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DUTCH CULTURAL ENRICHMENT: Eritrean Migrant Gangs Cause Major Riot, Burn Police Cars – Geert Wilders: ‘I’ll Become the Prime Minister Who Finally Puts Things in Order’

DUTCH CULTURAL ENRICHMENT: Eritrean Migrant Gangs Cause Major Riot, Burn Police Cars – Geert Wilders: ‘I’ll Become the Prime Minister Who Finally Puts Things in Order’ Source

Cultural Marxism and the corruption of common law

(NaturalNews) Peaceful and productive human societies depend on the maintenance of judicial principles that are consistent and impartial.(Article by William… Source

Cultural Replacement: Why The Immigration Crisis Is Being Deliberately Engineered

There is absolutely no doubt – Elements of our own government are deliberately encouraging the acceleration of illegal immigration across the southern border and they are actively sabotaging any attempts to stop the madness. There are two questions we need to ask: Why are they doing this? And, what can be done to stop them?’ […]

Frankfurt School–Cultural Decline Follows (((Communist))) Blueprint

No headlines jump out today Jan 29, so I’ll wait until some do.  The Frankfurt School were a group of Marxist Jewish intellectuals at Frankfurt University in the 1920-1930’s. (They emigrated to NYC after Hitler came to power.) They included Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse &  Erich Fromm, and were responsible for the “New Left” and […]

Cultural Collapse, there’s an increase in Psychopathic Behavior Worldwide

    Discussions on collapse often turn to signs and signals – The economy, politics and social tensions have become increasingly unstable for many years now, and much like adding more and more weight to a man standing on a frozen lake, eventually the ice is going to break. The question is, how do we […]

1933 chicago jewish cultural festival. Mock child sacrifice to moloch.

1933 chicago jewish cultural festival. Mock child sacrifice to moloch.

There’s only one way to deal with the cultural marxist revolution destroying the American Republic today and that is to…..

…crush it before it crushes US out of existence forever. SOTN Editor’s Note: The following analysis represents the grim reality that the Patriot Movement faces today.  It also presents the ONLY way out of the present rapidly devolving predicament throughout the 50 states. In point of fact, the New World Order cabal will not relent […]

CULTURAL MARXIST CAPITAL OF USA: Chicago Giving Migrants $9,000 In Rental Assistance

READ HERE: No wonder Chicago’s financial titans are pissed over an $800 million tax proposal aimed at plugging a $538 million deficit projected for 2024…     Source

You do understand the fentanyl crisis is a Khazarian-directed cultural marxist operation to further destroy the American Republic?!?!

___ Source

Here’s how the Khazarian Cabal is using methodically Cultural Marxism to irreparably tear the fabric of American society.

READ HERE: Pardon Issued For Dad Who “Exploded With Rage” Over Daughter’s Transgender Bathroom Rape, School Coverup   Source

CULTURAL MARXIST MADNESS! California Assembly Passes Controversial Bill Granting Judges Authority to Remove Child Custody from Parents for Refusing to “Affirm” Their Kid’s Gender Identity: Newsom to Make Final Decision (VIDEO)

California Assembly Passes Controversial Bill Granting Judges Authority to Remove Child Custody from Parents for Refusing to “Affirm” Their Kid’s Gender Identity: Newsom to Make Final Decision (VIDEO) Source

Videos: Cultural Diversity On Display Again In Sweden

Displays of cultural diversity have yet again broken out in the multiethnic utopia of Sweden. Otherwise known as migrant riots, the latest violence has erupted in Malmo following a Quran burning by an ‘Anti-Islam activist’ according to the BBC. “A group of angry protesters tried to stop the burning, which resulted in a showdown between […]

Lebanon Suspends Cultural Cooperation with Sweden, Denmark over Holy Quran Desecration

July 31, 2023 Lebanon announced on Monday suspension cultural cooperation with Sweden and Denmark in protest against the desecration of Holy Quran in the two Nordic countries, the National News Agency (NNA) reported. “The Ministry of Culture suspends all cultural cooperation with Sweden and Denmark and their embassies in Beirut until the two countries’ authorities […]

The vast cultural marxist criminal conspiracy being carried out against the American Republic grows by the week as the Khazarian Cabal get’s more desperate and brazen.

