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The Israel lobby is fractured, and so at last is the Jewish community

The historic rebuke to Israel the U.S. government allowed to take place in the UN Security Council on Monday was pushed by progressive activists. Biden fears that supporters of Palestinian human rights won’t turn out in November if he continues to give a green light to genocide. Indeed, the Democratic base is overwhelmingly critical of […]

Understanding “citation sorcery” and how the scientific community commits organized FRAUD to deceive the world

Understanding “citation sorcery” and how the scientific community commits organized FRAUD to deceive the world Journalist Paul D. Thacker is calling out Scientific American for publishing essays rife with fraud and what he describes as “citation sorcery” that put public health at risk. Two papers in particular that pushed masks for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) […]

Fears of more regional bank failures grow as Moody’s cuts New York Community Bancorp’s credit rating to junk status

Fears of more regional bank failures grow as Moody’s cuts New York Community Bancorp’s credit rating to junk status Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded its credit rating for New York Community Bancorp (NYCB) to junk status – its lowest investment-grade rating – as the troubled regional bank continues to struggle. The downgrade pushed its credit […]

Futures Rebound To Session High After NY Community Bank Reverses Overnight Rout; Record 10Y Auction Looms

US equity futures and global markets were mixed, while bond yields rose as the Treasury prepared to auction a record $42 billion in 10-year bonds that may indicate if a recent selloff was overdone. As of 7:50am ET, S&P futures rose 0.2%, reversing earlier losses and trading near session highs… … trading in lock step with sentiment […]

How NOT To Build Community – #ProblemsWatch

In this special live edition of #ProblemsWatch, I tackle everyone’s big question: How can I (a terminally online person) completely and utterly FAIL to bring people together in the real world? Source

“Rural Renaissance”: Venture Fund Plans New Community In Appalachia To Escape Soros-Enabled-Hellhole Cities

READ HERE:   Source

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 92: International community rejects Israeli calls for Gaza ethnic cleansing as assault nears three-month mark

Bombardment, death, and starvation continue to take their toll on Gaza, as the international community denounces Israeli ministers’ calls for the ethnic cleansing of the devastated Palestinian territory. Source

The longer Govt, mainstream media & the medical community ignore the death data in plain sight, the clearer it is they are CORRUPT

Notably the NZ govt is keeping up a stunning silence on this (even continuing with the ‘safe & effective’ mantra) especially in light of the recent revelations from the Govt’s own data analyst whistleblower! For a list of links on topic go HERE Medicare death data proves the COVID vaccines are killing people. No more […]

Community Gardens – #SolutionsWatch

The earth is abundant. If you don’t believe me, just join your local community garden. Join James as he takes a trip to Osaka to learn about Japanese organic gardening and gets his hands dirty in the soil. The post Community Gardens – #SolutionsWatch first appeared on The Corbett Report. Source

The Israeli army abducted a leader in our community. We need your help to bring him home.

Anas Abu Srour is the Director of the Aida Youth Center, a community organization in the Aida refugee camp. Anas was abducted by the Israeli army and sentenced to 6 months in prison, without charge. We need your help to free him. Source

Gaza’s dwindling Palestinian Christian community could be COMPLETELY WIPED OUT by Israeli attacks

Gaza’s dwindling Palestinian Christian community could be COMPLETELY WIPED OUT by Israeli attacks Gaza’s Palestinian Christian community is calling on the world to not turn a blind eye to their plight, as Israel’s indiscriminate offensive in Gaza puts the dwindling community at risk of being wiped out. In Gaza City, the Strip’s minuscule Roman Catholic […]

RFK Jr. to support reparations for Black American community by means of targeted government-funded programs, not cash giveaways

(NaturalNews) Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has vowed to support reparations for the African American community if elected president in… Source

The international community is responsible

For decades, Western governments attempted to “manage the conflict” in Palestine with “concern” but no accountability. Now, they are giving Israel the green light to commit a massacre.  Source

PROOF! The entire world community of nations knows that Israel just perpetrated a HUGE false flag operation to justify their conquering of Gaza……

…among many other nefarious goals and malevolent objectives.  Yes, the Zio-Anglo- American Axis will go along with this utterly absurd hoax, but the BRICS alliance and entire Gobal South will reject it to Israel’s great peril. Source

Ben Shapiro Assembles Jewish Community Panel to Hector Elon Musk to Censor More on Twitter/X

By Chris Menahan Neoconservative Ben Shapiro on Thursday put together a panel of rabbis and other leaders in Source

China Issues White Paper Calling for ‘A Global Community of Shared Future’

China Issues White Paper Calling for ‘A Global Community of Shared Future’ Sept. 27, 2023, (EIRNS)—Proclaiming that “the new era calls for new ideas,” the State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China issued a 40-page White Paper on Sept. 26 under the headline: “A Global Community of Shared Future: China’s Proposals and […]

