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The WHO Pandemic Treaty Would Literally Make Bill Gates the Most Powerful Man on Earth

Above image: Bill Gates with Jeffrey Epstein, Source New York Times Biden and WHO are gunning for a treaty which would make WHO supreme after it declares a pandemic, including power to dictate lockdowns, digital vaccination IDs, travel rights, and mandatory vaccinations. So far five countries are already saying no way.  Daily Signal– Biden’s Global […]

Censorship Literally Cannot Work

The digital era exposes citizens to a dizzying range of sources of information and evidence. The old days when public information was vetted by a few prominent newspapers and TV and radio stations are over. Under these circumstances, censorship and expert control can seem like an efficient way to bring order, coherence, and predictability into […]

We Are Literally On The Brink Of An Apocalyptic War Between Israel And Iran

READ HERE:   Source

Dear fully vaccinated: The newly approved COVID shot is NOT a booster – it is literally a new (untested) vaccine

(NaturalNews) If you already previously got “vaccinated” and “boosted” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), congratulations: you accomplished absolutely nothing… Source

The UK is literally mad. Leave, say the English Democrats.

Ukrainians Caught Trying to Sabotage Russian Nuke Plant; Putin says “Trained by British” – for whom “There will be consequences” “Vladimir Putin today warned Britain of ‘serious consequences’ and said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak ‘doesn’t understand’ the risks after the UK’s special forces tried to disrupt Russian nuclear power plants. President Putin said that Britain’s elite forces were […]

Police and military checkpoints are popping up “at literally every corner” in and around Lahaina

From ‘Royally screwed’ by Government: Hawaii Victims ‘Getting Desperate’ “….seven issues that Maui survivors face: READ AT THE LINK Photo: Source

When Your First Fashion Collection Is Flames – Literally

“We want to be a part of the celebration of Black culture. Everything we are and have created is an ode to our Black heroes,” say emerging New York designers Thermal Taveras and K$ace. “[Our] mantra has always prioritized empowering the journeys of others.” Taveras and K$ace, who both hail from the Bronx, are the […]

Gene edited Super Soldiers are coming who will literally change how wars are fought

A NEW frontier of warfare is coming – with bio-engineered “super soldiers” and man-made viruses that could wipe out entire countries. Gene-editing and biotechnology could spark a new arms race to both enhance humans and create novel new ways to kill them reports The Sun The existence of “super-soldiers” was once only possible in the realm of […]

Washington’s Position in Syria Under Fire (Literally)

In late March a drone strike was carried out in Syria. Not by the United States or Israel, but by forces opposing the illegal US occupation of eastern Syria. The strike left one American contractor dead and several US service members injured. While the US responded by carrying out airstrikes of its own in Syria […]

Videos: Biden Literally Can’t Talk Anymore

On Tuesday, Joe Biden attempted to string together sentences in English but completely failed again and again. Biden attempted to announce the establishment of a new national monument, but he can’t talk: Biden announces he's establishing a new national monument — but has absolutely no idea how to pronounce it — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) […]

A Bank in Europe is Literally on the Brink of Collapse


Utterly depraved Grammys now ‘literally a tribute to Satan’

READ HERE: ‘Literally a tribute to Satan’: Viewers slam Sam Smith over ‘demonic’ Grammys performance as singer dons devil headgear on fiery stage   Source

‘Literally a tribute to Satan’: Viewers slam Sam Smith over ‘demonic’ Grammys performance

(Daily Mail) — Grammy viewers slammed Sam Smith and Kim Petras over their ‘satanic’ performance of their award-winning single, Unholy, on Sunday night. The pair took to the stage shortly after making history with their win in the Best Pop Duo/Group performance, however the performance drew mixed reactions from onlookers. After Smith – who… Source

WATCH! Vax Truth-Telling Doctor Literally Gatecrashes Australian Medical Association  Meeting (Video)

Aussie doctor, Dr. William Bay, hijacks the Australian Medical Association meeting (where Fauci was making a guest appearance), pleading with his colleagues to join the right side of science, otherwise putting them all on notice. Most of them fled like flies. Source

Decisive, literally defining ‘midterm’ for the ages

Does not this heart-warming stunner/ Fortify the winners as front-runner? Source

Rob Reiner: GOP Willing to ‘Literally Kill’ to Get Power — This Could Be Our Last Election

Actor and Director Rob Reiner said Friday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that Republicans are willing to “literally kill” to get power. Source

You Can Now Become Twitter’s Main Character for Literally Anything

The mood has been so spectacularly chaotic in the last week on Twitter—the website where so many of us spend too much of our precious time on this planet—that it’s become noteworthy to document some of it in one place. Just in the last week or so: A woman named Daisey Beaton was canceled for […]

Sending Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard Is ‘Literally Human Trafficking’ Says Clinton

