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Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next “Great” War (2017)

FROM 2017: Join James Corbett as he presents “Echoes of World War I” to the Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Source

Right Wing Round-Up: Arizona’s Great Abortion Ban Is Terrible

Time is ticking! Year-end is here, and with our generous 4X-match, your donation to fight back against Trump Republicans will go four times as far! Stand with us to uphold Norman’s legacy in defending democracy, protecting free speech, and safeguarding our rights from an increasingly hostile right-wing. Act now – let’s make 2024 a year […]

The Great Escape From Government Schools

Authored by Jim Bovard via The Libertarian Institute, After enduring bullshit school shutdowns during the COVID pandemic, many students concluded that school itself must be bullshit and have skipped attending classes. Government bureaucrats are panicking since subsidies are tied to the number of students’ butts in chairs each day. Duke University Professor Katie Rosanbalm lamented […]

CERN, the Vatican and the upcoming X-marks-the-spot Great American eclipse

In an emergency weekend broadcast that he does not normally do, Mike Adams of the “Health Ranger Report” discussed some of the latest revelations about strange and spooky things that are scheduled to occur during the April 8 solar eclipse across the United States. In addition to creating an X-marks-the-spot crossover with the last Great […]

What’s unfolding right now in Michigan proves the “Great Replacement” theory is real, and it’s happening today…

What’s unfolding right now in Michigan proves the “Great Replacement” theory is real, and it’s happening today… The skeptics who brushed off the “Great Replacement Theory” as nothing more than fearmongering and a baseless conspiracy are having to eat a lot of crow today. Now, this isn’t a moment for us to take a victory […]

Right Wing Round-Up: The Great Resignation

Isaac Schorr @ Mediaite: Candace Owens Out at The Daily Wire After Months of Feuding With Ben Shapiro The Daily Wire and controversial right-wing commentator Candace Owens parted ways on Friday, according to CEO Jeremy Boreing. Josh Kovensky @ Talking Points Memo: Trump II Architect Russ Vought Embraces A Christian Nationalist Vision For America One […]

A “great swarm” of earthquakes off the Washington Coast is raising concerns that the Cascadia Subduction Zone could blow

(NaturalNews) An area off the coast of Washington state is being shaken by hundreds and hundreds of earthquakes.  So is this an indication of potential trouble… Source

The 30-day countdown begins on Friday… the next great total solar eclipse on US soil… April 8th, 2024

(NaturalNews) OverviewIn August of 2017 America went crazy for the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse on US soil since 1918 and it provided a great… Source

The Great Replacement Loophole: Illegal Immigrants Score 5-Year Work Benefit While “Waiting” For Deporation, Asylum

Over the past several months we’ve pointed out that there has  been zero job creation for native-born workers since the summer of 2018… … and that since Joe Biden was sworn into office, most of the post-pandemic job gains the administration continuously brags about have gone foreign-born (read immigrants, mostly illegal ones) workers. And while […]

Great Reset: Smart Dust, The Living Matrix & You

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM What is the Great Reset? In 2020, CIN researchers discovered that the New World Order […]

“Great Israeli Real Estate Event” sparks outrage after illegally advertising properties that are on track to be confiscated from besieged West Bank

“Great Israeli Real Estate Event” sparks outrage after illegally advertising properties that are on track to be confiscated from besieged West Bank As Palestinian men, women and children continue to get slaughtered by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in Gaza, an Israeli group has begun dividing and divvying out the land at real estate events in […]

The Great Election Fraud: Manufactured Choices Make a Mockery of Our Republic

“Dictators are not in the business of allowing elections that could remove them from their thrones.”—Gene Sharp, political science professor The U.S. Supreme Court was right to keep President Trump’s name on the ballot. The high court’s decree that the power to remove a federal candidate from the ballot under the Constitution’s “insurrectionist ban” rests with Congress, not the […]

The Great COVID Cover-Up

10 feb 2024 _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over If you are a doctor or medical professional and you are reading this and aware of what is happening, the time for you to stay silent on account of self-preservation is over. The weight of what you know vs. a license, a job, etc., […]

The Great Reset Didn’t Work: The Case of EVs 

We are living through one of history’s longest and most excruciating versions of “We told you so.” When in March 2020, the world’s government decided to “shut down” the world’s economies and throttle any and all social activity, and deny kids schooling plus cancel worship services and holidays, there was no end to the warnings […]

The Great Reset Is Dead, Long Live The Great Reset

When the World Economic Forum rolled out their advertising campaign for The Great Reset it was supposed to be the victory lap for Globalism. Coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, the subsequent global financial crisis unleashed a flood of government funny money that was supposed to buy our way to their perpetual prosperity. Source

