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Pfizer Admits mRNA Jabs Contain ‘Nanobots’ That Permanently Alters DNA

Independent researchers have been warning for years that Covid mRNA vaccines contain secret ingredients and now we have confirmation of the claim. A deep dive into Pfizer’s murky history reveals they partnered with an Israeli to develop programmable nanorobots to be injected into people to alter their DNA, issue them with an IP address, and […]

U.S. Government is Exposed Funding AI Tools to Permanently Establish Mass Online Censorship Regime

By  thepoliticsbrief  February 7, 2024 The U.S. government is providing taxpayer funding to universities and non-profits to develop AI-powered tools to permanently establish a mass online censorship regime. The House Judiciary’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government Committee on Monday revealed the U.S. government is funding Artificial Intelligence (AI) censorship technology through […]

Netanyahu just said Israel will permanently occupy the land ‘from the river to the sea.’ The U.S. media is covering it up

The other day Benjamin Netanyahu produced his most memorable statement since October 7. He said that his ultimate aim is that Israel will permanently occupy all the territory “from the river to the sea.” There is video of him saying it in Hebrew. He was double-crossing decades of official U.S. policy, which is supposed to […]

Federal Judge Permanently Blocks Illinois Law Targeting Pro-Life Pregnancy Counseling

Authored by Matthew Vadum via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), A federal judge permanently blocked an Illinois law on Dec. 14 that he previously called “stupid” that targets maternal health care centers and sidewalk counselors for expressing their pro-life message. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker speaks during a news conference in Chicago, Ill., on March 20, […]

Apple announces new climate change initiative to PERMANENTLY remove all carbon from Earth’s atmosphere through planetary terraforming and GENOCIDE

(NaturalNews) In the span of just a few decades, environmentalism has changed from being all about protecting the environment to now wanting to destroy it…. Source

Racial Grievance Should Not be Permanently Codified 

Much of the support for the Voice – the proposal to insert an additional chapter in Australia’s Constitution for setting up a new Aboriginal body to advise Parliament and the government – comes from a generalised sentiment that it’s the morally right thing to do. Yet it deserves to be defeated on the twin ethics […]

Iron and Sugar will Permanently Repress Luciferase

CIN was right about the Iron… and the Sugar! Iron plus glucose will cause PERMANENT repression of Luciferace, Vibrio harveyi was the strain Vitaliano used in the patent. Luciferase stabilizes Graphene Oxide scaffold & fuels mRNA Clathrin Nanobot With iron, and with glycerol as the sole carbon and energy source, the addition of glucose causes […]

Florida permanently bans all COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates in schools and businesses

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Florida has ratified a series of laws permanently banning Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mask and vaccine mandates in schools and businesses.Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the legislation on Thursday, May 11, and described the four relevant bills as part of an effort to “prescribe freedom.” This historic event came several … [Read More…] Source

Rep. Nancy Mace Blasts Twitter Censors: ‘Covid Vaccines Permanently Damaged My Health’

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) has admitted she has “great regrets” about taking the Covid-19 vaccine after experiencing long-term medical problems after receiving her second dose. The Congresswoman made the revelations during a House Oversight and Accountability hearing focused on Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 election and Twitter’s suppression […]

Tom Brady Announces He Is Permanently Retired And Also Open To Playing For Other Teams

TAMPA, FL — A page turned on a legendary NFL career and opened the door to exciting possibilities for the future today, as Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady announced he is permanently retired and also open to fielding offers to play for other teams. Source

POLITICAL COURAGE: Ron DeSantis wants Florida Legislature to permanently ban COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants the state legislature to pass a law that would permanently outlaw all Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mask and vaccine mandates in the Sunshine State.In a rally in Panama City Beach packed with the governor’s supporters, DeSantis called the measure making the mandate ban permanent a … [Read More…] […]

CDC Will Quietly Vote Tomorrow On Permanently Shielding Pfizer & Moderna From COVID Jab Liability

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (10/18/22). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Dr. Peter McCullough’s last TRUTH tweet got him permanently banned from Twitter

READ HERE:   Source

Libs of TikTok Takes on Big Tech: ‘If Twitter Permanently Bans Me, I’ll Sue Them’

Chaya Raichik, the woman behind the popular Twitter account Libs of TikTok, known for exposing the outrageous behavior of radical leftists, says she will sue the social media platform if it permanently bans her. Raichik promised a legal war against the far-left Silicon Valley company in a blog post following her most recent suspension for […]

Senator Rand Paul QUITS YouTube, Moves Permanently To Rumble

2022 will be the year that people in their millions jump the sinking ship of big tech and move to newer independent, and uncensored platforms. Among plenty of others, that’s the prediction of Senator Rand Paul, who is leading the charge by voluntarily quitting YouTube in favour of Rumble. “About half of the public leans […]

