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The real reason the Government wants you to get a COVID-19 Booster Jab every 3 months is because the Vaccinated are developing a new form of AIDS

By The Exposé on November 30, 2021 The UK’s minimum gap for Covid-19 booster jabs will be halved from six months to three, after the UK Government accepted advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisations to speed up the programme. Criminally, the Government also accepted the JCVI’s advice to offer all children over […]

WHO: ‘No Evidence’ UK’s Booster Policy Will Offer ‘Any Greater Protection’ To The Healthy

A senior official at the World Health Organization is questioning the British government’s decision to provide the entire adult population with Covid booster jabs. Dr. Mike Ryan, head of the agency’s emergencies program, cautioned that there was “no evidence” that this measure would offer “any greater protection” to the healthy. He also noted that this […]

World Health Organization Says “No Evidence” Booster Jabs Would Offer “Greater Protection” to the Healthy

The World Health Organization has questioned the UK government’s decision to roll out hundreds of millions of booster jabs to its population, asserting there is “no evidence” they would offer “greater protection” to the healthy. UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid’s says the country has secured an additional 114 million vaccine doses for 2022 and 2023 […]

Booster Scariant

What a “cohen-cidence” that vaxx maker stocks skyrocketed right after the new, scary “variant” was introduced on the scene. 6 million jabs in the UK, goyim! Link Share now! Source

“Double Dose” Omicron Booster Every 3 Months, Compulsory Jabs Are Here & The PCR Illusion Continues

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Email | RSS Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (11/30/21). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for […]

UK Government To Offer Booster Jabs to Everyone Over 18 By The End Of January

British prime minister Boris Johnson said that the government is planning to offer booster jabs to everyone over the age of 18 by the end of January. During a briefing on Tuesday, the prime minister said the rollout of the booster programme will go in age order, and that over 1,500 community pharmacy sites in […]

The real reason the Government wants you to get a COVID-19 Booster Jab every 3 months is that Vaccinated is developing a new form of AIDS

The UK’s minimum gap for Covid-19 booster jabs will be halved from six months to three after the UK Government accepted advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisations to speed up the programme. Criminally, the Government also accepted the JCVI’s advice to offer all children over the age of 12 a second dose of the […]

Dr. Peter McCullough: Booster Shot So Much Worse Than First 2 Doses (video)

Dr. Peter McCullough has been at the forefront of the battle for the truth surrounding COVID-19, Big Pharma’s jabs, and the government’s responses to the so-called pandemic since the beginning. In the video below, he recalls an entertaining story of his flight from Florida to Texas where he encountered a couple, one of which had […]

France pushes booster vaccines and makes masks mandatory

France will begin offering adults a COVID-19 booster dose from Saturday as a fifth wave of the virus ramps up. Health minister Olivier Véran made the announcement as cases, hospitalisations, and deaths rise in France. He said no new lockdowns or curfews were planned. Véran did however introduce an incentive to get a booster shot. […]

BIDEN BOOSTER FAKED retractable needle remains stuck in syringe tip.

» ‘Time traveler’ warns of an impending alien invasion! Can’t come soon enough! LOL Yesterday at 10:43 am by PurpleSkyz » Hospitals’ Incentive Payments for COVID-19 are About $100K per COVID PatientYesterday at 10:38 am by PurpleSkyz »  8 Casualties in Fully-Vaccinated Connecticut Nursing HomeYesterday at 10:35 am by PurpleSkyz » Understanding Live Vaccines and Vaccine Shedding Yesterday at 10:26 am […]

Leaders of More States Move To Endorse COVID-19 Booster Shots for All Adults

Leaders of more states have moved to endorse COVID-19 booster shots for all adults, bringing the total to seven states nationwide, including Arkansas, California, Colorado, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and West Virginia. It comes after Pfizer last week formally asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow all American adults to […]

Gov. Newsom Injured by Moderna Booster Shot, Source Tells The Defender

A source close to California Gov. Gavin Newsom today told The Defender the governor experienced an adverse reaction to the Moderna COVID vaccine he received Oct. 27, the last day he was seen in public. By  Children’s Health Defense Team 595 Miss a day, miss a lot. Subscribe to The Defender’s Top News of the […]

BOOSTER DANGER: 10 Times More Potent Than First Shots

The Stew Peters Show By Stew Peters ShowNovember 3, 2021 Catch every segment of the show at StewPeters.TV Dr. Jane Ruby joined “The Stew Peters Show” for the weekly “Ask Dr. Jane” segment, at which time Ruby announced that new findings suggest the booster shots are “10 times more potent” than the first series […]

There’s no Delta-specific booster coming to save you — what we have is good enough

Comment: Legacy media needs to get in touch with reality and ground truth and stop the trick or treat. Natural immunity actually works, even though the vaccines are no longer performing up to intended purpose and specifications. – @RWMaloneMD Aylin Woodward and Hilary Brueck Nov 1, 2021 Nurse Alix Zacharski receives a Pfizer COVID-19 booster shot in Miami, […]

Article two – “COVID-19 Booster Dose Type by Primary Series Type” by Dr. John

Here is information key to our figuring out a solution/cure to the Covid VAX.  We need to know where they are and what they are doing in relation to distribution and execution of the VAX.  While we know they will lie about numbers percentages may be accurate.  This may have a lot of propaganda built […]

