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France headed for Depopulation

France, a nation which aggressively pushed the Covid-19 vaccine, is now headed for depopulation. Apparently, birth rates are more difficult to hide than sudden deaths. Their crypto-Phoenician President is now offering fertility checks to his citizenry, in an effort to be pretend-concerned. Some of their brainwashed citizenry are still concerned about sharia law. The post […]

Renowned British-Palestinian surgeon denied entry into France

May 4, 2024 Source: Agencies + Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English A systematic effort appears underway to silence Dr. Abu Sitta for his vocal condemnation of Israeli atrocities with Berlin authorities forcefully barring his entry into the country in April to attend a conference. Renowned British-Palestinian doctor and humanitarian, Ghassan Abu Sitta, who volunteered in […]

Giro d’Italia and Tour de France: Road Closed to Genocide

Giro d’Italia and Tour de France: Road Closed to Genocide Action Alert Palestinians call for more protests than ever against the participation of the Israeli government-sponsored team in the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France cycling races this year. Let’s make sure the road is closed to genocide. Ban Apartheid Israel from Sports April 8, […]

Russia claims France is readying deployment of 2,000 troops to Ukraine

Sergey Naryshkin, director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, has revealed that the Kremlin has intelligence indicating that France is preparing to deploy a military contingent of 2,000 troops to Ukraine. “The current leadership of the country appears indifferent to the welfare of ordinary French citizens and the concerns of military leaders,” Naryshkin remarked. “Our information suggests that […]

France Raises Terror Alert Warning To Highest Level After Moscow Massacre

France has raised the country’s terrorist alert to the highest level following the attack on a packed music venue in Russia, where at least 137 people were killed. France’s terror alert system has three levels. The highest level is declared if it is assumed that an attack is imminent. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to […]

France will Send its Army to Defend Ukraine against Russia Soon

    France is gearing up for potential international challenges, with its military prepared to engage in the “toughest engagements” to safeguard national interests, according to General Pierre Schill, Chief of Staff of the French Army. In an interview published on Tuesday, Schill emphasized France’s readiness to confront evolving global developments and underscored the nation’s […]

While Macron Warmongers, France Is Still a Chaos, as 50 People Attack Police Station in Olympic Venue Area of Paris (VIDEO)

While Macron Warmongers, France Is Still a Chaos, as 50 People Attack Police Station in Olympic Venue Area of Paris (VIDEO) Source

France Threatens Nuclear Strike on Russia

French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a bold statement on Thursday, asserting France’s readiness to utilize nuclear weapons in response to recent nuclear saber-rattling from Russian President Vladimir Putin. In a departure from his usual diplomatic tone, Macron criticized Putin’s threats and underscored France’s advanced weapons program during interviews with French media outlets. The exchange of […]


MARCH 6TH, 2024 Source Jessica Buxbaum Israelis aren’t the only demographic among the IDF’s forces in Gaza. Foreign fighters from as far away as the United States, France, Spain, the Netherlands and even India actively participate in the hostilities. While the exact number of internationals fighting in Gaza isn’t known, what is known is that […]

Rothschild Staged Dreyfus Affair to Undermine France

(left, Real spy Esterhazy of course, a non-Jew.) The Dreyfus Affair, which polarized & convulsed France from 1894-1906, shows how Rothschild fabricated “antisemitism” to destabilize Christian nations and convince Jews to emigrate to Palestine.  Edmund de Rothschild arranged for an innocent Jew, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, to be charged with spying.  This treason provoked French nationalists — especially […]

France leads global charge for reproductive rights by anchoring abortion in its Constitution

Image Credit: Kiran Ridley A momentous shift occurred in France on Monday evening, as it officially became the world’s inaugural nation to enshrine abortion rights within its constitution. This historic amendment was passed during a special assembly convened by President Emmanuel Macron at the Palace of Versailles, a location often chosen for the enactment of […]

Biden Wants G7 To Give Russian Central Bank Funds To Ukraine, But France Resists

President Biden wants the G7 countries to develop a plan to eventually have Russia’s frozen sovereign assets handed over Ukraine in order to support the war effort, Bloomberg has reported. Bloomberg’s source have also said the US president has privately warned allies that Ukraine’s collapse, and a Russian victory, would signify the international order is […]

Draft law in France proposes exorbitant fine, jail time for OPPONENTS of COVID-19 injections

(NaturalNews) A draft law in France has put forward an exorbitant fine of €45,000 ($48,627) and three years’ jail time for individuals who speak out against the… Source

It Is Now A CRIME To Refuse The mRNA Injection In France

ian.  They did the same during the “covid”, scamdemic. Countries were targeted one at a time to test the water for the self appointed in charge. This is a trial for the WHO WEF World government vermin eradication programme. France will be a good choice for them, as the cops have no qualms about shooting […]

