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School sex ed provider website tells over 14s about ‘quite common’ violent sex acts

Photo Credit: Pixabay/Pexels (The Christian Institute) — Violent sex acts have been portrayed as normal on a website aimed at over 14s by a sex and relationships educator. Justin Hancock, who runs the sex advice website BISH, claims that acts such as choking someone during sex are “quite common” among adults and young people. Hancock […]

Facebook’s Instagram Tells Teens to ‘Take a Break’ Following Avalanche of Lawsuits

Facebook (now known as Meta) recently was hit with a wave of lawsuits relating to the company’s platforms and their negative impact on teen mental health; now the company’s Instagram platform is influencing teens to “Take a Break” and stop consuming harmful content.

Stop the Spread by Not Having Sex, UK Tells Monkeypox Sufferers

British officials have told those suffering from monkeypox that they should abstain from sex in the hopes of curbing the spread of the disease.

Disney Tells ‘Star Wars’ Fans to Not ‘Be a Racist’ After ‘Obi Wan’ Actress Faced Social Media Backlash

The latest Disney race scandal sees the company telling “Star Wars” fans to not “be a racist” after actress Moses Ingram, star of the Disney+ “Obi-Wan Kenobi” series, endured online backlash similar to what actress Kelly Marie Tran faced following “The Last Jedi.”

Klaus Schwab Tells Davos: My ‘Powerful Community’ Is Setting ‘Global Agenda’

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab has boasted that the “powerful community” assembled by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is setting the “global agenda” and “changing the world.” “The future is not just […] The post Klaus Schwab Tells Davos: My ‘Powerful Community’ Is Setting ‘Global Agenda’ appeared first on News Punch.

Facebook Tells Employees to Stop Discussing Abortion at Work

A Facebook executive reportedly told employees recently that they are prohibited from discussing abortion on Workplace, Facebook’s internal work chat platform.

Cuba Tells Farmers to Use Human Urine as Fertilizer

A Cuban state-run newspaper recently promoted an article touting the alleged benefits of using human urine as an agricultural fertilizer, the independent website Cubanet reported on Wednesday.

Tough Luck Zuck: Facebook Tells Hardware Staffers to Expect Cutbacks

Facebook (now known as Meta) recently warned its Reality Labs VR development division to prepare for cutbacks, which could be a huge blow to the company’s Metaverse ambitions.

Zelenskyy tells Hungary’s Viktor Orban to ‘decide who you are with’

Orban has let NATO troops be stationed in the country but banned the shipment of weapons and other lethal equipment to Kyiv. Source

Elite Flock to Doomsday Bunkers – World Bank Tells Peasant Class NOT to Store Food

Since the invasion of Ukraine began, manufacturers of doomsday bunkers have seen a massive spike in sales. This is typical during any crisis as people wait until the last minute to start preparing. What sets this rush toward prepping apart from ones in the past is the fact that the World Bank is warning against […]

Ukraine war: Surrender and you’ll be treated well, Zelenskyy tells Russian soldiers

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has issued a message to Russian forces that invaded his country, telling them if they surrender, they will be treated decently. Source

Ron Paul Tells Fans He Is Sorry He Couldn’t Do More As He Seals Up His Bunker

LAKE JACKSON, TX—Libertarian demigod Ron Paul apologized to his supporters on Wednesday as he sealed himself up in an underground bunker to weather the collapse of the American dollar. “I did the best I could,” said the former congressional representative. “Now please stand aside or the vault door will grind you to death in its massive […]

Zelensky Who Can Dance in High Heels & Play Piano With Dick & Balls tells Hands All Over Little Girls Biden to give Ukraine fighter jets and make a deal with Poland over the MIG-29s as Legs Kamala Who is Good at Spreading Her Legs for Political Gain heads to Warsaw

Hmmmmm!!!!Says presidential material to me! Hmmmmmmm!!!!Says presidential material to me! But perhaps the Secret Service should clear all the kids out of any crowd before they allow Hands loose on the crowd! Legs has the tools to cut political deals.And Knows how to use them! The Putinister is a Khazarian Jew Communist KGB agent who […]


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‘World War 3 Is Really Stressing Me Out,’ Woman Tells Girlfriends Over Brunch

SEATTLE—Local woman Katie Chambers sat down to brunch with her friends at a popular vegan cafe in downtown Seattle where they gossiped about men, sex, and the land invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. “World War 3 is really stressing me out,” said Katie, literally shaking. “I have Pilates at 3, but if we all die […]

Health Secretary Confirms Coronavirus Act Will Expire in March and Tells MPs He Does Not “Envisage” Ever Bringing it Back

Feb 25 2022 Emergency powers brought in to tackle Covid will be consigned to history, Health Secretary Sajid Javid assured MPs today, saying he does not “envisage” ever having to bring back provisions in the Coronavirus Act because Britain has made so much progress in the pandemic. MailOnline has more. While most of the lockdown powers were ushered […]

Biden Tells Ukrainians To Just Shoot Russian Soldiers In The Leg

WASHINGTON, D.C.—From his fake White House set, President Joe Biden gave a televised address in which he lamented the involvement of guns in the military and implored Ukrainians to shoot invading Russian soldiers in the leg. “Look, here’s the deal, Ukraine is under attack but that doesn’t mean they should shoot to kill,” he said before […]

Illuminati Satanic Crime Syndicate Has Corrupted ALL of Politics and This Book Tells You How They Did It.

