“It Ain’t Bragging If You Can Do It”-Dizzy Dean & The French Revolution’s Blood Bath Redux In The 21st Century

When I graduated high school and took my university entrance exam some forty years back when Americans were a hell of a lot smarter than they are now, I scored in the top 97% of the whole damn country and territories in history, military matters, law, government, real economics.

That yankee control freak “English” spelling, yankee control freak English Composition and mixing letters with numbers did knock my score down two or three points.

The local congressman called my father and offered West Point.
I went there my last life and did not have a desire to do so again.
Especially with what my Viet Nam vet brother and other Veterans told me about West Point Grads in Viet Nam.

Course I could not stay away from the military so I did mine enlisted this time.
When I did my war my cousin on my father’s side was president and on my mother’s side my 3ed cousin was running Washington DC.

In other words if I had wanted to play the game I could have easily sat in the chair behind the Monica full service desk in the Oval Office of that big white cat house in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac.

“It Ain’t Bragging If You Can Do It”.

I have watched evil clowns take America from being a decent land to an evil 3ed world shit hole.
I have watched truth tellers be persecuted, terrorized and even killed.

I have watched as one after the other needless wars were forced on the American people based on lies by ball-less fucks who made damn sure their asses and their kids asses never went to the battle field.

I have watched as the truth was censored, lies were glorified, and deceit was the order of the day.

9-11 was done by Israel and the US and their own terrorism blamed on “Arab” Terrorist” so American children have been used as cannon fodder in faked wars for power, perverse pleasure and profit for over two generations.

I watched as a faked Scamdemic based on the yearly flu renamed “COVID-19” with the numbers inflated and all the 30 shekel talking head whored out “media” caterwauled everyone was going to die if they did not take a Non Vaccine experimental Killer Jab to build “immunity” for a non existent virus.

I watched ‘governments” force Non Medical communistic Penal Code Lockdowns on humanity, Useless a teats on a boar hog dust masking on humanity including little children, and forced Killer jabs were forced on folks which is now estimated to have killed at least 17 million humans world wide with millions more the walking dead just waiting for that heart attack, turbo cancer or stroke to kill their asses.

I personally was put in faceButt jail several times for trying to warn people and was locked out of my twitter litter account for telling the truth.

Even now when I was allowed back on twitter Litter and Facebutt, when I tell the truth of certain subjects I have my post censored for telling the truth as the bald faced truth violates social media’s “community standards” and truth of massive pedophilia in the seats of power and the perversions being pushed on humanity spoken of truthfully is called hate speech.

There is an awaking happening.
Oh it is slow getting started but the observant can see and sense it coming.

Most humans are sheep.
They are herd animals.
They will never do anything about the evil being done to them until a certain percentage of the herd wakes and takes action.

Then the whole herd will wheel on a dime after generations of allowing themselves to be herded through the slaughter house door, and they will want BLOOD!

I know my former lives and during the French Revolution when the blood flowed in streams down French streets, I was not there.
I was in America trying to herd the American sheep in the right direction to make America a good land.

But I was well aware of the slaughter being done in the name of revolution and was against it’s excesses.

But now, when the herd awakes as a whole, when they demand blood, and lots of it, I will this time be in agreement with them.

Any pedophile politician who raped children must hang.
Any political whore who forced killer jabs, communist lockdowns and dust masking on folks, must hang.
Any political whore who committed treason against America for the benefit of Rothschild’s private fiefdom located in occupied Palestine MUST HANG!
Any political fuck who cheer led Israel’s holocaust of the Palestinian people, MUST HANG!

Any social media operator or employ who censored the truth so killer jabs were given, Palestinians holocausted, Communism forced on people who did not want it MUST HANG.

Any media type who did the same, MUST HANG!

Any religious charlatan who supported the above MUST HANG.

Any hospital administrator or staff which violated people’s individual rights and helped mass murder folks MUST HANG!

Any school board member, principal or teacher who helped force this terrorism on children MUST HANG!

Any average “Joe or Jane” who got on facebutt, Twitter Litter or any other platform calling for forced killer jabs, locking those too smart to take them into death camps MUST HANG!!!!

Any political fuck even if they are not a baby raper in DC or the state houses, are corrupt and damn well know most of their butties and associates are perverted vile baby rapers.

Whether a political fuck is a baby raper or covers for other political fuck baby rapers, they MUST HANG!!

Any cop who enforced all these communistic acts and robbed the people for the corrupt “governments” MUST HANG!!!

George Patton is my cousin and we seem to agree on most things.
As he was murdered by the whores of DC for standing up for the American people against the Rothschild’s Red Russian communism/Zionism, he don’t need his quotes any longer and I am sure he will not mind me using them.

So if you are an evil fuck or a cheerleader for evil shit, May God have mercy on your ass and soul because I WILL NOT.

Once the herd wakes up and wants blood, I am prepared this time to assist in the event so that the blood of the evil guilty as well as the blood of the massively stupid who supported the evil of the evil fucks runs in rivers to the sea!

Mercy is when an innocent animal needs a helping hand or medical care.

Mercy is not for evil fuck guilty or their groupies.

Let God show em mercy on the other side if God feels so inclined.
After seeing and being forced to live through the evil of these evil fucks for most of this life, I find I have no mercy in my soul for their asses.

I am what I am.
When God needs to send a junk yard dog to deal with evil fucks, God don’t send a Hairless Chihuahua.

Any of you out there hesitant to hang these evil fucks by the tens of thousands, I will work with you.
Substitutions can be made.
There is burning at the stake, the wheel, the Iron Maiden, the guillotine, hanging- drawing and quartering, drowning, jumping (getting pushed) out of airplanes without a parachute, being put in a pit with vipers, locking them tied to a chair in a room with hungry rats and a few other substitutes.

Mercy for these soul-less bastards and bitches?

When pigs fly!

The Ole Dog!


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