France Teeters on the Brink

In viewing this tragi-comic scene,  the most opposite passions necessarily succeed,  and sometimes mix with each other in the mind;  alternate contempt and indignation;  alternate laughter and tears; alternate scorn and horror. Edmund Burke Upon first seeing videos of the European farmers’ recent protests, I, along with many others across the Atlantic, was deeply impressed. […]

France’s “Pfizer Amendment” Could Turn mRNA Critics into Criminals

On Wednesday, February 14th a highly controversial law was pushed through the National Assembly in France, potentially turning a critic of mRNA treatment into a criminal. The draconian law, which was quietly passed with virtually no debate, could throw anyone who advises against the use of therapeutic or prophylactic treatment (including experimental mRNA gene therapy) […]

The new Prime Minister of France, Gabriel Attal is a WEF Global Young Leader and a Bilderberger.

“On the 9th of January, 2024, Gabriel Attal, who is often viewed as a protégé of President Emmanuel Macron, made a historic stride at 34 years old, as the youngest prime minister of France under the Fifth Republic. Attal has earned himself the moniker “Baby Macron” due to his youth and centrist political ideology which […]

34-Year-Old Gabriel Attal Named As France’s Youngest And First Openly Gay Prime Minister

President Emmanuel Macron seeks a fresh start for the rest of his term amid growing political pressure from the far right. Source

France’s Le Pen Hails New Immigration Bill As “Ideological Victory”

France’s Le Pen Hails New Immigration Bill As “Ideological Victory” Authored by Denes Albert via ReMix News, Aid to non-EU migrants will be subject to a five-year residency requirement… An ad-hoc committee of the French legislature came to a compromise regarding the country’s new immigration bill, which the right hailed as an “ideological victory.” Marine Le Pen, […]

Lawlessness In France Is Off-The-Charts As Govt Continues To Bury Its Head In The Sand On Immigration, says Marine Le Pen

Authored by Thomas Brooke via Remix News, Lawlessness in France fuelled by mass immigration has spread from the inner-city suburbs to the French countryside as the government continues to ignore the reality staring it in the face, Marine Le Pen has claimed. In a recent interview with Valeurs Actuelles, the firebrand nationalist and former presidential candidate […]

France: A Tale Of Two Demos

Authored by Amir Taheri via The Gatestone Institute, A week after Paris witnessed a march in support of the “Palestinian cause” it hosted another march, this time against anti-Semitism. Ostensibly provoked by the ongoing war in Gaza the two marches may persuade the French to take a closer look at the messages they convey and […]

France Proposes Bill To Punish Critics of Israel With Jail & Huge Fines

Members of the French Senate have introduced a bill that will criminalize criticism of the state of Israel The new bill would make such a ‘crime’ punishable by prison time and hefty fines. It reads: […] The post France Proposes Bill To Punish Critics of Israel With Jail & Huge Fines appeared first on The […]

France to Embed Abortion Rights in Constitution

French President Emmanuel Macron announced on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) that the right to have an abortion will soon become a permanent part of the French constitution. In his post, Macron revealed his plans to submit a draft constitutional law to the Council of State within the week, ensuring that “in 2024, the […]

With France planning to vaccinate 64 million ducks, is bird flu being weaponized?

From Story at-a-glance France plans to vaccinate 64 million ducks across 2,700 farms against bird flu. The vaccination campaign, which is mandatory for French farms with more than 250 ducks or those raising ducks for meat or foie gras, was launched in response to the country’s repeated outbreaks of bird flu since 2020. If […]

France police arrest woman for saying Islamic greeting ‘assalam alaykum’

A French woman was arrested by police in the capital Paris this week after her neighbours reported her for using the traditional Islamic greeting with workers in their accommodation building, as tensions continue to rise over the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian resistance group Hamas. According to reports circulating on social media, the unnamed […]

France Bans Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations Ahead Of Escalation In Gaza

Demonstrators who turned out Thursday night in Paris were dispersed by police. Source

Stabbing Death Of Teacher Prompts Terrorism Investigation In France

Two other people are in critical condition after the attack, which comes amid global tensions over Israel’s war against Hamas. Source

France Probes Possible Poisoning Of Russian Journalist Who Denounced War On TV

Marina Ovsyannikova drew international attention in March 2022 after appearing behind a news anchor with a sign that urged to stop the war. Source

France uses teargas, water cannon on banned pro-Palestinian rally in Paris

French police used teargas and water cannon to break up a banned rally in support of the Palestinian people in Paris on Thursday, after the Interior Minister said such gatherings were “likely to generate disturbances to public order”, Reuters reports. Despite the ban, several hundred pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered in central Paris in separate groups that […]

France “BANS” Pro-Palestinian Protests/Speech/Flags – Paris Now Erupting in Riots (Videos)

VIEW HERE:   Source

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