights. Approximately three-quarters of the bishops (168) voted in favor of drafting the text, while only 55 voted against, with […]

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case on Military Draft for Women

The Supreme Court on Monday announced it would not decide if it is unconstitutional to exclude women from a military draft, with three justices writing in a statement that the issue was better left decided by Congress. Justice Sonia Sotomayor, joined by Justices Stephen Breyer and Bret Kavanaugh, wrote that although the Fifth Amendment prohibits the federal […]

Draft Legislation Would Put Gig Workers Into Toothless ‘Unions’

Draft Legislation Would Put Gig Workers Into Toothless ‘Unions’ Above Photo: Spurekar. CC BY 2.0. New York – An effort backed by the New York State AFL-CIO would create a new bargaining scheme for app-based workers without addressing the question of whether or not these workers are legally “employees.” Labor Notes obtained a draft version of […]

Chileans choose assembly to draft a new constitution

The face of a new Chile begins taking shape this weekend as the South American country elects 155 people to draft a constitution to replace one that has governed it since being imposed during a military dictatorship. Nearly 80% of voters in a plebiscite last year chose to draft a new charter for the nation […]

Coronavirus: Italy to impose nationwide lockdown for Easter – draft

taly will be placed under a nationwide lockdown over the Easter weekend for the second year running, a draft decree law seen by Reuters said on Friday, underlining the struggle to stem a fresh surge in coronavirus cases.Non-essential shops will be shuttered nationwide from April 3-5. On those days, Italians will only be allowed to […]

EU’s draft vaccine passport law to come this month

Ursula von der Leyen said on Monday that the planned “digital green passes” would “facilitate Europeans‘ lives” as the continent battles Covid-19. Following a conference with German politicians, Ms Von der Leyen tweeted that a pass would prove someone had been inoculated – or give test result data if its owner had not had a […]

Israel’s top court extends ultra-Orthodox draft exemption until after election

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