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‘The Lord is Leading Me’: Masters Winner Scottie Scheffler Thanks God for His Victory

After his historic Masters win on Sunday, pro golfer Scottie Scheffler offered sincere thanks to God for his win, saying, “God is in control, and the Lord is leading me.” In an interview on Sunday, Scheffler revealed how humble he is in the face of this momentous moment in his golfing career. During the interview, […]

‘A victory so big you can see it from the moon… and Brussels,’ says Hungary’s Viktor Orban

Hungary’s nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared victory in Sunday’s national elections, claiming a mandate for a fourth term as a still incomplete vote count showed a strong lead for his right-wing party. In a 10-minute speech to Fidesz party officials and supporters at an election night event in Budapest, Orban addressed a crowd cheering […]

Projections point to victory for Serbia’s populist president

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and his populist right-wing party appeared headed to victory in Sunday’s national election, extending a decade-long authoritarian rule in the Balkan country, according to early pollsters’ projections. The IPSOS and CESID pollsters, which have proven reliable in previous Serbian ballots, predicted Vučić would end up with nearly 60% of the votes. […]

Amazon workers in Staten Island clinch a historic victory

It’s the magical stuff of Disney movies. But yesterday, the improbable became the most probable when the scrappy band of workers who make up the Amazon Labor Union took the lead in a union election at a warehouse in Staten Island, New York, putting within reach a historic labor win at the corporate behemoth. Before […]

Will “Victory Gardens” Make Comeback As Global Food Crisis Worsens?

Will “Victory Gardens” Make Comeback As Global Food Crisis Worsens? 9 Mar 2022 Ryan DeLarme Spring in the Northern Hemisphere is two weeks away, and interest in planting gardens could rise as the breadbasket of Europe was choked off by the Russian invasions of Ukraine, jeopardizing global food exports resulting in skyrocketing prices.Even before the turmoil […]

Victory in Oldham: Elbit forced to sell Ferranti after sustained direct action campaign

Editor’s Note: The following statement was released by Palestine Action on January 10, 2021. Mondoweiss occasionally publishes press releases and statements from organizations in an effort to draw attention to overlooked issues. After 18 months of sustained direct action taken at the Elbit Ferranti site in Oldham, Greater Manchester, with 36 people arrested, Elbit have now sold […]

Pfizer Gave 1 MILLION Fiat Dollars To The Trickster Trumpster’s Victory Party In 2016

JFK was going to stop the Rothschilds in occupied Palestine from getting illegal Nuclear weapons, which they now have an estimated 300 of, which they threaten to blow the world up with, if they don’t get their way. The last US president who tried to stand up for America agaisnt the Ratschild’s and the Ratschild’s […]

The WTO Threatens The Farmers’ Victory — Unless We Resist

Above Photo: Ekta Parishad / Wikimedia. The convener of Bharatiya Kisan Union, the Indian Farmers’ Union, calls for India to leave the WTO. The Indian farmers’ movement has won an incredible victory to repeal the Modi government’s neoliberal farm laws. But these domestic attacks on farmers’ lives and India’s food sovereignty are tied to a […]

Left-wing Victory in Chile

The 2021 presidential election in Chile has resulted in the victory of the Left candidate Gabriel Boric. With nearly 56% of the vote, he has won by a margin of more than 10 percentage points – most presidents had hitherto secured only four or five point leads. In absolute terms, this is a record majority, with some […]

Syria has achieved a great victory: Bashar al-Jaafari

22 Dec 2021 Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen Net The Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister sees that Syria has achieved a great victory against terrorism, despite the fact that the war is not over yet. Syrian deputy foreign minister Bashar al-Jaafari during an interview for Al Mayadeen on December 22, 2021 The past decade for […]

Gabriel Boric Victory Speech: ‘I Will Be The President Of All Chileans’

Above Photo: The President-elect of Chile, Gabriel Boric. (EFE). “Today, hope won against the campaigns of fear,” the Chilean president-elect asserted. Boric has been criticized by the Chilean left for taking bad positions on Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. On the other hand, @joseantoniokast was calling for something akin to the return of Plan Condor in […]

Hillary Clinton Crys As She Reads What ‘Would Have Been’ Her 2016 Victory Speech

Looks like Hillary Clinton is never going to get over her 2016 defeat. During an appearance on NBC’s new Masterclass platform, a pathetic Clinton broke down blubbering as she read the victory speech she was planning to give if she had beaten Donald Trump. Gateway Pundit reports: The narcissist also admitted that she did not […]

Next Steps In Recovering Democracy In Honduras After Historic Left Victory

[embedded content] Following Xiomara Castro’s victory in the Honduran elections, Bertha Zúniga Cáceres, Coordinator, COPINH, spoke to Peoples Dispatch about what this means for people’s movements in the country. She talks about the government’s plans in its first 100 days, what movements like COPINH think are the next steps for rebuilding democracy, and more. Source

Pavel Kussa on Agrarian Crisis, Victory and Challenges ahead

Pavel Kussa Recently on November 18th a most inspiring talk was delivered at the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus by Surkh Leeh editor and BKU(Ugrahan) coordinator Pavel Kussa.In recent months he has written many an article in punjabi newspapers exposing the neo fascist agenda and economic policies of the ruling party in most analytical fashion. I […]

Sandinistas Won A Landslide Victory Because They Uplifted The Poor

Above Photo: Supporters of Mr Ortega’s FSLN party celebrate the Nicaraguan election results. The Working Class Explains…And Debunks Common Lies. As predicted by multiple polls, the Sandinistas, led by Daniel Ortega, won a resounding victory on the November 7th elections in Nicaragua. The elections were a referendum on the path that the Sandinista government has taken the country, which is grounded […]

