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The Knights of Malta

  Engineers of War (Knights of Malta) The Sovereign Military Order of the Malta (SMOM) is the oldest knighthood in the world and its headquarters is located in Rome at the Palazzo Malta and Magistral Villa of Malta. The SMOM is considered a sovereign entity under International Law and under the United Nations. The SMOM […]

Architects, Engineers & Scientists of EQORIA

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanism Agenda” from the top. SPM Some have emailed me to comment that I’ve made too much of Rothschild’s Matrix EQORIA being […]

The Dangers of the NSA Hiring Recently Laid Off Software Engineers, Is There a Better Path?

Feb 6 2023 I had written up a post a few weeks ago about the massive bubble burst in the big tech space leading to over 80,000+ layoffs this year (in 2023) alone, tracked by the website Now the NSA is looking to poach these software engineers in a hiring surge, reaching out through […]

Company Genetically Engineers Fruit Flies To Be “Biofactories” For Fake Meat Production

The biotech company Future Fields has notified the Canadian authorities of its intention to commercialize EntoEngine, a genetically modified fly. The flies are engineered to produce foreign proteins – in this case, growth factors, which are cell signaling molecules that play important roles in cell proliferation and development, for use in what Future Fields calls “cellular […]

Russian engineers make it alone and confirm it’s technological progress

September 05, 2022 Source by Batko Milacic Saki gas combined heat and power plant of the KRYMTETS company in Crimea From August 26 to 30, a group of international journalists had the opportunity to visit Crimea and see how the European Union sanctions affect Crimea. The author of this article was among that group of international […]

CIA Works For ZOG and Engineers Color “Revolutions” Like This One

Comment: ZOG means ZIONIST OCCUPIED GOVERNMENT. CIA is ALL ZIONISTS AT THE TOP AND THEY ARE SATANISTS TOO. THEY WORK FOR THE ZIONIST BRITISH ROYALTY AND EMPIRE aka Anglo-Dutch Empire. ZOG Color Revolution Ongoing in Kazakhstan infostormer – January 6, 20223WorldInteresting play by the ZOG beast.Read more Source

Smoking Gun Proof From NASA Software Engineers That Mars Rovers Are On Earth — Not On Mars

The “Mars” rover has been in the news this week — this time NASA is claiming that the rover is able to collect rock samples from the surface of Mars — and will eventually transfer those rock samples on to a module and return them to Earth for examination — allegedly sometime in the 2030s. […]

Why we need engineers who study ethics as much as maths

Image Credit: Reuters The recent apartment building collapse in Miami, Florida, is a tragic reminder of the huge impacts engineering can have on our lives. Disasters such as this force engineers to reflect on their practice and perhaps fundamentally change their approach. Specifically, we should give much greater weight to ethics when training engineers. Engineers […]

In oil-rich Iraq, these female petrochemical engineers are bucking norms and taking rig site jobs

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

Gleeful Jew Social Engineers: Chinese Virus Measures Are Destroying the Birthrate, Making Women ‘Sexualize’ Themselves More

The Jew World Order is starting to show its true hand behind all these fake coronavirus measures: destroy the birth rate, make women into camwhores, men into porn addicts, everyone reliant on the Big Brother government. Daily Mail: Psychological fallout from the pandemic will cause birth rates to drop, people to stay single for longer […]

6 Ways Roman Engineers Were Way Ahead of Their Time

Ancient Roman engineers were able to construct many different kinds of remarkable structures which have stood the test to time. In many places around the world we can still see and admire their incredible knowledge of engineering and technology. This shows us that the ancient Roman engineers had a superb understanding of how to build […]

95% of IT “Engineers” in India Incapable, New Report Reveals

A new report by Aspiring Minds, the world’s largest employability assessment company, has revealed that over 95 percent of all IT “engineers” in India are incapable of basic programming—shattering the myth of Indian “IT expertise” and destroying the controlled media’s often-repeated claim that engineers from that country are urgently needed to “boost the skill sets of […]

Propaganda & Manipulation: How Mass Media Engineers and Distorts Our Perceptions

The presentation before by Dr Jerry Kroth was first published in 2013, but it offers to solid framework with which to compare western corporate media propaganda surrounding 9/11 and Iraq War – to contemporary western propaganda currently being deployed in order to demonize Russia through MH17 and The Skripal Affair, as well as routine ‘chemical […]

Engineers 3-D Print Shape-Shifting Smart Gel

Rutgers engineers have invented a “4D printing” method for a smart gel that could lead to the development of “living” structures in human organs and tissues, soft robots and targeted drug delivery. The 4D printing approach here involves printing a 3D object with a hydrogel (water-containing gel) that changes shape over […]

Tech revolution in the making? Engineers 3D print shape shifting materials (VIDEO)

Researchers at Rutgers University invented their 4D printing approach by combining a 3D object with temperature-responsive hydrogel. As temperatures change, so too does the shape of the object. For the experiment, they used a lithography-based technique, involving printing layers of a special resin containing hydrogel and other chemicals, to create a chess piece. The chess […]

