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Iowa Democrats Deploy New Strategy After Bungling 2020 Caucus

Iowa Republicans will be the first in the nation to weigh in on the competitive Republican presidential race, as they continue their long-time Iowa Caucus tradition on Jan. 15 next year. But Democrats—with a virtually noncompetitive race, a presidential call to ditch caucuses, and memories of the bungled 2020 caucus—are turning entirely to mail ballots […]

China’s Grand Strategy & The Four Wars

China’s Grand Strategy & The Four Wars Authored by James Howard Kunstler via, “There has never been a protracted war from which a country has benefited.” – Sun Tzu China’s grand strategy to take its turn at dominance over the global scene depends on bogging down the USA in four wars at once. How’s […]

Bernie Sanders suggests Israel should change its strategy if it wants more funding

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) suggested Sunday that Israel should change its strategy if it wanted more aid from the United States, pointing to the thousands of reported civilian deaths in Gaza. “So once again, the immediate concern is you gotta have a pause in the bombing,” Sanders said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “You… […]

A new American strategy for Ukraine

Helping Ukraine is still the right thing to do. But helping Ukraine “as long as it takes,” as Biden and his team are prone to say, is fundamentally unsatisfying. Source

Cloward-Piven Strategy Being Enacted By U.S. Gov’t? Source

How the effective & time-worn divide & conquer strategy works

Very enlightening article. I read recently about the 200 year rule of India by the Brits, after listening to Dr Shashi Tharoor. (He’s on YT, hear the condensed version of the Oxford speech that led to his book Inglorious Empire). In Britain he explains how they used the divide & rule tactic to great effect […]

Mellman: Attacking Trump turning out to be poor strategy for GOP

The TV pundits seem to have gotten it wrong.    For months they’ve been haranguing Republican presidential candidates for their collective failure to attack Donald Trump.    Their argument: To secure the Republicans nomination “you have to go through Trump, not around him.”    While I’m no expert in GOP primary politics, the data suggest… […]

As RFK Jr. shifts his 2024 strategy, he’s bad news for progressives

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. offers progressives a mishmash of appealing statements, “free market” corporatism and assorted political toxins. Source

Javier’s Milei’s Populist Strategy In Argentina Is Working

Javier’s Milei’s Populist Strategy In Argentina Is Working Authored by Philipp Bagus via The Mises Institute, The Austro-libertarian movement has the better ideas. They continue to be discussed, elaborated, and intellectually defended. But how can the right ideas be implemented? What good is it to be right if the reality is left-wing? In fact, most […]

Inside Dems’ shutdown strategy

Government funding lapses in less than 11 days, and a shutdown has never seemed so certain — especially to House Democrats. Thursday’s floor meltdown, where five Republicans conspired to tank a procedural vote on Pentagon spending, confirmed for many Democrats that they had already suspected: There will be a shutdown, and the only remaining question […]

‘Hope is not a strategy’: former 2016 Rubio adviser says GOP rivals must engage Trump 

Republican strategist Terry Sullivan on Sunday called out 2024 GOP primary candidates for not engaging directly enough with former President Trump, the leading primary candidate by far, saying they have no chance of winning the party’s nomination if they avoid attacking the front-runner. Sullivan, who managed Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-Fla.) 2016 presidential campaign, warned 2024… […]

Disease-X Is A High-Return Business Strategy

Fearistan, having done very well economically and provided its citizens a long lifespan, noticed that people were still occasionally dying in road accidents. Fearistanis were wealthy and really liked the freedom to travel. While road deaths were uncommon, any unnecessary death surely seemed worth avoiding. The road-building industry, working closely with government, came up with […]

Biden’s Migration Strategy Funds Foreign Dictators, Cripples Poor Countries

President Joe’s Biden policy of welcoming poor economic migrants into Americans’ workplaces and neighborhoods is also funding anti-democratic dictatorships in countries throughout Central and South America. Source

Russia’s Strategy is DEFEATING the WEST

Comment:  Sadly in the U.S. unless men suck dicks and take it up the ass they will not rise to the top in POLITICS, HOLLYWOOD or in Business as a corporate head.  We are now reaping the Reward for our Faggot Empire.  We are the laughingstock of real militaries.  Our politicians are mostly gay with […]

Deny, Deflect, Defend: The Censors’ Strategy on Display

Despite the uproar surrounding the case, Judge Terry Doughty’s order in Missouri v. Biden was straightforward. It prohibited government actors from colluding with social media companies to censor “content containing protected free speech.”  In other words, the defendants – including the White House, the CDC, and the Department of Justice – must obey the Constitution […]