When Ponzi Schemes Fail – The Great Taking USA

Will it be any different in the UK? “The current US government has become “a form of fraud that … pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors” – in other words, a Ponzi scheme.  No doubt the social security, Medicare/Medicaid and government retirement systems meet this definition of fraud directly.  But […]

Great Idiots In History: Benocide Shapiro

I heard Ryan Dawson coin the name Benocide. What an unpleasant little shit Benocide Shapiro is if he really did slur Rachel Corrie R.I.P. I saw this Tweet on X: I instantly made this sketch. It’s hardly Vermeer, or Bob for that matter, but portrays an image that came to mind… If Shapiro did […]

How Gaza is impacting the Great Power standoff

JAN 24, 2024 Source Mohamad Hasan Sweidan While China-led multipolarity has accelerated the decline of the American era, the war in Gaza may end it altogether. What is unfolding today in West Asia — the Gaza war and its regional expansion — cannot be viewed separately from the international transformations that have grown in momentum over the past few […]

Carroll declares Trump verdict in defamation case a ‘great victory’

Columnist E. Jean Carroll hailed a jury’s verdict Friday requiring former President Trump to pay her $83.3 million in damages for defamation after he repeatedly denied allegations that he sexually assaulted her at a department store in the 1990s. “This is a great victory for every woman who stands up when she’s been knocked down,… […]

A Bit From a Great Aunt’s Letter About How The yankee “soldiers” “Fought” the War

Seated left, my great grandfather Carleton, grandson of an American Revolutionary War soldier who served three years under Washington, grandson of another American Revolutionary War soldier who served six years under Washington, the last 3 as a scout for Washington’s army, Great Grandson of another American Revolutionary War soldier who died soon after the war […]

The Three Great Powers of…

The Three Great Powers of Satan  “Three great powers of Satan which have progressively had their way in the world to the point of considering themselves untouchable, even by God, are suddenly being made impotent by their own gross errors of satanic pride.” by Tony B ( There is a God, your Creator, my Creator, […]

Some great theorising from Roger Spurr. The spinx was alive.

The head of a human giant killed with an arrow was fused to the body of a giant lion….. Source

What a Great Government, US Killed Martin Luther King & Then Gave Him A National Holiday

It is not well known because most Americans get their information from indoctrination at Mandatory Attendance Government Indoctrination Centers called Public schools and from Rothschild controlled Public Indoctrination organizations called Main Stream “News” Corporations, but the King family told the man accused of shooting MLK they knew he did not do it, then sued the […]

The Great Seal of England.

The Great Seal of England – also known as the Great Seal of the Realm – which has been used since the 11th century to signify the approval and authentication of state documents by the monarch. Originally made by pressing an engraved matrix into a wax and resin mixture, the Great Seal served as an […]

Trump warns of ECONOMIC COLLAPSE worse than the 1929 Great Depression if he loses 2024 election

(NaturalNews) Former President Donald Trump has warned that the U.S. will suffer an economic collapse worse than the Great Depression of 1929 if he does not win… Source

Here’s a great rendition

Forwarded this email? Subscribe here for more Since Fauci just testified (in closed session) before Congress, I provide the evidence of some well-documented crimes he committed The risk of GOF was our risk, not his–no doubt he received the best countermeasures, while suppressing them for the public. Since he had already tested them. MERYL NASS JAN 9 […]

The Great Taking Exposes the Financial End Game


The World Has Lost The Great John Pilger

With sadness Consortium News reports that John Pilger, whose books, films and articles informed generations of people eager to cut through official narratives and propaganda on the Palestinian question; U.S. wars executed in Vietnam, Iraq and elsewhere; the one it plans for China; the state of public medicine in Britain; the treatment of aborigines in his native […]

The Great Australian (post COVID-19) Rip Off!

The world has changed dramatically since 2020, where governments and corporations have lied and forced people into actions that are against medical practices, where also ‘human rights’ have been (unlawfully) thrown under a bus. Tens of thousands of Australians have also been unlawfully issued Infringement Notices, where they have been withdrawn en masse, after a […]

Consumers Are Rejecting The Great Reset

• Growth in gas cars is now far higher than electrics, flipping a trend from 12 months ago. • COVID vaccine uptake has plummeted. Pfizer’s stock is down 50% from 2 years ago. Moderna’s is down over 70% in the same time frame. • Zuckerberg’s Threads has failed. There’s a lack of enthusiasm for heavily […]

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