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Bill Gates Tells World To Brace For ‘Man-Made Pandemic More Brutal Than Covid’

Globalist billionaire and pandemic whisperer Bill Gates has warned the world that the “next pandemic” is likely to be “man made” and “much more brutal than Covid.” The self-appointed global health czar told an audience […] The post Bill Gates Tells World To Brace For ‘Man-Made Pandemic More Brutal Than Covid’ appeared first on News […]

Aboriginal man tells street performer to pay him RENT despite being in a public space

An angry Indigenous man ordered a street performer to ‘pay the rent’ because he was performing card tricks ‘on my country’. Sydney man Brock was delivering prank tarot card readings for strangers on the public footpath of King Street when the Aboriginal man stormed up to him. ‘Hey bruz, you’re on my country here. You […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Tells Victims: Its not my fault, its the fault of Authorities for Not Arresting us Sooner

Shamed sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell today failed to apologise to her victims in her first broadcast interview from her jail cell. In a new clip from Jeremy Kyle Live: Ghislaine Behind Bars – which airs tonight – the 61-year-old suggested the women caught up in the twisted world of her pedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein should […]

Mat Staver Tells Christian Schools to Bar Children of Same-Sex Families

Radical religious-right activist Mat Staver appeared on an episode of the “Liberty Pastors” program last week and urged administrators at Christian schools to implement policies denying children of same-sex couples the right to attend. Preventing children of same-sex couples from attending Christian schools is vital, Staver explained, because it is important to prevent students from […]

This Smart Shower Head Tells Me (Pretty Neat) Stats About My Bathing Habits

As someone with a mother who has suggested taking a shower to cure a variety of ailments—to calm down, relax, feel less sick, or just boost your general mood—it’s been pretty ingrained in me that a nice little reprieve under a steamy mist can do wonders. So, when I recently moved from my comfortable (large) […]

America Will “Soon” Have “Hate Speech” Laws, EU Commission VP Tells World Economic Forum

The US will “soon” have laws to punish “illegal hate speech,” EU Commission VP for Values and Transparency Vera Jourova told the World Economic Forum on Tuesday. Source

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Tells Government To ‘Move Ahead With Speed’ To Become Republic

The transition would mean removing King Charles III — Jamaica’s current monarch — as head of state. Source

Ukraine’s First Lady Tells Davos Elites: You Must Do More to Support Kyiv

Ukraine’s first lady flew into the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual gathering in Davos on Tuesday, leading a push by President Volodymyr Zelensky and his government to secure more battlefield weapons to defend against Russia’s invasion. Source

Bill Gates-Backed Politician Tells Church of England to Conduct Gay Marriages

UK cabinet minister Penny Mordaunt has called on the Church of England to wed same-sex couples in an act of interference in church matters.  Source

Lizzo Tells White People Her Music Is Not Made For Them

Lizzo has declared that she does not make music for white people and the suggestion that she would is the “most offensive” thing she has ever heard. The 34-year-old musician and classically trained flutist sat […] The post Lizzo Tells White People Her Music Is Not Made For Them appeared first on News Punch. Source

German public television station tells citizens to bathe only once a week to prevent energy collapse and blackouts this winter

(Natural News) To keep the lights and heat on for as long as possible this dark winter, WDR and ARD public broadcasting in Germany are urging citizens to bathe only once a week at most. Staying dirty and using minimal water will help to offset German politicians’ failed “green” initiatives, which resulted in a shutdown… […]

“Putin Is Destroying You” Zelensky Tells Russians

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has told Russians that their leader is destroying their country Zelensky accused Russia of “following the devil” and waging a war to ensure that its President Vladimir Putin remained in power […] The post “Putin Is Destroying You” Zelensky Tells Russians appeared first on News Punch. Source

World Economic Forum Tells Followers to Use Chinese Social Media Instead of Twitter

The World Economic Forum has joined the cancel campaign against Twitter to protest the new free-speech policy on the platform, and is urging users to download Chinese state-controlled social media apps instead. Twitter is noticeably absent from the entities listed on the WEF’s “How to follow Davos 2023” social media pamphlet, and that appears to […]

Dad Tells Kids Santa Would Prefer Beer And Cigars Over Milk And Cookies This Year

BUFFALO, NY — Local dad Michael Cochran explained to his kids that this year, he felt confident that Santa would rather find some beer and cigars waiting at the bottom of the chimney than milk and cookies. Source

Pope Tells Christians To Spend Less On Christmas & Send Savings To Ukraine

Pope Francis has urged Christians to spend less on Christmas this year and to send whatever they save to the people in Ukraine. Speaking to the crowds gathered for his weekly General Audience on Wednesday, the Pope said: “Brothers and sisters, I tell you, there is so much suffering in Ukraine, so much, so much” […]

Palestinians ‘weren’t there at all’– Netanyahu tells credulous Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson interviews Netanyahu and allows him to rant against Palestinians and misrepresent history: Israel did not create “a single refugee” in 1948, the neighboring Arab armies did that by telling the Palestinians to flee. This has always been Jewish land, the bible says so; though before Jews returned to it, it was just a […]

Blinken tells J Street Biden will change nothing

Secretary of State Antony Blinken made it clear the Biden administration is no friend to even J Street’s moderate politics on Israel, let alone the broader struggle for Palestinian rights.  Source

