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Liberal World Order Must Be Destroyed Says Hungarian PM Orbán

The values system that has dominated the West and “brought chaos” to the world is about to end according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Orbán claims that Western liberal hegemony has failed and must […] The post Liberal World Order Must Be Destroyed Says Hungarian PM Orbán appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban Says Trump’s Return Would Be Better For The World

Donald Trump will stop the conflict between Russia and Ukraine if he wins the election and returns to the White House, according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Orban made the comment on Saturday in […] The post Hungarian PM Viktor Orban Says Trump’s Return Would Be Better For The World appeared first on The […]

Trump Meets With Hungarian Leader Viktor Orban, Discussions Focus On Border Security

Trump Meets With Hungarian Leader Viktor Orban, Discussions Focus On Border Security Authored by Tom Ozimek via The Epoch Times, Former President Donald Trump met with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida on Friday, with the former president praising Mr. Orban as a “fantastic leader,” while the Hungarian conservative said […]

Orban Hits Back After Secret EU Plan ‘To Sabotage Hungarian Economy’ Revealed

Orban Hits Back After Secret EU Plan ‘To Sabotage Hungarian Economy’ Revealed “Hungary does not allow blackmail,” Hungary’s minister for European affairs, Janos Boka, has lashed out in response to the FT-reported secret document showing the EU stands ready to inflict intentional damage to Hungary’s economy if Orban’s government persists in rejecting more funding for Ukraine. “The […]

European Elections Will Be Fought On The Issue Of Mass Migration, Says Hungary PM Orbán

Via Remix News, A key battleground during the European parliamentary elections next year will be the issue of mass migration, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said, claiming that the migration policies adopted by liberal governments in Western Europe have increased the terror threat on the continent. Speaking to Hungary’s Kossuth Rádió, the Hungarian leader […]

“A Very Dangerous Moment” – Hungary’s Orbán Warns Tucker “A 3rd World War Is Knocking On The Door”

During Tucker Carlson’s recent visit to Budapest, where he gave a speech apologizing for the “disgusting” behavior of the US Ambassador to Hungary, the former Fox News anchor sat down with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Orbán – Hungary’s longest-serving prime minister – knows a thing or two about Russia (having grown up under their occupation, and been […]

Viktor Orban Accuses Soros Scion of Scheming to Incite Another Migrant Crisis

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warned that the Soros empire, the reigns of which will be handed over to 37-year-old scion Alexander, is planning to “incite” another migrant crisis in Europe. In his weekly radio appearance, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said according to that he believed that the latest migrant relocation scheme from […]

Viktor Orbán promises Hungary will ratify NATO membership for Finland and Sweden in January

Hungary has repeatedly delayed the ratification process, while at the same time promising they’ll get it done. Source

Hungary sparks Anger after Orban goes to Football match with ‘Greater Hungary’ scarf

Ukraine will summon the Hungarian ambassador to protest that Prime Minister Viktor Orban went to a football match wearing a scarf depicting some Ukrainian territory as part of Hungary, the Ukrainian foreign ministry said on Tuesday. Ukrainian media showed images of Orban meeting a Hungarian footballer wearing a scarf which the outlet Ukrainska Pravda said […]

The Democrats ‘Hate’ America Says Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán recieved a warm reception during a conservative conference in Texas on Thursday. During his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas, Orbán blasted the governing US Democrats […] The post The Democrats ‘Hate’ America Says Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban appeared first on News Punch. Source

Orbán gets warm CPAC reception after ‘mixed race’ speech blowback

DALLAS — Viktor Orbán took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Texas with an invitation for the American right. “I’m here to tell you that we should unite our forces,” said Orbán, the Hungarian prime minister who has found himself increasingly alienated from democratic countries in Europe, as he has opposed immigration […]

‘A Pure Nazi Text’: Adviser To Hungary’s Viktor Orban Resigns Over Speech

The Hungarian leader is still scheduled to appear at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas next week. Source

Viktor Orban: Hungarians Must not Race Mix with non-Europeans

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has declared that Hungarians ‘do not want to become a mixed race’ and have no interest in associating with ‘non-Europeans’. The far-right leader said multicultural countries in Western Europe, where Europeans and non-Europeans live together, are ‘no longer nations’. Orban, 59, defended his vision of an ‘unmixed Hungarian race’ as […]

Outrage as Orban bashes Europe for ‘mixing with non-Europeans’

Hungary’s prime minister sparked a public outcry after he criticised Western Europeans for “mixing with non-Europeans”. Source

Orban to Tax Banks and Multinationals Profiting from War to Cut Home Energy Bills

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will impose a temporary windfall tax on banks and multinationals which he says are profiting from the Ukraine war, to protect Hungarians from energy bill increases and enhance the military.