Castro’s Victory Spells End Of US-Backed ‘Narco-Politics, Neoliberalism’

Above Photo: Jose Bezas / Reuters. Xiomara Castro, the presidential candidate for the leftist opposition party Libre, seems to have won a resounding victory in Honduras’ presidential elections. Her victory comes in spite of attempts by the ruling National Party, which overthrew her husband, Manuel Zelaya, in 2009, to stifle voter turnout, as one Sputnik […]

Chief rabbi of Russia says Jews on ‘eve of good times’, messiah here, Soviet victory a symbol of Jewish salvation

KAZAN, RUSSIA – MAY 11, 2021: Andrei Startsev, Father Superior of the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Metropolitan Kirill of Kazan and Tatarstan, and Yitzhak Gorelik (L-R), Chief Rabbi of Kazan and Tatarstan, take part in the 9th Republican Iftar held at the Kazan Expo Exhibition Centre. Iftar is the traditional evening […]

VICTORY: Florida School District Ends Mask Mandate After 8-Year-Old Girl Told Them They Should Be In Prison

Authorities in New Zealand have told schools to phone the police if unvaccinated staff show up for work. Yes, really. “The advice, published in the Ministry’s gazette on Thursday, tells school leaders that if they, or any education staff, turn up to work on Monday unvaccinated against Covid, they will be committing an offence,” reports […]

Victory For Palestinian Hunger Striker After 113 Days Without Food

Above photo: Palestinians protest in Gaza City on 3 November in solidarity with Israeli prisoners on hunger strike. Pictured protester holds a water bottle and salt, symbolizing what Palestinians consume during their hunger strikes. Youssef Abu Watfa/APA images. Israel agreed on Thursday to release a hunger-striking prisoner in four months after lengthy negotiations. Miqdad Qawasmeh […]

Marching towards victory in Marib

Marching towards victory in Marib – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN — As the Yemeni armed forces close in on the strategic city of Marib, Saudis are about to lose everything, and here is why. Sources told Al-Mayadeen that the Yemeni forces began securing the Hodeidah Airport roundabout along with dozens of sites. The multiple forces of the Saudi […]

Republicans Declare Victory After Reducing Needless Spending Bill To Just A Trillion Dollars

Republicans Declare Victory After Reducing Needless Spending Bill To Just A Trillion Dollars WASHINGTON, D.C.—Republicans have heralded their recent legislative victory after the spending bill this week was reduced to just one trillion dollars. During a press conference today, they praised themselves for slowing the Democrats down to the point where it took them an […]

An Eschatology of Victory

Conservatives are facing an uphill battle. Marxists are running all of the major corporations: from Hollywood to San Francisco, Coca-Cola to Starbucks, from Google to Facebook, the corporations have been infiltrated by ideologues.  It’s times like these that conservatives need to ask themselves some serious questions about the current situation. Why are all the major global brands forcing secularism down the throats of Americans? Why are […]

On the verge of victory in Maarib

On the verge of victory in Maarib – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN — In a series of tweets posted on Tuesday, Yahya Saree, Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman, elaborated on the second phase of the Rabi Al Nasr (Spring of Victory) Operation, explaining that almost 70% of the strategic governorate of Maarib is in control of Ansarallah. In […]

1494 The Battle Of Acentejo: A Gaunches Victory At Tenerife Over The Castilians

A battle at the end of May 1494, on the north slope of the island of Tenerife, between the Castilian troops of the belligerent Catholic Monarchs of Fernando II of Aragon and Isabel I of Castile and a thousand  Guanchess warriors  was set to paralyze, in a most surprising way, the brutal conquest of the […]

Rascals can’t celebrate Iran’s victory

Rascals can’t celebrate Iran’s victory – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN — On Sunday, October 3, Iranian freestyle wrestler Hassan Yazdani won over his American rival David Taylor to become world’s champion. But what made this story into a political story is how a Saudi-backed network tried to bury this victory in the ground. The story began when […]

Syria’s Ultimate Victory is Imminent: FM’s Aide to Al-Manar Website

Posted on October 4, 2021 by uprootedpalestinians October 4, 2021 The Syrian foreign minister’s aide, Dr. Ayman Sousan, stressed that Syria is so close to the ultimate victory over the terrorist war, hailing the steadfastness and sacrifices of the Syrian people as well as army. In an interview with Al-Manar Website, Sousan pointed out that […]

DECERTIFY: AZ Forensic Audit Reveals Fraud Over 5X the Margin of ‘Victory’

The Maricopa County forensic audit results have been leaked, and if the draft documents are correct, they already show over 54,000 fraudulent, faked and otherwise invalid ballots — more than five times the margin of “victory” for Joe Biden. (See the draft table below.) And this is from just one county alone: Maricopa. If the […]

Forensic Architecture victory shows that Palestine censorship must be confronted

Last month the investigative group Forensic Architecture pulled a show from the University of Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery after a statement of solidarity with Palestine was removed. “Forensic Architecture stands with Palestine,” read a statement in the group’s Cloud Studies exhibition. “We believe this liberation struggle is inseparable from other global struggles against racism, white supremacy, […]

Taliban Victory Potentially Strengthening Extremist Movements in the Region

September 11 marked exactly 20 years since the horrific terrorist attack that killed nearly 3,000 people in America. The US leaders of that time, in order to demonstrate to the world that they were the masters of the planet, decided to urgently strike in Afghanistan to show the world their power and might. A year […]

The Taliban Declare Victory in the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan

Christians and Other Minorities Brace for Increased Persecution Under Taliban Rule  09/08/2021 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that the last pocket of resistance to Taliban rule in Afghanistan fell to Taliban fighters on Monday, September 6. Despite the claim of victory by the Taliban, the leader of the resistance […]

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