What Moms for Liberty’s Summit Revealed About the MAGA Movement’s 2024 Strategy

A parade of MAGA-minded presidential candidates drew cheers at the recent Moms for Liberty national summit with conspiracy theories, anti-LGBTQ smears, and calls for authoritarian policies to purge “wokeness” from American schools, businesses, and government agencies. It was a heady moment for a group that was founded by a handful of Florida mothers in 2021 […]

Donald Trump Reveals His Legal Strategy and It’s Pretty Sad

This content comes from the latest installment of our weekly Breaking the Vote newsletter out of VICE News’ D.C. bureau, tracking the ongoing efforts to undermine the democratic process in America. Sign up here to get it in your inbox every Friday. The doc days of summer  Today was supposed to be the first pre-trial […]

The US has no strategy for ending the standoff with Iran

U.S. President Joe Biden sent his key Middle East advisor, Brett McGurk, on a quiet trip to Oman on May 8. The purpose of the trip was to try to revive efforts to reestablish a nuclear agreement of some kind with Iran. Oman is the conduit for most U.S. communication with Iran. The trip further […]

Cruz on Border: ‘Entire Strategy of the Democrats, You Cannot See the Dead Bodies’ — ‘This Is Human Slavery’

During an appearance on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) criticized the Biden administration’s handling of border security as Title 42 lapsed late Thursday. Source

The West’s Denial Strategy and the Surfacing Multipolar World

In the news in the western hemisphere today, the truth is like the Holy Grail. And like the cup of Christ, it too may be lost forever. Take any information about Russia or China, for instance. Reality is now shifted not only in the halls of power in Washington, London, and Brussels, but in journalism, […]

Washington DC Metro Trying Another Strategy to End Fare Evasion

The D.C. Metro train system, WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority), just announced its plan to spend an additional $40 million to install newly designed fare gates at all of their stations, making it more difficult to evade fares and curb revenue loss. The installation of the new gates, which were tested last year at […]

The United States’ New Yemen Strategy

The US appears to be pursuing an old policy of plundering natural resources in Yemen, where the same Americans have been responsible for the civil war for over a year. This is what the commander of the United States Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT), the United States Fifth Fleet, and the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) […]

Will Washington’s Africa Strategy Succeed?

There is hardly any doubt that the African continent holds immense political and economic significance for the people of the continent and for extra-regional states. It is rich in natural resources and will have one quarter of the world’s population by 2050. But within a global context marked by extremely heightened tensions, including threats of […]

What If the Strategy Is to Leave Russia Holding a Gas Bag?

America is on the ropes. As a citizen of the United States, someone whose family helped shape a great nation, it is a tragedy beyond comprehension. But it is real, I assure you. For decades now, those who watched closely took in the incremental devolution of the republic. Then, with the resignation speech of President […]

Racist, Misogynist Nick Fuentes Follower Perseveres in Precinct Strategy to Infiltrate GOP From Bottom Up

On a livestream one night in early November, a man donated $10 to Nick Fuentes, the white nationalist who would in a few short weeks dine with Donald Trump. This particular $10 donation entitled the donor, who identified himself as Alex Roncelli, to post a message in the superchat so that his message would play […]

Curbing inflation is CBI’s main strategy: governor

TEHRAN – The new governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has said curbing inflation would be the main strategy of the bank during his tenure, IRIB reported. Source

Turkey’s energy strategy as a means of boosting security and shifting the balance of power

In today’s world, the security of a country consists of various components, where energy plays a crucial role. The effectiveness of a country’s energy security is determined by its resource capabilities, its scientific and technological base, its geographic location and its access to strategic communications. Turkey does not possess all of these components in equal […]

Not a good strategy (Douglas Macgregor – MUST SEE!)

January 09, 2023 Source

First reaction to Japan’s new National Security Strategy

As previously reported in the NEO, a joint meeting of the leaders of the ruling parliamentary coalition (90% of which are members of the Liberal Democratic Party) on December 12 approved new draft versions of three documents concerning national security and military development in Japan. Of these, the basic document will be Japan’s second postwar […]


…WORKS LIKE A CHARM EVERY TIME. People, don’t be deceived by the contested 2022 midterm elections like everyone was during the 2020 POTUS election cycle… …especially throughout the aftermath which saw the Democrats steal an unprecedented number of elections in both years. Submitted by The Armchair Election Analyst SOTN Exclusive Even to this very day, […]

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