A Black community in West Virginia sues the EPA to spur action on toxic air pollution

Research shows that two majority-Black communities in the state were left out of a regulatory effort earlier this year to tighten limits on cancer-causing chemicals. Source

Why society is increasingly turning to community schools to address the youth mental health crisis

The struggles of a rural school district in New Mexico illustrate how educators and parents believe they know what will work—if only they can get policy leaders to support it. Source

The Renewed Injunction Neglects the Power of the Intelligence Community

Ostensibly, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in Missouri v. Biden was cause for celebration in the battle against censorship. Further analysis, however, suggests that the judges may have greenlit the most insidious aspects of the censorship apparatus. This may be reversed at trial; if not, it will enable the US intelligence community to […]

Intelligence Community (IC) Watch Profiles Over 100,000 Military-Contractor Spooks/Organized Stalking Perps/Special Forces Operatives: 7 videos & text of interview w/ M.C. McGrath

Targeted Individuals: The individuals exposed via the ICWatch program (2015-2022) are certainly among the most highly trained of our attackers. “*Cryptocracy:” (“Rule By Secrecy”); “Spookocracy” (Rule by Spies), aka “The Hidden Hand”* (See Part D below) History of ICWatch (from Wikipedia) ICWATCH launched on May 6, 2015;[12] on the same day, Transparency Toolkit, the group […]

A Gang In Haiti Opens Fire On A Crowd Of Parishioners Trying To Rid The Community Of Criminals

Gangs have grown more powerful since the July 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, and they are estimated to control up to 80% of Port-au-Prince. Source

Was the Covid Response a Coup by the Intelligence Community?

From an early date, commentators have noted that the response to COVID had all the look and feel of a coup attempt. The masks, the slogans, the symbols, the lies, the sudden inversion of long-cherished norms and values, the mindless acceptance of information from nefarious sources like the World Health Organization and China. Something was seriously off, […]

Thousands march at Budapest Pride as LGBTQ+ community voices anxiety over Hungary’s restrictive laws

Thousands of participants of the Budapest Pride march wound through the streets of the Hungarian capital on Saturday – with many voicing their anxiety over the increasing pressure on the LGBTQ+ community from the country’s right-wing government. The 28th annual event comes as the country’s laws, which ban the depiction of homosexuality or gender transition, […]

Palestine citizens of Israel protest rising community crime

Tens of Arabs in Israel took to the streets following Friday prayer to protest against the rising crime rate in their community, Quds Press reported. Arabs blame Israeli occupation authorities, namely the Israeli police, for not taking action to fight the increasing crime. The protesters from Um Al-Fahm, Wai Ara, Tamra and other areas raised […]

Turkiye calls on international community to cooperate on safe, voluntary return of Syria refugees

Turkiye has called on the international community to cooperate with it in achieving the voluntary and safe return of Syrian refugees to their country, as Ankara continues to make their return a key policy goal. A statement issued on Thursday evening by Turkiye's National Security Council emphasised the importance of the international community's cooperation on […]

The slow ethnic cleansing of Ein Samiya’s Bedouin community

On Monday, May 22, at least 16 Palestinian families (almost 170 people) were forcibly expelled from their homes near the Ein Samiya spring and the Palestinian village of Kufr Malek, 27 kilometers northeast of Ramallah.  The spring is wedged between Kufr Malek and the illegal Jewish-only colony of Kohav HaShahar and the nearby illegal outpost […]

An open letter to the Jewish community of Northern New Jersey

Massive demonstrations have been taking place in Israel over the future of its judiciary amid rising authoritarianism. Democratic activism is most welcome, but, overwhelmingly, the protests do not focus on the more than half-century occupation that Israel has imposed on the Palestinian people or the continued second-class status of those Palestinians who are Israeli citizens. Still […]

Why there is a growing student absentee rate—and how community schools can fix it

Experts call for cultivating better student relationships and providing families with more supports—exactly what the community schools approach is all about. Source

RH – Federal Informants in the CI/WN Community

FBI And Other Agencies Paid Informants $548 Million In Recent Years With Many Committing Authorized Crimes ( Morris Gulett:  Morris Gulett | Southern Poverty Law Center ( Paul Mullet:,had%20ordained%20him%20as%20a%20Christian%20Identity%20pastor. Jonathan Williams and Paul Mullett were the most active former AN/CJCC members.   The post RH – Federal Informants in the CI/WN Community appeared […]

Fauci: ‘Whole Scientific Community Feels’ You Have to Be Able ‘to Manipulate Organisms’ — ‘Very Few Reasons’ to Make Pathogens Worse

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” former NIAID Director and former White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that there are “very few reasons” to engage in research “where you deliberately make a pathogen Source

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