SOTN Editor’s Note: What follows is the second paragraph from the oped piece posted below.  How in the world the American people are not aware that these outright attacks on society and unprecedented assaults on rights/liberties are all being purposefully carried our by the Khazarian Cabal-directed political bolsheviks and cultural marxists is quite…………….. “By operations […]

Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America (2010)

21 may 2023—The-Corruption-of-America:83 Keep in mind at all times that Fascism and National Socialism are not the same ideology philosophy or practice. And that Marxian socialism has absolutely nothing in common with German national socialism. _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A unified pushback against the globalist agenda It’s finally here, the Global […]

White RAs at Christian College Called to Have ‘Awakening’ in Mandatory ‘Cultural Humility’ Course

Students who want to work as resident assistants (RAs) at Baylor University must take a course that teaches “Cultural Humility”–particularly for white students.   Source

Adolf Hitler on Judeo-Cultural Marxism

Hitler on the incredibly toxic and contaminating societal effects of jews deceptively imposing cultural marxism.  Adolf Hitler on Cultural Marxism (3:37) School During the Third Reich (15:29) Share now! Source

Tepe Hissar: a cultural gem linking Mesopotamia and Central Asia

TEHRAN – Tepe Hissar is one of the first systematically excavated Bronze Age settlements in the northern Iranian plateau. Source

Only Trudeau’s Brazen Brand of Canadian Cultural Marxism Would Ever Permit This Outrageous Travesty

Teacher Who Wore Massive Prosthetic Breasts To School Is FINALLY Put On Leave: “This should have happened 6 months ago!” Source

Cross cultural connections between Ancient Greece and Indigenous Australia

The amazing array of similarities in the underlying hierophanics of ancient Greece and Indigenous Australia will be presented in a lecture by Dr Vassilis Adrahtas at the University of Sydney on Wednesday 8 March. The free hybrid event, co-hosted by the Consulate General of Greece in Sydney and the Australian Archaeological Institute is available via… […]

Veteran curator and cultural heritage expert Abbas Etemad Fini dies

TEHRAN – Veteran Iranian museum curator, restorer, and cultural heritage expert Abbas Etemad Fini died on Tuesday after a period of illness. Etemad Fini collaborated with well-known archaeologists such as Roman Ghirshman, Jean Perrot, and Sadegh Malek Shahmirzadi and was a member of various archaeological teams in Khuzestan and Sialk, the National Museum of Iran […]

See How European Cultural Marxists Are Completely Destroying Amateur and Professional Sports (Video)

VIEW HERE: Watch: Inexperienced Trans Figure Skater Performs At European Championship With Hilarious Results   Source

Mauritania celebrates Nouakchott as cultural capital of Islamic world

Mauritania on Friday commenced the first events since Nouakchott was chosen as the capital of culture in the Islamic world for 2023. Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Ghazouani, ministers of culture from many Arab and Islamic countries and professionals from the fields of culture, literature and media attended the opening ceremony held at the Conference Palace […]

Flaming Cultural Marxist & NWO Globalist Scott Kelly Gets Smacked Down by Elon Musk

Elon Musk Slaps Down Straight Leftist Astronaut Lecturing on Pronouns and the LGBTQ Community Source

Cultural Enrichment Hits Belgium Hard

While European patriots are rotting away in prison, gangs of brown thugs have free reign to destroy the country that generously gave them refuge. Source

Ep. 4 | Social Media, Desensitization, Cultural Decline

Is social media re-shaping our brains? Is it gaming us into short attention spans and an inability to think in complexity? The research suggests this is certainly happening. It also suggests it’s making us more angry and disconnected from one another. The good news is there are ways to use social media as a tool […]

Multiple Studies Say Cultural Heritage at Risk Because of Climate Change

In several articles newly published in the journal Antiquity, archaeologists from around the world are sounding the alarm to alert policy makers to the threat posed to humanity’s collective cultural heritage by the unfolding climate crisis. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Sculpting The Geological, Archaeological And Cultural Landscape Of Papua New Guinea

The sculpturing of the geography of Papua New Guinea did not end with the eruption of the volcanos. In their wake basins and valleys formed, where people settled, thousands of years ago. A large inland sea on the north coast of New Guinea, the Sepik-Ramu basin, reached its maximum extent 7,500 to 4,000 years ago. […]

Attacks on Palestinian cultural spaces deepen internal social conflicts

Recent attacks on Palestinian cultural centers have targeted those seeking to re-imagine and redefine Palestinian identity. The Israeli media has been more than happy to exploit the conflict. Source

PRC-ROK Relations: Cultural Exchanges

After THAAD was deployed in the Republic of Korea in 2016, China restricted access to its market for South Korean (pop) culture content, including games, movies, TV series and popular music. Korean artists were banned from touring in China. However, the Chinese government did not issue any official decrees on this matter: restrictions were imposed […]

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