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U.S. Government is Exposed Funding AI Tools to Permanently Establish Mass Online Censorship Regime

By  thepoliticsbrief  February 7, 2024 The U.S. government is providing taxpayer funding to universities and non-profits to develop AI-powered tools to permanently establish a mass online censorship regime. The House Judiciary’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government Committee on Monday revealed the U.S. government is funding Artificial Intelligence (AI) censorship technology through […]

Government Funds AI Tools for Whole-of-Internet Surveillance and Censorship

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL I feel scared. Very scared. Internet-wide surveillance and censorship, enabled by the unimaginably vast computational power of artificial intelligence (AI), is here. This is not a futuristic dystopia. It’s happening now. Government agencies are working with universities and nonprofits to use AI tools to surveil and censor content on the […]

These Are The Most-Popular AI Tools

Artificial intelligence had its breakout year in 2023, with large language models (LLMs) and text-to-image generators capturing the attention and imagination of technologists and investors alike. Similar to other recent breakthrough technologies like the internet and the smartphone, the early stage of AI’s tech adoption cycle has already seen the creation of highly-used software products. […]

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are not about sustainability, they’re tools to facilitate the implementation of a One World Government

From Note: many of us have been saying this for a very long time … dismissed by the masses as conspiracy theory. Now conspiracy fact. EWNZ The Rise of the Global Police State Story at-a-glance Digital ID- UN Sustainable Development Agenda 16 VIDEO LINK HERE At this point in time, it’s crucial to realize […]

The Best Bar Tools (for Making That $18 Negroni at Home)

There are few things better than a truly delicious cocktail. Here at VICE, we love them. Like, what’s better than a perfectly mixed Negroni after work, a refreshing Painkiller on a hot day, or five whiskey and Diet Cokes at an Interpol concert? Nothing! And while going to restaurants with solid cocktail lists can be […]

Google unveils new “fact-checking tools” meant to censor and keep independent media out of search results

(NaturalNews) Google may have just announced a worldwide ban on independent and alternative media outlets with its new “fact-checking tools.”In a short video,… Source

The Best Pocket Knives and Multi-Tools for Everyday Carry Usage

Carrying a pocket knife or a multi-tool can be surprisingly life-upgrading. Whether you’re out and about in town, chilling in nature, or just hanging around the house, having the power to cut, pry, or snip something at a moment’s notice can not only be a game-changer, but a way to keep yourself safe. Historically, having […]

Archaeologists Keep Unearthing Mysterious ‘Giant’ Prehistoric Hand Tools

Image: Ingrey, Duffey, et. al.  ABSTRACT breaks down mind-bending scientific research, future tech, new discoveries, and major breakthroughs. Archaeologists have unearthed a “giant” handaxe in southern England that was crafted by early human relatives more than 300,000 years ago, reports a new study. Measuring nearly a foot long from tip to butt, the artifact is the […]

Giant Handaxes Are Among Largest Prehistoric Stone Tools Ever Unearthed in Britain

Researchers from the UCL Institute of Archaeology have discovered some of the largest ever prehistoric stone tools unearthed in Britain. Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Technology News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Physician’s Tomb Holds Comprehensive Set of Roman Medical Tools

Some two thousand years, an ancient Roman physician made a trip to Hungary, for unknown reasons, and now, archaeologists have found his tomb near Jászberény, a city located approximately 50 miles from Budapest. Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Before They Were Divination Tools, Tarot Decks Were Playing Cards

In the English-speaking world, the word ‘tarot’ is most commonly associated with the occult and divination. Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Is Archaeology Getting it Wrong? ‘Ancient Stone Tools’ Accidentally Made by Modern Monkeys

Archaeologists from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have announced their discovery of stone fragments that closely resemble ancient stone tools made by prehistoric humans. What is notable is that these apparently worked stone objects were actually made unintentionally by old world monkeys living in the forests of Thailand. Does this have implications for […]

FDA commissioners demand new tools to fight online “misinformation”

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) To keep its corporate handlers happy and flush with ill-gotten profits, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is calling for backup in the fight against online free speech.At the recent 2023 Innovations in Regulatory Science Summit, an event organized by the UCSF-Stanford Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science … [Read More…] […]

NSA’s Top Secret Hacking Tools – NSA ANT Catalog

After all these years this technology is still not commercially available. See 48 page catalog in pdf: See also video: Source

Blades of Destiny: The Ancient Tools And Weapons That Crafted History

It is widely accepted that Homo sapiens were the first species to develop effective tools, but humans were not the first primate to make or use stone tools. That achievement belongs to an unidentified species that hunted and fished along the shores of Lake Turkana in Kenya around 3.3 million years ago, some 700,000 years […]

Elite Wari Craftsman With Jewels And Rare Tools Found at Peruvian Site

The intact 1,300-year-old tomb of an elite Wari craftsman tomb was recently discovered at Peru’s well-known Huarmey Castle archaeological complex. It’s “unique” because it belonged to a craftsman, and alongside the usual gold and silver the burial contained rare Wari bronze trade tools. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Bronze Age Daggers Were Tools to Butcher Animals, Not Markers of Status

Excavations of Bronze Age “warrior graves” throughout Europe have nearly always led to the recovery of copper alloy Bronze Age daggers. However, their function has been poorly understood. It has long been speculated that they,  Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Technology News History & Archaeology Read Later 

FBI: Hackers Develop Tools to Access Computer Systems of Energy Facilities

Hackers developed software that could access computer systems used in energy facilities, officials said Wednesday, but did not specify a hacking organization.

