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RED ALERT! Migrant Processing Center in El Paso PACKED with Illegal Aliens – Nearly ALL are Military Age Males (VIDEO)

Migrant Processing Center in El Paso PACKED with Illegal Aliens – Nearly ALL are Military Age Males (VIDEO) Source

Afghan Migrant on Terrorist Watch List Apprehended at California Border

Border Patrol agents arrested a migrant from Afghanistan who was later determined to be on the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) watch list, according to a San Diego County elected official. The man reportedly crossed the border from Mexico on May Source

Josh Hawley Calls on FBI to Launch ‘Full-Scale’ Probe into 85K Migrant Children Missing on Joe Biden’s Watch

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) is calling on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to launch a “full-scale” investigation into the whereabouts of 85,000 migrant children who have been released into the United States under President Joe Biden but whom the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has lost all contact with. Source

Eric Adams: New York City Is Being ‘Destroyed’ by President Joe Biden’s Migrant Crisis

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) said President Joe Biden’s migrant crisis is “destroying” his city during a panel discussion in Washington, DC, hosted by the African American Mayors Association. Source

Crews Search for Missing Migrant After Rescuing 28 in Rough Seas Off Florida Coast

Coast Guard crews continue searching for a migrant who went missing after falling off a makeshift boat near the Florida Keys. Crews received information regarding migrants in the water and rescued 28 from the sea and a, un-seaworthy vessel. Source

Swden court protect Migrant who set fire to Mother and Girlfriend

Home » Crimes, Eurabia, Europe » Swden court protect Migrant who set fire to Mother and Girlfriend     The identity of the foreign man who last weekend murdered a mother in her 50s and an 18-year-old woman in an arson attack in a Stockholm suburb is being classified as secret. The Södertörn district court […]

Woman With Severe Mental Disability Raped by Illegal Migrant at French Psychiatric Hospital

An illegal migrant staying at a psychiatric hospital was arrested for raping a patient with a ‘severe mental deficiency’ last week in France, according to reports. The disturbing incident unfolded on Friday at a facility in Évreux, a commune in the department of Eure. Authorities were called by staffers after they learned a 24-year-old woman […]

EU concern over UK proposal to crack down on migrant boat arrivals

The British Prime Minister’s plans to crack down on illegal immigration must comply with international law. That’s the verdict of the EU Commission and interior ministers meeting in Brussels. Source

Somalian Migrant Convicted of Stabbing Her Own Baby to Death at Asylum Center in Germany

A migrant from Somalia has been convicted of murdering her own baby at a refugee accommodation center in Germany last year, according to reports. The horrifying incident took place in August in Geldersheim, a municipality in Bavaria. A Somalian national estimated to be 28-years-old was staying at a facility for asylum seekers with her 3-month-old […]

Migration Advocates Excuse, Downplay Teen Migrant ‘Brutal’ Work Abuse

Migration advocates claim to be shocked by the New York Times‘ admission that many teenage migrants are working in sometimes “brutal” jobs, but they also are trying to keep the migrants coming “I was particularly alarmed to learn that some of these children are working full adult shifts in food processing facilities and factories after school,” said Sen. Alex […]

2 Dead as Migrant Boat Capsizes Off Eastern Greek Island

ATHENS, Greece—At least two people drowned when an overloaded boat carrying nearly 30 migrants sank off Greece’s eastern Aegean Sea island of Kos Wednesday, authorities said. Greece’s coast guard said 24 people were rescued from the scene of the sinking, and a man and a woman were found dead. A coast guard statement added that […]

Police Use ‘Violence’ Against People Protesting Planned Migrant Centre in German Town

Police are said to have used “physical violence” against a crowd of protesters gathered outside a migrant centre in Germany. Source

At least 59 deaths including a baby in migrant boat tragedy off Italian coast

At least 59 people including a baby and other children have died after a boat attempting to land them in southern Italy broke up and sank Source

Migrant Boat Breaks Apart Off Italy; Dozens Dead, 80 Survive

Th overcrowded boat smashed into rocky reefs and broke apart before dawn Sunday. Dozens more could be missing, survivors have indicated. Source

Migrant boat breaks apart off southern coast of Italy; dozens dead

Bodies have washed up along the coast near the town of Crotone, in Calabria, Italy after a boat carrying over 100 migrants broke apart. Source

