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Ayatollah Khamenei cautions against negative effects of Vienna talks

TEHRAN – Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei met on Tuesday afternoon with a number of high-ranking government officials at Imam Khomeini’s Hussainiya.

Ivermectin has powerful anti-cancer effects

Ivermectin has powerful anti-cancer effects Date: March 10, 2022Author: Nwo Report Source: Kane FIRST STUDY ABSTRACTIvermectin has powerful antitumor effects, including the inhibition of proliferation, metastasis, and angiogenic activity, in a variety of cancer cells. This may be related to the regulation of multiple signaling pathways by ivermectin through PAK1 kinase. On the other hand, […]

Steps to Help Minimize Vaccine Side Effects

Steps to Help Minimize Vaccine Side EffectsPublished on March 11, 2022Written by Jane Chitty The vaccine debate is never without controversy but there are ways to minimize the side effects and possible damage from the ingredients in vaccines, ingredients that can include heavy metals and chemical adjuvants. It takes a bit of preparation and planning […]

The Pfizer “vaccine” has only 1,291 side effects! (The clinical data a judge forced the FDA to release … it’s worse than you could possibly imagine)

Could this have anything—or everything—to do with the ongoing plague of “sudden deaths” now ravaging humanity worldwide? Mark Crispin Miller It’s (seemingly) a lucky thing for Pfizer—and all of its accomplices, including Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci (remember him?), nearly every state and national leader, and almost every journalist, both corporate and “alternative”—that Putin picked this […]

The Pfizer Non Vaccine Killer Jab Only Has 1,291 Side Effects!

The FDA was forced by a judge to release clinical data on the COVID vaccines back in January and so 55,000 pages of documents were just released. The FDA had originally wanted to hide the data for 75 years and release it in 2096 because, of course, the FDA is basically engaged in a criminal […]

Zionist Zombie “News” Whores / Political Whores and “RARE” Side Effects of People Dying Everywhere From The Killer Jabs

Any one paying attention sees stories/videos every day of children, young people, athletes, news persons, falling over dead from the killer jabs or being premaritally disabled while waiting to die from the killer jabs. Yet every damn time a talking head thirty shekel “news” whore or political whore is forced to report on this, they […]

Vaccine Prophecy: The Twelve Wailing Effects Of The Jab

By Celestial “Do Not Take The Vaccines” “… for by thy sorceries [pharmakeia] were all nations deceived.” – (Revelation 18:23) The message goes as follows: Thus sayeth the Lord. This is the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ to those proud and difficult, those so stubborn of heart that no warning is good enough for […]

6 Serious COVID Jab Side Effects You’re Not Hearing About

Unintended Consequences of mRNA ShotsAnalysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked   December 20, 2021 Story at-a-glance “Worse Than the Disease: Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19,” by Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., and Dr. Greg Nigh, is one of the most comprehensive descriptions of the many possible unintended consequences of the mRNA […]

From Tornadoes To Myocarditis, Here Are The 9 Worst Effects Of Climate Change

Climate change is here. It is too late to reverse the changes. If only we had listened to Al Gore back in the day, we’d be flying around in wind-powered hovercrafts in a world without gasoline, pollution, or crime. Man oh man. But it’s too late for all that! So now we must suffer the […]

Pfizer Documents Reveal A Whole SLEW Of Side Effects From The COVID Shot

Pfizer Documents Reveal A Whole SLEW Of Side Effects From The COVID Shot Mac SlavoDecember 13th, Documents released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reveal that drugmaker Pfizer recorded nearly 160,000 adverse reactions to its Covid-19 vaccine in the initial months of its rollout. And the FDA still went ahead and authorized the drug […]

Pfizer documents reveal variety of vaccine side effects

Documents released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reveal that drugmaker Pfizer recorded nearly 160,000 adverse reactions to its Covid-19 vaccine in the initial months of its rollout. The documents were obtained by a group of doctors, professors, and journalists calling themselves Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, who filed a Freedom of […]

Pfizer Finally Admits ‘Large Increase’ in COVID Jab Side Effects

Pfizer Finally Admits ‘Large Increase’ in COVID Jab Side Effects Tap News / Weaver DECEMBER 11, 2021 BY NEWS WIRE New documents released under New Zealand’s Freedom of Information Act reveal how Pfizer not only knew about “a large increase” in reported adverse events before the release of their experimental Covid-19 gene therapy ‘vaccine’ injection. […]

Wellness Dr. Shows Catastrophic Effects of COVID VAXX on Immune System

PauseMuteCurrent Time 12:54/Duration 16:38Loaded: 84.26%1xPlayback Rate FullscreenShare My Jaw DROPPED when I Tested Someone’s Immune System After the 2nd Jab – Dr. Nathan Thompson1940 views Source

Tackling the effects of breast cancer through yoga in Gaza

The Positive Energy Club in Gaza today organised a yoga session for cancer patients in an effort to help them build strength and eradicate negative energy. Tahreer Murtaja, head of the Positive Energy Club’s board, said she was happy the event could be held as part of Pink October, which spread awareness of breast cancer […]

Adverse Effects Of Messenger RNA Vaccines

Adverse Effects Of Messenger RNA VaccinesPublished on October 29, 2021Written by The pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus SARS–CoV–2 (commonly called COVID–19) has had a devastating effect worldwide. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and government agencies are working urgently to develop a vaccine against this virus. The first of these vaccines are expected to gain Emergency Use […]

