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A Bit From a Great Aunt’s Letter About How The yankee “soldiers” “Fought” the War

Seated left, my great grandfather Carleton, grandson of an American Revolutionary War soldier who served three years under Washington, grandson of another American Revolutionary War soldier who served six years under Washington, the last 3 as a scout for Washington’s army, Great Grandson of another American Revolutionary War soldier who died soon after the war […]

Jan 19 – WW3 Fought Over Palestinian State?

Please send links and comments to [email protected] Scott Ritter says that Israel must be defeated strategically before it will accept a two-state solution.  Netanyahu: “Who says we’re not attacking Iran, we’re attacking Israel will only agree to a deal that would see.  “Israel must gain security control over the entire Gaza Strip, Netanyahu added, claiming […]

Alfred Lilienthal – Patriotic American Jew Fought Against Zionism

(Alfred Lilienthal, 1915-2008)  Alfred Lilienthal belongs to the ranks of courageous  Jews who opposed the Jewish supremacist agenda.  Others include Myron Fagan, Benjamin Freedman, Elmer Berger,  & Henry Klein.  In the 1950s, Alfred Lilienthal warned that the U.S. is fighting Israel’s wars  to dominate a region. The US is not fighting for our freedom as the propaganda machine […]

European Elections Will Be Fought On The Issue Of Mass Migration, Says Hungary PM Orbán

Via Remix News, A key battleground during the European parliamentary elections next year will be the issue of mass migration, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said, claiming that the migration policies adopted by liberal governments in Western Europe have increased the terror threat on the continent. Speaking to Hungary’s Kossuth Rádió, the Hungarian leader […]

Israeli Humanitarian Who Fought To End Occupation Feared To Be Among Hamas Captives

Vivian Silver, who has spent the last 50 years fighting for justice alongside Palestinians and the Bedouin community, went missing after the attack on Israel. Source

Canada’s House Speaker Resigns After Honoring Man Who Fought With Nazis

Speaker Anthony Rota expressed his “profound regret” for inviting the veteran to Parliament right after a visit from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Source

Flags I Have Fought Under

Most of the world’s people understand to one degree or the other, reincarnation. A minority of people have been indoctrinated with one life, then heaven or hell. A minority of the beings who understand reincarnation also can trace their lives. I am one such. I fought under the banner of the lion with the rising […]

The Austrian Army Fought Itself and Lost at the Battle of Karánsebes

The Battle of Karánsebes has been remembered as one of the most absurd battles in history. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

Gene edited Super Soldiers are coming who will literally change how wars are fought

A NEW frontier of warfare is coming – with bio-engineered “super soldiers” and man-made viruses that could wipe out entire countries. Gene-editing and biotechnology could spark a new arms race to both enhance humans and create novel new ways to kill them reports The Sun The existence of “super-soldiers” was once only possible in the realm of […]

Russia Is Expected To Free Violent Offenders Who Fought In Ukraine, UK Claims

If inmates served with the Wagner Group mercenaries, they will be able to return to Russian society. Source

Russian Oligarch And Mercenary Leader Releases Prisoners Who Fought In Ukraine War

“Don’t booze too much, don’t take drugs, don’t rape women … You have learned a great deal — first of all: how to kill the enemy,” Yevgeny Prigozhin told the men. Source

How the Labour right fought dirty to protect the neoliberal status quo

Sean Blackmon and Jacquie Luqman invited me on their radio show By Any Means Necessary to discuss Al Jazeera’s series The Labour Files and what it teaches us. Share You can listen to my segment in the clip above or the whole two-hour show on their website (as long as you’re outside the UK or […]

Biden: Nuclear war cannot be won, must never be fought

21 Sep 2022 20:53 Source: Agencies By Al Mayadeen English  The US President claims that the United States does not seek conflict with China or a new Cold War. US President Joe Biden during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York (Reuters) US President Joe Biden accused Wednesday Russia of violating the core tenets […]

Corfu: 93-year-old strangled woman fought her attacker to the end – What the autopsy showed

The coroner responsible for examining the body of the 93-year-old woman, who was found strangled in her home in Corfu at noon on Sunday, found signs of a struggle but also “frivolous” cover-up actions. Speaking to Proto Thema, the medical examiner, Ioannis Aivatidis, found evidence of strangulation of the victim and cover-up efforts by the […]

Organizers Have Fought For Debt Cancellation For Over A Decade

Following over a decade of activism against the United States’ massive student debt crisis, President Biden announced a plan on Wednesday to cancel a significant amount of student loan debt for tens of millions of low and middle-income Americans. Many organizers, whose work made the announcement possible, have viewed the news as a major victory […]

NYC Bodega Worker Who Fought Off Ex-Convict Freed Thanks to Reduced Bail

The Manhattan bodega worker held on a murder charge after an altercation with an ex-convict was freed Thursday thanks to a reduced bail. Source

Conservative Party Favorite to Replace Boris Johnson Said D-Day Was Fought For Black Lives Matter

British defense chief Ben Wallace reacted to Black Lives Matter rioters defacing the Cenotaph war memorial in London by claiming Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy “so that Black lives would matter.” Source

