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NED Provided $1.2 Million To Help Kazakhstan Spark A Color Revolution

Above Photo: Protesters climb on top of a van in Almaty on January 6.; collage by staff. Media Has Covered Crisis In Kazakhstan In Biased Way. On January 2nd, protests erupted in the city of Zhanaozen in western Kazakhstan that have since spread across the country. Over 160 people have been killed, including at […]

CIA Works For ZOG and Engineers Color “Revolutions” Like This One

Comment: ZOG means ZIONIST OCCUPIED GOVERNMENT. CIA is ALL ZIONISTS AT THE TOP AND THEY ARE SATANISTS TOO. THEY WORK FOR THE ZIONIST BRITISH ROYALTY AND EMPIRE aka Anglo-Dutch Empire. ZOG Color Revolution Ongoing in Kazakhstan infostormer – January 6, 20223WorldInteresting play by the ZOG beast.Read more Source

Color revolution in Kazakhastan

January 05, 2022 Dear friends Today I am driving all day, but since there is a very serious color revolution that seems to be taking place in Kazakhstan,  I am therefore creating an open thread.  Please feel free to share any decent information and commentaries below.  According to Russian sources, the usual US-controlled disinformation resources […]

Shen Yun Delights Couple With Its Vibrancy and Color

BOSTON, Mass.—When Shen Yun Performing Arts played at the Boch Center Wang Theatre in Boston on Nov. 13, its vibrancy and color delighted the Jennings family. “It’s totally unique from anything we’ve experienced,” declared Angus Jennings, the town manager and finance director of West Newbury. “It’s so vibrant. And the costumes are so amazing,” said […]

Diesel Emissions In Major US Cities Disproportionately Harm Communities Of Color

Above Photo: Shipping container trucks sit in traffic as the International Longshore and Warehouse Union strikes, putting a halt to most of the work at the busiest seaport complex in the nation on November 29, 2012 in Long Beach, California. David McNew/Getty Images. Diesel Vehicles Represented 5 Percent Of Traffic Through The Urban Areas But […]

The Difference Between God’s 7 Color Rainbow and Counterfeit LGBTQ 6 Color Rainbow Will Amaze You

God’s rainbow, the one that He set in the sky as a sign to Noah, has 7 observable colors in it – red, orange. yellow, green, blue, violet, and indigo. I was reading earlier how Skittles traded in its iconic rainbow packaging for a monochromatic black-and-white design in honor of LGBTQ+ P for Pedophile Pride parade celebrations in London this week. […]

NFL Recommends Teams Use ‘Color Coded Wristbands’ to Identify Vaccinated Players, Employees

The NFL has sent a memo instructing all 32 teams to develop a method for identifying players, coaches, and employees who have received the coronavirus vaccine. In a five-page memo released last week and obtained by Pro Football Talk, the league informed teams of a requirement to develop  a system for identifying fully-vaccinated “Tier 1 […]

A Virtual Reunion 10 Years Later: Indigenous and Women of Color Feminists reflect on historic delegation to Palestine

Ten years ago, the Indigenous and Women of Color Feminist Delegation issued its historic statement, Justice for Palestine: A Call to Action from Indigenous & Women of Color Feminists. First published in Electronic Intifada and Jadaliyya and shared by the BDS movement and multiple other sites, the statement was translated to Spanish by delegation member […]

Godfather of Color Revolutions: Is George Soros the Most Dangerous Man Alive?

Of course you’ve heard the name “George Soros,” often invoked as a sort of folk demon on the American and international right, it’s likely that you have some vague notion of why you think he’s a bad guy, or maybe you think the whole thing is a bunch of hype. However, if you’re a freedom […]

Communities Of Color Want Wood Pellet Byproducts Out Of Their Neighborhoods

Above Photo: The Raging Grannies gathered at Halifax Mall to protest, singing songs like “Where is Cooper?”. Ellie Heffernan. And out of their lungs. Belinda Joyner describes her home of Northampton County as a dumping ground for undesirable uses—hog farms, landfills. Northampton was also slated to host the Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s compressor station before the project was canceled. […]

First conference for Jews of color to mark yahrzeit for George Floyd

(JTA) — Across America, people whose lives changed when George Floyd was killed are planning to mark the one-year anniversary of his death this month. Floyd’s family is working to rebrand the date, May 25, as “Day of Enlightenment” because of how many people were awakened to issues of racial injustice by seeing video footage of […]

First Jew of color to lead American Jewish museum resigns, cites racism

Gugulethu Moyo’s speech this week at a conference for staff members at American Jewish museums was supposed to help chart an optimistic future for the field. Moyo had planned to talk about how to cultivate leaders from marginalized groups in museums, drawing on her experience as the first Jew of color to head a Jewish […]

Another Man Of Color Was Murdered By Police Outside Of Minneapolis

Above photo: Kim Hyatt. Not just one bad apple. Police in Minnesota shot and killed Daunte Wright Sunday afternoon. As protesters gathered, the police shot at them with rubber bullets. There is no reforming the racist, murderous police. Please note: this is a developing story. This article will be updated as information is released. (April […]

‘Sacrifice zones’: How people of color are targets of environmental racism

Image Credit: formulanone/Flickr This article was produced by Earth | Food | Life, a project of the Independent Media Institute. The Black Lives Matter movement and the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted how systemic racism disproportionately places danger and harm on low-income and minority populations. One harsh reality of this systemic racism is the existence of […]