US Successfully Tests Hypersonic Booster Motor in Utah

The U.S. Navy, in collaboration with the U.S. Army, conducts a static fire test of the first stage of the newly developed 34.5″ common hypersonic missile that will be fielded by both services, in Promontory, Utah, on Oct. 28, 2021. (Northrop Grumman/Handout via Reuters) WASHINGTON—The Pentagon successfully tested a booster rocket motor on Thursday designed […]

TLAV: Your Never-Ending COVID-19 Booster Cycle & Moderna’s Miracle

Whitney joined TLAV to discuss the never-ending “booster” cycle of COVID-19 injections that is already under way, and her recent article about Moderna’s mRNA shots and the miraculous timing of their “success”. [embedded content] Source

Whitney Webb Interview – Your Never-Ending COVID-19 Booster Cycle & Moderna’s Miracle

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Email | RSS Joining me today Whitney Webb, here to discuss the never-ending “booster” cycle of COVID-19 injections that is already under way, and her recent article about Moderna’s mRNA shots and the miraculous timing of their “success”.  ( [embedded content] Video […]

EU medicines agency approves Moderna COVID-19 vaccine booster dose

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said a third dose of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine “may be considered” in people aged 18 and older. The vaccine is usually given as two doses about four weeks apart in people aged 12 and older. But the European regulator said data showed that a third dose given six to eight […]

Brits Told To Get Booster Jab If They Want To Go On Holiday Next Year

Brits may find it neccessary to take a third Covid booster shot in order to travel abroad next year as changes are made to the vaccine passport system. The Minister for Care, Gillian Keegan, told Sky news that the “vaccine passport concept” might “evolve over time as the third dose comes in”, meaning those asked […]

More Americans Receiving COVID-19 Booster Shots Than Vaccinations: CDC Data

More Americans are now receiving a booster shot to protect against COVID-19 than are getting their first vaccination shot, according to the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The most recent week’s data that ended Tuesday shows approximately 340,000 people receiving a booster shot daily. In contrast, just more than […]

In Australia, DOUBLE vaxxed to be locked up if they fail to take all required “booster” shots

Premier Daniel Andrews, a politician from the Australian state of Victoria, has announced that people who are “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) will only remain such if they agree to also take all existing and future “booster” jabs. In the following presentation, watch as Andrews explains how there will be no freedoms for the “unvaccinated” […]

Biden’s Booster Deception

Brother Nathanael Channel, BroVids Biden’s Booster Deception September 30 2021 Watch: ‘Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________More +BN Vids! Pandemic Of The VAXXinated Here! The Killer COVID VAX Here! +BN Classics! World War 3…Birth Of A Brave New World Here! What If Jews Ran America? Here! +BN Vids Archive! HERE!___________________________________Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation!Br Nathanael Fnd Is Tax […]

Notre Dame Professor Who Said, “Damn the Unvaccinated” Dies Two Weeks After Receiving Booster Shot

A former Notre Dame professor who was a vocal critic of unvaccinated people passed away shortly after she recieved her Covid booster shot. 67-year-old Karen Croake Heisler received her first Pfizer Covid vaccination on January 13, 2021. “Just got my first dose of the vaccine. Never been happier to be “old.” Now let’s get these […]

Pro-Jab Professor’s ‘Quick Death’ After COVID ‘Booster’ Shot

Pro-Jab Professor’s ‘Quick Death’ After COVID ‘Booster’ ShotPublished on September 28, 2021Written by John O’Sullivan Zealous COVID vaccine promoting professor who attacked anti-vaxxers as “selfish” dies after getting her third jab. In what is fast becoming a pattern of quick deaths after the so-called “booster” shots, Mrs Karen Croake Heisler was notorious for using her […]

Report: Companies Stand to Make Billions Off Coronavirus Booster Shots

The advent of coronavirus booster shots could rake in billions of dollars in profits for companies like Pfizer and Moderna, according to the Associated Press (AP). “Billions more in profits are at stake for some vaccine makers as the U.S. moves toward dispensing COVID-19 booster shots to shore up Americans’ protection against the virus,” reported […]

Moderna CEO Says Even Young Will Need to Take Vaccine Booster Shots Indefinitely

The CEO of pharmaceutical giant Moderna says that even younger people will have to get vaccine booster shots at least once every three years, meaning that a two-tier society which punishes the unvaccinated could remain in place indefinitely. Steven Ferdman via Getty Images According to Stephane Bancel, the pandemic will continue for at least another […]

CDC Recommends COVID-19 Booster Vaccine for Group That Advisory Panel Did Not

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) overrode its vaccine advisory panel early Friday and said people as young as 18 who have certain jobs or living situations may get a COVID-19 vaccine booster. The recommendation means millions of more Americans may get a booster shot, even though experts during a meeting said there […]

CEO of Moderna Says Even Young Will Need to Take Vaccine Booster Shots Indefinitely

A bombshell report has concluded that scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and their affiliated partners attempted to secure $14 million in funding from the Pentagon’s scientific arm DARPA to genetically alter viruses, including bat coronaviruses, and make them more infectious to humans, just eighteen months prior to the subsequent outbreak and pandemic. The […]

The Booster Scam

The Booster Scam by Stephen Lendman Booster jabs boost illness. They accelerate health destruction. The same goes for all flu/covid jabs — designed to harm, not protect. It’s true as well about all things flu/covid. Everything mandated and urged by US/Western regimes has nothing to do with protecting health and well-being. Diabolical aims are all […]

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