Tools for connecting a fragmented Palestine

NETWORKED REFUGEESPalestinian Reciprocity and Remittances in the Digital Ageby Nadya Hajj 146pp. University of California Press. $34.95 Palestinians are undoubtedly a global community. Outside the Middle East, large communities of Palestinians are present in countries as varied as the United States, Chile, Honduras, Guatemala, and Germany. Many of them remain connected both to their native land and […]

40,000-year-old Tools Used by Ancient Humans Unearthed In North China

Archaeologists in China have unearthed a hoard of intricately crafted stone blades and ochre processing activities attributed to ancient humans living less than 100 miles (160 kilometers) west of modern-day Beijing, near Datong. However, these “advanced” tools and the ochre processing evidence is not clearly Denisovan, Neandertal nor Homo sapiens but they were obviously used […]

ACH (1721) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Of The Treasured Tools Of Tyrants

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1721) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Of The Treasured Tools Of Tyrants Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on February 24 2022, Andy is joined by Dr. Peter Hammond for a show entitled, “The […]

Whistleblower Reveals FBI Using Counterterrorism Tools to Investigate Parents

By Chris Menahan A whistleblower has leaked an internal FBI memorandum confirming that Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered the FBI to investigate parents protesting against anti-white critical race theory in public schools as domestic terrorists. House Republicans released the bombshell documents on Tuesday: This is the smoking gun. Attorney General Garland provided zero evidence that […]

GOP Blasts AG Garland After FBI Whistleblower Exposes ‘Counterterrorism Tools’ Used Against Parents: ‘Disgrace’

Following a whistleblower’s revelation that the FBI is utilizing counterterrorism tactics to investigate parents considered to be potential “domestic terrorists” for voicing concerns about education in their local school districts, Republicans blasted the “disgrace[ful]” move as well as Attorney General Merrick Garland, with many calling for his immediate resignation. The alarming allegations, which state the […]

Belarus: A non-standard situation demands non-standard tools | View

Austria’s Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has announced a conference on the political crisis in Belarus, set to take place on Monday, November 22. The following is Belarusian diplomat and opposition leader Pavel Latushka’s assessment of what steps need to be taken. World history knows many examples of external mediation to resolve domestic political crises, when the […]

IBM, Amazon Partner to Extend Reach of Data Tools for Oil Companies

International Business Machines Corp. and Inc.’s Amazon Web Services said on Monday they would work together to extend the reach of a set of tools that oil companies use to manage disparate types of data. Amazon in 2018 worked with Royal Dutch Shell to create a technology to turn data from more than a […]

Debate Erupts Over Alleged 33,000-Year-Old Tools Found in Chiquihuite Cave

In 2020, a team of Mexican and British archaeologists announced in the journal Nature that they’d discovered a rich cache of stone artifacts that proved Chiquihuite cave in Zacatecas, Mexico had been occupied by Native Americans as long as 33,000 years ago. This was a stunning announcement, since if true it would mean the Americas […]

Researchers Discover Tools That Predate Humans (3.3 Million Years Old)

A group of American paleontologists discovered a set of carved tools at an archaeological site belonging to the Pliocene, more than 3.3 million years ago. From “Approximately 3.3 million years ago someone began chipping away at a rock by the side of a river. Eventually, this chipping formed the rock into a tool used, […]

Jewish Settlers Steal Olive Harvesting Tools, Crops from Palestinian Lands

Posted on October 21, 2021 by martyrashrakat October 20, 2021 Jewish settlers, backed by Israeli soldiers, harass Palestinian olive harvesters in the Occupied West Bank. (Photo: via Twitter) Jewish settlers on Wednesday stole harvesting tools and olive crops from Palestinian lands in the northern occupied West Bank, according to the official Palestinian news agency WAFA. […]

Tools For Building & Sustaining The Immune System

Info that won’t go amiss right now, from Medical Medium at Rumble. Rumble — Tools For Building & Sustaining The Immune System Subscribe to Medical Medium on SUPPLEMENTS I MENTIONED : MEDICAL MEDIUM DIRECTORY: Cleanse To Heal51% OFF $16.99 on Amazon 53% OFF The New Revised & Updated Medical Medium Book 1 only $17.39 […]

Surveillance on Campus: Universities Give Students Tools to Report on Each Other’s COVID Violations or “Bias Incidents”

By Katelynn Richardson Many universities supply tools that allow students to report their peers for incidents involving speech or COVID-19 protocols. Several American colleges also use digital technology to track students’ social media activity and COVID-19 testing frequencies. Michigan State University provides students with reporting system to achieve what the school describes as a “safe […]

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