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The Shocking Origins Of The Debunked Claim That The UN “Revised” Gaza Death Toll

Fox News published an article on May 13, which they have failed to retract and that ended up going viral on social media, falsely claiming that the United Nations had decreased its recorded Gaza death tolls by around 50%. Another claim has been that the death toll was revised down by 10,000. Both are blatant […]

F. William Engdahl – The Dark Origins of the Davos’ Great Reset

  Important to understand is that there is not one single new or original idea in Klaus Schwab’s so-called Great Reset agenda for the world. Nor is his Fourth Industrial Revolution agenda his or his claim to having invented the … Read the rest Source

Geneticist Traces Mysterious Origins of Native Americans to Ancient Greece

Geneticist Traces Mysterious Origins of Native Americans to Ancient Greece The idea that Native Americans are descended from ancient Jews, Egyptians, or Greeks has been a controversial one for hundreds of years. Here’s a look at accounts from the 18th century through to today that suggest this may be the case. A Cherokee boy and […]

Gonsalves and the Origins of ‘Six Feet Apart’

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL Former White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted in a congressional deposition last week that the federal government’s Covid guidance for six-feet social distancing was not based on scientific evidence, stating under oath “it sort of just appeared.” Fauci’s testimony came during the second day of his closed-door deposition […]

Lawsuit accuses CIA of hiding records of bribes paid to conceal origins of COVID

(NaturalNews) The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project is suing the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for refusing to comply with a Freedom of Information Act… Source

Hanukkah origins

Hanukkah origins

Why won’t our intelligence agencies investigate the origins of the coronavirus?

23.10.23 Who is ASIO covering up for?It’s quite obvious that ASIO like the AFP are covering up the origins of Coronavirus because if it was to be investigated it would lead back to the US intelligence agencies and Anthony Fauci.Given the hysterical response of the governments in dealing with Covid, it’s laughable how they are […]

Israeli Geneticist Reveals Non-Israelite Origins Of Ashkenazi Jews

( While many Jews — along with many Christians — still vehemently deny that Ashkenazi Jews have their origins in the Turkic peoples of the Khazar Kingdom, research conducted by an Israeli geneticist appears to confirm that these Jews do, in fact, descend from a Turkic people prior to migrating up into the Khazar Kingdom […]

Scientists Baffled By Origins Of Powerful ‘Cosmic Ray’ Discovered In Distant Space

Authored by Katabella Roberts via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Scientists have detected something extremely rare—the second most powerful cosmic ray ever recorded—but the discovery has left them baffled as to where exactly it came from. A view of the Milky Way arching over Joshua trees at a park campground popular among stargazers in Joshua […]

Exclusive — ‘We Caught Them Red-Handed’: DOJ Spied on GOP Staffers Probing the Origins of the Russia Collusion Hoax

The DOJ obtained private communications and other personal records of GOP House and Senate staffers investigating the DOJ’s role in the origins of the Russia collusion hoax, Kash Patel said. Source

The Post-Cold War Origins of the Surveillance State

Just a few months ago I visited Israel for the first time in 40 years. I stayed in a distant aunt’s apartment, in the spare room that doubled as a shelter from missile attacks. Its two-foot thick walls were curious to me, and the idea of missiles raining down on suburban Tel Aviv was rather […]

Origins of The Triskelion

The Triskele or Triskelion is a very popular symbol, especially among those who hold a deep appreciation for Source

The Lost Egyptian Origins of the Superstitious Number 13

By Jonathon Perrin The superstitious numbers 13 and 18 both have a long history reaching back millennia. The Source

Dr. Fauci was “smuggled” into CIA HQ to “influence” an investigation into the origins of COVID-19

(NaturalNews) A shameless Dr. Anthony Fauci was smuggled into the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters, where he tried to “influence†an… Source

Fauci Was ‘Smuggled’ Into CIA Headquarters To “Influence” Covid-19 Origins Investigation: Select Subcommittee

Dr. Anthony Fauci was smuggled into CIA headquarters, “without a record of entry,” where he “participated in the analysis to “influence” the Agency’s” Covid-19 investigation, according to the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic. BREAKING New allegation: @CIA secretly escorted Dr. Anthony Fauci into Agency Headquarters to "influence" its COVID-19 origins investigation. — […]

