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Israel is a ROGUE nation, Dennis Kucinich tells Judge Napolitano

Independent candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 7th district Dennis Kucinich appeared with Judge Andrew Napolitano this week to talk about how the United States military-industrial complex is leading America straight into World War III, including with its virtually unquestioning support for the Israeli war machine. During the conversation, Kucinich discussed how Israel has become a […]

Great Interview: Dennis Fetch With Guest John Kaminski Dennis Fetch Host With Guest John Kaminski on 10-21-2023 on Inside The Eye – 3rd Hour without annoying commercials Runtime: 59min 51sec Filesize: 43Mb Show gets pretty heated towards the last 30 minutes when the small hat calls in. Source

Dennis Quaid Wants to ‘Make Texas the Film Capital of the World’ as People Flee California

Actor Dennis Quaid expounded on a new movement to make the Lone Star state of Texas the “film capital of the world” as people move out of California. Source

SP – The Rulers of Russia, by Rev Dennis Fahey, Part 1

EURO FOLK RADIO SP – The Rulers of Russia, by Rev Dennis Fahey, Part 1 Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share Pat one of a three-part series of Dennis Fahey’s exposure of the fact that the Bolshevik Revolution was a Jewish coup against Christian Russia. […]

‘Dark Night Of The Soul’, The Eleventh Hour – By Kingsley L. Dennis

CROSSROADS: ‘Dark Night Of The Soul’, The Eleventh Hour – By Kingsley L. Dennis SM  Source – “..An apocalypse is not a fatality but a revelation – a revealing. It marks the disintegration of one narrated cycle and the emergence of new mythological voices as heralding a departure from the dying throes of an aeon […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Dennis Prager Gets What He Wanted

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Kool & the Gang co-founder Dennis Thomas dies aged 70

Dennis “Dee Tee” Thomas, a founding member of the long-running soul-funk band Kool & the Gang known for such hits as “Celebration” and “Get Down On It,” has died. He was 70. He died peacefully in his sleep Saturday in New Jersey, where he was a resident of Montclair, according to a statement from his […]

Tribute to Dennis Lillee on 50th anniversary of debut who was the ultimate epitome of fast bowling

In January earlier this year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the debut of the legendary Dennis Lillee in 1971, paying against England at home.. In my time no cricketer took determination or never say die spirit to such a crescendo as fast bowler Dennis Lillee.Nor was anyone as much an epitome of perfection in […]

Dennis Prager of “Conservative” Prager U Claims that Bisexuality is the Norm

“Conservative” Dennis Prager dropped by the “conservative” Rubin Report to spout off some BS that not even Alfred Kinsey would have claimed. Link Share now! Source

‘Fresh Air’ gives platform to Israel’s lawyer, Dennis Ross, to blame Arafat for failure of peace process

This is the era in which diversity is finally being promoted at the top of American institutions, including the Biden White House, but– Israel remains a glaring exception. The mainstream Democratic/media perspective on the conflict is limited to an Israeli one. Yesterday, “Fresh Air”, the NPR talk show that did yeoman work undermining the Trump […]

Dennis Prager Tells The ‘Truth’ About The Slave Trade But Fails To Mention The Prominent Jewish Role In It

The Jewish “conservative”, Dennis Prager is at it again — attempting to expose the hypocrisy of the Left on the issue of slavery by pointing the finger at the evil Muslim slavers while deftly failing to admit the disproportionate role the Jews played in dominating the Trans-Atlantic slave trade — a role that was justified […]

Dennis Wise Honorably Defends Flawless Worldview National Socialism from Slanderous Jewish Attacks


ACH (1270) Dennis Fetcho – Fetch On Fridays #14 – The Destruction Of America

ACH (1270) Dennis Fetcho – Fetch On Fridays #14 – The Destruction Of AmericaTHE ACH SHOW In today’s show originally broadcast on June 5 2020, Andy co-hosts, “Fetch On Friday’s,” with Inside The Eye Live’s The Fetch aka Dennis Fetcho, for a show entitled, “The Destruction Of America.” We discussed: how the so-called protests have […]

Trump Invites Dennis Rodman To Attend North Korea Peace Talks

President Trump has invited NBA star Dennis Rodman to attend the North Korea peace talks in Singapore next week. Rodman, who was made unofficial ambassador to North Korea last year, was identified as the  perfect candidate to participate in Trump’s negotiations due to his close personal relationship with Kim Jong-un. reports: “The Worm” will arrive […]

Dennis Rodman Offers To Help In Meetings Between Trump And Kim Jong Un

Last week, US president Donald Trump shocked the world by accepting an invitation to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Kim reportedly sent a delegation from South Korea to the White House last week to set up possible peace talks, and send the message that he was willing to make […]

Pro-Weed, Anti-GMO Dennis Kucinich Announces Bid For Ohio Governor . . . And He Might Just Win