VIDEO: BREAKING – Twitter Engineers “To Ban A Way Of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning”

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Twitter Engineers to ‘Ban a Way of Talking’ Through ‘Shadow Banning,’ Algorithms to Censor Opposing Political Opinions

In the latest undercover Project Veritas video investigation, current and former Twitter employees are on camera explaining steps the social media giant is taking to censor political content that they don’t like. This video release follows the first undercover Twitter exposé Project Veritas released on January 10th which showed Twitter Senior Network Security Engineer Clay […]

Engineers develop a programmable "camouflaging" material

     Woods Hole, Mass.-For the octopus and cuttlefish, instantaneously changing their skin color and pattern to disappear into the environment is just part of their camouflage prowess. These animals can also swiftly and reversibly morph their skin into a textured, 3D surface, giving the animal a ragged outline that mimics seaweed, coral, or other objects […]

Watching The Hawks – Apocalypse Engineers & The New Human Rights

Watching The Hawks – Apocalypse Engineers & The New Human Rights Watching The On this episode of Watching the Hawks Tabetha Wallace and Tyrel Ventura interview author Dick Russell and editor Robert Kennedy Jr about their new book Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Then they welcome author and founder of the Zeitgeist Movement Peter Joseph […]

With No Compelling Reason Climate Engineers Will Block the Sun in 2018

Climate Engineering Scientist Explains How to Create Global Warming by Over-seeding Cirrus Clouds. (Source) Submitted by Dylan Jones 4/25/2017 Gabriel’s Trumpet – Part 1 – Bluebeard’s door “The false trumpet concealing madness will cause Byzantium to change its laws” Michele de Nostradame At the time of this writing, preparations are being made for the first […]

Without Compelling Reason Climate Engineers Will Block the Sun in 2018

Climate Engineering Scientist Explains How to Create Global Warming by Over-seeding Cirrus Clouds. (Source)   Submitted by Dylan Jones 4/25/2017 Gabriel’s Trumpet – Part 1 – Bluebeard’s door “The false trumpet concealing madness will cause Byzantium to change its laws” Michele de Nostradame At the time of this writing, preparations are being made for the […]

Syria Peace Talks to Continue ‘as Planned’ into Next Week: UN Envoy

Local Editor The UN envoy mediating a resolution to the crisis in Syria today announced that the latest round of peace talks will continue as planned through Wednesday, despite reports that the Saudi-led delegation could suspend its official participation. “Bottom line, I plan to continue the proximity talks both at formal level and at technical […]

Official Report: Nevada Prison Guards Blamed For Fatal Shooting of Inmates (Update)

The Employee Misconduct Adjudication Reports specified six allegations against Correctional Officer Jeff Castro for neglect of duty, insubordination, unauthorized use of force, false statements and unbecoming conduct that brought the Corrections Department “negative media attention.” Correctional Officer Isaiah Smith was written up for three allegations of neglect of duty and false statements for failing to […]

Man to Return Millions of Dollars for Scamming People with Online Prayers

Man to repay money he got from fake prayer service As part of an agreement with law enforcement officials, a Seattle (WA) man will pay back as much as $7.75 million for scamming people with a fake online prayer service. Attorney General Bob Ferguson said over 160,000 customers were victims of […]

White Pastor Hunts Down Black Who Robbed Church on Palm Sunday

Daily Stormer March 28, 2016 What kinda person robs a church???? Oh, right – the Blacks! ABC 10: After the offering tray at his Stockton church was robbed Sunday, the pastor took matters into his own hands to track down the alleged thief. The theft happened around 11 a.m. at the First Presbyterian Church at […]

ARPA-E Batteries to Challenge Tesla?

ARPA-E Batteries to Challenge Tesla? March 3rd, 2016 Disclosure: I sell solar Power systems in New Zealand. — If you’re interested in energy generation and storage technologies that will actually be for sale in the near to medium term, you can safely ignore most […]

Another New Year

So this is Christmas and what have you done? another year over and a new one just begun. ~John Lennon. When I think about this time of year I’m reminded of the fantasy story about a baby Jew born of a virgin mother. Only to be crucified at the age of thirty three at […]

NHS rationing ‘is denying patients care’ as cash crisis deepens

Patients are being denied mental health care, new hips and knees, and drugs to boost their recovery from illnesses including cancer as the NHS increasingly rations treatments to try to overcome its growing cash crisis. A survey of doctors reveals that three-quarters said they had seen care rationed in their area over the last year […]

Vienna talks: 19 global powers to work to establish nationwide Syria ceasefire

Still, terrorists must not be given a chance to seize power in the country, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said during a press conference, adding that this understanding is shared by all 19 parties attending the talks. The truce is not going to be applicable to Islamic State extremists and other terrorists, Lavrov said. A comprehensive […]

NASA analyzes powerful Cyclone Chapala’s rainfall over the Arabian Sea

A recent study led by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Goodrich Chair of Excellence Thanos Papanicolaou could very well change the way we view the health of our nation’s soil, even potentially altering history books. Source Article from

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