France: Illegal Migrant Arrested for Killing Host During Dispute Over Religion

    An illegal migrant previously known to authorities was arrested for stabbing his host to death during an argument over religion this week in France, according to reports. The horrifying incident unfolded during the overnight hours between Tuesday and Wednesday in Poitiers, a city in the department of Vienne. A man notified police that […]

Pursuit at Germany-France Border After Turkish Migrant Steals Car With Disabled Child Inside

    A Turkish migrant previously known to authorities is suspected of stealing a car with a disabled child inside and fleeing from Germany into France, hitting more than a dozen vehicles along the way, according to reports. The harrowing incident unfolded just before 3 p.m. on Monday afternoon in Kehl, a border town in […]

Italy to take action against NGO migrant ferry boats to stop the invasion of Europe

The threshold of 100,000 illegal migrants who arrived by sea in Italy this year was crossed on Dec. 21, and the number is not only a symbolic milestone but also serving as a call to action for Italy’s conservative government. The figure of 100,000 can be compared with the 64,055 on the same date a […]

Rothschild’s UK With A Hand Puppet Pedo “king” Makes Easy Migrant Child Trafficking-SUPRISE-SUPRISE

In the 17th and 18th centuries any men with any balls left Merry Ole. Most of them came to America bringing their females with them. All which was left on that tiny little island for pedophiles, rejects, misfits and pretend “royals” were the dregs of an inbred society. After the battle of Waterloo, Khazarian scum […]

France: Illegal Migrant Tries to Strangle Own Baby During Dispute at Immigration Office

An Algerian man yanked his child forcibly by the foot in front of his mother while in an unauthorized setting, after passing a rope around the child’s neck. The father was imprisoned pending trial. On Tuesday in Cenon, a renewal of identification cards nearly ended tragically (Gironde). According to a source policewoman at Le Figaro, […]

‘Disastrous’: SCOTUS upholds Title 42 migrant policy during court fight

“As a Covid control strategy, a humanitarian policy, and a border policy, Title 42 has not only failed but caused irreparable harm on a massive scale.” Source

‘Wherever it is peaceful’: Venezuelan migrant seeks refuge in D.C.

‘Wherever it is peaceful’: Venezuelan migrant seeks refuge in D.C. lead image Source

Venezuelan migrant hopes to work in U.S. to support family back home

Venezuelan migrant hopes to work in U.S. to support family back home lead image Source

Two-month-old infant dies in migrant shipwreck off Lesbos

The baby boy was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead, coroner Theodoros Nousias said. Source

Police bust alleged Tunisia-Italy migrant traffickers

Police in Italy said they had arrested 12 people allegedly involved in a ring that transported migrants from Tunisia to Sicily, with six suspects still unaccounted for, AFP reports. According to the report, the suspects, 11 Tunisians and seven Italians, allegedly used small boats with powerful engines to transport about 10 to 30 migrants at […]

Netherlands to auction World Cup shirts to support migrant workers

The shirts worn by the Netherlands team during the World Cup will be auctioned to support migrant workers in Qatar, the Dutch Football Association (KNVB) said on Monday, Reuters reports. The KNVB is one of the few football associations to criticise human rights and working conditions in Qatar, where migrant workers and foreigners make up […]

African migrant vandalizes 35 cars near the Police station in France

The suspect, who is in an irregular situation on the territory, was arrested in flagrante delicto and then placed in police custody. A man was arrested on Monday morning near the Évêché police station in Marseille (2nd) we learned. He had just damaged no less than 35 cars belonging to police officers from the police […]

Italy’s Far-Right Govt Closes Ports To Migrant Rescue Ships, Leaving Hundreds In Limbo

Two German-run migrant rescue ships carrying nearly 300 rescued people are waiting off the eastern coast of Sicily. Source

‘We need help’: Eric Adams declares state of emergency amid migrant arrivals

‘We need help’: Eric Adams declares state of emergency amid migrant arrivals lead image Source

Photos: Migrant Border Crossings Continue Unabated in Texas as New Fiscal Year Begins

As the federal government begins a new fiscal year, migrant border crossings and apprehensions immediately began to climb. As Breitbart Texas watched, border crossings in the nation’s busiest sector continued unabated. Within a few short hours Saturday morning, nearly 300 migrants had already been apprehended near Eagle Pass, Texas. Source

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