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Egyptian Group Claims Responsibility for Killing ‘Israeli Agent’ in Alexandria

 May 8, 2024 Egypt – Live News – Middle East – News – Top An Israeli businessman, identified as Ziv Kipper, was found dead in Alexandria, Egypt on Tuesday, sparking an investigation by the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Kipper, the CEO of OK Group LLC, a company specializing in exporting frozen fruits and vegetables, reportedly entered Egypt with a Canadian passport. A group known […]

Egyptian officials are charging Palestinians a massive ransom to escape the Gaza genocide

Egyptian border officials are charging Palestinians in Gaza thousands of dollars to escape death in Gaza. And even those who manage to raise the exorbitant price through GoFundMe campaigns have not been let through for months. Source

Egyptian President is a Zionist Jew

(Al-Sisi on the right, yucking it up with Netanyahu)  Reader: “This is direct from 4chan, with the two photos from there … including details on the Jewish mother of Egypt’s leader Al-Sisi.”  Don’t expect Egypt to come to Gaza’s defence.  Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi is flat-out legally Jewish and would be kosher under Israeli Law of […]

Gaza Draws Closer To Total Collapse With Humanitarian Aid Blocked At Egyptian Border

As Israel prepared a likely ground offensive into Gaza that would mean deadly house-to-house fighting, fears rose over the conflict spreading. Source

The Lost Egyptian Origins of the Superstitious Number 13

By Jonathon Perrin The superstitious numbers 13 and 18 both have a long history reaching back millennia. The Source

Egyptian police officer kills two Israeli tourists in Alexandria

OCT 8, 2023 Source Back in June, an Egyptian border guard killed three Israeli soldiers on the Israeli-Egyptian border News Desk An Egyptian police officer opened fire on a group of Israeli tourists in Alexandria on 8 October, killing at least two Israelis and an Egyptian, reported Al-Jazeera. According to RT Arabic, the police officer fired […]

This Egyptian Statue Is Reminiscent of a Family Photo (Video)

This Egyptian statue, an exhibit at the New York MET, hails from around 1340 BC during the Amarna period and exudes a magnetic charm. Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News Videos Read Later  Source

Turkish, Egyptian presidents hold talks on sidelines of G-20 summit in India

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday met with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in India for talks, reports Anadolu Agency. The closed-door meeting came on the sidelines of the final day of the G-20 summit in the capital New Delhi. “The meeting addressed bilateral relations between Turkiye-Egypt, efforts to increase trade volume, new […]

Ancient Egyptian Puppetry Is Making a Comeback (Video)

The ancient art of Egyptian puppetry, tracing its roots back to the era of the Pharaohs, has found a remarkable resurgence in the contemporary world. Read more Section:  News Videos History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

A Day In The Life Of An Egyptian Embalmer (Video)

In ancient Egypt, embalmers played a sacred role, ensuring a smooth transition to the afterlife. Their intricate techniques helped preserve the deceased’s appearance and identity. This process was vital, as the ancient Egyptians believed the soul’s journey depended on bodily recognition. Embalming, initially reserved for the elite, became a widespread practice. Different tiers of service […]

Egyptian Fesikh: This Food of the Pharaohs Could Kill You (Video)

In Egypt, a culinary tradition both captivating and treacherous holds sway: fesikh (fermented mullet fish), a dish that dances on the edge of danger. Read more Section:  News Videos History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Unearthing Ancient Egyptian Glyphs in America (Video)

An extraordinary discovery has left experts perplexed—a 500-pound rock slab adorned with an ancient Egyptian symbol found in the U.S. desert. For two years, researchers have been grappling with its origin and significance.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News Ancient Places Americas Videos Read Later  Source

Egyptian policeman’s operation part of multifront war: Israeli media

June 4, 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen Net + Agencies By Al Mayadeen English  Israeli media points out that the operation at the Egyptian border is “part of the erosion of Israeli deterrence”. An Israeli occupation soldier closes a gate leading to the border in a military base following a shooting operation on the Egyptian border, Saturday, […]

The Egyptian God Ra – Lord of Life and Light

The Ancient Egyptian pantheon was filled with imaginative deities of all kinds. In fact, this pantheon numbered hundreds of different gods and goddesses, whose importance often waned over the passing centuries. But one deity was always amongst the most important and sacred to the Egyptians – Ra. Primarily considered the God of the Sun, he […]

Unveiling the Forgotten: Opening Ancient Egyptian Coffins (Video)

At Ancient Origins, we believe that one of the most important fields of knowledge we can pursue as human beings is our beginnings. And while some people may seem content with the story as it stands, our view is that there exist countless mysteries, scientific anomalies and surprising artifacts that have yet to be discovered and explained. The goal […]

