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DUTCH CULTURAL ENRICHMENT: Eritrean Migrant Gangs Cause Major Riot, Burn Police Cars – Geert Wilders: ‘I’ll Become the Prime Minister Who Finally Puts Things in Order’

DUTCH CULTURAL ENRICHMENT: Eritrean Migrant Gangs Cause Major Riot, Burn Police Cars – Geert Wilders: ‘I’ll Become the Prime Minister Who Finally Puts Things in Order’ Source

Eritrean Gangs Wage War on the Streets of Hague, Netherlands

In a disconcerting turn of events, The Hague became the scene of violent clashes between two rival groups of Eritreans, prompting the deployment of police in riot gear to restore order. The confrontation unfolded at the Opera conference hall on Fruitweg Street, where two factions clashed, leading to scenes of chaos and mayhem. After an […]

Israel’s Netanyahu Says He Wants Eritrean Migrants Involved In Violent Clashes Deported

The Israeli prime minister’s comments came a day after bloody protests by rival groups of Eritreans in south Tel Aviv left dozens of people injured. Source

Eritrean Christians mark 20 years of church closures

(Release International) — Christians in Eritrea mark 20 years of state persecution this month. The East African dictatorship shut down most of its churches in May 2002, outlawing every religion except Sunni Islam, Eritrean Orthodox, Roman Catholicism and the Lutheran Church. And today, 20 years later, the persecution continues. Release International is…

Amnesty says Eritrean troops killed hundreds of Ethiopian civilians

Eritrean soldiers killed hundreds of civilians in Ethiopia‘s ancient town of Axum between November 28 and 29, rights group Amnesty International said on Friday, one of several mass killings reported during a conflict that erupted nearly four months ago in the northern region of Tigray. “Over an approximately 24-hour period, on 28-29 November 2020, Eritrean […]

Netherlands: Eritrean “Refugees” Go on Holiday Home after Getting “Asylum”

August 07, 2017 0 Source Article from

A guide to dialoguing with Palestinians

Steven Salaita 19 January 2016 How are Palestinians supposed to speak with their gullets compressed by the gun butts of the Israeli army? Mamoun Wazwaz APA images Zionists are big on dialogue. Nary does a criticism of Israel occur without an appeal to dialogue in return. Dialogue is especially popular on campus, where Zionist groups […]

If Sweden and Germany Became US States, They Would be Among the Poorest States

From: The battle over the assumed success of European socialism continues. Many European countries like Sweden have gained a reputation as being very wealthy in spite of their highly regulated and taxed economies. From there, many assume that the rest of Europe is more or less similar, even if slightly poorer. But […]

Morsi trial delayed due to Alexandria weather

TCP : The trial of former President Mohamed Morsi was postponed to Nov. 9 after his plane failed to take off in Alexandria due to bad weather, Youm7 reported Sunday. Heavy Rain Hits Alexandria – YOUM7 The Sunday hearing of his trial on spying for Qatar began with all the other 10 defendants present in […]

Trump Says He’ll Shut Down the Mosques! (Also, He’s Happy Biden Quit)

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer October 22, 2015 The Trump Train continues to grind all things we hate under its wheels of justice! Mediaite: In an interview with Fox Business, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he would “absolutely” revoke passports and close mosques in order to fight ISIS. Host Stuart Varney asked about a series of […]

Israeli society is crumbling under the weight of occupation

According to classical political theory, human beings enter into a social contract and renounce their right to exercising unlimited violence in order not to fall prey to the violence of others. In Thomas Hobbes’s vision of the Leviathan, they invest the sovereign with that right, so as to be better protected from arbitrary force in […]

Jewish religious nutters preaching genocide

Talmudic Extremism Incites Genocide against Palestinians “All of the Palestinians must be killed; men, women, infants, and even their beasts” Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, the director of the Tsomet Religious Institute, relentlessly stated issuing a religious edict permitting the genocide of Palestinians. “Annihilate the Amalekites from the beginning to the end. Kill them and wrest them […]


Now this article is about the mass doping of the average American, with antipsychotics, but I am here to tell you that is only a band-aid on a much deeper problem that can’t be solved with drugs. American Psycho: Has the United States lost its collective mind? “Before attempting to shed some light on America’s […]

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