Orban Blocking EU Ban on Russian Oil: Like Dropping ‘Nuclear Bomb’ on Hungarian Economy

The European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy says there is no guarantee that the 27-nation bloc will be able to finalise a new set of sanctions against Russia, with a small group of countries led by Hungary opposing a full oil embargo.

‘A victory so big you can see it from the moon… and Brussels,’ says Hungary’s Viktor Orban

Hungary’s nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared victory in Sunday’s national elections, claiming a mandate for a fourth term as a still incomplete vote count showed a strong lead for his right-wing party. In a 10-minute speech to Fidesz party officials and supporters at an election night event in Budapest, Orban addressed a crowd cheering […]

Hungary election: Who is Viktor Orban and how has he stayed in power for so long?

Today, Viktor Orban is best known for being a right-wing populist. But did you know his career began at the other end of the political spectrum? Source

Zelenskyy tells Hungary’s Viktor Orban to ‘decide who you are with’

Orban has let NATO troops be stationed in the country but banned the shipment of weapons and other lethal equipment to Kyiv. Source

Viktor Orbán Refuses to Punish Hungarian Families For Russia-Ukraine War

Energy industry heads have hit back at the Biden administration’s efforts to blame them for rising prices, noting that it is a ‘distraction’ from the reality that Executive actions are really to blame for supply chain issues. Following Jen Psaki’s embarrassing attempts to deflect the energy crisis onto Russia and American oil companies who she […]

Ukraine war: Orban lets NATO troops into Hungary but bans weapons passage to Kyiv

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has signed a decree allowing NATO troops to move through and be stationed in the country. Orbán approved the move on Monday in the wake of Russia’s invasion of neighbouring Ukraine. But he also banned the shipment of weapons and lethal equipment to Kyiv. Non-lethal aid — such as personal […]

UN Agenda 2030: Viktor Orbán Warns ‘Serious Stress Test’ Coming From New World Order

UN Agenda 2030 is a plan by the New World Order to enslave humanity under the guise of “sustainable development” and “equality.” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered a state-of-the-nation speech in Budapest earliest this month. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to your inbox. You can unsubscribe any time. By […]

Will Viktor Orban unite Europe’s radical right?

National sovereignty, families, and borders were the hot topics in Budapest in mid-November as Santiago Abascal, leader of Spain’s far-right Vox party, met with Viktor Orban. The strongly conservative views expressed would not have been out of place in the 18th century Carmalite Monastery, which the Hungarian prime minister symbolically converted into his office two […]

Has Viktor Orbán met his match in Péter Márki-Zay?

To everyone’s great surprise, a non-partisan mayor of a small town has been chosen to challenge Viktor Orban in the 2022 parliamentary elections in Hungary. In the first-ever primary elections in Hungary, he won against candidates like the mayor of Budapest and the vice-president of the European Parliament. The father of seven, who defines himself […]

Hungary’s Orban sides with Poland, rejects EU law primacy ahead of bloc’s summit over LGBTQ

Home » Europe, Politics, Wars / Conflicts » Hungary’s Orban sides with Poland, rejects EU law primacy ahead of bloc’s summit over LGBTQ     Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has once again challenged the idea of the primacy of EU law, accusing Brussels of attempts to infringe upon the rights of the national governments […]

Peter Marki-Zay: Is this the man who can beat Viktor Orban?

Péter Márki-Zay’s victory in Hungary’s first-ever opposition primary on Sunday is the second time that the engineer, historian, economist and relative political newcomer has confounded expectations. Considered an outlier in the first round of the vote to decide which individual Hungary’s opposition would unite behind against Viktor Orban in next year’s parliamentary elections, Márki-Zay ended […]

Is Orban’s biggest threat right under his nose in Budapest?

In the spring of 1994, when Viktor Orban was the leader of a small, nominally liberal opposition youth party named Fidesz, he sat down with foreign journalists one evening to give his views on politics in Hungary. It was just prior to only the second free national election since the change of regime. Relaxing over […]

Hungary’s Viktor Orban accuses EU of blocking recovery plan over LGBT dispute

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has accused the European Commission of blocking funds over the country’s LGBT policies. Orban claimed on Friday that the EU had failed to approve Hungary’s coronavirus recovery plan because of their disagreements over gay rights. “The funds are loans that Brussels does not want to give us because of the […]

Viktor Orbán Warns Pope Francis: You Are Allowing Christianity to Perish

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warned Pope Francis that Christianity is being allowed to “perish” under his leadership, and told him to end his support for mass migration in Europe before its too late. “At the meeting on Sunday, according to state media, Orban even handed the Pope a provocative gift: A copy of a […]

Viktor Orbán Gives Pope Warning About Mass Migration to the West

Experts are warning that ISIS-K is preparing to exploit the refugee wave created by the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan to infiltrate terrorists into the west in a repeat of what happened following the previous migrant surge in 2015. While authorities are attempting to vet the thousands of Afghans entering western countries by holding them in […]

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