Brandon TurbevilleNatural Blaze Former Mayor, U.S. Congressman, and famous peace advocate Dennis Kucinich formally announced his run for Governor of the state of Ohio on January 17, 2018. With current Governor John Kasich stepping down due to term limit constraints, leaving a trail of lost jobs, economic stagnation, crumbling infrastructure, police state measures, and environmental […]

Dennis Rodman Is Insane…….Gives North Korea Trump Themed Gift….. Copy of “Art of the Deal”

If you’re a sports star, you have to be an odd bird to earn the nickname “The Worm.” That doesn’t even begin to explain Dennis Rodman, though. The former NBA star, whose insane hijinks have earned him no small share of notoriety, is back in North Korea with his BFF Kim Jong Un and his regime. […]

Weed-backed cryptocurrency PotCoin funded Dennis Rodman’s North Korea trip

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman has made yet another trip to North Korea this week. Though time a fully unofficial ambassador of the United States, he arrives in the republic as the official ambassador of PotCoin, a digital currency marketed to the marijuana industry.   On this, his fifth visit to […]

Dennis Rodman lands in Pyongyang on good will mission

Rodman first went to North Korea in 2013 to participate in a series of exhibition basketball games. Rodman spoke of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un as a “friend for life” after the two first met and encouraged then US President Obama to hold a phone call with Kim citing their mutual love of basketball. […]

Dennis Rodman to Visit North Korea

Lee RogersDaily Stormer June 13, 2017 Dennis Rodman and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are practically best pals! There are reports circulating that former NBA player Dennis Rodman is about to visit North Korea. Rodman and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are actually friends. He’s visited North Korea several times […]

Dennis Rodman: Kim Jong-un Wants To Give Peace A Chance

Dennis Rodman has good news for anyone concerned that “madman” Kim Jong-un is going to launch a nuclear strike on the United States and spark World War 3. According to Rodman, Kim Jong-un’s North Korea is like a “small dog” who has been cornered by “the biggest, meanest dog on the block“. The small dog […]

Dr. Kevin MacDonald Pledges his Support for the Dr. David Duke Campaign!

Dr. Kevin MacDonald Pledges his Support for the  Dr. David Duke Campaign! Today Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. Professor MacDonald talked about the importance of Dr. Duke running for Congress. They talked about the need to have at least one person in Congress willing to stand up […]

Livni says British police sought to question her: Zio-Watch, July 5-6, 2016

(JTA) — Abner Mikva, a federal judge and congressman who served as a mentor to a range of Democratic politicians from the Chicago area, died at age 90. Mikva died Monday in Chicago, according to the Chicago Tribune. His political career, spanning five decades, saw him serve in state and national office as well as all three branches […]

July 1, 1916, The Battle of the Somme: General Haig’s Murderous “Great Push Forward”

If you vote for Hillary you are voting for the end of the world — Paul Craig Roberts

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviews U.S. Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at the NATO “jumbo” ministerial at NATO headquarters in Brussels, April 18, 2012. (Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo/US Department of Defense) “We have been watching for nearly a month a steady buildup of American and NATO forces along Russia’s borders – on land, on sea […]

Local boycotts of G4S: Responding to the Orlando massacre

I mourn with Orlando, Florida. I mourn as witnesses of the largest massacre on this continent since Wounded Knee in 1890. In this mourning, I also see that we are galvanized by our sadness to rally together as small communities dotting the earth, as people rooted in our local places, our homes. We are inspired […]

Court Rules Police Can Legally Make Up Lies to Pull People Over to Fish for Criminal Behavior

The United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that police officers can lie to suspects in regards to a traffic stop — even when no violation has occurred. The ruling essentially gives police officers carte blanche to stop anyone they want for absolutely no reason — merely acting on a hunch.   […]

Hundreds Arrested At ‘Democracy Spring’ Sit-In At The US Capitol

Hundreds of “Democracy Spring” protesters have been arrested on the steps of the US Capitol. Thousands of activists arrived in Washington DC, after a ten day, 140-mile (225km) march from Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell, in protest against corruption in politics. Starting today, April 11th, thousands of Americans will sit-in on the US Capitol in Washington, DC […]

Cut the Gordian Knot — a response to Ban Ki-moon’s landmark speech

Sadly, 2016 has begun much like 2015 ended – with unacceptable levels of violence and a polarized public discourse across the spectrum in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory. Stabbings, vehicle attacks, and shootings by Palestinians targeting Israeli civilians – all of which I condemn —  and clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces, have […]

Dennis Kucinich Tells Occupy Wall Street to Nationalize the Federal Reserve

  Dennis KucinichYou Tube October 6, 2011 Washington D.C. (October 4, 2011) — Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today released the following video and statement in support of the protestors on Wall Street and around the country who have identified themselves with the hashtag #OccupyWallStreet: “To the young men and women who are braving the overreaction […]

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