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The Story of Operation Warp Speed Gets Worse

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL The federal government should never have funded Operation Warp Speed, the 2020 central plan quarterbacked by the Trump administration to rush a coronavirus vaccine to the people. About the previously expressed opinion, none of it should be construed as an expression of medical knowledge. None is needed to disdain what […]

‘Speed Racer’ Actor Christian Oliver And His 2 Daughters Killed In Caribbean Plane Crash

The German actor was bound for St. Lucia in a single-engine plane with his children when an apparent mechanical failure occurred. Source

NYC Speed Cameras Have Issued 4.5 Million Tickets Totaling “Hundreds Of Millions” This Year

NYC Speed Cameras Have Issued 4.5 Million Tickets Totaling “Hundreds Of Millions” This Year In the first 9 months of New York City’s school zone speed cameras, almost 4.5 million tickets have already been issued with fines totaling an astonishing “hundreds of millions of dollars”.  The speed cameras in New York City now monitor and […]

A Computer Model Is Causing Years of Delays for Amtrak’s New High-Speed Trains, Scathing Audit Finds

A scathing new report paints a bleak picture of Amtrak’s highly profitable Acela route: trains are running out of spare parts, the new fleet is years delayed and not even close to entering service, and the current fleet is being maintained by harvesting the corpses of old trains and running unsupported software on old circuit […]



Gaza’s learner drivers use simulator to get up to speed

  Learner drivers in Gaza are buckling up in a simulator seat and using it to learn the basics rules of driving before being allowed to get in a car and drive on the road for the first time. In an effort to help increase the confidence of first time drivers, E-School Palestine has installed […]

Police Speed Equipment Manuals

Here are some of the colony’s police force’s manuals for the equipment used to measure a driver’s velocity. If a device has been used to ascertain your vehicle’s speed, where you are contesting this, then in the full brief*, the manual to the device must be included. See: Gatsometer MRS Type 24 Slant Radar:  Gatsometer […]

YCP – Warp Speed Covid, + Slow Motion Crash

YAHWEH’S COVENANT PEOPLE YCP – Warp Speed Covid, + Slow Motion Crash Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share Stories relating to the Covid meltdown. EXTERMINATION: Is the global population already one billion less than it was before Operation Warp Speed? – PSYOP-MARKET-CRASH: Social Engineering […]

Plain Sailing: Shapes And Speed In Historic Naval Designs

During the 1700s, European naval studies were decisive and very important, so much so that espionage by Spain and France against England for military and naval purposes alone had become a real scourge.  Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

Australia’s internet speed plummeting

Every year the story is the same, where Australia’s internet speed is falling. The buffoons in charge of the colony have no clue what they’re on about where the results speak for themselves, year after year. From the survey conducted by in January 2023, Australia’s Fixed Broadband is rated at No. 76 globally. According […]

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Tells Government To ‘Move Ahead With Speed’ To Become Republic

The transition would mean removing King Charles III — Jamaica’s current monarch — as head of state. Source

SECRET CDC REPORT: Since the launch of Operation Warp Speed, at least 1.1 million Americans have “died suddenly”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has quietly confirmed that at least 1.1 million Americans have “died suddenly” [BEEN MASS MURDERED VIA KILLER JAB LOADED SYRINGE] ever since Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” were introduced under Operation Warp Speed. Since the time when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted emergency use […]

The High-Speed Bivalent COVID Boosters Are Here

The High-Speed Bivalent COVID Boosters Are Here By Dr. Meryl NassGlobal Research, September 17, Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to our Telegram Channel. Feel free to repost and share widely Global Research articles.First published on September 7 2022***On Wednesday, August 31, the FDA issued emergency use authorizations for new Pfizer and Moderna mRNA booster vaccines for COVID.  The next […]

Another Russian Energy Exec Found Dead, ‘Fell Overboard’ Boat At Full Speed

Another one bites the dust… Less than two weeks since Ravil Maganov, the vice president and chair of the board of directors of Russian oil giant Lukoil, died after falling out of a sixth floor hospital window in Moscow, another Russian energy executive has been found dead in mysterious circumstances. 39-year-old Ivan Pechorin, managing director of Putin’s Far […]

Godi media, 5G high speed pathway to misinformation and spreading hate

The recent effort to indirectly acquire NDTV by Adani enterprises is an effort in the direction of creating another Godi media. Much of the mainstream national media is already a ‘Godi media’ and perhaps it is believed that this will put an end to independent media in the mainstream media space. Godi media can perhaps […]

Geoengineering Watch: The Warp Speed Agenda of World Control

All of the cataclysmic weather events we are seeing are due to “climate intervention operations” while food processing facilities are being targeted with arson.  Source

Police and media lies on speed camera vehicle ‘ambush’.

