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HAARP’s Aurora Switch Was Turned on Last Week to Create “Artificial Airglows”

by Rhoda Wilson AI search summaries show that on the same day the aurora borealis was seen across the northern hemisphere, HAARP was running experiments to artificially create aurora-like glows or “airglow” in the ionosphere. The aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights, has been a spectacular sight in the night sky recently. On […]

How Israel turned hospitals into ‘military targets’ by lying about international law

The bar for hospitals to lose protected status under international law is set very high. Those conditions were not met for any of the 36 hospitals in Gaza that Israel destroyed. Source

15 Covid Vaccine ‘Conspiracy Theories’ That Turned Out To Be Conspiracy Facts

Whenever the establishment uses the term “conspiracy theory” and order the mainstream media to smear anybody daring to ask questions about an issue, there is a very high chance the issue they are talking about will later be confirmed as a conspiracy fact. After all, the term “conspiracy theory” was coined by the CIA to […]

HAARP Turned On! Feeling like a Rat in A Cage Yet? (Video)


The Deep State is Very Real… It has Officially Turned on Joe Biden (VIDEO)

The Deep State is Very Real… It has Officially Turned on Joe Biden (VIDEO) Source

Sayyed al-Houthi: US starving Gaza, turned Red Sea into battlefield

 January 25, 2024 Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English The leader of the Ansar Allah movement highlights the US’ direct role in war crimes against Palestinians in his latest address. The leader of the Yemeni Ansar Allah movement, Sayyed Abul-Malik al-Houthi, lambasted the United States for its role in supplementing and supporting the ongoing […]

‘They’ve all turned their backs on her’: Haley hosts a homecoming in a hostile state

NORTH CHARLESTON, South Carolina — Nikki Haley returned to South Carolina on Wednesday as a political outcast in her own home. Seeking to regain her footing a day after her defeat in the New Hampshire primary, the former South Carolina governor urged supporters at a rally here to show up for her as they had […]

15 COVID “Conspiracy Theories” That Turned Out to Be True

The term “conspiracy theory” was initially used by the CIA to shut down those who doubted the official line about the murder of John F. Kennedy. But it turns out that what authorities deem to be “conspiracy theories” actually end up being true more often than they would like to admit. Here are 15 such […]

The Israeli-Created Monster Called Hamas Has Turned Against Its Master

  Scott Ritter delivers a devastating analysis Netanyahu’s failed Gaza war.   Politicians are grower bolder against Kikestan!   Obadiah’s prophecy against Edom is coming to pass! The post The Israeli-Created Monster Called Hamas Has Turned Against Its Master appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

Zionism Has Turned Jews into a Fifth Column

Zionism expects Jews to support Israel,  often at the expense of the national interests  of the countries in which they live. Foreword by Joseph Agassi, Professor of Philosophy, Tel Aviv University ( Quite a few people in nineteenth-century Europe practiced both secularism and religion. Others practiced secularism in lieu of religion. This is how nationalism […]

Girl drank silica and turned into stone

In 1874 a 16 year old girl turned from happy and lively to dead and literally petrified in less than an hour. This investigation and forensic exam was very well detailed carried out by a team of physicians….as it was never seen before it seems. She did a crazy thing that I will explain then […]

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 44: WHO says Israel turned Al-Shifa Hospital into ‘death zone,’ thousands of Palestinians ‘humiliated’ as they flee to southern Gaza

Casualties 12,012 killed*, including 4,900 children, and 32,300 wounded in Gaza 215 Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem Israel revises its estimated October 7 death toll down from 1,400 to 1,200 *This figure covers the casualties from October 7 to November 16. Due to breakdowns in communication networks within the Gaza Strip […]

‘Israel’ massacres 200 refugees in UN schools-turned-shelters

November 18, 2023  Source: Agencies Israeli occupation forces commit two additional massacres at al-Fakhoura and Tal al-Zaatar schools, where forcibly displaced Palestinians were taking refuge. The aftermath of the second strike on the Jabalia refugee camp on October 31 (AFP) By Al Mayadeen English Following the restoration of communication after the blackout, reporters confirmed that […]

Netanyahu Admits He Turned Israel Into ‘Covid Vaccine Lab’ for Pfizer

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently admitted that in late 2020 he had turned Israel into a giant human “laboratory for Pfizer”. During an February 2023 interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson, he revealed that he had used the Israeli people as guinea pigs by exchanging their medical and genetic data for Pfizer’s Covid-19 experimental ‘vaccines’. […]

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 32: UN warns Israel has turned Gaza into “graveyard for children” as attack enters second month 

South Africa recalls ambassador from Tel Aviv, and Jordan warns expelling Palestinians is “declaration of war”. Nearly one million Palestinians are still living in northern Gaza where fighting intensified between resistance fighters and Israeli forces.  Source