Examining the Real Egyptian History of the Hyksos, the Hebrews and the Exodus

Examining the Real Egyptian History of the Hyksos, the Hebrews and the Exodus May 22, 2023 Russ Winter Articles by Russ Winter   Were the Hyksos actually early Hebrews? PHOTO: The usual suspects took a tremendous amount of license with the story of the Hyksos, the Hebrews and the Exodus. The real story is […]

QUEEN CLEOPATRA: Netflix sued by Egyptian lawyer for blackwashing history

An Egyptian lawyer has filed a case with the Public Prosecutor to close the Netflix platform after the trailer of “Queen Cleopatra” was released, which depicts the Greek historical figure as a black-skinned woman. According to Egypt Independent, Mahmoud al-Semary demanded that all legal measures be taken against those responsible for the documentary and the… […]

QUEEN CLEOPATRA: Former Egyptian Antiquites Minister blasts new Netflix series – “Cleopatra was Greek”

Reactions against the blackwashing of Queen Cleopatra has not subsided following the release of the trailer for the second season of the Netflix documentary series, “African Queens”, signed as executive producer by Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of actor Will Smith. The new four-part dramatised docu-series, Queen Cleopatra, premiering on the platform on May 10, chronicles… […]

Digital Scientists Resurrect A 30,000-Year-Old Egyptian Man

Fusing scientific theory with artistry, a team of researchers has generated “stunning” 3D images of the oldest person ever discovered in Egypt. Read more Section:  News Evolution & Human Origins Read Later  Source

3D Mapping Brings 2,000 years of Ancient Egyptian Graffiti into Focus

The oldest known graffiti in the world dates back to the ancient Egyptian civilization. It was carved and painted over 4,000 years ago on the walls of the temples and tombs. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

A Day in the Life of an Ancient Egyptian Doctor (Video)

The ancient Egyptians were pioneers in many fields, including medicine.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Technology News History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Archaeologist Digs for Evidence of the Rosetta Stone’s Ancient Egyptian Rebellion

The Rosetta Stone is not known for its content, but as a lexicon of Egyptian hieroglyphics. The decree inscribed on the stone, however, discusses a violent revolt – largely lost to history – that shaped the trajectory of western civilization. Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Writings News History Important Events Read Later  Source

Fake Egyptian Tomb Fraudsters Almost Pull Off Legendary Hoax

Egypt’s Public Prosecution office just issued an arrest warrant for a group of crafty criminals who cooked up an ingenious scheme to swindle antiquities traffickers.  Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Africa Read Later  Source

Egyptian Obelisks Unplugged: The Lost Chord Divine

The magic of ancient Egypt, with its megalithic monuments and the mysteries they symbolize, still mesmerizes millions of people 2,500 years after its decline as an ancient cradle of civilization.  Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

Archaeologists discover RARE and possibly the OLDEST gold-covered Egyptian mummy

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered what could possibly be the oldest gold-coverered Egyptian mummy. The said mummy, who was named Hekashepes per the hieroglyphic inscriptions on his sarcophagus, was found among a whole set of tombs going back around 4,300 years ago. Hekashepes’ huge rectangular sarcophagus made of limestone was still sealed with mortar when […]

Walk (to Work) Like an Egyptian: Nakhtpaaten, the First Commuter

In the modern world, traveling to and from work seems to be a relatively easy thing to do. Whether by bus, car, or metro, getting to your workplace is rarely a challenge.  Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Africa History Famous People Read Later  Source

Scans Reveal Magic Amulets Inside Egyptian Golden Boy Mummy

CT scans conducted during a recent study of the “Golden Boy” mummy, which was discovered in 1916 in southern Egypt, has revealed a hidden collection of 49 magical amulets, including many forged in gold. It is believed the amulets were “strategically” placed on the mummy’s body to “vitalize the dead body.” The ancient Egyptians believed […]

Young Girl and 142 Dogs Found Buried Together in Elite Egyptian Tomb

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of 142 non-ritually buried dogs, covered in blue powder, in an elite Egyptian tomb. It is believed they were drowned in a reservoir flood. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, the Faiyum Oasis necropolis contains a group of ancient Egyptian tombs located approximately 62 miles (100 kilometers) southwest […]

The Origin And Purpose Of Egyptian Civilization According To Ancient Hermetic Texts

The Korê Kosmou or Pupil of the Eye of the World is a Hermetic text dating to the third century AD. The Greek text was preserved from antiquity by Johannes Stobaeus of Macedonia as part of his Anthology, hence its abbreviated reference as SH23 (Stobaean Hermetica 23).  Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

The Lost Egyptian Origins of the Superstitious Numbers 13 and 18

The superstitious numbers 13 and 18 both have a long history reaching back millennia. The first is usually regarded as unlucky, the latter, lucky – but why?  Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

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