Josh Hawley: CIA Hides COVID Origins & Was PAID To Hide Origins of COVID


‘Origins with Slavery’: 12-Year-Old Boy Booted from Colorado Class for Gadsden Flag on Backpack

Democrats and Republicans have come out in defense of a 12-year-old boy in Colorado who got booted from class for a Gadsden flag. Source

The German Origins of the Pandemic Treaty

With the WHO hurtling towards adoption of the ‘Pandemic Treaty,’ as well as revisions of its International Health Regulations (IHR) which some knowledgeable observers regard as even more consequential, the predominant theory among opponents appears to be that the changes will consolidate the power of the WHO bureaucracy and hence of private interests which allegedly […]

The German Origins of the Pandemic Treaty

With the WHO hurtling towards adoption of the ‘Pandemic Treaty,’ as well as revisions of its International Health Regulations (IHR) which some knowledgeable observers regard as even more consequential, the predominant theory among opponents appears to be that the changes will consolidate the power of the WHO bureaucracy and hence of private interests which allegedly […]

Anthony Fauci Behind Covid Origins Disinformation, Evidence Suggests

Last week Public and Racket revealed that top researchers privately believed a lab leak was plausible despite claiming to rule it out in a hugely influential March 2020 paper, “The Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2.” These revelations have led to growing calls by neutral observers for Nature Medicine to retract the paper. Source

German media self-censors about foreign origins of 5 ‘Germans’ arrested for rape of young girl.

John Cody – Remix News July 17, 2023 Over the weekend, after the international media loudly trumpeted that five German men were arrested for raping an 18-year-old Spanish girl, it was quickly revealed that all of the men have a “migration background.” Nevertheless, the vast majority of news outlets referred to the men as “Germans” […]

Indian origins do not guarantee love for India

In November 2022, on the margins of the G20 Summit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with his British counterpart Rishi Sunak. There was unprecedented interest in the meeting on the part of the media and the expert community. They singled out the Indian origin of the British prime minister, with whom the Indians associated […]

13,700-Year-Old Skeleton in Mexican Cenote Reveals Human Origins (Video)

Deep within Mexico’s subterranean realm lies a site of immense archaeological significance. Read more Section:  News Human Origins Science Ancient Places Americas Videos Read Later  Source

Revisiting Fort Detrick/Vaping Overlap, COVID Origins, As EcoHealth Restarts Coronavirus Work

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/10/23). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

The Origins of COVID-19

Mar 21 2023 The United States Government purports to be investigating the “origins of COVID-19”. But how do you investigate something that doesn’t exist? Unfortunately, many health “freedom” leaders are claiming that this is the smoking gun for gain of function lab leaks. Although, they admit that there has been a huge amount of fraud going on during the […]

Tracing the Unknown Origins of the Enigmatic Nomoli Figures

Legend has it that the people of Sierra Leone in  Africa first uncovered hundreds of extraordinary stone figures while working their land or hunting for diamonds. Discovered underground or within caves, they have come to be known as Nomoli figures. Despite being known to Africanists, there is little information about the true origins and purpose of […]

New COVID Origins Data Suggests Pandemic Originated From Animals

International scientists who examined previously unavailable genetic data from samples collected at a market close to where the first human cases of COVID-19 were detected in China said they found suggestions the pandemic originated from animals, not a lab. Other experts have not yet verified their analysis, which also has not appeared so far in […]

Fauci Denies Excluding Redfield from COVID Origins Call, Doesn’t Denounce His Exclusion

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” former NIAID Director and former White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci responded to claims that he excluded then-CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield from a discussion on coronavirus origins Source

The Senate has unanimously passed a bill to declass all U.S. intelligence on the origins of COVID 19

Mar 1st 2023 Patrick Henningson absolutely NAILING Robert Malone here. There was no lab leak because SARS COV2 isn’t real! Covid was a FAKE pandemic where the flu etc was rebranded via false PCR tests. The China GARBAGE is to make people want to go to war with China which is the neocon dream. _______________________________ […]

Japan’s new military policies: Origins and implications

Japan is undergoing the most significant changes to its security strategy since the end of World War II. In late 2022, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s government approved three policy documents—the National Security Strategy (NSS), the National Defense Strategy and the Defense Buildup Program—that propose a significant expansion of Japan’s military capabilities and a major increase […]

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