Canadian Father of Boy Turd-0 Murdered With Killer Jab Tells Fidel Castro’s Bastard Son To Go Have Sex With Himself

Mass Murdering Commie Son Just Like Mass Murdering Commie Father. Canadian father who lost his son to the Pfizer jab, emotionally reacts to Justin Trudeau lying under oath about demonizing and name calling against the unvaxxed. — Dane (@UltraDane) November 30, 2022 Source

UN tells Elon Musk to monitor ‘harmful disinformation’ and ‘hate speech’

The UN’s high commissioner for human rights, Volker Türk, has sent an open letter to Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk, asking him to ensure that Twitter respects human rights and monitors hate speech and misinformation. We obtained a copy of the letter for you here. In the letter, Türk said he was writing with “concern and apprehension […]

“My Boy Is Dead From The Vaccine, F **K YOU!” Angry Dad Tells Weak Soy Boy Trudeau

“My Boy Is Dead From The Vaccine, F **K YOU!” Angry Dad Tells Weak Soy Boy Trudeau Date: November 30, 2022Author: Nwo Report Distraught father delivers powerful message criticizing Canadian prime minister for ignoring potentially lethal dangers of experimental vaccines. Posted BY: Adan Salazar A distraught father who lost his 17-year-old son due to a […]

Washington Post Tells Americans To EAT BUGS As They Can No Longer Afford Traditional Seasonal Dinners

The Washington Post advised Americans Sunday that instead of a traditional season dinner, which now is unaffordable for a quarter of families, they should instead look to eating bugs. Yes really. Source

Biden’s Covid ‘Czar’ Tells Americans “God Gave Us Two Arms” For The Covid & The Flu Shots

President Biden’s covid czar told Americans this week that ‘God gave them two arms’ so that they could be injected with both the flu and the covid vaccines. Dr. Ashish Jha made the comments during […] The post Biden’s Covid ‘Czar’ Tells Americans “God Gave Us Two Arms” For The Covid & The Flu Shots […]

German official tells citizens: Stock up on bottled water and canned food before dark winter arrives

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Short-term power outages are just about sure to happen in Germany this winter. And Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (BBK) head Ralph Tiesler is warning German citizens to stockpile bottled water, canned food, and other necessities in anticipation of this.In an interview with the news outlet Welt am … […]

Al-Qaeda tells Muslims to shun ‘immoral’ Qatar World Cup 

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has called on Muslims around the world to shun the FIFA World Cup currently underway in Qatar, although the terrorist group stopped short of issuing any threats to carry out attacks or calling for acts of violence. AQAP, which is an affiliate based in Yemen, condemned the tournament's host […]

FROM TUT:Lest We Forget–Trump tells UN Chief ‘Netanyahu Proving More Difficult Than Abbas on Peace Efforts’

October 27, 2022 By tuteditor According to Western diplomats, Trump nevertheless told Guterres he was optimistic about achieving a peace deal: Netanyahu, he said, knows he’ll never have a more understanding president, and Abbas needs a legacy to leave behind ed note–as the old saying goes, ‘hindsight is always 20/20’, and especially in the aftermath of disasters–either […]

Giorgia Meloni Tells Ex-PM Berlusconi ‘Keep Your Mouth Shut’ After Audio Leaks Bashing NATO

Elon Musk has publicly expressed alarm over his name and profile appearing to have been added to a well-known Ukrainian ‘kill list’, following controversy and outrage from Kiev over his prior “Russia-Ukraine peace poll” and subsequent threats to cut funding for Starlink satellite internet services deployed in the country. On Friday, the billionaire SpaceX founder responded […]

FROM TUT:The road to the Ukraine war runs through Joo-roo-salem–Russia tells UN that ‘Arbitrary Israeli force’ is cause of West Bank violence

October 20, 2022 By tuteditor Varganov spoke a week after the UN condemned Russia’s war against Ukraine amid rising tensions between Jerusalem and Moscow. Israel did not speak at the meeting, held during Shmini Atzeret. ed note–a few very important protocols that all Gentiles with a vested interest in their own future survival need to know/understand about […]

Bill Clinton Tells Tom Hanks: ‘Saving Democracy’ From MAGA Republicans Is a ‘Zero-Sum Game’

Former President Bill Clinton did his part to spread Democrat propaganda for the midterm elections at an event Saturday with Tom Hanks, telling the audience that “saving our democracy” from MAGA Republicans is a “zero-sum game.” […] The post Bill Clinton Tells Tom Hanks: ‘Saving Democracy’ From MAGA Republicans Is a ‘Zero-Sum Game’ appeared first on […]

North Korea Tells UN It Will Continue Its Nuclear Buildup

North Korea’s representative to the United Nations, Kim Song, told the General Assembly on Monday that the communist state plans to continue developing its nuclear arsenal so long as it feels intimidated by the United […] The post North Korea Tells UN It Will Continue Its Nuclear Buildup appeared first on News Punch. Source

Illegal Immigrant Outside VP Harris House Tells Reporter “The Border is Open…No Problem” After Harris Says Border is Secure.

View at Rumble Next… ___________________________________________________________________________ Find Out How Bad is Your Batch ___________________________________________________________________________ As monitored phase III human clinical safety trials continue, with Pfizer’s trials complete in February 2024 and Moderna’s in December 2022, thousands of people who took the COVID vaccines report bizarre maladies which have their doctors and medical providers mystified. The number […]

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