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Nolte: Migrant Pressure Forces Germany to Rename Anne Frank Daycare Center — Report

German media report that the Anne Frank Daycare Center in a small German town will be renamed because migrant parents objected Source

Nolte: Media Invent Preemptive Excuses for Disney’s ‘Marvels’ Flop

The Disney Grooming Syndicate’s latest Marvel entry, The Marvels, smells like it’s about to flop hard next week, and the eunuchs in the entertainment media are already inventing excuses to explain it away. Source

Nolte: Trump Stomps Biden in 5 Crucial Swing States Per NY Times Polling

Former President Donald Trump tops His Fraudulency Joe Biden in five of six crucial swing states, per polling from the far-left New York Times. Source

Nolte: Woke Marvel Turned ‘Blade’ Into Women’s Film ‘Filled with Life Lessons’

The Disney Grooming Syndicate had originally planned to release Marvel’s reboot of “Blade” this year. You won’t believe the madness that has held it up. Actually, you will… Source

Nolte: OH Dem Sherrod Brown’s Campaign Spent Thousands on Luxury Dining, Hotels

Nolte: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is in a tough reelection campaign and is still spending thousands on luxury dining and hotels. Source

Nolte: No Fentanyl or Meth Detected in Matthew Perry’s System — Report

This early substance report tracks with Perry’s claim that after decades of substance abuse, he had become sober again. Source

Nolte: Bidenflation — Netflix to Raise Prices Again

All I’m saying is this… before you pour all this money into a streaming service run by people who hate you, check out the free streamers. Source

Nolte: Weekend Box Office Crashes to 2023 Low

Hollywood is the only industry with an entire media ecosystem protecting it from any talk about its overall product quality. Source

Nolte: Larry Sabato Says WaPo Wrong to Publish Trump +10 Poll

Nolte: A Washington Post poll shows Trump beating Biden by ten points, and that gave Larry Sabato a case of the sadz. Source

Nolte: 56% of Virginians Want Porn Performer Susanna Gibson to Drop Out

According to this poll, the bottom is falling out of Susanna Gibson’s support. A plurality of 44 percent of Democrats want her to drop, while only 39 percent of Democrats say she should stick. Source

Nolte: Disgraced CNN Hits All-Time Weekend Ratings Low

No word yet if Jake “Virtuous” Tapper will quit in outrage over the very idea of working for a man credibly accused of shielding a serial child rapist. Source

Nolte: Illegals Turn Chicago’s O’Hare Airport into ‘Scene from Mad Max’

Thanks to a flood of Joe Biden’s illegal aliens, Chicago’s O’Hare Airport looks like a “scene from Mad Max,” says a local reporter. Source

Nolte: Joe Biden Finally Enforces a Border – Keeps Illegals in Texas to Shield Blue States

To protect blue cities from ruin, Joe Biden is about to enforce the Texas border to stop Illegals from leaving the state. Source

Nolte: Democrat Policies Turning Beverly Hills into Ghost Town

Democrats are destroying themselves to prove a point, and I’m all for it. Source

Nolte: Democrat-Run San Francisco Loses Nordstrom’s After 35 Years

This is all a choice, and it’s a choice made by the citizens of these doomed cities who choose to vote for Democrats. Source

Nolte: Disney Launches A.I. Task Force to Cut Costs

I’m honestly supposed to pretend to care if a bunch of marginally-talented, left-wing haters, groomers, perverts, and crybabies lose their jobs to a robot? Source

Nolte: The Late William Friedkin’s Four Masterpieces

Oscar-winning director William Friedkin, who died this week at 87, always seemed to be about 60 years old. Source

Nolte: Disney’s ‘Haunted Mansion’ Flops, ‘Sound of Freedom’ Tops ‘Mission: Impossible’

With Haunted Mansion’s dismal $24 million opening, the Disney Grooming Syndicate has been hit with another box office catastrophe. Source

Nolte: Disney’s ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Bombs over Long Fourth of July Weekend

The Disney Grooming Syndicate’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny failed to hit its lowball Fourth of July five-day weekend forecast.

Nolte: Oscar-Bait Movies are Also Flopping on Streaming Platforms

Americans are so turned off by Hollywood, Oscar-bait, and prestige films that they are not only flopping at the box office; they are being ignored at their respective streaming platforms. “While prestige films’ woes at the post-pandemic box office have been dissected at length, there’s been much less discussion of another side of the equation,” reports the far-left […]

Nolte: Trans Bishop Sues Lutheran Denomination for Harassment, Discrimination

The far-left Associated Press reports that the Rev. Megan Rohrer, who was “elected as the first openly transgender bishop of one of the largest Christian denominations in the country in May 2021,” is suing the “””” church”””” and claiming “he” was forced out “after enduring several months of discrimination and harassment.” I’m confused… “Megan” is a “he?” […]

Nolte: Cue Outrage After Girls Snubbed for Best Director Oscar

No girl received a nomination for Best Director, and now a lot of dumb people are angry and outraged. The nominations for the 95th Academy Awards were announced Tuesday, and in the genderless Best Director category, the ladies were snubbed. Instead of any chicks, the nominees are… Martin McDonagh – The Banshees of Inisherin Daniel […]

Nolte: Even Oscar Voters Are Avoiding This Year’s Oscar Bait

Every year, Hollywood offers what is called For Your Consideration (FYC) screenings. This year, no one is attending them. Source

Nolte: NBC News Projects GOP Wins House of Representatives 219-216

In its latest projection, far-left NBC News says the Republican party will narrowly win the House by a 219 to 216 margin. Source

Nolte: Looks Like Mitch McConnell Wants to Lose Winnable NH Senate Seat

Just a few days after U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced he would pull his Senate Leadership Fund PAC out of New Hampshire on the 25th, two polls showed the Republican candidate surging into what is now virtually a tied race. Source

Nolte: Months-Old, Non-Woke ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Top Gun’ Top Labor Day Weekend Box Office

How hungry are Americans for non-woke movies? So hungry that the non-woke Spider-Man: No Way Home and non-woke Top Gun: Maverick are this weekend’s kings at the box office.

Nolte: Disgraced Olivia Wilde Says Her Movie Villain Is Based on Jordan Peterson

Disgraced director Olivia Wilde says the villain in her upcoming movie is based on Dr. Jordan Peterson. To hype her upcoming movie, Don’t Worry Darling, Wilde has been cheating on her fiance and telling lies about firing Shia LaBeouf. Now, to try and salvage her woke credentials, which she knows will help her movie receive […]

Nolte: Hollywood Critics Association Exposed as Bunch of Babies

So something called the Hollywood Critics Association (HCA) launched a couple of years ago, and now the woketards are destroying it from within. Yes, this is a feel-good story. The HCA was founded by two white guys who wanted to start a “critics group that, unlike most others, would be gender balanced and racially diverse.” […]

Nolte: Woke Blacklisters Furious over John Depp’s MTV Appearance

America’s woke blacklisters are furious over Johnny Depp’s appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night.

Nolte: Survey Shows America Has Least-Trusted Media on Planet Earth

According to a massive survey that looked at the state of media all across the world, America has the least-trusted media on Planet Earth.

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