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Nuclear chief: Centrifuge is one of tools needed to make COVID-19 vaccine

TEHRAN—In an interview with national TV late on Saturday, Iranian nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi discussed the progresses made by the Iranian nuclear scientists in various fields. Iran marked National Nuclear Technology Day on Saturday during which the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) unveiled a number of new progresses in nuclear industry. President Hassan […]

“Regime” And “CCP”: Propaganda Tools For Dissociating A Targeted Nation From Its Government

Have you ever seen a mainstream news report containing the phrase “the French regime”? How about “the British regime” or “the Australian regime”? If these phrases look a bit odd, it’s because you’ve never seen them written down before. Ostensibly the word simply means “a form of government” or “a government in power”, but it’s generally understood that […]

Tankie, Conspiracy Theorist, And Other Pejorative Tools Of Narrative Control

Bloomberg pundit Noah Smith had a very revealing interaction on Twitter the other day that I’ve been meaning to write about ever since. It began with Smith sharing a screenshot of an article by journalist Yasha Levine which condemns US imperialist escalations against China and ties them to the sudden spike in anti-Asian hate crimes we’ve been seeing. Smith shared his screenshot […]

Native North Americans Were Making Copper Tools in 7,500 BC

Refinements in radiocarbon dating technology have caused archaeologists, anthropologists, and ancient historians to  modify their beliefs  about the timeline of copper tools and the metalworking of the Old Copper Culture, which emerged among Native Americans living in the Great Lakes region of North America many thousands of years ago. Past estimates traced the start of […]

Nationalist toolkit of BJP – Tools to achieving Hindu Rashtra

Politics: · Make country opposition free – only one party rule to be established – if necessary buy out MPs, MLAs to create one party dominance · Centralize power in hands of few in the ruling party – let the decisions concerning public issues be taken by a core and not necessarily through large public […]

We Don’t Have Adequate Tools to Combat Domestic Terrorism. Biden Should Change That.

The Capitol riot, however, was just the tip of the iceberg. The latest FBI hate crimes report, issued in November, shows that hate crimes in 2019 surged to their highest level in a decade. The report documents 7,314 hate crimes committed in a single year, including a record number of hate murders. These figures are simply […]

NZ Police are piloting a swarm of new, hi-tech tools. We deserve to know more about them

There are many unanswered questions about how technologies are being used, why they are necessary, and whether they risk infringing on human rights or privacy, write Andrew Chen and Kristiann Allen. The idea of “emergence”, in a philosophical sense, is the notion that a system can have properties, behaviours and naturally forming rules or patterns […]

The First Teacher? Study Finds Teaching and Tools Evolved Together

Ask ten people where teaching originated and you will get as many contrasting answers. Most historians will tell you that Jan Amos Komensky (John Amos Comenius) (1592 – 1670 AD), the visionary Dutch philosopher, theologian, cartographer and communications master, “officially” known as “the Father of Modern Education,” was the first teacher in human history. However, the […]

Exposing CovID and the Tools Used to Achieve Global Tyranny – (Dr Reiner Fuellmich)

In order to understand fully the events that are being played out globally, one must understand who the global players are; this is a deep subject. The presenter of the video herein is Dr Fuellmich; his statement is very accurate and extremely well researched. READ THE ARTICLE PLUS VIDEOS AT THE LINK Share this: Like […]

Short Lived Clovis Tools May Have Killed Off North American Megafauna

While they were not the earliest inhabitants of the Americas, the Clovis people had an extremely significant prehistoric culture that was distinctive and widespread across what is now North America. Clovis tools and weapons, including the iconic Clovis spear point, are easily recognized by almost every North American archaeological student. But new research reveals that […]

500,000-Year-Old Horse Bone Tools Discovered in England

Every doctor, physician and nutritionist who has ever donned a white coat would agree that, to a great extent, we humans really are what we eat. But over recent years, with advances in scanning technologies, archaeologists and anthropologists have begun to harness this undeniable fact, under the right circumstances, by using the dietary data contained […]

US Identifies Suspect in Leak of CIA Hacking Tools

The U.S. government has identified a suspect in the leak last year of a large portion of the CIA’s computer hacking arsenal, the cyber tools the agency had used to conduct espionage operations overseas, according to interviews and public documents. But despite months of investigation, prosecutors have been unable to bring charges against the man, […]

Dailymail Shows How Easy It Is To Steal A Car — And Amazon, eBay, Others Are Selling The Tools

April 24, 2018 By Aaron Kesel Electronic reprogramming tools that can be used to steal cars in seconds are being sold online on Amazon, eBay and other retailers for as little as $130, which may be playing a role in the theft of more than 86,000 cars in 2016, Dailymail reported. […]

Palantir Using War on Terror Tools to Track American Citizens

Palantir Using War on Terror Tools to Track American Citizens April 19th, 2018 Via: Bloomberg: The LAPD uses Palantir’s Gotham product for Operation Laser, a program to identify and deter people likely to commit crimes. Information from rap sheets, parole reports, police interviews, and […]

