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Four bodies found in family home after Switzerland explosion

The blast happened early Thursday morning, with fire investigators and police forensics officers at the scene looking for clues about how it happened. Source

The truth on the flooding aftermath in NZ: eyewitnesses report hundreds of bodies

Note: Lamestream media is now in damage control mode warning about ‘conspiracy’ theories… as truth comes out. This article cites many links to eye witness evidence. Particularly listen to the young man on TikTok who speaks about the dam release causing a tsunami in Wairoa, not before the storm which they knew was coming, but […]

EMAK has rescued 5 individuals in Hatay, recovered the bodies of another 5, Fire Brigade says

The Greek special disaster management team (EMAK) has rescued 5 people and recovered another 5 bodies since it arrived on Tuesday at earthquake-stricken Hatay, southeastern Türkiye, the Fire Brigade said on Wednesday. According to the Fire Brigade, to which all EMAK teams belong, the following individuals had been rescued so far: A man, around 50 […]

‘There are bodies in the forest’: Missing migrants worry activists on Lithuania-Belarus border

Lithuania’s government recently approved controversial legislation to formalise pushbacks as an official policy at the Belarus border. Source

MORGUE CRISIS Dead bodies stored in make-shift morgues across UK including grit depot as hospital mortuaries reach full capacity

If the Media which cheerled Killer Jabs could just admit they helped Holocaust millions of people they could stop lying and tap dancing around all the dead bodies. Instead of lying their asses of and playing stupid they could just tell the truth. It could go something like this: England got Killer jabbed for an […]

Remains of six people discovered in mass grave in Kherson, bodies show signs of torture

Euronews International Correspondent Anelise Borges spoke to two residents in the town of Pravdyne, after a common grave was discovered outside a destroyed house last week containing the remains of six people, allegedly killed by Russian troops. Source

Ukraine finds 2, possibly 3 more Mass Graves containing Hundreds of Bodies

Ukraine has discovered two more mass graves containing the bodies of hundreds of people in the the northeastern town of Izyum, which Kyiv recaptured from Russia this month. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the mass burial sites were found in Izyum in the Kharkiv region – days after the area was liberated by Ukrainian troops […]

In Ukraine’s Retaken Battlefields, Soldiers Recover Bodies

PRUDYANKA, Ukraine (AP) — The four soldiers lay in the grass, sleeping bags and cans of food, some opened, scattered around them. Beneath nearby trees, their cars were smashed and torn by shrapnel. The men had been dead for months. This region of rolling fields and woodland near the Russian border was the site of […]

Libya exhumes 6 bodies from mass grave in Tarhuna

Libyan authorities, on Wednesday, exhumed six bodies from a mass grave in the city of Tarhuna, south of the capital, Tripoli, Anadolu News Agency reports. In a statement, the General Authority for Research and Identification of Missing Persons said the corpses were found in a landfill site in the city. According to the statement, forensic […]

Embalmers find FOOTLONG clots in dead bodies of the fully vaccinated

(Natural News) The bodies keep on piling up, and many of them are loaded with clots that are sometimes more than a foot in length. Embalmers all around the world have seen a sharp uptick in “fibrous” and “rubbery” clotting ever since Operation Warp Speed was launched. Fully vaccinated bodies are reportedly having to be […]

Democrats Hide as Bodies Pile Up at Joe Biden’s Border

Democrat politicians have gone silent since 13 more illegal migrants drowned in the Rio Grande as they tried to reach President Joe Biden’s welcome at the border.

Spanish police recover bodies of seven suspected migrants in Mediterranean Sea

In the first six months of the year, 978 migrants died or disappeared at sea trying to reach Spain, according to the NGO Caminando Fronteras.

KOUFONISI: Rotting bodies found on popular Greek island

The decomposed bodies of two individuals were accidentally discovered by an Italian yacht owner after he spotted two bags at Fykio beach on the Greek island of Koufonisi, reported the US Sun.  According to the news report, he immediately alerted the authorities and officers from the Greek coast guard rushed to the scene with officials taking […]

KOUFONISI: Rotting bodies found on popular Greek island

The decomposed bodies of two individuals were accidentally discovered by an Italian yacht owner after he spotted two bags at Fykio beach on the Greek island of Koufonisi, reported the US Sun.  According to the news report, he immediately alerted the authorities and officers from the Greek coast guard rushed to the scene with officials taking […]

Human 2.0, the Internet of Bodies and Your Body’s the Node

From Red Sky in the Morning Did you know the goal is for your body to be networked and used as a node on the Internet? Sounds crazy, I know. How does that work? The technocrats have discovered that body fluids like blood carry electrical signals very well and they’ve designed so-called “body area networks” […]

Border Patrol finds 46 dead bodies in 18-wheeler in San Antonio

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A horrific tragedy just occurred in San Antonio, Tex., where an 18-wheel tractor-trailer was discovered packed to the gills with migrants, many of whom were dead from dehydration and heat exhaustion.According to reports, some 46 bodies were found in and around the trailer, along with 16 still-alive people who were rushed … […]

