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Green revolution destroying Germany’s economy as economic bloodbath continues

(NaturalNews) The more Germany tries to abolish carbon, the worse its economy is getting.Companies in Germany are shutting down or fleeing elsewhere. Energy… Source

People vs Empire: World Wide Revolution Against Tyranny, Oppression & Zionism Framed As Antisemitism

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/29/24). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

How mindsets drive commentary—whether reform, revolution, reaction or resistance to change

Image Credit: Brandon Bell/Getty Images Online or not, how you express yourself links to what you say, thus style reflects telling assumptions The idea that style expresses self-hood comes with proverbial baggage, codified in the Renaissance by Erasmus (“clothes make the man”) and Shakespeare’s Polonius (Hamlet), “apparel oft proclaims the man.” Tom Wolfe, with homage to Mark Twain, provided his […]

Highly Engineered Bitcoin Revolution Carried Out To Normalize Long-Planned Government-Regulated Digital Currencies (See Psyop Below)

READ HERE: The Next Financial Crisis Could Trigger A Bitcoin Revolution   Source

Proof Ukraine War Is The Fruit Of US’s Illegal Color Revolution In Ukraine

Cookies Nuland, an IsraHELL citizen employed by US State department passes out cookies to rioters in Ukraine paid with US taxpayer funds via the CIA to help overthrow Ukraine’s duly elected government The IsraHELL citizens and their yankee bitches in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac hired sniper murderers and paid rioters to help overthrow […]

Palestine awakens the revolution

When Patrice Lumumba was assassinated in 1961, Langston Hughes wrote, “They buried Lumumba/In an unmarked grave/But he needs no marker… My heart’s his grave/and it’s marked there.”  Since Israel began its slaughter in Gaza on October 7, I have felt my own heart become a grave for over 25,000 people in Palestine. I, along with […]

Hidden Signs of the Revolution. Also commentary on Taylor Swift, the Houthis, and the new FAA DEI.

“First published January 15, 2023 In this old paper from 2015, I exhibited some naive hope that Taylor would realize what a bunch of phoenies she was surrounded by and bow out of her “career”, finding a real life somewhere. As we all know, that hasn’t happened. From the picture above, we can see she […]

“It Ain’t Bragging If You Can Do It”-Dizzy Dean & The French Revolution’s Blood Bath Redux In The 21st Century

When I graduated high school and took my university entrance exam some forty years back when Americans were a hell of a lot smarter than they are now, I scored in the top 97% of the whole damn country and territories in history, military matters, law, government, real economics. That yankee control freak “English” spelling, […]

The Final Coup d’Etat? The “AI Revolution”

7 dec 2023 “… It does not need to be this way. But right now, this is the way it is headed. We discuss our responsibility to walk away—to remove our use and dependency on the companies that are leading this push. Whitney shares her concerns about engineered cyberattacks and the importance of our accessing […]

There’s only one way to deal with the cultural marxist revolution destroying the American Republic today and that is to…..

…crush it before it crushes US out of existence forever. SOTN Editor’s Note: The following analysis represents the grim reality that the Patriot Movement faces today.  It also presents the ONLY way out of the present rapidly devolving predicament throughout the 50 states. In point of fact, the New World Order cabal will not relent […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Ridiculously Chaotic ‘Coup,’ Implosion, and Counter-Revolution at OpenAI

Late Friday, OpenAI began to implode in a fashion quite unlike anything in the history of Silicon Valley. The organization, which has become famous around the world for its development of the AI chatbot ChatGPT and text-to-image program DALL-E, suddenly found itself in the middle of a Succession-like drama so chaotic, confounding, and fast-moving that […]

No Longer Fringe: Home Schooling Revolution Reshaping American Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of American education, a quiet revolution is taking place. Over the past six years, home Source

Guest John Kaminski on Revolution Radio With Jim Fetzer-The UGLY TRUTH!

Jim Fetzer on Revolution Radio with Guest John Kaminski on 10-18-2023 1:42:16 Hide original message Benjamin Netanyahu – “If We Get Caught … 174  2017-08-05 by wildfireonvenus “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do. America is a Golden Calf and we […]

The Revolution of Good Deeds: Rethinking Currency for a New World

Highlighting the transformational potential of alternative currencies, particularly TimeBanking, and the importance of community-based solutions in an increasingly digital dystopian world. Video: REINETTE SENUM SEP 17, 2023 Constructing a new definition of currency, the philosophy behind it, our relationship with it, and the revolutionary possibility of using currency to transform society onto a positive […]

Makow–Playboy and the (Homo) Sexual Revolution

What kind of man is this? He is fastidious about his appearance, his home, and his possessions. He wants as much sex as possible and chooses sexual partners mostly on the basis of appearance. He is self-absorbed and doesn’t want emotional involvement or commitment. He thinks a woman would stifle him and children would be a […]

