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Cummins Fined $1.6 Billion Over Allegations It Outfitted Dodge Rams With Software To Cheat Emissions

Cummins Fined $1.6 Billion Over Allegations It Outfitted Dodge Rams With Software To Cheat Emissions Engine manufacturer Cummins is facing $1.6 billion in fines after allegations that “it outfitted hundreds of thousands of trucks with software to defeat pollution controls,” according to The Cooldown.  The DOJ took time off from prosecuting J6ers and President Trump […]

Cyberattack breaches software platform used by 12 ministries in Norway

(NaturalNews) Hackers have exploited a vulnerability linked to mobile device management systems to gather information from several organizations in Norway and… Source

FBI has been testing facial recognition software on Americans for YEARS without their knowledge or consent

(Natural News) The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is suing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for illegally spying on and surveilling Americans using advanced facial recognition software. Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), in speaking to The Washington Post about the suit, explained that Americans deserve to be able to go about their lives in peace… […]

Tesla recalls 362,758 vehicles over Full Self-Driving software safety concerns

Tesla has issued a recall of its Full Self-Driving software, an advanced driver-assistance system that federal safety regulators say could allow vehicles to act unsafe around intersections and cause crashes. Tesla said it is recalling certain 2016–2023 Model S, Model X; 2017–2023 Model 3; and 2020–2023 Model Y vehicles equipped with Full Self-Driving Beta (FSD […]

How to choose a construction software company?

When running a construction business, having the right software can significantly impact your company’s efficiency and profitability. Many types of construction software are available, so it can be challenging to know which is best for your business. This article will look at some of the top options to help you make an informed decision. How […]

The Dangers of the NSA Hiring Recently Laid Off Software Engineers, Is There a Better Path?

Feb 6 2023 I had written up a post a few weeks ago about the massive bubble burst in the big tech space leading to over 80,000+ layoffs this year (in 2023) alone, tracked by the website Now the NSA is looking to poach these software engineers in a hiring surge, reaching out through […]

Greek government did not engage with illegal spying software: EU Parliament Inquiry

The Greek government did not engage in the use of illegal spying software concluded an EU Parliamentary inquiry following the recent scandal involving a Greek Opposition Party parliamentarian who accused the Mitsotakis government of spying on him. The European Parliament’s Committee of Inquiry to investigate the use of Pegasus and equivalent surveillance spyware (PEGA) that met… […]

Secretive Geofence Surveillance Software Being Snapped Up By Law Enforcement

Fog Reveal hoovers up cell phone location data by tracking ad ids and pings from local censors, and then sells it to law enforcement. It doesn’t require a search warrant but can display your pattern of life within minutes. Its use is seldom mentioned in court cases; one spokesman said, “The success lies in the […]

Law firm mulls class action over NDIS software provider data breach

Australia is literally a legal basket case, where the ‘brotherhood’ has tentacles in all tiers of government, that being the Executive, Parliament and Judicature. The courts are subservient to internal and external entities referred to as stakeholders, as described in an employment advertisement. See document within the article:  The external stakeholders are banks and financial […]

Law firm mulls class action over NDIS software provider data breach

Australia is literally a legal basket case, where the ‘brotherhood’ has tentacles in all tiers of government, that being the Executive, Parliament and Judicature. The courts are subservient to internal and external entities referred to as stakeholders, as described in an employment advertisement. See document within the article:  The external stakeholders are banks and financial […]


[embedded content]… ‘Blackrock has a secret weapon that has made it the most powerful company in the world: Aladdin.  ‘If you’re ever wondered how Artificial Intelligence could impact our lives, here’s the answer.  ‘Aladdin is the brainchild of Larry Fink, and it already controls more assets than the GDP than the US.  ‘It’s growing by […]

When This 22-Year-Old Graduated From MIT, He Thought He’d Be a Software Engineer. Instead, He Launched a Company That’s Shaking up the College-Admissions Game.

As accusations of inequality and test-center closures threaten the SAT’s stronghold on college admissions, Next Admit CEO and co-founder Gohar Khan says ‘intangibles’ like essays and interviews are more likely to make or break an application By Amanda Breen  For decades now, the competition for spots at prestigious U.S. colleges has been fierce, and the odds […]

Smoking Gun Proof From NASA Software Engineers That Mars Rovers Are On Earth — Not On Mars

The “Mars” rover has been in the news this week — this time NASA is claiming that the rover is able to collect rock samples from the surface of Mars — and will eventually transfer those rock samples on to a module and return them to Earth for examination — allegedly sometime in the 2030s. […]

Russia Blames Space Station Thruster Mishap On Software Failure

MOSCOW (AP) — A Russian space official on Friday blamed a software problem on a newly docked science lab for briefly knocking the International Space Station out of position. The space station lost control of its orientation for 47 minutes on Thursday, when Russia’s Nauka science lab accidentally fired its thrusters a few hours after […]

John McAfee, software pioneer turned fugitive, dead at 75

John McAfee the outlandish security software pioneer who tried to live life as a hedonistic outsider while running from a host of legal troubles, was found dead in his jail cell near Barcelona on Wednesday. His death came just hours after a Spanish court announced that it had approved his extradition to the United States […]

‘Unbiased’ Computer Software Learns To Decipher Australian Rock Art

Archaeologists in the Wilton River area of Australia have used computer software to read and understand Australian rock art from over a thousand years ago. The software was trained to spot different rock art styles, which were broadly labeled “Northern Running figures,” “Dynamic Figures,” “Post Dynamic figures” and “Simple figures with Boomerangs.” The Australian rock […]

