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Countries should study origins of Ukraine crisis: Iran defense minister

TEHRAN – The Iranian Minister of Defense said on Tuesday that countries should vigilantly study the roots of the Ukraine crisis and confront it. Source

Ancient Origins Features in Box Office Hit Film Uncharted

With mystery, treasure and the hunt for answers as its theme, Ancient Origins was a natural choice for the film makers of $400 million (£323 million) grossing feature film Uncharted to use as the website  Read more Section:  News General Read Later 

The Shocking Ancient Greek Origins of the Eugenics Movement

Eugenics, the science of selectively choosing human genetics, is most synonymous with the modern world and the horrors of Hitler’s ‘final solution’, in which millions of Jews and other ‘undesirable’ Read more Section:  News History Important Events Read Later 

Ice Age Hunters’ DNA Reveals The Origins Of Farming

What were the origins of the first farmers? Where did they come from and where did they go? This question was recently asked by a team of scientists studying the genomes of Europe’s first farmers. They found their answer in Asia. Read more Section:  News Evolution & Human Origins Read Later 

VIDEO: Dark Origins Of Biden’s New ‘Ministry Of Truth’

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In an effort to continually improve our content and services, we would love to hear your feedback. 1. How long have you been visiting Ancient Origins? * < 6 months 6 months to 1 year 1 to 3 years More than 3 years 2. What subject areas interest you the most on Ancient Origins? (you […]

3,000-Year-Old Artificial Toe Reveals Ancient Origins of Prosthetics

Believe it or not, but the use of prosthetics is actually not a modern phenomenon. In fact, the creation of man-made devices to replace missing body parts was already in use several thousand years ago.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Technology News Read Later 

Just a Poke: The Origins of Inoculation

With the recent pandemic and the still-spreading Covid-19 virus, inoculation has become a hot topic throughout several areas of the world. Regardless of what side you’re on, Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Famous People Read Later 

From an Ox to an “A”: The Ancient Egyptian Origins of the Latin Alphabet

As crazy as it sounds, it’s now well attested that the letter “A” started out its evolution as the Egyptian hieroglyph for an ox. But its truly mind-blowing transformation came when turquoise miners in ancient Egypt  Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Writings History Ancient Traditions Read Later 

The Archetypal Origins Of Norse And Celtic Sea Deities

Long before the chemical composition of water was discovered, ancient cultures recognized it as the elixir of life, protected and ruled over by powerful deities.  Read more Section:  News History Read Later  Source


As the digital revolution was underway in the mid-nineties, research departments at the CIA and NSA were developing programs to predict the usefulness of the world wide web as a tool for capturing what they dubbed “birds of a feather” formations. That’s when flocks of sparrows make sudden movements together in rhythmical patterns. Source

The Origins Of Ancient Greek Creation Mythology

Since the beginning of humankind, there has been the pressing need to understand the reasons why humans were created. What purpose do humans serve? Each ancient and modern culture hold their own stories, some of which build on top of older tales. The ancient Greeks were no exception. Layering on events and beliefs that originated […]

Saffron: Tracing the Origins of a Treasured Ancient Spice

Considered the world’s most expensive spice, saffron has been highly valued by many ancient civilizations, but its origins have long been debated. A new study claims to have traced the evolution of the plant back to ancient Greece. The Origins of Saffron are Finally Found! Saffron has primarily been a spice for cooking, but also […]

Soviet Jew claimed Jews hold secret to ancient alien origins of humanity

By Timothy FitzpatrickFebruary 3, 2022 Anno Domini Late Soviet Jewish mathematician Matest Mendelevich Agrest suggested in 1994 that world Jewry held a closely guarded key to unlocking alleged secrets of the ancient astronaut hypothesis. Agrest, himself a proponent of the ancient astronaut belief that human origins are extraterrestrial, wrote in an article of the November/December […]

The unusual origins behind the splashiest, newest political news site

But Grid maintains links to APCO, which represents a number of major UAE clients, including the company’s state-owned oil company. Former CNN journalist John Defterios, who has been based in the UAE for a decade, is a senior adviser at APCO and represents International Media Investments, a UAE-based investment fund, on Grid’s board, of which […]

The Great Silence of the Universe: Unusual Theories on Human Origins

Starting from the great enigmas of humankind, a series of questions have begun to emerge about the real truth behind human origins. Two of these are as follows: Has an advanced civilization dared to colonize the Universe, and are humans the result of such an action? Are humans under observation by “others” to see how […]