Comment: They finance perverts into the top positions of our gov’t whom they control as these Satanists also control the Child Trafficking to these perverts. They assassinate foreign leaders who will not kowtow to them. They bribe, blackmail and murder and now control pretty much every country in the world. They use the American military […]

JPMorgan Tells Investors Not to Fear a 20% Stock Market Correction

Commentary This Monday’s rally amounted to the 69th time the index has hit a new record high this year. The rise has been unbelievable, with the S&P closing on the upside nearly 30% of trading days. The S&P is up year to date 24%, Dow Jones up 19%, and NASDAQ up 19% as of the […]

Time is running out for Anti-Vaxxers, Many are capitulating under increased pressure. What to do when gov. tells you to kill yourself?

(MSN) Republican governors in the United States may be championing the cause of the vaccine resistant and suing to stop mandates imposed by the Biden administration. But elsewhere in the West, the jab-less are increasingly becoming personae non gratae. The omicron variant is exacting some of the highest infection rates of the pandemic, and the growing frustration of the vaccinated […]

“There’s The Big Jew, Let’s Get Him!” Sen. Chuck Schumer Tells New Totally Real Jan 6 Story Which Definitely Happened

By Chris Menahan Capitol protesters were hunting Jews on Jan 6, according to New York Senator Chuck Schumer (D). “I was within 30 feet of these nasty, racist, bigoted insurrectionists,” Schumer recalled Thursday on floor of the Senate. “I was told later that one of them reportedly said, ‘There’s the big Jew, let’s get him!’” […]

Texas Gov. Abbott Sues Biden Over Military Vaccine Mandate, Tells His National Guard Biden is Not Their Commander-in-Chief

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Tuesday sued Joe Biden and the Pentagon over its military vaccine mandate. Over 40% of the Texas National Guard are refusing to get the Covid vaccine. On Tuesday Governor Abbott asked a federal judge to overturn Biden’s vax mandate citing his own authority as commander-in-chief as governor. LINK Share this: […]

First AI Murder Attempt? Alexa Tells Child To Touch Live Outlet With Penny

First AI Murder Attempt? Alexa Tells Child To Touch Live Outlet With Penny Alexa is a virtual assistant technology designed by Amazon to improve human lives, but that wasn’t the case this past weekend when the device told a 10-year-old girl to touch a live electrical plug with a penny. Twitter user “Kristin Livdahl” […]

Lady tells Trudeau we used to hang people for the type of treason he has committed

Dylan Eleven | | December 26 2031 All he can do is look to the ground with a smirk on his face. If someone accused the prime minister of a country of treason, if they were innocent they would defend themselves, they would deny it, would freak out… something. But the guilty hang their […]

UK tells starving Venezuelans: Your $1.7 Billion of Gold is Now Ours

    In its prolonged freezing of Venezuelan assets, the UK continues to withhold 31 tons of its gold stored at the Bank of England, with a new Supreme Court ruling supporting the seizure. The recent decision, CNN reported, “ruled that recognition of heads of state and government was solely the responsibility of the British […]

No room at the inn – for unvaccinated: Catholic priest tells faithful parishioners who have refused to get jab for religious reasons they are NOT welcome at church for Christmas Mass

God has been unwelcome at the Cult of Rome “churches for damn near two thousand years.And if the Popester and his pedophile “priest” had got their hands on the baby Jesus they would have raped him. These evil bastards have been “vaccinating” little children with their dicks for damn near two thousand years. Time for […]

Progressive Church Tells Young Unvaccinated Couple Stuck Out In The Cold That There’s No Room

Progressive Church Tells Young Unvaccinated Couple Stuck Out In The Cold That There’s No Room BETHLEHEM, PA—A young couple was reportedly turned away from a church service Sunday evening because they were not vaccinated against COVID19, according to the Bethlehem sheriff’s office. The couple was admonished after not producing their vaccination cards and cast out […]

Peng Shuai Tells Chinese Paper She Never Wrote Of Being Assaulted

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai has denied saying she was sexually assaulted, despite a November social media post attributed to her that accused a former top Communist Party official of forcing her into sex. The Lianhe Zaobao Chinese-language newspaper posted video of Peng it says was taken Sunday in Shanghai in which […]

White House Tells Unvaxxed Americans to Prepare to Die: ‘You’re Looking at a Winter of Severe Illness and Death’

This has to be one of the most insane statements ever made by any White House in American history. White House COVID Response Coordinator tells unvaccinated Americans to be prepared to die: “You’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death.” — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) December 20, 2021 Biden himself read off nearly the […]

PETA tells New Yorkers to Stop Tormenting Rats

    Animal-rights group PETA is alarmed that New York City is combatting its surging rat population by employing a clever new trap baited with Oreo cookies, saying the creatures are “simply trying to live their lives.” The Italian-made traps in question have been endorsed by Mayor-elect Eric Adams and are reportedly being used increasingly […]

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