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Danger Within: The Government Is Turning America Into a Constitution-Free Zone

Every decade or so, the government makes the case for expanding its wartime powers and curtailing the citizenry’s freedom—in the war on terrorism, war on drugs, war on communism, war on foreigners, war on extremism, war on dissidents, war on peace activists, war on anti-government speech, etc.—all for the sake of national security, of course, […]

Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse April 20. 2023 – The Moon is about to Block the Sun Turning Day into Night

On April 20, the Moon will pass directly in front of the Sun, producing a rare hybrid solar eclipse. The solar eclipse will be visible in Australia, Timor-Leste and Indonesia (West Papua and Papua) on April 20, 2023. At the same time, a partial solar eclipse will be visible in southeast Asia, East Indies, Australia, […]

Turning Point USA Has a Groyper Problem

Turning Point USA has a “groyper” problem. The right-wing get out the vote youth organization TPUSA, led by Charlie Kirk, has long had to fend off the followers of white nationalist Nick Fuentes, who call themselves groypers, from infiltrating their ranks. But they haven’t always been successful at keeping racists and groypers at arm’s length […]

Pentagon investigating reports of UFOs turning off nuclear warheads, shooting test missiles

Unidentified flying objects have been making headlines lately, but one story that has been overshadowed by Chinese spy balloons is that of former U.S. Air Force personnel who have testified before the Pentagon about encounters with UFOs during the 1960s in which they reportedly turned off nuclear warheads and shot down test missiles. The pair […]

Blah Blah Blah… Russians Keep Yapping on their TV About Turning the UK into Dust

Russians have been yapping gibberish about destroying London and NATO for years now yet meanwhile they are getting their asses kicked badly by Ukraine. They have been fighting there for a year now and they are completely useless, worthless, pathetic and incompetent. They didn’t achieve anything and Ukraine its only a country which is getting […]

Kellyanne Conway: Media Turning on Biden — White House Reporters ‘All Sound Like Peter Doocy’

Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway said Friday on FNC’s “The Story” that the White House reporters were turning on President Joe Biden regarding his handling of classified documents. Source

This is how the hopelessly corrupt Democrats are turning states blue one stolen election cycle at a time.

New Mexico Midterm Results Lack Transparency and Are Supplied by Corrupt Secretary of State – Resulting in the State Turning Blue Source

Palestinian girl killed by Israeli soldiers a day before turning 16

Fulla Masalma would have turned 16 today. Instead, she was brutally murdered yesterday by Israeli soldiers for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Source


Submitted by The Burning Platform “Reflect on what happens when a terrible winter blizzard strikes. You hear the weather warning but probably fail to act on it. The sky darkens. Then the storm hits with full fury, and the air is a howling whiteness. One by one, your links to the machine age break down. […]

Trump Says Biden & His Left Wing Handlers Are Turning America Into A Police State

Donald Trump has called out the Department of Justice (DOJ) for sending the FBI to arrest pro-lifers around the country over alleged minor offenses. Speaking at a rally in Nevada, Trump accused Joe Biden and […] The post Trump Says Biden & His Left Wing Handlers Are Turning America Into A Police State appeared first […]

ACH (1909) Mark Dankof And Dr. Patrick Slattery – The Dankof Report #23 – The Turning Point In The Ukraine Conflict

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1909) Mark Dankof And Dr. Patrick Slattery – The Dankof Report #23 – The Turning Point In The Ukraine Conflict Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on September 14 2022, Andy presents “The Dankof Report” with […]

Tucker Carlson rips Biden over divisive speech, calls it a ‘turning point in American history’

(Natural News) If you watched Joe Biden’s Thursday prime-time speech and did not come away thinking it was the most hateful, divisive assault on the soul of our country, then you are partly responsible for its coming collapse. Anyone who heard the speech — right, left, or middle ground Independent — and did not become […]

Newly Discovered 1000 BC Pacopampa Priest’s Tomb in Peru Is Turning Heads

There are plans now to construct a site museum, which the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism has promised to finance.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later 

She-Hulk Insists She’s ‘Fine’ While Literally Turning Into Enormous Green Monster

CHILENO BEACH, MEXICO — According to sources, fan-favorite superhero lawyer She-Hulk continued to insist to her husband today that she is “fine”, while literally turning into a green rage monster. Source

Vaxed Begin Turning On Their Oppressors As The COVID Narrative Disintegrates & Gov Collusion Exposed

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (8/1/22). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Why workers are turning to unions

Besides fighting for better wages and working conditions, unions confront favoritism and discrimination when no one else will. Source

BRICS is turning into a collective “Non-West”