Distraught WWII Vet Warns ‘Everything We Fought For Is Going Down The Drain’

A 100 year old World War Two veteran has issued a sobering warning that America is “going to hell” and that everything he and his generation fought for is “all going down the drain.” In an emotional interview, former marine Carl Spurlin Deke expressed his gratitude for his 100 years of life, noting “I’ve lived […]

Ancestor That Fought In World War 2 Looks Down And Sees Descendant Publicly Kissing With A Mask On

Ancestor That Fought In World War 2 Looks Down And Sees Descendant Publicly Kissing With A Mask On U.S.—Sources close to Megan Anderson and her boyfriend Jimmy Lytle claim that the couple kissed outdoors while wearing a mask, prompting Lytle’s ancestor, who fought in World War 2, to look down in shame and judgment from […]

Ghannouchi: I fought against Bourguiba and Ben Ali, I am ready to resist Saied

The Speaker of the Tunisian Parliament, Rached Ghannouchi, welcomed the meeting of various political and intellectual parties to resist the “unconstitutional measures” taken by President Kais Saied. During his visit on Tuesday evening to the headquarters of the hunger strike organised by Citizens Against the Coup, Ghannouchi said: “I carried out hunger strikes during the […]

Incarcerated Journalists Fought Isolation And Illness To Expose Abusive Conditions

Above Photo: Ichigo121212 / Pixabay. In the summer of 2020 we launched a collaborative writing program to connect incarcerated writers with outside journalists and editors. Our goal was to help them publish their writing in mainstream media publications. We began only a few weeks after COVID-19 came into San Quentin State Prison, where Rahsaan lives. We […]

Commodus: The Outrageous Emperor Who Fought as a Gladiator

Roman Emperor Lucius Aurelius Commodus was a corrupt ruler who was not well-received by the Roman people during his reign. He also believed himself to be a reincarnation of Hercules and enjoyed fighting in an arena as a gladiator. His outrageous tactics, such as slaying people with disabilities and slaughtering wild beasts in the arena, […]

How Jews Fought To Ensure Thanksgiving Was Not Celebrated As A Christian Holiday In America

(JTA) Since the founding of the United States of America, Jews have fought against any attempts by the overwhelmingly Christian majority to recognize any holiday as Christian — and their efforts to remove Christ from Thanksgiving was one their earliest victories: Thanksgiving seems to have all the right ingredients for a holiday that most American […]

Bill Gates Finally Admits to Failure of COVID Vaccines He Fought So Hard to Prop Up (VIDEO)

Bill Gates Finally Admits to Failure of COVID Vaccines He Fought So Hard to Prop Up (VIDEO) Date: November 11, 2021Author: Nwo Report   Source: Jim HoftIn an interview last week with Policy Exchange, creepy Bill Gates finally admitted the dangerous COVID vaccines were not working as advertised.Gates is one of the leading cheerleaders for […]

I have fought for justice my whole life and I will continue that fight

My name is Dr. Fidaa Wishah. On June 23, 2021, I was unlawfully fired from Phoenix Children’s Hospital for being an advocate of social justice and using my voice to speak up for injustices in Palestine. I am a Palestinian woman who was born and raised in Gaza Palestine. I am a pediatric radiologist with […]

Glen Ford’s Journalism Fought For Black Liberation And Against Imperialism

Above Photo: Veteran journalist and founder of Black Agenda Report Glen Ford. I had the honor of working with the late Glen Ford for nearly 20 years. His passing has created a huge void not just for Black Agenda Report (BAR), the site we co-founded with the late Bruce Dixon, but for all of Black politics and […]

Sepahan earn hard-fought win over Machine Sazi: IPL

TEHRAN – Sepahan football team earned a hard-fought 1-0 win over almost-relegated Machine Sazi in Matchday 25 of Iran Professional League (IPL) on Thursday. Danial Esmaeilifar scored the only goal of the match in the 67th minute. Machine Sazi defender Mehdi Rostami was sent off in the 70th minute after receiving a straight red card. […]

The complex case of the attack of an Asian woman who fought back in San Francisco

It was 17 March, the day after the Atlanta spa shootings, and a national wave of violence against Asian Americans seemed to be carrying over onto the streets of San Francisco. Steven Jenkins, a 39-year-old homeless man with a long history of severe mental illness, was arrested on charges of assaulting two Asian residents, including […]

2021 VNL: Iran lose hard-fought match to Serbia

TEHRAN – Iran lost to Serbia 3-2 (21-25,25-21,26-28,25-22,15-8) in 2021 Volleyball Nations League’s Week 3 on Thursday. Luburic Drazen scored 23 points for Serbia, while Amirhossein Esfandiar grabbed 17 points for Iran. Iran will play Germany on Friday. A total of 32 of the world’s top national teams compete at the VNL 2021 bubble in […]

Celebrity-favored Aussie town that fought off McDonalds & KFC now tells Netflix reality show about hot influencers to stay away

Netflix’s plan to film a reality show about the dramatic struggles of Instagram influencers at an Australian beachside town has caused a backlash from the locals, who say the production would be disrespectful and even damaging. Over the past several years, Byron Bay, a small town in New South Wales, has become a hotspot for […]

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