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Nolte: NBC News Projects GOP Wins House of Representatives 219-216

In its latest projection, far-left NBC News says the Republican party will narrowly win the House by a 219 to 216 margin. Source

Nolte: Looks Like Mitch McConnell Wants to Lose Winnable NH Senate Seat

Just a few days after U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced he would pull his Senate Leadership Fund PAC out of New Hampshire on the 25th, two polls showed the Republican candidate surging into what is now virtually a tied race. Source

Nolte: Months-Old, Non-Woke ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Top Gun’ Top Labor Day Weekend Box Office

How hungry are Americans for non-woke movies? So hungry that the non-woke Spider-Man: No Way Home and non-woke Top Gun: Maverick are this weekend’s kings at the box office.

Nolte: Disgraced Olivia Wilde Says Her Movie Villain Is Based on Jordan Peterson

Disgraced director Olivia Wilde says the villain in her upcoming movie is based on Dr. Jordan Peterson. To hype her upcoming movie, Don’t Worry Darling, Wilde has been cheating on her fiance and telling lies about firing Shia LaBeouf. Now, to try and salvage her woke credentials, which she knows will help her movie receive […]

Nolte: Hollywood Critics Association Exposed as Bunch of Babies

So something called the Hollywood Critics Association (HCA) launched a couple of years ago, and now the woketards are destroying it from within. Yes, this is a feel-good story. The HCA was founded by two white guys who wanted to start a “critics group that, unlike most others, would be gender balanced and racially diverse.” […]

Nolte: Woke Blacklisters Furious over John Depp’s MTV Appearance

America’s woke blacklisters are furious over Johnny Depp’s appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night.

Nolte: Survey Shows America Has Least-Trusted Media on Planet Earth

According to a massive survey that looked at the state of media all across the world, America has the least-trusted media on Planet Earth.

Nolte: Media Fail as More Voters Trust Republicans to Protect Democracy

More voters trust the GOP to protect democracy than they do Democrats.

Nolte: Subscriber Cancellations Force Biggest Newspaper Chain to Reduce Opinion

Gannett, America’s largest newspaper chain, is cutting back on telling its readers what to think due to what must be an alarming number of subscription cancellations.

Nolte: Joe Biden’s Job Approval Plummets to Record Low of 38 Percent

The bottom continues to fall out of His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s approval ratings, with Rasmussen Reports showing Hunter’s Dad sitting at just 38 percent approval, which ties his record low in this specific poll.

Nolte: Of Course, Hollywood Romanticizes Guns and Shooting People

Sulu and Wonder Woman want it both ways. They want you and I to live under the tyranny of gun-grabbing while they not only enjoy the artistic freedom to glamorize shooting people.

Nolte: Woke-Free ‘Top Gun 2’ Cruising to $400 Million Domestic Haul

Three weekends after its release, “Top Gun: Maverick” — a woke-free, patriotic ode to excellence, masculinity, the racial melting pot, and smug-free blockbuster entertainment — continues to over-perform.

Nolte: Johnny Depp Is a Civil Rights Hero

Actor Johnny Depp should be remembered as a civil rights hero, a man who refused to blink in the face of a fascist culture out to destroy all men.

Nolte: Joe Biden Exploits Dead Kids to Distract from His ‘Multiple Crises’

Radical, demented Joe Biden exploited dead children to distract from the “multiple crises” deliberately created by this White House.

Nolte: Police Drop Probe of Actor Noel Clarke — Months After #MeToo ‘McCarthyism’ Wrecked His Career

Ten months after his career and reputation were dismantled by the #MeToo Reign of Terror, British actor Noel Clarke says he’s a victim of modern-day “McCarthyism.”

Nolte: Masculine, Pro-American ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Blasts to $146M Opening, Towers over Woke Flops

‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ a masculine, pro-American, stridently non-woke blockbuster, just blasted off to a $146 million opening weekend,

Nolte: Far-Left Daily Beast Grovels Apology to Hunter Laptop Whistleblower

In the wake of a coming lawsuit, the Daily Beast apologized to the man who blew the whistle on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Nolte: #MeToo McCarthyism Brings Down Ellen Degeneres

I wish Ellen Degeneres well and hope she remembers where true intolerance towards those who dare to be different comes from.  

Nolte: Democrats, Corporate Media Politically Bungle Another School Shooting

Watching Democrats and the corporate media blow themselves up in the wake of another school shooting is now the norm.

Nolte: CNN Admits ‘It’s Time to Prepare for a Recession’

CNN, a far-left propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and political violence, published a warning to its readers: “It’s time to prepare for a recession.”

Nolte: Study Shows Left-Wing Hollywood Is Still Super Racist

Another day, another study proving that one of the most left-wing institutions in the country is still staffed with unrepentant racists.

Nolte: Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Confirms MSNBC Gig

Former Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki — AKA Lyin’ Ginger — confirmed the fact that she is joining the NBC News family Tuesday because of course she is.

Nolte: Poll Shows Biden Losing Democrats on the Economy

The latest polling from the far-left Associated Press shows Joe Biden losing support from Democrats due to his mishandling of the economy.

Nolte: Fascist NPR Sets Up Snitch Hotline for Mask Offenses

Not only have the fascist welfare queens at NPR set up a snitch hotline for mask offenses, but the fascist welfare queens at NPR are also still forcing their employees to wear those useless masks.

Nolte: Get Woke, Go Broke — 7 Big Names in Pop Culture Burst the Left’s Bubble This Week

There is no greater threat to the Democrat Party than an open rebellion among their own high-profile elites, but that might be what we’re seeing.

Nolte: Vanity Fair Confirms Death of ‘Star Wars’ Film Franchise

Vanity Fair published a 90 gazillion word boot-lick to Disney’s Star Wars franchise that eventually sputters to a close with the only information that matters… As a film franchise, “Star Wars” is dead:

Nolte: National Democrats Have ‘Basically Written Off’ Winning in Florida

The news that His Fraudulency Joe Biden will allow people to send money to Cuba essentially means national Democrats have written off Florida as a potential win in the upcoming elections.

Nolte: Pro-Grooming Disney’s Favorability Rating Plummets 53 Points In One Year

In a new poll, far-left NBC News buried a devastating find about the shameless child grooming degenerates at Disney.

Nolte: Chris Rock Says ‘Believe All Women… Except Amber Heard’

Comedian Chris Rock took aim at the #MeToo fascists by ridiculing Amber Heard’s alleged bed-sh*tting incident.

Nolte: Woketard Alert — ‘Married… with Children’ Might Return

Married… with Children, the greatest sitcom in the history of sitcoms, is on the comeback trail with the four original stars, only this time it will be animated.

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