Brand New Mandela Effects – Pyramids – Lindbergh BREAKING: CA will require our kids to get the COVID-19 vaccine to come to school. This will go into effect following full FDA approval. Our schools already require vaccines for measles, mumps and more. Why? Because vaccines work. This is about keeping our kids safe & healthy. — Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) October 1, […]

Military Members are Dying and Suffering Crippling Effects from COVID Vaccinations

EWR comment: And did the military ever care about their own? They’ve been called cannon fodder. Remember the mysterious ‘Gulf War Syndrome’? Watch ‘Anybody’s son will do’. War is about profits, remember Gen Smedley Butler and ‘War is a Racket’. (There is an audio book also on YT of his full book). In the over […]

Microbiologist Explains COVID Jab Effects

Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked STORY AT-A-GLANCE  The FDA can only grant emergency use authorization for a pandemic drug or vaccine ifthere’s no safe and effective preexisting treatment or alternative. Since there are severalsuch alternatives, the FDA is legally required to revoke the emergency authorization forthese shots  While the COVID injections have […]

EMA Investigates Three Possible New Side Effects of Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines

These are erythema multiforme, glomerulonephritis and nephrotic syndrome, according to the European Medicines Agency Why does the second dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines give more side effects? EP Updated:08/18/2021 KEEP168 RELATED NEWS The Safety Committee (PRAC) of the European Medicines Agency ( EMA ) is investigating three possible new adverse effects of mRNA vaccines against Covid-19 , that is, […]

Nearly half the world’s children at ‘extremely high risk’ for facing effects of climate crisis, report finds

Image credit: Zach D. Roberts/NationofChange On Friday, the third anniversary of climate campaigner Greta Thunberg’s lone protest outside the Swedish Parliament, a global report revealed the scale of risks posed by the climate emergency for the world’s children. The United Nations’ agency for children’s rights, UNICEF, introduced the first-ever Children’s Climate Risk Index, which shows that nearly […]

Bombshell Study: mRNA Vaccine May Cause ‘Tragic And Even Catastrophic’ Side Effects

A peer-reviewed U.S. study found that the experimental COVID vaccine being rolled out across the world poses multiple serious adverse side effect risks. The May 2021 study, called “Worse than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19” published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research, was […]

5 Jaw-Dropping Photos Showing Climate Change Effects And The Stories Behind Them

Extreme heatwaves and raging wildfires have been overtaking cities around the world this week, bringing the effects of climate change to the doorsteps of thousands of people. These images show it all. Milos Bicanski via Getty Images An Athens suburb is engulfed in flames during a wildfire. Greece The country faced a fourth day of […]

FDA Accidentally Reveals List of Covid Vaccine Side Effects (Myocarditis, Autoimmune Disease & Death)

An FDA slideshow presentation regarding Covid vaccines last year accidentally displayed a long list of possible adverse reactions to the vaccine, including myocarditis, seizures and even death. by Adan Salazar The slide, showing the FDA’s draft list of “possible adverse event outcomes,” appeared briefly during a public meeting by the US Food and Drug Administration’s […]

Pfizer T&C: “Purchaser acknowledges… long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known”

Straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak: Ehden @ twitter Actual twitter post below, thread reader above (best) (ORIGINAL SOURCE-not in English) Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

The Simpsons Predicted Forced Vaccinations and Vaccine Side Effects

Don’t forget to watch the Tokyo Olympicceremonies for more clues about whatthey’re planning next.The Simpsons is a mind-fcuk tool used by the mass murdering NWOsadists. They have a twisted need to terrorize us by telling us whatthey’re going to do to us next. This mind fcuk Simpsons episode raises the question: Why are theyscaring viewers […]

Do drug trials underestimate side effects?

July 19, 2021 One commonly used trick in drug trials is to exclude any group that might make the drug look worse, such as those that are more likely to experience side effects. A good recent example of this is the covid vaccine trials, which largely excluded people with auto-immune diseases (more likely to develop […]

Vaccine side effects shown at a FDA presentation in 2020

The following list of jab side effects appeared for a split second at 2:33:40 in an FDA presentation on October 22, 2020. The specific slide appears only for a split second. It was scrolled through and not presented properly. During that split second, this screen, which shows the adverse effects of the jab that the […]

The CV Jab: Compare possible side effects listed by the NZ Govt with those listed by the FDA

Here are those supplied by the authorities in NZ: The most common reported reactions are: pain or swelling at the injection site feeling tired or fatigued headache muscle aches chills joint pain fever redness at the injection site nausea. Uncommon side effects In the clinical trials, uncommon side effects were reported in every 1 in […]

“Not aware of any serious side effects reported in NZ to date”: How can a top NZ scientific “expert” be so ill-informed? (Voices for Freedom)

Voices For Freedom Did you catch the official disinformation today? [From Dr Michael Baker]. We wonder if The AM Show will find their integrity and publish a correction? How completely clueless are these people? Or was this more than clueless? How can a top scientific “expert” be so ill-informed? Stay informed, incredible people! LISTEN […]

The Effects of Vitamin D and COVID-Related Outcomes

The Effects of Vitamin D and COVID-Related Outcomes Most of us lack the vital benefits of vitamin D because it’s absorbed in our skin through sunlight.. nowadays we wear clothes and live indoors! Just taking a cheap vitamin D supplement gives your immune system a big boost and wards off Covid 19 and many other illnesses. […]

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