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Right Wing Bonus Tracks: On The Lord’s Mission

Right-wing pastor Drenda Keesee, who is running unopposed for office in Ohio, says that the United States has become a “banana republic” under President Joe Biden. Nick Fuentes reported that he had dinner with right-wing MMA fighter Jake Shields last night. Christian nationalist/Seven Mountains dominionist Lance Wallnau called for prayer to protect Rep. Barry Loudermilk […]

Mission accomplished as Iran depletes Israel’s air defense munitions… defensive action “likely cost over $1 billion”

(NaturalNews) Iran has completed its retaliatory attack on Israel after the Zionist state bombed the Iranian consulate in Damascus. It cost Iran very little to do… Source

April 13 – Satanyahu’s Mission: Start World War 3

Please send comments and links to  When they met in 1990, Chabad chieftain Menachem Schneerson predicted Satanyahu would  become PM and start WW3 in order to destroy civilization, a prerequisite for the return of the Jewish Messiah, the Antichrist.  Obviously, Satanyahu attacked the Iranian Embassy in Damascus to entrap the US in such a […]

Axis of Resistance’s mission is to defend Palestine: IRGC’s Navy Cmd.

April 9, 2024 Source: Al Mayadeen The commander of the IRGC’s Navy, Read Admiral Alireza Tangsiri. (Al Mayadeen Net) By Al Mayadeen English In an exclusive interview with Al Mayadeen, the Commander of the IRGC’s Navy, Alireza Tangsiri discusses Iran’s development as a world power, the efforts of the Axis of Resistance to champion and […]

Outrage As West Point Drops ‘Duty, Honor, Country’ Motto From Mission Statement

The US Military Academy at West Point has been accused of ‘going woke’ after suddenly removing the iconic motto “Duty, Honor, Country” from its mission statement. The phrase will be replaced with the words, “Army […] The post Outrage As West Point Drops ‘Duty, Honor, Country’ Motto From Mission Statement appeared first on The People's […]

US Militaries Mission, Send American Kids to Die For Israel

Secret Drone Ops Run From US Base In Jordan Where 3 Soldiers Killed, more than 40 Wounded. The US base in Jordan where troopers were killed and a bunch wounded in a recent attack runs drones which identifies freedom fighter’s against zionist war crimes against their people who are then targeted for murder by US […]

Trump Jr. Who’s father Murdered An Iranian Diplomate on A Posted Mission, Who’s Father Supports Israel Which Murders journalist all the Damn Time, As Well As Tens of Thousands of Children, Condemns Zelensky for US journalist’s ‘murder’

evil /ē′vəl/ adjective Morally bad or wrong; wicked. “an evil tyrant.” Causing ruin, injury, or pain; harmful. “the evil effects of a poor diet.” Characterized by or indicating future misfortune; ominous. “evil omens.” hypocrite /hĭp′ə-krĭt″/ noun A person given to hypocrisy. One who assumes a false appearance; one who feigns to be what he is […]

Israel Makes Palestinian Men Strip Down As UN Says Aid Mission ‘In Tatters’

Israeli officials said they were searching for Hamas militants, but some men simply have not been able to leave or are afraid to travel. Source

Netherlands deploys more troops to NATO mission in Iraq

The Netherlands will deploy around another 120 soldiers and three Chinook transport helicopters to the ongoing NATO alliance mission in Iraq, the Dutch government said on Friday, Reuters reports. The deployment is in addition to the infantry unit of around 145 soldiers the Netherlands said in July they would send to Iraq from 1 January, […]

Iran UNHRC envoy grills Israeli mission on flagrant violations, crimes

Sep 29, 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen In response to Israeli accusations at the UNHRC, Iran’s representative slams Israeli hypocrisy and sheds light on the entity’s own heinous crimes in occupied Palestinian territories. By Al Mayadeen English Iran’s representative at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) sternly responded to accusations made by the Israeli representative […]

US To Finance, Train Kenyan Soldiers For Mission To Haiti

US To Finance, Train Kenyan Soldiers For Mission To Haiti Authored by Kyle Anzalone via The Libertarian Institute, The US is preparing a UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution to authorize Kenya to send its soldiers to Haiti. Washington believes Nairobi can aid Port-au-Prince in restoring order to gang-controlled territory. The Joe Biden administration said the American […]

Eugene Jones, Opus Dei, and the Vladivostok Mission

By Timothy Fitzpatrick Sept. 16, 2023 Anno Domini A couple of months ago, a 79-year-old FBI double agent and American traitor was found dead in his prison cell of 21 years. Robert Hannsen, a devotee of a powerful pseudo conservative cult inside the Catholic Church known as Opus Dei, had ended up in his daily […]

DISTRACTION PSYOP PLUS! You know the NWO weather warriors are on a geoterrorist mission with the continually hyped Hurricane Lee.

