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Tackling racial justice with the voice of experience

Patrice Willoughby was always destined for service.  Born in Ohio, her parents were heavily involved in politics and social justice. They were members of the NAACP, active members of their church and would often work on behalf of political candidates.  “We always did things for people who were less fortunate than we were,” Willoughby told… […]

Alabama Sued Over ‘Racial Quota’ For Real Estate Appraisers Board

Authored by Matthew Vadum via The Epoch Times, A civil rights group is suing Alabama for allegedly implementing illegal racial quotas in appointments to the Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board (AREAB). Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey speaks during a news conference in Montgomery, Ala., on July 29, 2020. (Kim Chandler/AP Photo) The lawsuit comes after Pacific […]

California School District Pays Children $1,400 To Become ‘Racial And Social Justice Warriors’

The Long Beach Unified School district in California is funneling money to a progressive activist group which is paying students $1,400 each to become racial and social justice warriors. Californians for Justice (CFJ) is using taxpayer money to reward high schoolers in Long Beach for learning “restorative justice practices.” (Photo illustration by The Free Press) […]

Color-Privilege: The Return of Racial Discrimination

READ HERE:   Source

The Jewish Plot to Enflame Racial Division

(l.The relationship of Organized Jewry to humanity)   “A Racial Program for the 20th Century” (1912) exposed how Organized Jewry waged  war against white nations by promoting racial division. This documentary by Larry Elder describes how Communists replaced Blacks’ Christianity-based independence with a sense of entitlement and grievance. Critical Race Theory, gender dysphoria, BLM and the migrant […]

Washington National Cathedral Unveils Racial Justice-Themed Stained-Glass Windows

The Washington National Cathedral unveiled a set of four new stained-glass windows, each dedicated to the theme of racial justice.  Source

Scholars Want Term ‘White Paper’ Scrapped Due to its ‘Racial and Historical Context’

Renegade Editor’s Note: Jakobi doesn’t exactly look White to me. Hmm. By Dave Huber ‘Exclusionary to some groups, Source

Race and gender, Jewish supremacy, and refusal in the Israeli racial colony

Recent Israeli legislation around “nationalistically motivated” sex crimes must be seen in the context of Israel’s militarized regime of homonationalism, racialized and sexualized settler colonialism, and pinkwashing. Source

$137 Million Settlement vs ARBITRATION SETTLEMENT of $One Million For Exact Same Racial Discrimination

 This article is more than 1 year old Tesla ordered to pay $137m to Black former employee for racial abuse Comment:  To my Knowledge Elon Musk and his wicked brother USE MONARCH CIA Mind Controlled Slaves who they rip off of labor and creations. This article is more than 1 year old California federal court orders […]

Racial Grievance Should Not be Permanently Codified 

Much of the support for the Voice – the proposal to insert an additional chapter in Australia’s Constitution for setting up a new Aboriginal body to advise Parliament and the government – comes from a generalised sentiment that it’s the morally right thing to do. Yet it deserves to be defeated on the twin ethics […]

UCSF Sued for Program That Pays Racial ‘Minorities’ Only

The University of California San Francisco and other organizations are in violation of state and federal discrimination law, according to an ongoing lawsuit. Source

Debunking Abdu Murray’s ‘Ethnic Mosaic’ Of Christian Racial Universalism

(The Christian Post) A recent article appeared in The Christian Post — apparently written by Abdu Murray, an Arab convert to Christianity — extolling the virtues of “Juneteenth” — the day descendants of Africans slaves in America celebrate their emancipation by killing, rioting and looting — while at the same time claiming that “racial diversity” […]

Israel soldier arrested for racial attack against Palestinian minors

An Israeli soldier has been arrested by the Shin Bet security service on suspicion of committing a racially motivated hate crime against two Palestinian minors, reported The Times of Israel. The soldier, whose name has not been made public, is accused of beating two Palestinian minors last month, which resulted in their hospitalisation in the […]

7 People Arrested In Spain Linked To Racial Abuse Cases Against Vinícius Júnior

MADRID (AP) — Seven people accused of racially abusing Real Madrid player Vinícius Júnior have been arrested in Spain, police said Tuesday. Three were detained in Valencia for alleged abuse against Vinícius in a Spanish league match on Sunday. Four were arrested in Madrid for allegedly hanging an effigy of the player off a highway […]