June 30, 2022 Elena Panina, Director of the RUSSTRAT Institute – Machine Translated and cleaned up from the Russian original. MOSCOW, June 29, 2022, RUSSTRAT Institute. BRICS expansion has been discussed for a long time. It is significant that the last summit on June 24 in the BRICS Plus format was attended by such countries as Algeria, Argentina, Cambodia, […]

The Great Reset is Turning Back the Clock on Civilization

The covid-19 pandemic featured an unprecedented fusion of the interests of large and powerful corporations with the power of the state. Democratically elected politicians in many countries failed to represent the interests of their own citizens and uphold their own constitutions and charters of rights. Specifically, they supported lockdown measures, jjab mandates, the suppression of […]

Watch Live: Breitbart News’ Emma-Jo Morris at Turning Point USA Young Women’s Leadership Summit

Watch live as Breitbart News political editor Emma-Jo Morris addresses students at Turning Point USA’s annual Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas.

Curses Ahead Of “World Environment Day” Turning 50

Who killed the baby? Who put fields on fire and why? Who spewed poisons in fresh village air? And, who robbed water underground? Moreover, will you only ban stubble burning without addressing the whole issue? An 18-month-old girl, Roopa, who stayed in hutments of migrant workers, was charred to death after a fire broke out […]

Pope Pius II Wrote a Bestselling Erotic Novel Before Turning to the Cloth

Pope Pius II was an unconventional Pope. Before turning to priesthood, he bore children out of wedlock, enjoyed the flames of love, and wrote of adultery, scandal and fiery passion in his erotic story, The Tales of Two Lovers, which became a bestseller of its time. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later 

Libyan Muslims turning to Christianity despite persecution

  Photo Credit: Ahmed Kerr/Wikimedia Commons Libya (Mission Network News) — All across the Middle East and North Africa, people are turning away from Islam and following the risen Jesus. But in Libya, new believers often face hostility both from authorities and from their families. Why would they risk persecution to follow Jesus? Sammy works […]

Ian R Crane is turning. The frackers are back.

Ian R Crane is turning. The frackers are back. Tap News / Tapestry Afternoon, Boris Johnson has opened the door to the return of fracking in the UK, which has been under a “moratorium” for more than two years, in a bid to help diversify the country’s energy supply. Johnson told MPs in Prime Minister’s […]

How the Great Reset Tyranny is Turning Into the Great Awakening

There are few words to describe the depth of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s depravity. I’m not going to even try. This is a person (because no real man would ever govern like him) is so thoroughly ill-prepared for its job it doesn’t even know how to properly read from the prepared script. It was […]

The Corona Crisis: Is the Tide Turning? “A Rapid General Awakening”? VIDEOS

The Corona Crisis: Is the Tide Turning? “A Rapid General Awakening”? [VIDEOS] The Liberty Beacon / TLB Staff ER Editor: It is linked to below, but we highly recommend viewing the video by Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, who reports on the post-vaccination autopsy results of colleague Dr. Arne Burkhardt. It is quite stunning – killer lymphocytes […]

South Korean Officials Warn That Cats Have Been Starting Fires By Turning On Stoves

The fire department of Seoul, South Korea, is warning cat owners to be especially careful in the kitchen. More than 100 house fires in the city between January 2019 and November 2021 were attributed to cats accidentally turning on electric stoves, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters, per The Korea Herald. Advertisement […]

Finally, the tide behind the official Covid-19 narrative may be turning

Nick Hudson of PANDA on recent events indicating that, finally, the tide behind the official Covid-19 narrative may be turning 24th December 2021by Nadya Swart 2020 was a remarkably absurd year. It will forever be etched in our memories as one in which the most radical departure from reality as we knew it occurred. Read […]

The World is Turning to Nuclear Power amid the Raging Energy Crisis

The energy crisis is perhaps the worst since 1973, when the Arab countries imposed an oil embargo, protesting against Western support for Israel in the Yom Kippur War. Combined with a pandemic, new strains, and a lockdown relapse threat, it is a deadly blow to economies and industries worldwide. Bloomberg sounds the alarm: problems with […]

Meet the NGO turning to cryptocurrencies to help desperate Belarusians

The crushing of dissent in Belarus is seemingly over, on the surface at least. While footage of police cracking down on protesters following the disputed reelection of leader Alexander Lukashenko may be a distant memory, away from the public eye the repression of any opposition continues, say activists. Since July, around 270 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) […]

Turning Point USA Is Really Gay

TPUSA once had Bang girls shooting shirts into the audience. Now they have a ridiculous dance number about superhero James O’Keefe breaking free from the clutches of the FBI. This is the future of “conservatism” in America. Link Share now! Source

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