___ Source

Turkey Cave Rescue: Live Updates On Mission To Save American Explorer

American Mark Dickey is trapped more than a half-mile from the entrance of a cave in Southern Turkey after he became ill on an expedition. Source

Failed Lunar Mission Dents Russian Pride And Reflects Deeper Problems With Space Industry

An ambitious but failed attempt by Russia to return to the moon has exposed the massive challenges faced by Moscow’s once-proud space program. Source

India unveils first images from Moon mission

India unveils first images from Moon mission  The footage was taken on approach, ahead of a planned landing later this month   Twitter / chandrayaan_3 India’s Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft has accomplished its first Moon-bound orbit reduction maneuver, following its successful orbit insertion a day earlier, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) announced on Sunday. A video shared […]

Armenia: Canada to Send Two Experts for EU Mission Seeking Peace in Nagorno-Karabakh

Canada is sending two officials to support a European mission that is aiming to prevent another war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The unarmed European Union mission in Armenia is a project involving a hundred civilian monitors who keep tabs on the security situation at the border with Azerbaijan. Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly has announced […]

Coast Guard: Missing sub ‘100%’ a search and rescue mission

Coast Guard: Missing sub ‘100%’ a search and rescue mission lead image Source

Mission completed: Man City beats Inter Milan to end wait for first Champions League title

Billions of dollars have been spent and many tears shed on Manchester City’s journey to the summit of European football. Source

MP: ‘France’s mission schools undermine religious, national principles’

Moroccan MP Hanan Aterkin has accused French mission schools in Morocco of undermining religious and national principles in the country, Anadolu Agency reported on Friday. The Authenticity and Modernity Party's MP addressed this in a letter to Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita on Thursday. "Some of the French mission schools in Morocco have started to teach actions and behaviours […]

Mission Unaccomplished: To Overthrow the Regime in Iran

 February 28, 2023 Iran had been in late 2022 the scene of protests which turned violent, allegedly over living conditions and the death of a young woman at police custody. The suspicious riots last September, led to the death or injury of tens of Iranians, including security forces, as well as the arrest of dozens […]

Once Saved by Wild Mustangs, This Alabama Woman Is on a Mission to Return the Favor

At the barn of her wide open horse ranch, Babbie Styslinger pulled out a large basket containing 130 leather tags numbered recklessly. She picked one up, felt the worn-out leather with her fingers, then lowered her head with a bit of solemn sadness, a bit of somber reflection, a bit of austere reality. “When a […]

US State representative slams Israel’s policies as a mission of ‘genocide’

US State Representative of Massachusetts, Jamie Zahlaway Belsito, slammed Israel's harsh policies against Palestinians, condemning it as a "mission to kill Palestinians and steal their lands". Following the announcement of the Israeli government's plans to escalate expanding illegal Jewish settlements in the Occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, the politician took to Twitter criticising Israel as […]

Sudan faces ‘complex political process’: UN mission

The UN mission said Saturday that Sudan is going through a "very complex political process", Anadolu reports. This came in a statement issued by the UN Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) on the 67th anniversary of Sudan's independence from British colonialism (1899-1956). "This anniversary comes while Sudan is going through a very complex […]

Turkey accuses Greek aircraft of attempting to “block” NATO mission

Turkey said on Saturday that its warplanes gave a “necessary response” to an attempt by Greek aircraft to “block” a Turkish-NATO mission in the Aegean, reported Xinhua. “Combat and support aircraft of our Air Force and the AWACS aircraft commissioned by NATO performed the NEXUS ACE training mission in the international airspace over the Aegean… […]

Mission Complete: NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Splashes Down In Pacific Ocean

Mission Complete: NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Splashes Down In Pacific Ocean by Tyler DurdenSunday, Dec 11, 2022 \ Update (1241ET):Welcome home, Orion. Moon mission complete. *   *   * Update (1228ET): Orion has entered the Earth’s atmosphere. NASA@NASA ·Follow We have now entered the entry phase. The @NASA_Orion spacecraft is traveling just under 25,000 miles per hour. #Artemis 11:23 […]

Yoon Suk-yeol’s space mission to Mars or a new era of Star Wars?

“We have some good news. We are flying to the Moon once again.” This is how one can characterize the flow of reports from South Korean media outlets that emerged last week and are devoted to (military) space topics. On November 28, South Korea’s President Yoon Suk-yeol unveiled a roadmap for the development of the […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Mission Accomplished

Laura Loomer, whose main purpose in life appeared to be getting her Twitter account restored, has finally achieved her goal. Shane Vaughn wants to see Electoral College-like election systems implemented in individual states because Republican candidates keep losing the popular vote. Right-wing pastor Mario Murillo seems to be calling out Kat Kerr for being a […]

Lunar Lander Released by NASA’s Artemis 1 Mission Dies

Lunar Lander Released by NASA’s Artemis 1 Mission Dies Date: November 23, 2022Author: Nwo Report “…the communication didn’t come back.” Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport Tragic news from space! A Japan-made CubeSat called OMOTENASHI (Outstanding MOon exploration TEchnologies demonstrated by NAno Semi-Hard Impactor) has died after being released by NASA’s Artemis mission. “Though we tried […]

EU is committed to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s European future, mission head declares

EUFOR’s Deputy Head Aurelie Valtat said that the military exercises in Bosnia and Herzegovina show the European Union’s commitment to the country’s European future. She made the comment as thousands of troops from 20 different countries take part in drills. Source

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