Australia’s mainstream media is the government’s propaganda tool, from the Murdoch ‘news’ empire selling you click-bait content to our own version of the ‘Xinhua News Agency’ the ABC. The primary objective of mobile speed camera vehicles is to obtain revenue for the state, under the false advertising of road safety. People have caught on to […]

President Zelensky Says EU Must Speed Up The Transition To Green Energy

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, dropping Russian fossil fuels is a moral duty. Zelensky told the Danish Parliament on Tuesday that the EU must speed up the transition to green energy in order to […] The post President Zelensky Says EU Must Speed Up The Transition To Green Energy appeared first on News Punch. […]

Exclusive — Sen. Marsha Blackburn Calls for Operation Warp Speed Effort to Unleash Energy Independence

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said that Democrats have made “climate their God” and called to create an Operation Warp Speed energy initiative to combat exorbitant energy prices rising under President Joe Biden. As Americans continue to suffer from rising energy prices, Blackburn said Americans need to have an Operation Warp Speed-style effort to open America’s […]

Shocked Parents Watch Train Speed Off with Baby on Board

Policemen and passengers are seen in the main train station of Duesseldorf, western Germany, on March 10, 2017. (Horst Ossinger/AFP via Getty Images) BERLIN—A baby in Germany has been reunited with its parents after they watched in horror as it speed off on a train without them on board, police said Monday. Federal police said […]

E3 must match its speed with Iran

E3 must match its speed with Iran – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN— As the Vienna talks enter a sensitive stage, the Western media outlets and the European troika, also known as E3, are trying to blame Iran for “slow progress,” but they seem to have forgotten that that ship has sailed. As the Americans are accustomed to […]


Gary Speed was one of four players from Barry Bennell’s junior football teams who killed themselves later in life after being coached by the man charged with multiple sex offences against young footballers Chris Gieler ‘has been linked to Elm Guest house‘, a boy brothel. UK Football Child Sex Abuse – Massive Rabbit Hole The boy brothel […]

The End of the Speed Limit on the Highway to Nowhere

There was a time when time was time and space and speed had some human meaning, for people lived within the limits of the natural world of which they were a part. As Albert Camus said, “In our madness, we push back the eternal limits, and at once dark Furies swoop down upon us to […]

Trump’s “Warp Speed” Guy Was a Bill Gates Ally Who Gave Children Brain Damage With a 2009 Vaccine That Was Later Pulled

Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from a story that we ran at the time but that bears repeating. On May 15, President Trump appointed Moncef Slaoui,  a board member of Moderna who until May 19 held more than $10.3 million in Moderna stock, as chief scientist of the nation’s effort to find a Covid-19 vaccine. Slaoui, who calls himself a “venture capitalist,” is […]

The Occult Warp Speed Logo & Assault on Blood Brain Barrier

“We have a clearly occult logo for a national vaccine campaign and evidence that the very protein being expressed by the vaccine’s mRNA transcript is involved in compromising the blood-brain barrier.” ‘Signs and Symbols rule the World, not Words nor Laws.’ -Confucius   “The purpose of this study is to consider the Occultic Logo of the Operation […]

Soweto skateboarders speed down iconic street to celebrate Youth Day in South Africa

Dozens of skateboards take over Vilakazi street in Soweto to celebrate Youth Day, the South African public holiday marking the anniversary of the Soweto uprising in 1976. The Soweto Skateboard Society organised the event, known as “bombing” in the sports jargon, meaning high-speed downhill on city streets. Source

The Latest: Attenborough: G-7 must speed up climate action

The Latest on the Group of Seven nations meeting being held in England: FALMOUTH, England — Group of Seven leaders are talking about climate change on the final day of their summit in England, with naturalist David Attenborough warning they must take urgent action to avoid human-based environmental catastrophe. All G-7 countries have pledged to […]

UFO fastwalker flying at high speed over Arizona

May 28, 2021    “Fastwalker” is a term used by NORAD and branches of armed forces to describe unidentified aerial phenomena moving and/or changing directions at high speed far beyond what current aerospace technology is capable of.  These mysterious Fastwalkers have only been spotted in recent years and they flying through our atmosphere at such […]

Overemphasis on High Speed May Be More of A Bane Than A Blessing

India is the middle of implementing its Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet Train Project which is the first bullet train project for India. It has been delayed due to land-acquisition problems and may miss the projected deadline for completion in 2023. Many farmers and others are not keen to part  with their land for a project which does […]

Proud to Be American: DeSantis Speed Scabbard Leather Holster

The DeSantis Gunhide Speed Scabbard is an outside the waistband holster designed for everyday carry and made in the USA. Some models of the Speed Scabbard are available in a bare bones, leather holster format with two belt slots and no retention screw. But the models we used had three belt slots and a retention […]

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