Nolte: Woke Marvel Turned ‘Blade’ Into Women’s Film ‘Filled with Life Lessons’

The Disney Grooming Syndicate had originally planned to release Marvel’s reboot of “Blade” this year. You won’t believe the madness that has held it up. Actually, you will… Source

Exclusive – Even Though He Is Hosting Fundraiser for Nikki Haley, Gary Cohn Has Not Turned Against Donald Trump

Gary Cohn, the former president of Goldman Sachs who served in former President Donald Trump’s White House, may be hosting a fundraiser for Trump rival Nikki Haley later this month — but he’s not turning against his old boss.  Source

From San Diego to Gaza: Sniper-turned-Cantor Joins the Fight Against Hamas

JERUSALEM, Israel — Hanan Leberman, 37, is a father of two. He is an aspiring opera singer, and a cantor for a synagogue in San Diego, California. He is also a reservist in the special forces of the Israeli military. Source

MEET MICHAEL HAYDEN: Deep State Spy Chief Turned Media Blacklister

Michael Hayden was in the news recently over comments he made about Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville. Meet the MAGA-bashing former CIA and NSA chief who has become an “advisor” with the media blacklisting organization NewsGuard. Source

Gaza ice cream trucks turned into morgues

Hospitals in Gaza have resorted to using ice cream trucks as make-shift morgues with dead bodies overflowing amidst electricity blackouts. Israel’s air strikes on the Gaza Strip have killed more than 2,000 Palestinians who are currently trapped in the besieged Strip. Israeli authorities have also cut electricity, fuel and water to the Strip’s population of […]

Lobbyist-turned-novelist set to unleash ‘A Feeding Frenzy in Washington’

A Washington lobbyist-turned-congressional candidate-turned author is having a feeding frenzy with what goes down on Capitol Hill, releasing a new book his team calls a “laugh-filled work of fiction that exposes how Congress really works.” George Franklin spent decades in the halls of the Capitol as the Kellogg Company’s vice president of worldwide government affairs.… […]

WE ARE AT WAR – Make no mistake, our long trusted agencies have turned against us and soon life as you know it will become unrecognizable

From Many people still haven’t woken up to the fact that we are in the fight of our lives, mainly because the aggressors are agencies that we’ve long trusted. But make no mistake, they’ve turned against us and soon life as you know it will become unrecognizable. The worst part? They won’t care if […]

ABC: Senate Hearing on ‘Banned Books’ ‘Turned Racy’ When GOP Sen. Read From Some ‘Banned Books’

During a report aired on Wednesday’s broadcast of ABC’s “America This Morning,” the network stated that the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on which books children should have access to on Tuesday “turned racy at one point” when Sen. John Kennedy Source

Report: Elon Musk ‘Turned Off’ Starlink to Thwart Ukrainian Drone Attack on Crimea

A new biography on Elon Musk claims that Musk “secretly ordered his engineers to turn off his company’s Starlink satellite communications network near the Crimean coast last year to disrupt a Ukrainian sneak attack on the Russian naval fleet,” though Musk himself said he actually declined a request to turn additional satellites on. Source

Following COVID treatment with antiviral drug favipiravir, baby boy’s dark-brown eyes turned bright BLUE

(NaturalNews) The eyes of an unnamed infant from Thailand changed color from dark brown to bright blue after the boy was given an antiviral drug treatment called… Source

MSNBC’s Jason Johnson: GOP Has Turned into a Terrorist ‘Religious Cult’ Called ‘MAGA’

MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson said Tuesday on “Deadline” that the Republican Party was now a terrorist religious cult called “MAGA.” Source

Intelligence officer-turned-whistleblower reveals U.S. government found “non-human biologics” at crash sites but Pentagon covered it up

(NaturalNews) A former military intelligence officer-turned-whistleblower testified under oath in front of House lawmakers exposing that the United States defense… Source

A heat wave and no electricity has turned most houses in Gaza into furnaces

The Gaza power crisis has worsened over the summer, as demand for electricity during an unprecedented heat wave has led to even more drastic rationing. Source

UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine: Israel has turned all of Palestine into ‘an open-air prison’ to further annexation plans

Francesca Albanese’s June report to the UN Human Rights Council says Israel uses physical, bureaucratic, military, and surveillance means to “de-Palestinianize” the occupied territory, threatening “the existence of the Palestinians as a people.” Source

Iran-China agreements turned into specified projects

TEHRAN- The agreements signed between Iran and China during President Raisi’s trip to Beijing in mid-February were turned into specified projects during the two countries’ joint cooperation committee meeting, the Iranian finance and economic affairs minister announced. Ehsan Khandouzi left Tehran for Beijing on Wednesday night to attend the Iran-China Joint Cooperation Committee meeting, which […]

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