Moderna’s top scientist said in a 2017 lecture: ‘We are actually hacking the software of life’

Comments by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News Veteran investigative reporter Leo Hohmann has discovered a 2017 Ted Talk presentation by Dr. Tal Zaks, the chief medical officer at Moderna Inc., where he clearly explains in layperson’s language just what the mRNA technology does in vaccines. (Thanks to Patrick Wood of Technocracy News for publishing this.) […]

Arizona’s $24-Million Prison Management Software Is Keeping People Locked Up Past The End Of Their Sentences

The Arizona Department of Corrections is depriving inmates of freedom they’ve earned. Its $24 million tracking software isn’t doing what it’s supposed to when it comes to calculating time served credits. That’s according to whistleblowers who’ve been ignored by the DOC and have taken their complaints to the press. Here’s Jimmy Jenkins of KJZZ, who […]

MHRA urgently seeks software tool to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reactions – Tenders Electronic Daily

Thanks to the FlyingCuttlefish blog for this link. At 9 minutes in the video hear immunologist and toxicologist Prof. Stefan Hockertz give evidence about the untested Pfizer vaccine for covid to the German Corona Committee, which includes lawyer Reiner Fuellmich. TRANSCRIPT: It is about “vaccines that could eventually be compulsory or forced on us by […]

BOMBSHELL New Evidence: Dominion Voting Software Was Used By China To Rig Election For Democrats

Bombshell new evidence filed by Attorney Sidney Powell proves that Communist China and Iran had backdoor access to the Dominion voting software used in the 2020 election. On Thanksgiving eve, brave attorney Sidney Powell filed a 104-page lawsuit detailing how both China and Iran rigged the election in favor of the Democratic Party so that […]

CIA Head Gina Haspel ‘Should Be Fired’ Over Election Software ‘Glitches’, Trump Lawyer Says. CIA Represents Organized Crime Syndicate Running & Ruining America.

© AP Photo / Jose Luis Magana2020 UNITED STATES PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION11:59 GMT 16.11.2020Get short URLby Oleg Burunov479718Subscribe Earlier on Monday, President Donald Trump claimed he had “won the 2020 election”, also publishing a series of tweets, in which he lambasted “radical left-owned Dominion voting systems”. Although the official tally from the election is yet to be […]

Dominion Software Deleted Over 2.7 Million Votes Nationwide, Switched Over 500,000 From Trump to Biden

As more evidence of Dominion software vote theft continues to emerge, President Trump has tweeted a bombshell news item, stemming from a data analysis of the raw vote log transaction data: “REPORT: DOMINION DELETED 2.7 MILLION TRUMP VOTES NATIONWIDE. DATA ANALYSIS FINDS 221,000 PENNSYLVANIA VOTES SWITCHED FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP TO BIDEN. 941,000 TRUMP VOTES DELETED. […]

Suspect AI Software Verified Mail-In Ballots With Little Human Oversight in Key Battleground States

Though accusations of election fraud in the 2020 US presidential election have been swirling across social media and some news outlets for much of the past week, few have examined the role of a little known Silicon Valley company whose artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm was used to accept or reject ballots in highly contested states […]

“Operation Scorecard” CIA-Run Vote Theft Software Was Running In EVERY Swing State… “Glitches” Switched Votes From Trump To Biden

227 Shares Natural News published a breaking story that was originally uncovered by Dave Janda (, detailing the use of CIA-developed software to steal votes by intercepting voting machines and switching Trump votes to Biden votes. That story is entitled, “RED ALERT: Dems collude with CIA to launch intelligence operation that ALTERS voting machine results […]

CIA has software that can alter votes.. (Was it used lately?)

via From Cat McGuire: Listen to retired USAF Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney explain how the CIA has special software that can alter votes –  7 min video This tool has been around. I had heard about it, but looks like its being trotted out again.   Read this analysis to see how it very well […]

Report Confirms Deep Flaws Of Automated Facial Recognition Software In The UK, Warns Its Use In The US Is Spreading

Now Big Brother Watch has produced a report bringing together everything we know about the use by UK police of automated facial recognition software (pdf), and its deep flaws. The report supplements that information with analyses of the legal and human rights framework for such systems, and points out that facial recognition algorithms often disproportionately misidentify […]

Find the Best Software for Starting Own Online Casino

More and more people prefer virtual world to the real one these days. It is not a surprise at all as a person can find and do almost anything in the web. Of course entertainment is not an exception. Moreover, lots of users give preference to online gambling institutions where […]

Software-powered medical diagnosis already more reliable than "subjective" diagnoses from human doctors

(Natural News) British researchers have developed a new imaging technology for analyzing tumor biopsies. Furthermore, they claim their Digistain technology enjoys greater reliability compared to subjective diagnoses by human health professionals, according to an article in ScienceDaily. The Imperial College London (Imperial) research team promised that their new method can reduce the subjectivity […]

New Surveillance Camera Software Allows Law Enforcement To Identify Groups Of People In Real-Time

By MassPrivateI Imagine walking down a public street on your way to dinner with your family; now imagine police knowing exactly who you are and the names and ages of every family member. But wait, it gets worse because the surveillance doesn’t stop there. Once you have entered the restaurant, police can use […]

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