‘Meat Eater’ Sarcophagi in Turkey Turned Bodies to Skeletons in 40 Days

In the ancient city of Assos in Turkey there existed a bizarre phenomenon – the stone sarcophagi within the Assos necropolis could decompose bodies unusually fast. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later 

NO ONE will need a smartphone in 2030, when “many of these things will be built directly into our bodies,” Nokia CEO happily predicts

From Mark Crispin Miller READ AT THE LINK: News from Underground Go here for other posts on topic Photo: Source

An Apology Means Nothing! Give Them The Bodies of Their Murdered Children AND Their Land Back and Natives Should Decide Reparations Not the U.S. Government

‘TENS OF THOUSANDS’ Of Native Children Discovered In 50 Mass Grave Sites At Gov’t-Run Schools HAFMay 15, 2022 It is no secret that the United States of America has a deeply dark and disturbing history in regard to how Native Americans were treated in this country. After wiping out large portions of the indigenous populations […]

Buddhist Monks Self-Mummified Their Bodies While Still Alive

Over 1,000 years ago, an esoteric sect known as Shingon – which combined elements from Buddhism, Old Shinto, Taoism, and other religions – developed a horrifying practice of self-mummification of the living body.  Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later 

Bodies of Three Migrants Found in West Texas Border Sector in One Day

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents recovered the bodies of three migrants in a single day this week who died after crossing the border.

Transgender lobby group rep. claims: ‘Bodies are not inherently male or female’

Photo Credit: Magda Ehlers/Pexels LONDON (The Christian Institute) — A senior employee at Stonewall has claimed that bodies are not inherently male or female. Kirrin Medcalf, head of trans inclusion at the controversial LGBT lobby group, made the comments during an employment tribunal hearing when he was asked, “You define women as anyone, including men […]

Greece: More Bodies Found on Burned-Out Ferry, Deaths at 8

A ferry is on fire at the Ionian Sea near the island of Corfu, Greece, on Feb. 18, 2022. (Lazos Mantikos/ via AP) ATHENS, Greece—Fire Service rescuers in western Greece have discovered six more bodies on a ferry severely damaged by a fire en route to Italy last week, raising the death toll to eight. […]

Internet Of Bodies: Using CRISPR To Electrically Connect And Control The Genome

The article concludes, “similar to how DNA-based vaccines are being electroporated into the human body to fight Covid-19,  we may expect that electrogenetic promoter circuits will be inserted into human cells to open a new modality of bioelectronic signaling.” The ultimate hacking of the human body will be “electrogenetics”, where human DNA can be selectively […]

Windover Bog Bodies Resetting Human Habitation Timeline In America

When anthropologists think about bog bodies, their thoughts usually turn to Ireland. Waterlogged sections of land rich in dead plant material that has, over the centuries, converted to peat, provides not only a good source of fuel that has fired the homes and kitchens of Ireland for millennia, but, because of the unique environmental conditions […]

Israel even criminalizes dead Palestinian bodies

Israel subjects Palestinians to a brutal military occupation that inflicts various forms of state sanctioned violence on every sector of society. However, Israel does not only brutalize Palestinians while they are alive. The settler colonial state also engages in necroviolence: a practice of humiliating, desecrating and withholding bodies of dead Palestinians from their families. The […]

Indoctrinating Babies to Welcome “Vaccine Soldiers” Into Their Bodies

The brainwashing in this clip is over the top and completely sinister. What sane parent would ever have their children watch this? Link Here is the full video from which that clip was taken: [embedded content] Share now! Source

Descendants Sue County To Stop The Human Trafficking Of Black Bodies

Above photo: Gail Rebhan. Laundering of Black Flesh for The For-Profit Market. Officials in Montgomery County, Maryland have taken gentrification to a grisly conclusion as they work with a private investor to sell the Moses Macedonia African Cemetery, an early 20th century burial ground for African Americans. The unthinkable, unconscionable, immoral, racist, and illegal is […]

Official: Bodies of 3 Paraguayans Found in Florida Condo

ASUNCION, Paraguay—Paraguay’s foreign minister said Thursday that rescuers had found in the rubble of a collapsed Florida condominium the bodies of Sophia López Moreira, the sister of Paraguay’s first lady Silvana Abdo, her husband Luis Pettengill and the youngest of their three children. Foreign Minister Euclides Acevedo told Paraguay’s ABC Cardinal radio station that the […]

751 Bodies Found Buried At Indigenous School In Canada, Leaders Say

REGINA, Saskatchewan (AP) — Leaders of Indigenous groups in Canada said Thursday investigators have found 751 unmarked graves at the site of a former residential school for Indigenous children — a discovery that follows last month’s report of 215 at another school. “This was a crime against humanity, an assault on First Nations,” said Chief […]

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