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Unearthing Italy’s Hidden Renaissance Castles Expedition: DAY 1

Having a home in the fascinating historic town of Vejano, north of Rome, fueled Marcello Assandri’s curiosity about the history of the area. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Europe Read Later  Source

Unearthing mysteries of the Bronze Age: archaeologists explore Kordestan region

TEHRAN – Archaeologists have commenced a new excavation season on an ancient cemetery in the Saqqez region of Kordestan province, western Iran. Source

Archaeologists Keep Unearthing Mysterious ‘Giant’ Prehistoric Hand Tools

Image: Ingrey, Duffey, et. al.  ABSTRACT breaks down mind-bending scientific research, future tech, new discoveries, and major breakthroughs. Archaeologists have unearthed a “giant” handaxe in southern England that was crafted by early human relatives more than 300,000 years ago, reports a new study. Measuring nearly a foot long from tip to butt, the artifact is the […]

Unearthing Ancient Egyptian Glyphs in America (Video)

An extraordinary discovery has left experts perplexed—a 500-pound rock slab adorned with an ancient Egyptian symbol found in the U.S. desert. For two years, researchers have been grappling with its origin and significance.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News Ancient Places Americas Videos Read Later  Source

Cryptic Secrets: Unearthing Pennsylvania’s Hidden Chamber (Video)

In rural Pennsylvania, an underground chamber was discovered, capturing the attention of investigators and explorers. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Americas Videos Read Later  Source

Unearthing History: 7 Medieval Skeletons Discovered on Holy Island, England

Construction worker at Lindisfarne car park in Northumberland, England, have uncovered a surprising discovery – a group of seven graves dating back to medieval times. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Bangladeshi journalist known for unearthing graft gets bail

A court in Bangladesh on Sunday awarded conditional bail to a journalist known for her strong reporting on official corruption amid protests at home and abroad calling for her release. Rozina Islam, a senior reporter for the leading Prothom Alo newspaper, has been held in detention since her arrest on Monday. Her lawyer, Ehsanul Haque […]

Unearthing Ancient Magic in The Runes –Messages with Hidden Symbols and Powerful Numbers

The etymology of the word “rune” means: “to carve, or to cut.” In Low German the word is “raunen.” As the runes were cut and carved into wood, metal or stone, the word “rune” was analogous to the rune letters themselves. Their form and shape varied according to the materials. For example, runes carved into wood had more […]

Unearthing The Baby Burning Witches Of Bochnia, Poland

Archaeologists in Poland have unearthed two witches’ skeletons that belonged to an unholy dark trinity, who in 1679 AD were burned at the stake. What did these three women, now known as the witches of Bochnia, do to deserve this fate? Well, according to church records, the witches of Bochnia stripped a baby of its […]

Unearthing Truths: israel, the Nakba, and the Jewish National Fund

One of countless photos of Palestinians fleeing their homes during the Nakba – the Catastrophe – of 1948 when they were forced from their land by the new state of Israel The Forward courageously reminds American Jews of the reality of the Nakba, the slogans and symbols of the Jewish project that enabled mass expulsion […]

432 Hz – Unearthing the Truth Behind Nature’s Frequency

What is it about electronic music that makes it impossible for some to stand still? What is it about country music that makes others want to throw wherever the sound is coming from out the nearest window? What is it about 432 Hz that makes us feel so relaxed? Music is a force to be […]

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