Invisible Blue: The Color That Ancient People Could Not See

We have all been told to be ‘careful what we wish for’ or that we ‘only see what we look for’ and maybe some of you have had past partners who claimed that you ‘took them for granted and made them invisible’. The most conservative of us might deem these types of phrases as subjective […]

Something Is Iffy In Myanmar – Only Ten Days After The Coup There Is Already A U.S-Style Color Revolution Countering It

On February 1 the military of Myanmar, the Tatmadaw, launched a coup d’état. President Win Myint and State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi were detained, along with ministers and their deputies and members of the parliament. They were accused of some minor crimes and will be kept off the streets for some time. Aung San […]

Globalist Coup in Myanmar in Progress as Globalists Attempt Color Revolution to Enforce Vote Steal

A globalist coup in Myanmar is in progress as globalists line up hapless useful idiots on the streets to defend a recent vote steal that took place in the country. Students and teachers lined up at the behest of the globalists to defend the vote steal and demand the military allow the election to be […]

Dress Rehearsal Of Color Revolution In Russia

South Front Anti-government protests under the pretext of the detention of the notorious Russian opposition leader Navalny took place in various cities across the country. They were characterized by underwhelming attendance, claims of grandeur and awkward attempts at spreading violence. Protests were immediately endorsed by the Washington establishment. Notably, the United States Embassy in Moscow […]

Jews of Color Say Count Us In

For generations, different communities and institutions have operated on their usually thoughtful core values, norms, systems and structures. Although these long-standing values and structures help maintain tradition, the groups not included in the community at the time of creation can subsequently encounter barriers when trying to engage with it. For Jews of Color, we can see […]

Pathbreaking: Jew of color to lead diversity group Be’chol Lashon

As the videos of George Floyd’s killing galvanized a historic wave of racial justice protests this past summer, the staff of one of the country’s leading organizations promoting Jews of color knew they had to make a big change.For two decades, Be’chol Lashon had pioneered programming by and for Jews of color. Inspired by a […]

U.S. Bishops Urge Shift in Focus from Skin Color to Character

The leader of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference (USCCB), Los Angeles Cardinal José Gomez, lamented Friday that unfortunately, in America it is still true that skin color often matters more than the “content of our character.” “For much of the past year, America has been reckoning with the legacy of slavery and the persistence of racial […]

America’s Color Revolution

January 07, 2021 by Paul Craig Roberts reposted on the Saker by permissionsource: The Establishment has imposed a color revolution on the American people.  Ekaterina Blinova is a journalist who reognized that a color revolution has occurred in America under the guise of a presidential election.–turn-us-political-landscape-into-one-party-system/ The Establishment used the Democrats for their purpose, because Trump […]

America’s Color Revolution (Coup Run Against President Trump)-Establishment VS American People

January 7, 2021 | Categories: Articles & Columns | Tags: | Print This Article America’s Color Revolution Pandering to the Establishment Now Ubiquitous Paul Craig Roberts The Establishment has imposed a color revolution on the American people.  Ekaterina Blinova is a journalist who reognized that a color revolution has occurred in America under the guise of a presidential election.–turn-us-political-landscape-into-one-party-system/  The Establishment used the […]

Jews of Color looks to conduct first-ever study on Jewish experience

The Jews of Color (JoC) Initiative  conducting a survey as part of a study to further “understand the lived experiences and perspectives of Jews of color in the United States.” “We want 1,000 Jews of color to share their stories by filling out the survey,” said Executive Director of the JoC Initiative Ilana Kaufman. “If […]

Rep. Rosa DeLauro: Hyde Amendment Discriminates Against Women of Color

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) said Tuesday the Hyde Amendment, which bans taxpayer funding of most abortions, is a “discriminatory policy” because many women of color lack the funding to obtain an abortion. During a hearing of a subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, DeLauro said in her opening statement that even though “Roe vs. Wade […]

Biden Will Not Commit to Naming Person of Color as AG, Defense Secretary

Joe Biden is refusing to commit to appointing a person of color as either attorney general or secretary of defense amid anger from diversity groups, who claim his transition team is ignoring core constituencies within the Democrat Party. Biden, who has been declared president-elect by multiple media outlets, was asked during a press conference in […]

Deep State Highjacks Election into Full-Blown ‘Color Revolution’

Posted on November 5, 2020 by martyrashrakat by TNA Video November 4, 2020 [embedded content] Dr. Duke Pesta interviews Alex Newman, Senior Editor of The New American, to discuss Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s apparently last-minute vote gains in Wisconsin and Michigan edging him closer to the White House. Newman discusses numerous irregularities in the vote tabulation […]

In living color: Israel’s Phytolon uses fermented yeast to make natural food dye

Israeli startup Phytolon has developed natural food coloring that combines plant genes with a fermentation process of the common yeast used to bake bread. “We produce natural food colors from plants, but without using plants and agriculture,” said Halim Jubran, co-founder and CEO of the Yokneam, Israel-based startup. “Our technology allows yeast, which has no […]

Here’s who really funding the Left’s color revolution against the Trump administration

FILE PHOTO: A demonstrator holds up a “Black Lives Matter” sign during a protest over the death of a Black man, Daniel Prude, after police put a spit hood over his head during an arrest on March 23, in Rochester, New York, U.S. September 6, 2020 © REUTERS / Brendan McDermid Michael Rectenwald is an […]

Let’s call it what it is: America’s first color revolution

Produced by the military/security complex, media, and Democrat Party Paul Craig Roberts I have provided evidence that the military/security complex, using the media and the Democrats, intends to turn the November election into a color revolution—  and   and .  The CIA is very experienced at color revolutions, having pulled them off in a number of countries where the existing […]

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