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French authorities destroy shanty town on Indian Ocean island of Mayotte

France deploys hundreds of police officers to oversee the destruction of a slum on the island of Mayotte in the Indian Ocean in an operation authorities say is aimed at curbing sub-standard housing and illegal migration. Operation Wuambushu started in the early hours of Monday morning when diggers moved in to start knocking down sheet […]

French Catholic church to USE THE VATICAN’S MULTITUDE of CHILD RAPING PRIEST to PUSH “DIGITAL IDS” Instead Of Obeying Jesus, Tying a Millstone Around the Child Raper’s Neck And Throwing Em in the Deep End

The scannable ID cards will help to identify blacklisted priests. The French Catholic Church of Pedophilia will have all of its bishops, priests, and deacons carry ID cards with QR codes in order to “shield” children from child rape at the hands of pedo priest. It is FACT when you obey Jesus’s COMMAND, execute those […]

French Court Convicts Lebanese Man In Absentia For Mossad’s 1980 False Flag Bombing Of Paris Synagogue

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency) At the behest of powerful Jewish groups in France, a Lebanese man living in Canada has been falsely convicted in absentia of the 1980 Paris Synagogue bombing — which had all the hallmarks of a Mossad false flag operation: Over 42 years after a bomb killed four and injured dozens outside the […]

The Weirdest Rules of Royal French Etiquette (Video)

At Ancient Origins, we believe that one of the most important fields of knowledge we can pursue as human beings is our beginnings. And while some people may seem content with the story as it stands, our view is that there exist countless mysteries, scientific anomalies and surprising artifacts that have yet to be discovered and explained. The goal […]

French protesters storm Louis Vuitton headquarters in downtown Paris over monarch Macron

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) In some parts of the world, people are actually fighting back against government tyranny in a formidable way. One of those places is France, where the ongoing protests against Emmanuel Macron’s dictatorial behavior hit the headquarters of Louis Vuitton (LVMH) in Paris this week.Just days after protesters stormed the … [Read More…] […]

Unpopular Pension Plan Enacted Into French Law

French President Emmanuel Macron’s unpopular plan to raise France’s retirement age from 62 to 64 has been enacted into law. Source

French Pension Protesters Storm Paris BlackRock Headquarters

French Pension Protesters Storm Paris BlackRock Headquarters by Tyler Durden Thursday, Apr 06, 2023 – 07:10 AM Update (0810ET): We noted early that pension protestors in France were gathered outside of BlackRock’s Paris headquarters. The protestors have now stormed the building. Here are the current scenes from Paris: PiQ @PriapusIQ · Follow  BREAKING: BlackRock’s office in […]

French Protests Intensify After Macron Bypasses National Assembly

Night of Rage and Fire in France as Macron cuts pensions without a vote Posted on March 17, 2023 thefreeonlineImmediately numerous protesters gathered in the streets and clashes with the police took place throughout the night in several French cities, such as Nantes, Lyon, Rennes, Marseille and Paris.In total the number of detainees is 310. Of […]

Not just about retiring at 64: What you may have missed in the French pension reform

The proposed reform to the retirement age and the benefits that come with stopping work prompted an outcry across France. But why is it proving so controversial? Here’s what we think you should know about it. It’s not just about retiring at 64 In France today, everyone can retire at 62. With this reform, as […]

French government faces no-confidence vote over pensions

The far right National Rally party has tabled a motion of no confidence in the French government after it used clause 49.3 of the constitution to force through controversial pension reforms in parliament on Thursday. The RN’s deputies tabled the vote in the National Assembly, the lower house of the French parliament on Friday afternoon. […]

Protests against French President Emmanuel Macron as his pension bill is forced through parliament

Striking sanitation workers blocked a waste collection plant that is home to Europe’s largest incinerator to underline their determination, and university students walked out of lecture halls to join the strikes. Leaders of the influential CGT union called on people to leave schools, factories, refineries and other workplaces. Union leaders were not the only ones […]

French Political Leader: “It Was Obvious that the Americans Were Behind the Bombing”

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh told the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. that Joe Biden made the decision to blow up Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines because he saw being a war president as giving him a better chance at re-election. Last month, Hersh published a report asserting that the pipelines were destroyed by the […]

French First “Lady” loses lawsuit after being accused of secretly undergoing gender reassignment surgery


French Senate Passes Controversial Pension Reform Raising Retirement Age Despite Mass Protests