EASTER SUNDAY – Down Tools: Redux Episode #227

LISTEN TO THE SUNDAY WIRE LIVE EVERY SUNDAY: 5pm-8pm UK Time | 12pm-3pm ET (US) | 9am-12am PT (US) The SUNDAY WIRE will be not broadcast live this week because of Easter Sunday as ACR studio will be down tools this weekend – so we will be running a repeat of last week’s epic Episode […]

The survival of humanity may soon depend on acquiring the tools and skills to murder robots

(Natural News) A video of the new Spot Mini robot from Boston Dynamics is striking fear in the minds of those who understand how quickly the latest and greatest inventions can turn into our worst nightmares. In the video, the robot can be seen standing in front of a door. Around 12 […]

Sex toys or power tools? Pornhub’s interactive ‘love kit’ baffles public

This isn’t the company’s first foray into interactive sex toys, which are known as teledildonics, by the way. The porn site started selling existing brands of toys that could sync with its own videos in June of last year. Now, the company has launched its own range of gadgets, designed to match Pornhub’s distinctive black […]

The Justice Department’s New Opioid ‘Tools’ Are All About Escalating the Drug War

Well hooray hooray, the drug war continues to linger on and now with some new money. Great. This effort will hurt yet more people and make the lives of families dealing with addiction that much more difficult. (From Reason) Given that the Trump administration has been trying to overturn the Affordable Care […]

Antifa and White Liberals are stupid tools of the Jews

report from the Daily Stormer This isn’t a real Onion headline (link leads somewhere else). If it was it was deleted. But it sure is accurate. Seriously. The “edgy” antifa and whatever other liberal tools are exactly that: tools. They are the soldiers of the system. All of their beliefs are the exact beliefs that they […]

N. Korea stole cyber tools from NSA, carried out WannaCry ransomware attack – Microsoft chief

Microsoft President Brad Smith told ITV that he believed “with great confidence” that North Korea was behind the worldwide WannaCry cyberattack.  READ MORE: WannaCry hackers have not withdrawn any ransom bitcoin, surveillance shows “I think at this point that all observers in the know have concluded that WannaCry was caused by North Korea using cyber tools […]

The Gentleman’s Guide to Self-Defense Part 4: Inexpensive Self-Defense Tools

The Gentlemans Guide to Self-Defense Part 4: Inexpensive Self-Defense Tools By Here’s a quick round-up of inexpensive self-defense tools … Hoffner Folding Knife In many blue states like mine, it’s illegal to carry switchblades or even assisted-opening knives … A reader suggested a Hoffner knife. Made by a top firearm and knife trainer to […]

California Organizations Use Available Tools to Fight for Privacy

By Michael Maharrey In a previous report, we pointed out that simply passing laws isn’t enough. Ensuring government agencies comply with transparency requirements and limits on surveillance activities takes constant vigilance, pressure and activism. Some organizations in California are doing just that. In an effort to better understand how police in Los Angeles use […]

Nuclear Weapons: Barbaric Tools of Death


Hackers Are Using Tools Developed By The NSA To Launch Massive Worldwide Cyber Attack

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RED HERRING: What’s Behind the Wave of Ransomware Attacks Linked to NSA Hacking Tools?

Shawn Helton21st Century Wire  In this age of hyper-real media propaganda, some stories published by mainstream media whether true or not, can be used as a ‘red herring’ to provide an all to convenient mask for other politically charged news releases. In fact, the very same day as the viral spread of WannaCry, the United States was […]

Wikileaks: Google Provided Tools To Bolster Ranks Of al-Qaeda

ISIS fighters parade fown the main stretch of Raqqa, Syria. MINNEAPOLIS— Documents that were released last year by WikiLeaks have shed light on Google’s role in supporting al-Qaeda and other extremist groups that have been operating in Syria for the first few years of the country’s ongoing conflict. Specifically, emails between Jared Cohen, former director […]

Malware Built On NSA Tools Used In Massive Cyber-Attack Hitting 74 Countries

A screenshot of the warning screen from a purported ransomware attack, as captured by a computer user in Taiwan, is seen on laptop in Beijing, Saturday, May 13, 201. (AP/Mark Schiefelbein) Apparent National Security Agency (NSA) malware has been used in a global cyber-attack, including on British hospitals, in what whistleblower Edward Snowden described as […]

Leaked NSA Tools Compromising Vulnerable, Unpatched Windows Systems

Leaked NSA Tools Compromising Vulnerable, Unpatched Windows Systems April 23rd, 2017 Exposing SMB to the Internet on unpatched Windows machines… *shaking head while chortling deeply* NSA exploits or no NSA exploits, people who do this on purpose are idiots and better make their time. […]

Failed coup in Turkey has thrown a wrench in Washington’s "pivot" plan

     A failed coup in Turkey has changed the geopolitical landscape overnight realigning Ankara with Moscow while shattering Washington’s plan to redraw the map of the Middle East. Whether Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan staged the coup or not is of little importance in the bigger scheme of things. The fact is, the incident has […]

25 Saudi Mercenaries Killed, Dozens Wounded in Central Yemen

More than two dozen militants loyal to the former Yemeni government have been killed and scores of others injured during clashes with army troops and allied fighters in the western-central province of Amran. A security source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the clashes broke out during an army operation on Saturday to wrest control […]

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