How ‘Jewish Merchants’ Used Their Power To Break Racial Segregation in Birmingham, Alabama

(Forward) A recent op-ed piece in the Jewish Forward newsite recounts how Jewish merchants used their economic influence to break the united wall among Whites against racial integration in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960s — and suggests that Jewish merchants today should use the same strategy to leverage a ban on gun sales to somehow […]

GTR – Ezra and Racial Exclusivity, Part 2

Genesis To Revelation GTR – Ezra and Racial Exclusivity, Part 2 Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share Ezr 9:10  And now, O our God, what shall we say after this? for we have forsaken thy commandments,Ezr 9:11  Which thou hast commanded by thy servants the […]

Blut und Boden: Human Inequality and Racial Hygiene

This material comes from a booklet for Hitler Youth leaders. It provided them with the information and background needed to convey healthy National Socialist racial thinking for young boys. Source

National Socialism’s Racial Thinking

Since we have learned to recognize and respect the physical and intellectual characteristics of the earth’s various races, we are free of the sick desire that sees no differences, or seeks to make everything the same in the political, cultural, and religious realms. We are conscious once again of our characteristics and want to care […]

GTR – Ezra, Part 1: Racial Segregation Demanded of Judah and Israel by Yahweh

Genesis To Revelation GTR – Ezra, Part 1: Racial Segregation Demanded of Judah and Israel by Yahweh Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share Universalists take heed! Share this: Source

Patriotic Alternative Is Going to Save Britain with Multi-Racial Christian Nationalism

Listening to non-White guy from Patriotic Alternative talk about how he is against ethnic nationalism is all you need to hear. Source

Jews Created Racial Tension and Will Flee to Israel When Shit Hits the Fan

A well-done video exposing the century old jewish agenda of inflaming non-White agitation and the eventual plan for a Haitian style insurrection against White America. Source

China using social media to sow racial discord in the US

Home » Asia, Manipulation » China using social media to sow racial discord in the US     A former intelligence officer claimed that China is making use of social media to sow racial discord in the United States. This race-baiting strategy, he added, seeks to decrease faith in the American political system and ultimately […]

South African Court Rules ‘Kill The Boer’ Song Not Hate Speech Or Racial Incitement Against Whites

( Judge Edwin Molahlehi handed down his ruling in the Equality Court, sitting at the Johannesburg High Court, on Thursday in the ’Dubul’ ibhunu’ — translated as “Shoot the boer” or “Kill the boer” — case involving Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema and MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi: This matter was brought before the court […]

72 Percent of Top U.S. Medical Schools Using Identity, Racial Politics in Admissions Process: Report

The majority of America’s top-ranked medical schools are injecting racial politics into the admissions process, according to a review conducted by the medical advocacy group Do No Harm. The review (pdf), published in August, found that 72 percent of the nation’s top 50 schools and 80 percent of the top 10 schools ask probing questions to determine applicants’ […]

72% of America’s Top Medical Schools Use Racial Politics to Eliminate Applicants

Seventy-two percent of America’s top medical schools use racial politics to weed out applicants, according to a review conducted by medical advocacy group Do No Harm. According to the review, 72 percent of the nation’s top 50 schools and 80 percent of the top ten ask “probing questions to elicit responses from the applicant about his […]

Der Reichsführer Schutzstaffel Racial Policy: The Decisive Question for our People

Race is the decisive and molding force in the life of the nations. Language, culture, customs, reverence of nature, traditions, life style, but also laws, governmental forms and economies; the whole variety of life is racially determined. Source

‘Uncle Clarence’: Twitter Allows Racial Slurs, Death Threats Against SCOTUS to Fly Hot and Heavy

The racial slur “Uncle Clarence” was trending on Twitter today as leftists on the platform lashed out against the U.S. Supreme Court after it overturned Roe v. Wade, along with death threats against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in particular. Source

Poll: Washington D.C. Has Least Racial Equality in USA

An analysis from WalletHub revealed that Washington, DC, is at the bottom of the list (Number 51) in most equality categories and overall.

Joe Biden’s HUD Task Force Issues Report on ‘Racial and Ethnic Bias’ in Housing Appraisals

Joe Biden’s Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has issued a report that claims “racial and ethnic bias” in the housing appraisal process.

Addressing racial inequality in paid leave policy

It is time the an equitable paid leave policy meets the triple A standard: accessible, affordable, and adequate. Source

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