Key mRNA Developer Dr Robert Malone Permanently Suspended By Twitter

Dr. Robert Malone an American virlgogist who was a key contributor to the mRNA vaccine technology, has been silenced by Twitter. Writing on his Substack page on December 29, Malone, an outspoken critic of covid mandates and rules who had more that 500,000 followers, confirmed that his account had been “permanently suspended from Twitter”. He said […]

New York Times: ‘Ordinary Citizens MUST Stay Masked Permanently’

The New York Times has published an article citing “experts” who say that ordinary citizens must continue wearing masks indefinitely, even after the pandemic ends. Titled ‘When Can the Covid Masks Finally Come Off?’, the article discusses when it’s likely restrictions will come to an end, but then concludes that mask wearing will be with […]

MIT & Harvard Study Suggests mRNA Vaccine Might Permanently Alter DNA After All

MARCH 16, 2021 Spread the Word Dr. Doug Corrigan via Science With Dr. Doug “The authors sought to answer how a PCR test is able to detect segments of viral RNA when the virus is presumably absent from a person’s body. They hypothesized that somehow segments of the viral RNA were being copied into DNA and then […]

Kayaktivists Are Working To Permanently Close Coal Power Plant

Julie Macuga paints two scenes when describing the Merrimack River – the first as a scenic site, where kayakers and canoers alike can float in nature. The second image is an ugly industrial site crowding the waterway with tall, brown smokestacks spewing clouds of carbon, polluting the water and air. “It’s this beautiful place and […]

Mitch McConnell: Democrats Want to ‘Rig the Rules of American Elections Permanently’ in Their Favor

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Monday torched the Democrats’ election takeover bill on the Senate floor as a purely “partisan power grab” by the left “to rig the rules of American elections permanently” in their favor. As the Senate looks to vote on the Democrats’ election bill this week, McConnell took to the Senate floor to […]

Sen. Tom Cotton: The Democrats’ H.R.1 Would Permanently Rig Our Elections

The Democrats’ “For the People Act” (H.R.1) bill will completely shred safeguards on U.S. elections and allow people to vote without providing any proof of who they are or even whether they are legally allowed to be in the USA. According to Senator Tom Cotton, the Democrats are deliberately ignoring the Biden border crisis while […]

Could mRNA Vaccines Permanently Alter DNA? Short Answer is YES!

Over the past year, it would be all but impossible for Americans not to notice the media’s decision to make vaccines the dominant COVID narrative, rushing to do so even before any coronavirus-attributed deaths occurred. The media’s slanted coverage has provided a particularly fruitful public relations boost for messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines — decades in the making but never approved for […]

Could mRNA Vaccines Permanently Alter DNA? Recent Science Suggests They Might.

National Addiction News Over the past year, it would be all but impossible for Americans not to notice the media’s decision to make vaccines the dominant COVID narrative, rushing to do so evenbeforeany coronavirus-attributed deaths occurred. The media’s slanted coverage has provided a particularly fruitful public relations boost formessenger RNA(mRNA) vaccines —decades in the makingbut […]

Childhood Trauma Permanently Scars Brain (Limbic System) Boosting Likelihood of Depression & MKUltra Veterans Association Needed-Petition Pixabay / Public Domain JuliaGlazer Mar 24, 2019 Research has found that early trauma can lead to “limbic scarring” on the brain. The Telegraph reports that a new study has found childhood trauma to physically scar the brain and increases the likelihood of severe depression for later in life. Scientists have now linked changes in the […]

4 Brits PERMANENTLY banned from working in Singapore for breaking Covid-19 restrictions

A group of Brits who broke Singapore’s strict coronavirus lockdown restrictions have been banned from working in the country ever again after they joined a large group on an island last August. Four Brits had met eight other people for leisure activities on Singapore’s Lazarus Island last August despite lockdown restrictions. After posting the evidence […]

Dems Introduce New Bill to Permanently ‘Cancel’ Trump Forever

House Democrats have introduced a new bill that will permanently ban former President Trump from having his name displayed on federal projects, buildings, statues, lands, or any other type of commemoration. The Democrats want to literally rewrite history. According to the bill’s text, the legislation would “prohibit the use of Federal funds for the commemoration of […]

H.R. 127: A New Bill In Congress Would Literally End Your 2nd Amendment Rights Permanently

(Zero Hedge) If a new bill that has been introduced in Congress eventually becomes law, the 2nd Amendment will still be in the U.S. Constitution, but for all practical purposes the rights that it is supposed to guarantee will be dead and gone.  H.R. 127 was submitted on January 4th, and if you have not read it […]

Twitter (Run By Pinpoint Pupiled Heroin Addict?) Permanently Suspends President Trump’s Twitter Account

January 8, 2021 | Categories: Guest Contributions | Tags: | Print This Article Twitter Permanently Suspends the President of the United States As I told you would happen, President Trump, whose reelection was stolen, now has no way of communicating with his supporters as the Establishment prepares to prosecute him on false charges like Russiagate. Is America any longer our country? […]

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