@media (max-width: 1200px) { }.novashare-inline:not(.novashare-columns) .novashare-buttons-wrapper { justify-content: center; }body .novashare-inline:not(.novashare-columns) a.novashare-button, body .novashare-inline .novashare-total-share-count { margin: 0px 5px 10px 5px; }body .novashare-buttons.novashare-inline .novashare-button-icon { width: 100%; } Hillary Clinton believes that flying and bussing migrants to Washington, D.C., New York and Martha’s Vineyard is “literally human trafficking.” Clinton made her comments Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning […]

Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson: You can literally see the EVIL in her face……

…when it’s not covered up with a face diaper that also serves as a bandit mask as in “stolen elections”. BREAKING: Identity of Top Election Official Who is One of the Primary “Architects” Behind $419 MILLION Zuckerberg Election Scheme Is Revealed [VIDEO] Source

She-Hulk Insists She’s ‘Fine’ While Literally Turning Into Enormous Green Monster

CHILENO BEACH, MEXICO — According to sources, fan-favorite superhero lawyer She-Hulk continued to insist to her husband today that she is “fine”, while literally turning into a green rage monster. Source

FBI Raid Warrant Demanded Seizure Of Literally Any Record Trump Ever Saw During 4-Year Presidential Term

he FBI search warrant authorizing a government raid of former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence sought an exhaustive list of any White House records the president ever came in contact with, according to the document obtained by The Federalist. Outlining the “property to be seized” by the more than 30 agents who rummaged through the […]

Get Woke, Go Broke (Literally)

I know ‘get woke, go broke’ has become a bit of a boomer cliché. But we’ve just witnessed one of the most glaring examples of it ever. Please share this video! SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow on Twitter: Follow @PrisonPlanet ——————————————————————————————————————— Brand new merch now available! Get it at ALERT! In the age of […]

Conspiracy Theorist Anna Khait Says Mark Taylor Is ‘Literally a Pawn of the Devil Himself’

Earlier this month, QAnon conspiracy theorist and so-called “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor attacked several prominent right-wing activists in the charismatic prophetic community, declaring that they were “operating in witchcraft,” just like Adolf Hitler. Taylor was particularly outraged about a recent conference at which Trump-loving evangelical activist Lance Wallnau prophesied over right-wing conspiracy theorist Anna Khait. […]

LA Firefighter Under Investigation for Literally Wiping His Butt With Vaccine Mandate Letter

LA Firefighter Under Investigation for Literally Wiping His Butt With Vaccine Mandate Letter Date: November 27, 2021Author: Nwo Report   Source: Summit. newsA firefighter in Los Angeles has been suspended and is under investigation after he literally wiped his butt with a vaccine mandate notification letter.“The LAFD member responded to receiving the non-compliance letter by […]

LA Firefighter Being ‘Investigated’ For Literally Wiping His Ass With Vaccine Mandate Letter

A firefighter in LA has been placed on leave and is under investigation after he literally wiped his ass with a vaccine mandate notification letter. The Los Angeles Times reports “The LAFD member responded to receiving the non-compliance letter by dropping his pants and wiping his buttocks with the letter.” An L.A. firefighter is under investigation after […]

Emirati football team literally “geared up” for a game in Lebanon, but why?

Emirati football team literally “geared up” for a game in Lebanon, but why? – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN— In a shocking move, the UAE football team brought advanced weapons to Lebanon without being searched. On November 14, the UAE football team arrived at the Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut to play against the Lebanese national team […]

AOC: ‘Woke’ Literally Means ‘Civil Rights!’

Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declared on Sunday that the word ‘woke’ literally means ‘civil rights’ and should be encouraged and celebrated. In a series of tweets, the socialist congresswoman declared that Democrats believing in a “woke problem” will damage their chances for reelection because they “rely on the racial justice issue of voting rights.” “One […]

Greta Thunberg Claims The ‘World Is Literally Burning’

Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg has claimed that the world needs immediate and drastic change in order to avoid an impending disaster. Branding the COP26 event a failure, she accused ‘shameful’ governments and world leaders of being complicit in the world’s ecological problems. She also claimed that ‘The world is literally burning.’ RT reports: […]

Stupid truth movement when TRUMP SAYS ‘ISRAEL LITERALLY OWNED CONGRESS’ he is playing a game.

TRUMP SAYS ‘ISRAEL LITERALLY OWNED CONGRESS’  and he say they need to get it back. No doubt the stupid truth movement is taking Trump literally on this one and they are wrong. Trump is brilliant he is getting a message out there to people and getting them to focus on the problem of Jewish power. […]

Donald Trump Nostalgic For Good Old Days When Israel ‘Literally Owned Congress’

(JTA) Former President Donald Trump recently told a Jewish radio host in Seattle that until recently Israel “literally owned Congress,” a fact that has triggered accusations of antisemitism against other politicians who have made the very same observation: The comments came during Trump’s Oct. 29 interview with Seattle-based talk show host Ari Hoffman as Trump […]

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