“We’re In The Middle Of A Revolution” – Victor Davis Hanson Warns Tucker: “The Next 12 Months Will Be The Most Explosive In History”

Historian Victor Davis Hanson sat down with Tucker Carlson to discuss his perspective on the current political climate in the US, asserting that American liberalism is characterized by dishonesty, and warning about what he sees as liberal efforts to introduce a highly intolerant age. “It’s hard for most Americans to comprehend the total dishonesty of […]

The Newspaper Revolution – #SolutionsWatch

The BBC and their fact checker brethren want you to be deathly afraid of the latest scourge threatening to tear apart society at its seams: newspapers! That’s right, it seems that the establishment is freaking out at the crop of independently published and distributed newspapers that activists are printing in various countries around the world. […]

The National Enquirer’s Revolution in Make Believe News, Jesuits and a New Origin Story for Humanity

On September 13, 2023 media reports across the world exclaimed aloud that ancient aliens were discovered in Peru and presented to the Mexican Congress by a team of valiant researchers led by a journalist named Jose Jaime Maussan. The language used in the headlines across mainstream press agencies expressed absolute certainty leaving media consumers to […]

Sept 19 – Klaws Swab Fears a Revolution Against “The System”

Please send links and comments to [email protected] The WEF is a proxy for the Rothschild world central banking cartel. Klaws Swab is the face of the WEF. He is worried that he has revealed that our democratic leaders are his agents, and we might oppose them. He seems surprised that his efforts to kill, maim, […]


READ HERE:   Source


H.G. Wells’ Predictive Programming Revolution: UFOs, Drugs, and the Great Reset

Just when you thought that every possible type of propaganda has already been unleashed onto the world, Congressional hearings on aliens entered the scene in 2023 Of course, the world has been awash in UFO-themed narratives within pop culture since the earliest days of the Cold War. Even Laurence Rockefeller himself (4th grandson of John […]

Vanessa Beeley Interview – Revival Of “Syrian Revolution” Regime Change Lie & Its Ties To Ukraine

Joining me today Vanessa Beeley, here to discuss what appears to be the West’s revitalization of the “Syrian Revolution” or “Syrian civil war” fabrication. This has always been a war of aggression, an invasion with the primary objective of regime change to better suit the interests of the western governments. As the 2024 election looms, […]

Why hasn’t there been a Revolution?

 Aug 3, 2023 _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over A unified pushback against the globalist agenda It’s finally here, the Global Walkout begins September 4th at 8pm London time and continue every weeks. Next step 2nd of July 2023. One step at a time, hand in […]

How did Iran’s Islamic revolution inspire Nelson Mandela?

TEHRAN- There are very few people in the modern world that are venerated by almost everyone. July 18th is named after one of those figures; a man who devoted his entire life to establishing justice in society and eventually managed to change the course of the 20th century. A man who no matter what he […]

The 4th Industrial Revolution – We are all alone together

Ants respond to isolation in a similar way to humans. Studies reveal changes in social and hygienic behaviors in ants subjected to isolation from their groups. Another interesting finding has to do with the fact that immune and stress genes are severely downgraded in the brains of isolated ants. This makes the immune system less […]

Islamic Revolution: beginning of women’s literary awakening

TEHRAN – In recent decades, especially after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iranian women writers and poets have played a significant role in literature so that the Islamic Revolution can be considered the beginning of the literary awakening of women. Despite all the limitations caused by the wrong gender stereotypes that are common in […]

Jewish Masons Funded The American Revolution

(Money — The Life-Blood of Politics, left, Chaim Solomon)  “In August of 1781, as the war drew closer to victory for the US, George Washington determined that $20,000 was needed to finance the French campaign to Yorktown.  Robert Morris told him there were no funds and no more credit available, Washington replied: “Send for Haym […]

The Bolshevik Color Revolution of 1917 and Prighozin’s 2023 Gambit: Trotsky, Russell, and the War on Civilization

Amidst this week’s strange attempt to instigate a military coup from the head of Russia’s Wagner Group, President Putin took a loud stand calling out the operation as a foreign directed insurgency with parallels drawn from the chaotic revolution of 1917. Just as in 1917, the nation was at war with an enemy on the […]

Iran needs Another Revolution

Iranian people need to tar and feather those self-righteous old “religious” “leaders” and send em back to the Rothschilds. I support Iranians running their own country without enterfearance from the evil Rothschild’s Khazarian mafia Or the Rothschil’d bitch the USA But oppression and communism is oppression and communism no matter what flag or religion you […]

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