The pension reforms suggested by President Emmanuel Macron have received approval from the upper house of the French parliament. Many segments of society have vehemently opposed the plans, which include raising the retirement age. According to AFP, 195 senators supported the ideas late on Saturday, while 112 opposed them. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne called the […]

The “French era” is coming to an end, and not just in Africa

During his recent four-day African tour, French President Emmanuel Macron was forced to admit that the era of the “Françafrique” is over in Gabon. It existed for more than six decades, realizing Paris’ desire to imprison its former colonies in Africa in the “arms” of enslaving economic agreements and informal arrangements with the local elites […]

French football federation head Noël Le Graët resigns amid sexual harassment investigation

The head of the FFF Noël Le Graët has resigned after an audit found he was not fit to lead because of his behaviour toward women Source

Nearly 1 Million French People March Against Raising Pension Age 2 Years

Protesters gathered in cities across the country in opposition to French President Macron’s proposal. Source

Former French President Says Putin Is ‘Radically Rational’ Not A Mad

The Russian President Vladimir Putin is not insane but “radically rational”, according to former French President François Hollande. While many have tried to paint the Russian leader as a madman since Moscow seriously escalated its […] The post Former French President Says Putin Is ‘Radically Rational’ Not A Mad appeared first on News Punch. Source

Students gather outside French embassy in Tehran

TEHRAN- A number of Iranian students gathered on Tuesday outside the French embassy in Tehran in protest over outrageous caricatures published by the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Source

Gavin Newsom Caught At French Laundry Eating Eggs Cooked On Gas Stove

YOUNTVILLE, CA — Governor Gavin Newsom has found himself once again mired in scandal, this time after being caught dining on eggs cooked on a gas stove at the French Laundry. Source

ACH (2016) Daryl Bradford Smith – His First Ever “The French Connection” Show: Saturday January 17 2005

In today’s show originally broadcast on December 30 2022, Andy presents a show entitled, “Daryl Bradford Smith – His First Ever “The French Connection” Show: Saturday January 17 2005.” The post ACH (2016) Daryl Bradford Smith – His First Ever “The French Connection” Show: Saturday January 17 2005 appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

Eco-mob terrorizes, destroys French cement plant for “polluting” country with carbon dioxide

(Natural News) As many as 200 far-left “eco-extremists” terrorized a cement plant in France this week in protest of its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Lafarge in Bouc-Bel-Air, a small community located just north of the city of Marseille, says significant damage occurred to both its facilities and vehicles after the eco-mob swarmed the premises, smashing… […]

After more than 100 years, Ethiopia’s French-built railway remains vital

Updated: 08/12/2022 – 21:54 More than a hundred years ago, the French built the ‘Franco-Ethiopian Railway’ and it’s still going strong. Commuters in the city of Dire Dawa in eastern Ethiopia still use it to this day. In fact, the old track remains crucial for trade and transport, despite the arrival of a modern Chinese-built […]

French prosecutors probe alleged illegal election financing

A leading French newspaper reported that the probe targets President Emmanuel Macron’s winning election bids. Source

French President Macron Openly Calls For New World Order

The time has come for the world to embrace a New World Order, according to French President Emmanuel Macron who told an audience at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit this week that the […] The post French President Macron Openly Calls For New World Order appeared first on News Punch. Source

French Scholar Vincent Reynouard Arrested in Scotland for Investigating the Holocaust

French revisionist scholar Vincent Reynouard was arrested in Scotland on Thursday 10th November. Source

3 Rothschild Bitches, a French Fag, an America Pedophile & a Usury Banking Bitch Talk Sheep Herding Shop


French Lawmaker Suspended Over ‘Revolting’ Racist Comment

Activists called Gregoire de Fournas’ comment during a legislative session “the true face of the far-right: that of racism.” Source

French Father Stabbed along with 8 months Pregnant Girlfriend by ‘Young People’

Home » Crimes, Eurabia, Europe » French Father Stabbed along with 8 months Pregnant Girlfriend by ‘Young People’     Four “young people” (possibly migrants as that’s how they are called in France) were arrested in Cavaillon on Monday October 18 after attacking the parents of another young person they knew. Around 11 p.m., they […]

Macron and “most MPs are not vaccinated,” reveals former French presidential candidate in shocking claim

(Natural News) A former candidate for president in France says he had to undergo four heart operations to fix the damage caused by Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines.” Jean Lassalle, who is still in the world of politics, told the media outlet NTD that his health has never been the same ever since getting “protected” against the […]

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