The Ancient Origins of New Year’s Celebrations

On January 1st of every year, many countries around the world celebrate the beginning of a new year. But there is nothing new about New Year’s. In fact, festivals and celebrations marking the beginning of a new calendar year have been around for millennia. While some festivities were simply a chance to drink and be merry, many […]

Antarah ibn Shaddad and the Origins of Chivalry in Pre-Islamic Arabia

When you think of concepts like honor, courtly love, and noblesse oblige, you likely conjure up images of European knights in steel-plate armor, mounted on giant destriers. European dress, European arms, and European mounts. These knights (in their real and fictional forms) may be dueling for a lady’s honor, saving a damsel in distress from […]

Sumo Wrestling: From Ritual Origins to Honorable Sport

It is hard to think of Japan without sumo wrestling. This unique and very old sport has been one of the indivisible aspects of Japanese identity for over 1,500 years or more! Granted, sumo wrestling is a little strange and exotic: big, chunky, heavy men wearing “diapers” and grappling one another in a struggle that […]

Aramaic has Greek origins

Aramaic has Greek origins Among them are words which Aramaic borrowed from other languages, e.g., maskīn (“poor”) which comes from the Akkadian, zawdj (“pair”) which is of ancient Greek origin. Aramaic Influence on Spoken Arabic Dialects. Aramaic influence on the different Arabic dialects persisted in Syria, Ereẓ Israel, and in Iraq even after the Arab […]

ACH (1666) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Of 1666 And The Sabbatean Origins Of The New World Order

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1666) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Of 1666 And The Sabbatean Origins Of The New World Order Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on December 13 2021, Andy is joined by Dr. Peter Hammond […]

The Origins of the New World Order

Secret societies, the unseen hands that steer national and international affairs from the shadows, go back to the dawn of Western civilisation. The individual most famously linked to these occult forces is Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830), a Jesuit trained philosopher and lay professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt in southern Germany. On 1 […]

Slavs and Vikings: Medieval Russia and the Origins of the Kievan Rus

This video covers the history of Russia, starting with the ancient origins of the Slavs, formation of the early Eastern Slavic states, how the Varyag (Varangians) Vikings led by Rurik took over these states and started to expand towards Byzantium and the Khazars. [embedded content] Share now! Source

Sacred Sites & Pagan Places: Origins and How to Find Ley Lines Near You

Sacred Sites & Pagan Places: Origins and How to Find Ley Lines Near You Ley lines are defined as being straight tracks or lines across the earth made by man. The ancients were said to have marked these lines with stone monuments and pagan temples. This definition makes sense but doesn’t provide the whole picture […]

Fact or Fiction? The Obscure Origins of the Greek Alexander Romance

The Greek Alexander Romance , often referred to as a ‘pseudo-Callisthenes’ production, is in one form or another one of the most influential and widely read books of all time; it has birthed a whole literary genre on Alexander the Great and his campaigns across the Persian Empire. But where and when did it first […]

How Did it All Begin? The Rich Origins of the English Language

Language is a universal tool for every person in this world. It is the connecting link between nations, ethnicities, and people sharing a common background. The world of language is colorful and diverse and provides a glimpse into the very origins of humanity and civilizations. But languages from across the globe are all unique and […]

Origins of Covid VAX by Dr. John

Origins of Covid VAX by Dr. John A quick note about who I am I am an independent Bio Medical Scientist with 30 years of in-depth research into the human condition.  Full disclosure: I hold a Doctorate, but not in the medical or science fields; I do not have a degree in the medical field […]

Hotly Debated Origins of Pre-Inca Civilization of Tiwanaku Revealed by Genetic Study

Tiwanaku – one of the largest Pre-Columbian settlements and archaeological sites, located in western Bolivia, near Lake Titicaca, has hotly debated origins. Even its name, or what would have been known to the inhabitants, is lost as there was no written language. Historians roughly agree that the civilization emerged somewhere around the 6 th century […]

Mysterious Origins of the Etruscans: DNA Study Solves the Riddle

A new study published in the journal Science Advances offers evidence to support the theory of local origins of the Etruscans, an advanced Iron Age peoples in central Italy. For the study, scientists from the Max Planck Institute, Tubingen University and the University of Florence subjected the remains of 82 humans living in central and […]

Human Origins – The Narratives of Our Creation Conference 2021

The 4th  Ancient Origins Conference  is happening! Join us on the weekend of  November 20-21, 2021  for Human Origins – The Narratives of Our Creation. A team of leading authors, experts, and researchers will lead you on a journey around the world to investigate  the creation beliefs of ancient cultures  – and address  the controversies  surrounding […]

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